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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 470: Danger

Chapter 470: Danger

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When spiritual force coagulated, it formed a spiritual force seed. However, when this seed entered another world, it would be unable to supplement itself.

Regardless of whether it was the previous experiment or the method of transmitting and receiving messages, they required a huge amount of spiritual force. Naturally, once this spiritual force was drained completely, it signalled the end of the seed.

In the Magus World, the huge interior of the Magus Tower.

The terrifying interplanar spell formation shook as the rays of light gradually darkened.

“Damn! Damn! Damn! Just when I managed to build a connection…” Leylin’s eyes were bloodshot as he went berserk.

“That’s a world! An entire independent world! Exactly how many times will I have to experiment before I can find another world that is not controlled by any outsider…” He stroked his forehead as he groaned.

[Interplanar spell formation shut down. Spell formation damage 0.19%, Astral stone energy depletion 37.98%!] At the same time, the A.I Chip transmitted the information to Leylin.

“Astral stone!” Leylin waved his hand and immediately, the astral stone that was in the center of the Interplanar spell formation returned to his hand.

However, the astral stone had already shrunk a little; its radiance had dimmed as well.

Originally, one such astral stone was able to support the interplanar spell formation for a long time. However, Leylin realised that in order to merely connect both sides’ spiritual force, the formation had drained a huge amount of energy from it.

“What a pity…” Leylin remained emotionless for a good while before he recovered as his eyes brightened.

“It was indeed a coincidence to discover the Blackrain World without a space route or coordinates!”

“Luckily, I managed to acquire at least some information before our link got cut off…” Leylin’s expression then darkened.

[Multi-Armed Race techniques have been collated,] the A.I. Chip reported in the meanwhile.

Even though that race with the Morning Star being called itself the Quark Tribe, Leylin was persistent in calling it the Multi-Armed Race. Naturally, the A.I. Chip followed his own scheme.

The foundational skills of the Multi-Armed Race were vary fragmented, and most of it was vague. While it was just the basic foundation of their skills, it was obvious that the clan head had done some modifications to conceal some parts of their skills.

However, it was definitely an easy task for the A.I. Chip to collate the different bits of data sent over and derive further information from that.

“From the looks of it, it seems similar to the way Branded Swordsmen and Steel Knights are nurtured…” Leylin had much experience, which made it easy for him to spot this fact.

In the Magus World, most of the ancient branches followed closely the path to strength of the other worlds, hence it was absolutely normal for things to be similar.

“A.I Chip, collate these three datas together and research on them,” Leylin ordered.

[Task established. Proceeding with data enumeration.] The A.I. Chip immediately sent back.

Leylin definitely had little interest in the data on how to nurture Branded Swordsmen, since the data in his possession was incomplete. With this incomplete data, the most he could nurture was a rank 1 Magus, which was definitely of no use to him.

Needless to say, even a veritable flood of rank 1 Magi would be no match for someone at the Morning Star realm.

However, it was definitely useful to have many subordinates. If he could nurture rank 2 or even rank 3 Branded Swordsmen, then Leylin would have the upper hand in many engagements.

For Leylin who was the lord of a territory, such a plan would always be worthwhile and profitable.

Moreover, the training method of the Multi-Armed Race, together with their special methods of breaking through, seemed to be valuable for his research into removing his bloodline shackles.

Even though he wasn’t yet at the bottleneck to the Morning Star realm, the fact that Kemoyin Warlocks could never advance to rank 5 and beyond had been weighing heavily on his heart.


The isolation of the Magus Tower extended to a period of a few months.

Those who were waiting outside, such as Parker, witnessed the tower absorbing huge amounts of elemental particles, a phenomenon caused by the spell formation operating the positive and negative energy pools to supply the interplanar experiment.

Apart from shock, all they felt was admiration for Leylin’s wealth.

It was definitely a rare sight in the central continent for a rank 3 Magus to conduct such research for extended periods of time. The weight of astral stones he had in reserve alone would cause any other to go bankrupt.

“Marquis Leylin… This is seriously…”

If even the subordinates of Leylin were amazed, outsiders would definitely be surprised. Take, for example, the Warlock currently standing in front.

This Warlock had a fine appearance, which was common for Warlocks. This made him seem to be as ordinary as any other Magi out there, but the fact that this Warlock had a pure Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline within his veins created a sense of inferiority within Parker and the rest, which also heightened their alertness as they did not dare to take this Warlock lightly.

“Just the amount of astral stones used must be enough to drive a rank 3 Magus to desperation, right?”

The subordinates stared at the huge Magus Tower as they couldn’t help but express their shock when they saw this man.

“Count Timmy,” Parker respectfully stood aside.

Even though Timmy was a mere rank 2 Warlock and a Count, his regal bloodline made it easy for him to advance to rank 3 or even become a Morning Star Magus. Timmy definitely surpassed Parker, who was older than him and also a rank 3 Black Horrall Snake Warlock, in potential.

Besides, Timmy was originally from the Ouroboros Clan, and his network within the clan ensured that he was an individual that one could not take lightly.

“I came here to hand him this invitation. However, it seems like I came at the wrong time…” Timmy couldn’t help but express his helplessness.

“Please do not worry. The lord still returns once every month. It has almost been that amount of time since he last came out, so I presume the Count will only have to wait patiently for a short period of time,” Parker answered.

Timmy nodded his head. He himself was aware that, without prior notice, these high-ranking Magi would definitely not tolerate any interruptions when they were going through very important research. He wasn’t willing to risk it as even a slight disturbance from the outside world could’ve resulted in the murderous intent of the Warlock being aimed at him.

“I would like to explore the prosperous Onyx Castle that I heard Marquis Leylin used less than ten years to build.”

“That would be our honour,” Parker nodded his head as he called another Warlock who was dressed like a butler. “This is Kubler, the butler of the castle. He’ll bring you around afterwards.”

Governing their territories was just a small matter to a Warlock. Yet, due to Timmy’s age, he would definitely hold some interest in exploring such territories. Another reason was for him to pass the time while waiting.

“Count Timmy, this is Kubler at your service!” Kubler let out his most sincere smiling expression as he bowed respectfully.


The Warlocks who were outside joking and talking heartily were definitely ignorant towards the situation of Leylin who was inside the Magus Tower, perspiring madly.

At this point in time, in front of him stood a creature which had a sheep’s head but the body of a crocodile. This creature appeared to be wise, questioning him on various topics.

“Do you know how the cape jasmine blooms?”

“What is one plus one?”

“How many tails does the Infinite Loop of Snakes have?”

The creature wore a black windbreaker and was talking in a foreign language, yet surprisingly, Leylin was able to understand him.

Leylin’s forehead was still perspiring madly and he couldn’t help but mentally let out a bellow of rage. ‘This is impossible! In this frail mirror of dimension, how is it possible for a creature to cross over?’

As a high ranking Warlock, and a long-time assistant of Duke Gilbert, Leylin naturally understood that such interplanar experiments were very dangerous.

Many Morning Star Magi had led themselves to death as a result of coming in contact with too many strange and powerful existences, or even just by listening to the sounds of these existences. This curse could even extend to one’s descendants.

Yet, what he’d been doing today was not nearly as reckless.

The minute his spiritual force seed entered the astral plane, this creature had found him and even immediately appeared directly within the interplanar spell formation.

[Abnormal energy source found! Engaging countermeasures!] The A.I Chip sounded.

During the construction of this interplanar spell formation, he had naturally considered the problem of other creatures, especially with the deaths of many Morning Star Magi serving as a warning.

Following the A.I Chip’s statement, the symbols on the ground lit up to form a cage of crimson lightning that bound the creature firmly.

The lightning, as red as blood, crashed down onto the creature with the formidable strength of Leylin’s Magus Tower.

*Crack!* Blood-red electricity arced along the creature’s body as its clothing turned to ash. It developed sarcomas that leaked yellow pus as they exploded one by one.

The pus and lightning clashed with each other, resulting in an ear-piercing noise.

“How many times does the Frank’s Chime strike in a century?”

The rotting flesh on the creature kept sliding off, yet it seemed not to notice as it continued to question him.

“Attack at full power!” Leylin ordered.

With a boom, numerous bolts of the blood-red lightning converged to form a huge sphere that struck down at the creature.

“Do you know…” The edge of the lightning sphere dug into the creature as its body disappeared slowly. The sheep head fell to the floor, still persistent in its questions. The two eyes were already overflowing with blood.

Boom! The lightning struck again, and it seemed as if time and space froze at that moment, only to resume flowing shortly after.

“What?” Leylin looked at the silver mirror in front of him The lab seemed to be perfectly fine, and even the interplanar spell formation was working alright.

There was not a trace tof the creature in the place it had occupied just before…

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