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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 454: The Commencement of the Auction

Chapter 454: The Commencement of the Auction

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“What does Sir need?” Serene beamed while asking.

A Potions Grandmaster was hard to come by, and even the Azure Mountain auction house would spare no effort to entice him.

If the other party had any requests, that would be easy to handle! In the central continent, there were few things a Morning Star Magus could not do.

“The reason why I came to the Azure Mountain auction this time round was because I want to acquire a precious resource. My sources tell me that said resource is going to be sold here…” Leylin said without a hurry.

“Is Sir trying to ask about the details of the seller before completing the transactions?” Serene’s face revealed her dilemma, “What is it? If it’s about the few rare items, we, the Azure Mountain auction committee is unable to make any decisions!”

Leylin laughed and whispered a few words into Serene’s ears.

“You actually want… ” Serene’s pupils widened, before she instantly smiled wryly.

“Those things are too hard to come by. Even my grandfather would not sell it. I’ll not keep it from you. Previously, a few batches of people have came to me wanting to obtain some information, but we have not revealed any of the information because the high-ranked Masters have already noticed the auction pieces…”

“Ah, I see…” Leylin seemed slightly disappointed. From the looks of it, the astral stone was indeed very precious. Just its appearance here had already aroused attention.

For Serene to call them Masters, they had to be Morning Star Magi; there was no other possibility.

At the same time, Serene also looked at Leylin with astonishment.

Astral gate research and experiments could only be conducted and hosted by Morning Star Magi. Even preliminary research had a high requirement, needing one to be a Hydro Phase Magus with a high-ranked Magus Tower.

This customer’s strengths seemed to be very robust.

“Let’s put this matter aside and talk about another matter, the private gathering after the auction. What are the prerequisites to entering the venue?” Leylin asked casually after quickly collecting his feelings when he was not able to obtain a reply from Serene.

‘This question!’ Serene lightly let out a sigh of relief.

This was within her purview. If it hadn’t been, she would have failed at satisfying either of her guest’s questions, which was equivalent to stepping on his feet.

“The private gathering will be held within 3 days of the closure of the auction. We will announce the actual venue later. With regards to entrance requirements, sir is already a VIP of the Azure Mountain auction, and hence you fully qualify for the private gathering. I’ll send someone to inform you closer to the event date…”

“Excellent!” Despite a few flirtatious invites from Serene urging him to stay, Leylin left behind a few methods of contact and got up to leave for the auction.

Even though she was rejected, Serene did not feel an ounce of anger. She smiled until Leylin had left before returning to the auction.

“How was it? Did you verify his identity?” In her office quarters, a golden-haired middle-aged man with a walking stick asked casually, and seemed to be very aware of Leylin’s actions.

“Nope. He was very cautious!” Serene smiled wryly.

“I looked through the details of all the Potions Grandmasters in the vicinity, and none of them match his personality. Is he from a different region?”

Even though the Azure Mountain’s auction had a great reputation, but they only attracted Magi below the Morning Star realm. Moreover, the list only contained Magi residing in this region.

“Perhaps he’s someone with a lot of experience, someone worth recruiting. After all, we can involve him in the matter that we are currently plotting, which would fit Grandfather’s requests…”

The middle-aged man’s tone was very neutral, but having heard his words, Serene’s eyes lit up, “Do you mean…”


With growing anticipation and the many conspiracies in the shadows, time ticked by, until it was finally the first day of the auction.

This was a festival for Azure Mountain City. Not only did the residents carry lit lanterns and played with fireworks, but the streets were also bustling with activities.

It wasn’t uncommon for Magi to make underground exchanges and interactions.

And the Oakheart Clan, as the regional power, had sent out many elite units to suppress the situation and maintain order.

‘Speaking of which, this is a festive event for many of us magi who are below the Morning Star rank!’ Leylin snuck into the crowd and walked along, occasionally glancing from side to side.

The A.I. Chip gave out warning after warning.

The crowd that Leylin was in mainly consisted of Magi. Ranks 1 and 2 were common, and even rank 3 Magi were not rare, with some who were on par with Leylin himself.

Those Magi were all like Leylin. They were in disguise, and had concealed themselves further with thick cloaks or veils, appearing to be very cautious.

‘Whether major powers or fugitives, no vengeance can be had here. This rule has been carried down from previous auctions, eh.’ Leylin smiled and pressed his cap down further, as his continued to inconspicuously scan through the dangerous people identified by the A.I Chip.

At that moment, the Azure Mountain auction’s gates were opened at the city center. Numerous hosts and Magi came forth, welcoming the incoming Magi in the most glamourous gowns.

The normal entrance had already been filled to the brim with Magi, and the rest had no choice but to line up behind them.

Why were they so obedient? The welcoming committee was the greatest deterrent.

They were elite Magi of the Oakheart Clan. Not only did many of them possess powerful spells, they even had some methods of combined attacks. Even Crystal Phase Magi would be hard-pressed to even flee were they to attack in large numbers.

The VIP entrance, on the other hand, was vastly different. Magi entered from time to time, and they would immediately be given looks of respect.

VIP membership in the Azure Mountain auction represented not only identity, but also status. To take out 50 million magic crystals for a business deal was not just a matter of being wealthy. This was the Magus world; were they to not have enough power to keep their wealth, all the riches in the world would not prevent their being robbed.

As a result, the status of a VIP represented a certain amount of power.

Of course, Leylin would not choose to queue with those low-ranked Magi for a seat, and so he took a turn and walked towards the VIP entrance.

After Leylin left the crowd, he realised that a huge bunch of people had the same intentions as him, and he even knew them.

“I’m sorry, but according to our regulations, a VIP card can only allow for the entrance of two more Magi!” Serene bowed in apology, but the young married woman in front of her still refused to budge.

“Who do you think you are? We are the Rolithe Family…” Jessia became red in the face, but Nolan pulled her to the side, face plastered with a bitter smile.

The two bodyguards at the side had a solemn look on their faces, and did not seem to be intimidated by the reputation of the Rolithe Family.

The other party was a small clan without even a Morning Star Magus. If they were to give in to them, the Oakheart Clan would be treated as a joke!

Nolan obviously knew this point, and he muttered a few words to Jessia.

Beside them were two Magi, both at rank 3. One caught his eye—“That old man?”

Leylin looked at the Magus standing at the front. His face was sunken and he wore on his ear a red ruby pendant that seemed to have some symbolic meaning.

“He must be the clan leader of the Rolithe family, the one who is rumoured to have reached the peak of the Hydro Phase!” Leylin calmly walked over. He had managed to subdue Toram who used a secret technique to break through to the Crystal Phase. He naturally didn’t consider the old man a threat.

“Jessia, I thought you didn’t want to take part in auctions like these?” Nolan helplessly persuaded. This wife of his had originally said that she wanted to come here just for fun and would not partake in the auction. However, something had come over her today and she had insisted on coming.

However, their family still had an elder at rank 3 who’d come along this time as well, and hence the quota had already been filled.

With their feeble strength as a small family clan, the Oakheart Clan would not make a special exception for them and allow them to exceed the quota for the VIP entrance.

Leylin could not help but notice that after marriage, Nolan had indeed matured a lot.

“I just want to go in to have a look. Grandpa Vance, can’t you just let me in?” Jessia tugged at the old Magus’ arms, and started to act coquettishly.

Vance, who was bothered to no end by her could only smile wryly as he glanced at Serene, “Look…”

“I’m extremely sorry, Mister Vance! Even though I’m an old friend of yours, rules are rules. If this lady would really like to enter, she can only enter through the normal passageway!” Serene had a professional smile on her face. Even though her tone sounded sincere, it seemed to have a tinge of hypocrisy within.

It’s only a small family clan and she need not put in so much effort.

“No! I refuse to walk through that passageway!” This turn of events had attracted the attention of many Magi. Jessia’s refusal to agree had caused them much embarrassment.

“Excuse me, please make way! There are other VIPs on the way!”

At that time, Serene’s eyes lit up as she quickly walked to welcome the incoming VIP, “Lord Blood Rogue, it’s been a long time since we met!” As compared to the response before, Serene seemed much more enthusiastic.

Having seen such an attitude, Jessia and even Nolan looked dispirited.

“What’s the matter?” Leylin asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“Oh, there’s nothing much! The guest quota of this customer is already full, but this lady insists on entering!” Serene summarised the event.

“Put it on my quota, then! I’m not bringing anyone anyway!” Leylin shook his head.

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