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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 486: Discovered

Chapter 486: Discovered

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The threatening words only caused Leo’s hands to tremble a little, and the scroll remained tightly in his grip.

Relationships were based on strength, and this was something even more pronounced in the world of Magi.

Why would anyone be threatened by an ant? These could affect Leylin even up to the Morning Star realm, and at this point?

Leo sneered, his spiritual force continuously seeping into the scroll. At worst, he could just kill the opposite party and invite his Master to take part as they slew the rest of the Magi who could possibly know the secret.

The only powers that could restrain the Oakheart Clan were those at the Morning Star realm and above. The current Leylin didn’t even qualify to bargain.

Leylin understood this principle. What he sought was not a withdrawal, he just needed that moment of pause.

The moment Leo froze when Leylin’s voice was transmitted, he sprung into action.

“Kemoyin’s Scales!” “Toxic Bile!” “Intimidating Gaze!” Acting on the chant, all 3 innate spells immediately took effect.

Compared to the other methods of using spells or potions, a Magus’ innate spell would take effect in the blink of an eye. Thus, in times of danger, every Magus would first choose to use their innate spells, and Leylin was no exception.

A layer of shiny black scales immediately enveloped his entire body. The two domains of poison and Intimidating Gaze was launched in his attack without any reservations. At this critical moment, Leylin had burst forth with all his power.

Without any apprehensions, the Toxic Bile poisoned Noah who was standing by his side. Thereafter, the ripples struck the surrounding Crystal Phase Magi, creating countless waves.

After absorbing the Lamia bone’s radiation, the power of Leylin’s Intimidating Gaze had swelled by a few folds. The pressure was immense even for similarly-ranked Crystal Phase Magi.

“Such strength of the domains? Even average Crystal Phase Kemoyin Warlocks are not this strong!” The enormous amounts of life force caused the iron chains to start trembling.

The surrounding Magi, numbers 1 and 2, immediately cried out in alarm.

“Fatality’s Tip!” At such a juncture, Leylin did not show the slightest reservations. The black rays of death, aimed at the weakest link, number 3. It was like a vicious viper baring its ferocious teeth at its prey.

“Number 2, number 4, support!” Number 1 yelled immediately. As the leader of the team, he needed to help stall for time as Leo launched his rank 4 spell.

*Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!* Multiple chains appeared like a wall, blocking Leylin’s advance.

“Cross Blade Slash!” Leylin held onto the Meteor Sword, its black blade dazzling. The iron chains started to break apart into pieces, dropping to the ground one after the other.

The remaining unbroken ones started to erode away, revealing multiple tiny holes.

*Pak!* The iron chain was split apart. The rays of death appeared before number 3.

”You want my life?” Number 3 looked like a kindly old man, and had extremely thin and long lips. At that moment, he lost all self-control and started howling as his face warped.

“Thunderstorm Shield!” Sparks of blue electricity danced around, forming a massive blue shield in front of him. On top of the shield were flickering multiple streams of current.

*Rumble!* The death rays clashed with the blue shield. Two different streaks of brilliance collided in midair.

Although the shield was showing signs of being unable to endure for long, it bought him enough time for backup to arrive. Seeing the support, number 3 broke out into a smile.

But the next moment, his face froze. With a flash of his body, another identical Leylin appeared in front of number 3 and dashed forward.

“Lightning Spear!” Number 3 waved his hand and two shafts appeared in his hands that were bathed in arcs of blue electricity. Following his command, the two long spears darted towards the two ‘Leylin’s.

*Crackle!* One ‘Leylin” was pierced by the long spear, and the slight explosion caused darkness to fill the whole sky. The same happened to the other Leylin.

“No!” Panic washed over number 3 and he turned around.

Yet, it was too late. Leylin emerged from a crack in the darkness and dashed directly towards him.

“Multilimb Strength!” A strange, unusual image manifested behind Leylin. It was a huge, tall humanoid covered in green scales. It had three thick and bulky arms on the left, and four on the right. It gave off a thunderous roar.

Leylin’s muscles swelled instantly, bringing a kind of shiny luster to his muscular curves. Rays of green and black combined, forming a terrifying energy.

“Innate defense spell!” Number 3 revealed his last trump card. Numerous currents covered his whole body, forming an armour made wholly out of blue lightning.

“Break!” Bolts of lightning were flung at Leylin’s body. However, they were absorbed by the Kemoyin Scales. Leylin’s hands violently moved forward and grabbed the opposite party’s lightning armour, tearing it in half!

*Zip!* With his terrifying prime body quality and under the enhancement of Multilimb Strength, the lightning armour was torn apart like paper.

The wild electric current destroyed Leylin’s defences, and branded his skin and muscles in a horrifying black. Yet, Leylin did not even bat an eyelid.

Although he had other ways of breaking through the other side’s blockade, he was in a race against time to succeed. Thus, he believed the best course of action would be this that was simulated multiple times by the A.I. Chip.

His innate defences screeched as they were ripped apart, and number 3 turned pale, trying to flee. But how could Leylin let him do so?

With a huge earth shattering punch, number 3’s head was cracked apart, sending splashes of red and white liquid all around.

“Number 3!” Number 1 and number 2 helplessly watched this execution. Now, with one member absent, their formation wasn’t whole.

Numerous iron chains grouped up into a cage, but Leylin broke through easily with its instability.

The moment he escaped, horrifying white rays of light grazed through the entire region. A large amount of soil, rocks and even corpses were vaporised, forming a long, deep, ravine.

A rank 4 spell wasn’t comparable to a Morning Star Magus’ Arcane Art, but a Crystal Phase Magus would not be able to withstand it. If Leylin hadn’t escaped in time, he would have perished under the horrifying white light.

“Garbage! You’re all a bunch of garbage!” Seeing Leylin’s silhouette disappearing in the horizon, Leo immediately chided number 1 and 2. They hung their heads low, with pain and sorrow in their eyes.

Leo was breathing heavily. It took a lot for a rank 3 Magus to use a rank 4 spell.

If it had been put to used by a rank 4 Morning Star Magus, things wouldn’t have been so slow, and Leylin wouldn’t have escaped.

“Get him!” Leo vented his anger. He brought along the remaining Magi and gave chase.

“Do not let him get away!” Wild whistles and screams sounded from both sides. Leo’s eyes burned with an unmasked hatred.

This was the same Leylin that made him suffer a huge loss with that astral stone!

If it was just that one single incident, all that would happen would be a scolding from his grandfather and it wouldn’t be a big deal. What infuriated him was the fact that Leylin had discovered the secret of the stardust bugs!

My goodness! If his private collections were discovered, he would be brutally torn to pieces by the enraged female Morning Star Magi!

The methods Morning Star Magi used in tormenting others were unbearably cruel, and feared by even the most savage of devils. Naturally, Leo felt the same way.

Unfortunately, the opposite party had managed to destroy all traces, and Leo had been left with no leads to follow.

As such, his grandfather, the King of Azure Mountain, personally made a trip to locate a Morning Star realm Prophet. After paying an enormous price, they obtained Leylin’s definite identity.

As for the enormous price, his grandfather was still working on paying off the debt.

The prophecy showed that Leylin was just a newly advanced Crystal Phase Magus. Hence, the job of hunting him and silencing him fell on Leo.

In order to succeed, he’d brought along a large number of men. He even called upon his spy in the Ouroboros Clan, Noah.

Coincidently, while he was in the Ouroboros Clan’s territory in the midst of discussions with Noah, Leylin showed up and bumped into them.

If the location had been Leylin’s Onyx Castle, with the presence of the Magus Tower, Leo and his men would not have been able to hide. Furthermore, without any insider help in the Ouroboros Clan’s core territory, Leylin was sure Leo wouldn’t have dared make any opposing moves. But now? They would never give up this golden opportunity!

Leo’s eyes reddened with anger. At that moment, he noticed Leylin stopping. Watching Leylin descending on a bare rock on top of the hill, he and a few of his men immediately followed up and surrounded him.

“Why? With nowhere to hide, are you now seeking death?” Having surrounded Leylin, Leo raised his brows and jeered at him.

Leylin shook his head. He’d been secretly conversing with his A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Scan completed! Articles detected on the opposite side do not exceed the Morning Star realm. No other Morning Star realm undulations detected in the surroundings!]

Leylin was pleased with the conclusion and he secretly sighed a breath of relief, “No. You flies are disgusting, it’s about time I cleaned up.”

Previously, when he’d fled in disarray, what caused him more worry than the rank 4 spell scroll in the opposite party’s hands was the possible presence of the Azure Mountain King.

However, thankfully, he hadn’t appeared, only sending forth some Crystal Phase Magi instead.

With Leo leading a team of elite Magi and the use of the rank 4 scroll, it would’ve been no problem to deal with an average Crystal Phase Magus, even one from the Ouroboros Clan. However, Leylin wasn’t your average Magus. Even Morning Star seedlings would be tossed around by him!

“Flies?” Leo’s face swelled as he flushed red, ”Wait till I catch you. I’ll use a magic scroll and turn you into a red-eyed fly!”

‘A.I. Chip! Probe the surrounding space and establish a model. Begin charting the best path for a massacre!’ Leylin’s eyes glinted with a dangerous light.

Since the opposite party had discovered his identity, there was nothing to hold him back anymore. This matter had to come to an end.

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