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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 478: Annihilator

Chapter 478: Annihilator

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Glancing through the many pieces of magic equipment and precious materials, Leylin set his gaze on a pile of crystals.

These were all pure spiritual force crystals. On their surfaces, he could faintly feel the energy of elemental particles.

Crystal Phase Magi had the tendency to stockpile their crystallised spiritual force. In times of need, they would use them to replenish their own spiritual force, or trade them for something else due to their value.

Leylin’s move had been quick and violent, leaving no opportunity for the opposite side to use such tactics.

Compared to the spiritual force crystals gifted by Freya, these crystals were obviously unclean, and had to be processed before use. “Crystal Phase spiritual force crystals…”

Leylin stroked his chin, and a tube of golden blood appeared in his hand.

“It’s unexpected that I managed to gather these two items so quickly. I guess I’ll just go ahead and carry out Quicksand’s experiment!” Leylin sighed, and his eyes flashed with a dark solemnness.

His harvest from Quicksand Castle had been much greater than just the Lamia fingerbone.

After he finished deciphering the experimental procedures, the great amount of data became useful for his own bloodline research. Over the past century, he’d digested it all, and even improved on some of it. The technique of preserving his genes was just a marginal result of the experiment.

In fact, Leylin felt that his research into bloodlines was amongst the best in the entire Ouroboros Clan, just below that of the elders.

And one of his experiments involved a method of igniting a Warlock’s bloodline to strengthen them.

Leylin had kept this experiment top secret, unwilling to perform it even after he advanced to the Crystal Phase. The effect of the first ignition would be the best, and subsequent ones would progressively decrease in value. Hence, Leylin planned to use his first ignition to break through the bottleneck to the Morning Star realm.

Of course, one measly experiment would not be able to propel him to rank 4. Moreover, he was only at the beginning of the Crystal Phase, so he hadn’t even reached the threshold for advancement.

There was an enormous gap between rank 3 Magi and those at the Morning Star realm. There was an abundance of Magi in the central continent, yet Morning Stars remained few and far between, their positions envied by all.

Igniting one’s bloodline had the potential to boost one’s strength greatly, and even that had slim chances of facilitating a breakthrough.

Still, this bloodline experiment wasn’t the only trick Leylin had up his sleeve.

“My cumulations to advance to rank 3 have been progressing well! I have to start considering the next stage—Morning Star…” Leylin stroked his chin, evidently pleased.

The central continent was currently in a dire state, especially the Ouroboros Clan. Not only were there disturbances on the borders, many families had perished and core members had gone missing. These disastrous events were a bad omen for the future.

Amidst such chaos, the best defence one could rely on was their own ability!

“I’m sure Mentor Gilbert and the other two have already been alerted about the circumstances. Why are they yet to make a move?” Leylin muttered under his breath. Suddenly, he thought about his own appointment as an enforcer. “Perhaps they were aware of it and had secret plans of their own that I might have missed noticing it…”

Time crawled on as he waited in silence.

Later, Leylin welcomed the presence of his own bodyguards. Boosting his own confidence was the presence of Lucian.

“Do you really wish to do that?” Lucian stood in front of Leylin, unable to mask his astonishment.

After finding out that the current Leylin had advanced, and was on par with him at the Crystal Phase, he sighed in his heart.

This junior only needed a hundred years to catch up to his level. His talent exceeded any member the organisation had ever seen even in Morning Star seeds. And yet, compared to the temperamental Robin, Leylin whose potential was much higher remained humble and earnest. Lucian found this extremely admirable.

“If we investigate further, the number of people implicated in this will increase… Although Mentor ordered me to assist you…” Lucian, after seeing the current Leylin, felt that this junior ought to have wholeheartedly entered seclusion, waiting for an opportunity to break through the Morning Star bottleneck instead of focusing on such small matters. He wondered what his mentor was thinking.

Thoughts about Gilbert made Lucian heave a big sigh.

To these high-ranking Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks, the allure of the Purgatory World was much too huge, and they couldn’t help but be engrossed in their search.

Thinking about the recent situations and Leylin’s terrifying military power, Lucian heaved another big sigh.

“I’m in charge of information in the clan. I can give you anything you need. My only wish is for you to not get yourself involved!” Lucian smiled bitterly, took out a translucent crystal ball, and handed over to Leylin.

“As an enforcer, it is imperative that I locate the rebels and all the disruptive elements hidden in the Ouroboros Clan and get rid of them!” Leylin smiled faintly, as if he was not affected by Lucian’s words. But once his spiritual force entered the crystal ball, his face changed.

“The situation has deteriorated to such an extent?” He looked up in disbelief and glared at Lucian.

“Yes…” he answered after a heartbeat, “The chaotic power struggles are not confined to the border regions. Even internally, some ambiguous problems have cropped up. Some of the clans and families especially, their betrayal is pretty much confirmed…”

This top secret information was only available to Leylin because he currently held the position of an enforcement officer. If it were in the past when he only held the position of a Marquis, he wouldn’t have access to such things.

‘What exactly is Mentor doing?’ The thought left a bitter taste in Leylin’s mouth.

“There’s no need for excessive worry. As long as we don’t lose our main base at Phosphorescence Swamp, given the presence of the three elders, we of the Ouroboros Clan will never be vulnerable and weak.”

Leylin let loose a long sigh before he stood up.

“I want the list of confirmed traitors!”

“Alright, I’ll ready them immediately,” Lucian promised, “What do you plan to do?”

“No matter what, since they have the audacity to betray the Organization, they will have to pay the price!” Leylin spoke with a steely voice. With his men behind him, he headed out.


“The Stuart Family at the Stuart mountain range!”

Black fires were blazing furiously. A large number of high-ranking Warlocks were surrounding a huge mountainous brutal bear.

Behind the bear was a fort that was half-built into the cliffside.

“Enforcer Leylin, I demand an explanation for this!” In the middle of the castle, the silhouette of an old Magus appeared. It entered the sky, becoming a huge projection.

“Even though you are an enforcer, you do not have the authority to besiege the castle of a Marquis!” The illusory image of the old man roared in his hoarse voice.

“Authority? Only the weak will abide by such rules and regulations while wishing that their predators would abide by them in this way too. By placing your hopes on such enforcements is truly foolish!”

Leylin sneered. Still, on the account of the other men that went on this mission with him, he decided to explain further, ”If I have to give you an explanation, it would be your betrayal of the Organization. That is why all these Warlocks are out to kill you, and that is why you cannot escape your fate!”

“Rubbish…” Having his biggest secret exposed, the Magus acted like he knew nothing and was hearing it for the first time. Veins popped out of his flushed neck and he fumed with anger.

“True or false, we’ll know after you surrender.” Leylin’s face was emotionless. A brilliant ray of black ripped through the vast sky and streaked across the brutal bear’s head mercilessly.

*Bang!* The huge mountainous brutal bear’s head was cracked open like a watermelon.

“So long as they are from the Stuart Family, we have orders to kill them without exception. Property and assets will also be confiscated. We’ll be given bonuses of equivalent value!” Parker ordered clearly. Those Warlocks thirsty for achievements, and those who longed for the huge payout from the mission, howled and dashed forward.

Seeing Snoopy taking the lead and defeating one Magus after the other, some even dying on the spot, Leylin couldn’t help but nod his head.

The reason he’d taken on the job of enforcer, other than to acquire the huge wealth of the rebels, was for him to bring his men together for a round of actual field training.

The bloody battle of magic and death carried on for a short while. Ten or so minutes later, Parker grabbed the Magus that had been speaking from the fort, and pulled him out. With the matter settled, he stood in front of Leylin and reported like a loyal long-time butler.

“Except for this old man, all surviving members of the Stuart Family had been wiped out!”

“Well done!” Leylin looked at the high-ranking Warlock on the ground. The opposite party evidently had the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline in him too, yet when he saw Leylin, he began to shiver.

“Do you feel resentment? Desperation?” Leylin stepped up, provoking the old Magus.

“Hopefully, the next time, before your soul is destroyed, you should use some brains!”

*Thud!* After Leylin was done speaking the chief’s head fell to the ground, staining it red.

“A total of three Giant Kemoyin Serpent Families have been wiped out, along with their supplementary small-scale families and other influences. I think we’ll have some peace for a while now…”

Standing at the edge of the overhanging cliff, Leylin glanced at the result of the destruction caused by many Magi, involuntarily heaving a sigh of relief.

“Only a while?” Standing by the side, Parker smiled bitterly.

After numerous episodes, Leylin’s reputation had spread everywhere. With his formidable strength that could even slay Crystal Phase chiefs, he’d immediately established his status.

Soon after, through the ruthless means of wiping out entire families and clans, Leylin’s fame as an enforcer became even more widespread. Thus, he was labelled ‘Annihilator’.

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