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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 479: 3 Helpers

Chapter 479: 3 Helpers

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No matter what, with Leylin happily going on a killing spree, the internal affairs of the Ouroboros Clan stabilised despite the general unrest.

Leylin guessed that this had more to do with how the opposing Morning Star powers had yet to make their move.

Without these insider spies, it would take more effort to create chaos within the inner circles of the Ouroboros Clan which was currently already on the alert.

With these achievements, his reputation soared not only within the Ouroboros Clan, but even in the nearby regions.

‘After the Stuart family is destroyed, we can take a small break!’

Leylin sighed and asked Parker, “How is it going at Senior Robin’s side?”

After taking on his role as an enforcer, Leylin was stunned at the realisation that this senior of his had accepted the responsibility from Gilbert before him, and was leading his family and pushing down all rebellions.

In addition, there were rumours that Leylin’s senior had a large change of personality. Not only did he like to torture his enemies, he even enjoyed eating human flesh.

Upon hearing this, Leylin’s heart sank.

Though it was terrifying when bloodline issues acted up in high-ranked Warlocks, Robin’s behaviour had surpassed the pattern of any problems arising from bloodline.

‘Mentor might have wanted to capitalise on his insanity, which is why he arranged for him to purge the inner regions.’

Leylin took in a deep breath.

Compared to him, Robin was going too far. Leylin had merely destroyed families where there was conclusive evidence against them, but Robin went even further. If he had the slightest suspicion at all, the entire family would be purged by him mercilessly.

Even a few bloodline noble families who had a deep connection with Robin’s own thus lost their inheritance.

Through the list of families Robin had destroyed, Leylin made a discovery. Robin seemed to only to have an interest in pure-blooded families, and the higher the purity, the more pitiful their deaths were. Even their corpses were not complete.

Knowing all this, Leylin felt a chill as he put two and two together.

Though he knew he wasn’t the best person in the world, he was still better than Robin. He wouldn’t do anything so disgusting.

“Complaints against Robin are becoming more widespread. Who knows, we might need to stop him next!” Leylin smiled wryly at Parker.

“Robin is master’s senior. I believe Duke Gilbert wouldn’t do this,” Parker consoled him.

“I hope so!” Leylin sighed. A distance away, many white dandelions fell down like snowflakes, flying freely atop the ancient castle that had already been ruined.

Night fell, and outside what had been the castle, Leylin’s vassals set up simple tents. Iron pots bubbled with meat soup and large amounts of mushrooms, giving off a tempting aroma.

A merry atmosphere permeated the camp; the plan had gone quite well, Though Leylin planned to train his vassals this way, he still made his move when the casualties were about to be too high.

Hence, they had not suffered much, and instead reaped massive gains. For this reason, they were motivated to continue striving on.

Even the most ferocious Warlock was full of admiration when gazing at Leylin’s tent at the heart of the camp.

They had been with Leylin for the longest period of time, and could be said to be the people who knew Leylin the best out of everyone in the Ouroboros Clan.

It was because they knew the terrifying strength of their master that they held reverence for him.

Of course, he did not put too much thought into this. As long as he maintained his crushing strength, these vassals would follow him for their entire life.

Within the tent, Leylin was half-lying on the ground, dressed in tight black clothing. His hands were held behind his back in a strange position.

There were a few strange runes written on his body with blood.

Buzzing sounds were produced from Leylin’s lips from time to time, his entire body slightly moving along to a rhythm.

During this process, threads of mysterious energy seemed to be pulled from the air, disappearing into Leylin’s limbs.

This process continued for almost an hour. Only then did Leylin stand up, taking a look at his hands.

A prompt popped up at this moment.

[Host body completed a cycle of Multilimb Strength. Vitality increased by 0.5, no changes to strength. Estimated that in 20 days and 13 hours, host body’s vitality will increase by 6.7, and strength by 2.1…]

“This progress is not bad!” Watching his stats that were refreshed again, Leylin couldn’t help but nod.

Multilimb Strength was a cultivation technique he had gathered from the race in the Blackrain World. Though the Morning Star realm chief had purposely left out a lot of things, the complete version of this path to strength was completely deduced, with the A.I. Chip organising the data and making inferences.

Toughening his body with this method, Leylin found that his body, which had already developed to the maximum, now held the possibility of advancing even further.

Though this increase was small, it was enough for him to be happy.

Furthermore, with Multilimb Strength, the toughness and coordination of his body had increased by a whole level. He could even launch a physical attack similar to that of an ancient giant beast.

This coordination, when paired with the Knight techniques Leylin had previously learned, turned his body into a frightful killing machine.

Still, these were all just serendipitous. What Leylin focused on was the increase Multilimb Strength gave to his vitality.

The corporeal body sustained the spirit. If spiritual force was said to be water, then a Magus’ body would be the cup. The larger and sturdier the cup, the more liquid it could contain.

Leylin was still unable to peep at the Morning Star realm, but after reaching the Crystal Phase, what he needed to do was continuously increase his vitality and accumulate spiritual force. Once enough had been gathered, his crystallised spiritual force would eventually condense to form point mass.

The point mass represented everything to a Magus. It represented their journey, bloodline, strength, and even soul!

Hence, this process was irreversible. The moment the ascension to the Morning Star realm failed, and the point mass grew unstable, a terrifying explosion might occur.

If a Magus encountered such a situation, they would be left without a corpse.

Historically, the Magi who failed to ascend to the Morning Star realm and fell far outnumbered those that had succeeded.

Wondering about his future path, Leylin’s expression changed as he asked the A.I. Chip a question, “How is the simulation of information regarding the Morning Star realm going?”

[Simulation is 13.5% complete. Unable to process deeper calculations without concrete data] The A.I. Chip robotically answered.

If he could gain an understanding of the Morning Star realm now, it would be incomparably useful to Leylin’s advancement.

However, it was difficult to meet with Morning Star Magi, and even more impossible to perform research on them.

It wasn’t as if Leylin could look for Gilbert and tell him that he wanted to do an experiment, and ask him to be a specimen.

It would be a wonder if Gilbert did not destroy Leylin in that instant!

“Perhaps the corpse of the Scorpion Man in Twilight Zone will be useful to me!” Leylin touched his chin. The Scorpion Man was truly a Morning Star creature, and his corpse would definitely be useful as a reference for the A.I. Chip’s simulations.

Immediately after, Leylin overruled his own thoughts. “There’s not enough time. It isn’t the volcano’s dormant period. Furthermore, based on the predictions of the Coin of Destiny, rank 3 Magi will meet with dangers that cannot be predicted in the Icy Cave. Only those with Morning Star strength can be safe…”

Leylin steeled his expression and let the A.I. Chip continue research.

Leylin was counting on the Lamia fingerbone and the bloodline ignition experiment as well as the A.I. Chip’s analysis of the Morning Star realm to advance.

As long as he did persevered in that regard, he would definitely be able to reach the threshold of Morning Star.

If he was a regular Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock, just obtaining one of those would be difficult. However, Leylin had everything, and even without assistance all these would increase his chances of reaching Morning Star by a lot when compared to other Morning Star seedlings.

Leylin had no doubt about this.


*Sha sha!* The pendant at Leylin’s waist suddenly emitted bright light.

Leylin’s brows furrowed, and he tapped on a secret imprint.

“Is this Marquis Leylin, Sir Enforcer?” A low, hoarse voice was produced from the secret imprint.

This was the communications officer that the Ouroboros Clan had specifically allocated to him. He was in charge of contacting Leylin alone, and just by hearing his voice, Leylin could guess that something terrible had happened.

“I am Leylin. Is there anything wrong?” His voice was calm and steady, even causing the voice from the other side to become gentler.

“Headquarters has received a denouncement. Marquis Miranda is accusing Marquis Robin of attempting to kill her. There is also a large amount of evidence! Based on the information, something has also seemingly happened within Robin’s family.”

“Get to the point.” Leylin raised his eyebrows.

The voice on the other end hesitated, but still presented the news. “According to the order of the Elder Committee, Marquis Leylin is to head to Robin’s family immediately, and send Marquis Robin back to headquarters.”

“They want me to capture Robin? Do you know that he’s Mentor Gilbert’s student and my senior?” Leylin’s expression became serious.

“I know. This is Duke Gilbert’s order!” The voice was silent for a while, and then transmitted a black runic imprint.

This was similar to a person’s signature and could not be forged. This black rune was Gilbert’s own symbol, and Leylin definitely would not misidentify it.

“I understand.”

Feeling jittery, Leylin ended communications and fell into silence.

“Mentor, what are you thinking?” A long while later, a low voice was sounded in the tent.

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