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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 492: Killing the Clone

Chapter 492: Killing the Clone

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“So you’re relying on this?” the Azure Mountain King laughed coldly, “Do you think you can control this hurricane? It may be possible if I came with my main body…”

Nonetheless, his face was full of fear, and he unconsciously took a few steps back.

“If you don’t try, how would you know?” Leylin chuckled, and suddenly rubbed the ring on his hand. A strange energy wave seemed to pass by at the speed of light.

Miles away, Parker looked at the communicator in his hands with a stern expression. He then ordered, “Activate!”

“Beginning operation! Preparing number 1 energy reactor!” Snoopy shouted immediately.

“The elemental particle gathering device is complete, beginning ground vibration!”

Many Warlocks, as hardworking as ants, began to get busy, and one by one, strange symbols were lit up on the surface of the huge pyramidal reactor.

*Rumble!* At this moment, the surface of the ground seemed to come alive as a large amount of energy was bound and transmitted towards Leylin’s direction.

This violent earthquake did not cause much trouble for the warlocks, as expected. Snoopy wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and went to his grandfather’s side with an evident look of worry on his face, “Grandfather, will Mentor be able to succeed? I’ve never heard of this idea before… No! I wouldn’t be able to think of this even in my dreams! Once any node goes wrong, I’m afraid what awaits Mentor will be…”

Before he could finish speaking, a thick, muscular palm pressed down on his shoulders, “Snoopy! You have to believe in your mentor!”

Parker’s eyes did not mask his respect for Leylin, “He is the most profound scholar and the strictest Magus amongst everyone I’ve met! Once the lord makes a decision, it will definitely be correct, we only need to follow and execute according to the plan devised by the lord!”

After interacting with them for more than a century, be it in force or knowledge, Leylin had long ago subdued these men of his.

“Yes!” Snoopy nodded repeatedly, and his previous worries disappeared immediately.

At another place, Tanasha was also doing the same thing.

A perfectly straight lightning rod, almost piercing through the horizon, stood firmly on a pile of black rocks.

Thunder roared and lightning flashed. Many blue electric waves growled and rushed towards the black needle, before diverging in all directions through the path that was laid out.

“Sir! I Hope you will succeed!” Tanasha grew a little excited in her heart, praying silently.


“Preparations for node 1 completed, review of node 2 completed, preparing to charge node 3…”

Data kept pouring out from the A.I. Chip continuously and many fluorescent-blue information windows flashed past Leylin’s eyes.

*Rumble!* The howling hurricane that was brewing in the sky seemed to be controlled by someone, and it slowly began to transform and pack together, converging behind Leylin.

The windstorm roared, dissipating the dark gas and silently turning the rocks and plants on the roadside to dust. It then wrapped the Azure Mountain King within.

“How… How is this possible? Why can you……” The Azure Mountain King’s eyes almost popped out.

How could a mere rank 3 Crystal Phase Magus possess such enormous power?

After he came here, he had definitely tested with his soul force that there were no other Magi lying in ambush. There were also no signs of any spell formation!

“I am unable to hide anything from soul force scans, hence I did not plan anything here…” Leylin stood above the hurricane, as if he was a deity from another world.

“Thus, the closest spell formation that I’ve set up is 45 kilometers away. The underground hurricane is being manipulated through redistribution points and could be temporarily kept under control! I call this spell formation—farcast support spell formation!”

Using the superimposition of small influences from other areas, he ultimately gained control over the hurricane!

It was easier said than done. To do it, the calculations needed were terrifyingly complex, fit to be described as perverse.

Even if there was a slight error the data, there was a possibility that the hurricane would ultimately lose all control. As the one to bear the brunt of the damage, Leylin would be the first to die without any remains.

Such horrifying calculations, even the Azure Mountain King felt giddy from just simulating them in his head.

Leylin had done something even Morning Star Magi could not thanks to his A.I. Chip, a scientific chip from his previous world which possessed incredible abilities after numerous extreme transformation and advancements!

“The hurricane can destroy anything under rank 4, you are destined to die today!” Leylin’s expression was calm, his face showing no signs of sadness or happiness.

But the hurricane, which was under his control, suddenly screeched. A large gust of strong black wind surrounded the Azure Mountain King and began to spin around him, as if it wanted to drag him into the eye of the hurricane.

“No! I have not fallen yet!” The Azure Mountain King’s eyes flushed red, and his facial muscles twitched as he suddenly growled.

Explosions rang out as the crystal clear soul force transformed into a defensive film on his body. Terrifying accessories, which had reached the level of magic artifacts, began to explode one by one.

The massive explosion caused a horrifying driving force, and even the hurricane was momentarily blocked out.

Using this hard-earned chance, the Azure Mountain King immediately dashed out to break through the barrier.

“You can’t escape!” The large Multi-Armed Race phantom thrashed and growled behind Leylin. The hurricane gathered in Leylin’s hands as he stood before the Azure Mountain King and threw out a sudden punch.

*Boom!* Like the roar of an ancient giant snake, along with the accompanying howls of the many hurricanes, a terrifying energy instantly extinguished the explosion from before, breaking through the Azure Mountain King’s body.

Even if it was soul power, under the the besiegement of the hurricane, it was exhausted too quickly. The protective film immediately crackled and broke.

Cracks began appearing one after another, and due to Leylin’s attack, the Azure Mountain King was once again pushed back into the eye of the hurricane.

While watching Leylin, who stood outside like a war god, a hint of despair surfaced on the Azure Mountain King’s face…

*Rumble!* It was as if the world exploded, reaching its end.

Among the many dark storms, a touch of blue light suddenly exploded. It immediately intensified, offsetting the dark storms persistently.

The terrifying energy waves dissipated as streaks of silver cracks in the space emerged endlessly.

The dark storms howled, but it also seemed to weaken under the blue radiance as time passed. At the same time, the blue radiance slowly began to dim.

The earth rumbled, and after what seemed like a sky-shaking and violent magnitude 9 earthquake, everything finally calmed down. Only, the surroundings had already been destroyed beyond recognition.

Even a part of the West Sea Canyon was totally wiped out, becoming a large, ruinous rocky plain.


This was the scene that Tanasha and Parker, who had rushed over, saw. Their faces seemed to search for answers anxiously, until they saw Leylin who was standing on a large rock proudly. Their faces were immediately overcome with delight.

“Yes!” Leylin nodded.

Currently, he was in a very bad condition. Not only were there blue wounds all over his body that were bubbling and corroding it, there was also an obvious dent on his chest.

In his hands, there was an already prepared crystalised test tube, in which laid a piece of burnt flesh. Surrounding it were some squirming tentacles.

“I’m fine!” Leylin waved, stopping Tanasha and Parker’s greetings.

“I give you all an hour’s time, search this area immediately and look for bloody pieces of flesh like this! No matter what the outcome is an hour later, we will leave immediately!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Watching his men busy themselves, a bitter smile emerged on Leylin’s face.

The Azure Mountain King was indeed a Morning Star Magus, with an extremely determined mind. After he realised that there was no hope of escaping, he immediately cast some sort of secret spell, detonating his clone.

The self-destruction of a rank 3 Magus’ clone would cause major damage.

Not only was Leylin’s spell formation utterly defeated, he himself had sustained serious injuries. This could be said to be a loss for both parties.

‘But as long as these things can be obtained, it’ll be worth it,’ Leylin put away the pieces of flesh safely, before his heart lightened.

Although the Azure Mountain King had self-destructed, losing him the opportunity to collect his complete body, the tissue structures of these bloody pieces of flesh and such were enough for the A.I. Chip to study for a long time.

And after obtaining these, the A.I. Chip’s deductions on the Morning Star Realm would be able to advance to at least 50% and above!

“If it’s like that, the conditions are more or less all set! We only need to prepare for the Azure Mountain King’s counterattack!” Leylin stroked his chin.

Originally, he and the Oakheart Clan were prepared to give their lives to achieve their goals. Now, the other party’s Morning Star Magus had lost his clone at his hands. Surely the Azure Mountain King would be going crazy.

‘We cannot stay in this territory anymore, we must hurry back to the organisation and evacuate as soon as possible…’ Leylin was stuck in thought.

Although it still seemed peaceful at his Onyx Castle in the core of the Ouroboros Clan, with Robin’s Parble Family reduced to their sorry state, was it really?

Perhaps, as of now, only the area at the headquarters of the Phosphorescence Swamp could forcibly maintain stability.

Although they lacked Morning Star battle power, under circumstances where outsiders were still unsure, keeping it a secret for a period of time was no problem at all.

Furthermore, based on the Ouroboros Clan’s arduous accumulation as well as the spell formations, defence installations and such by the Morning Star Warlocks ancestors, hindering a certain Morning Star Magus for a duration was still not an issue.

What Leylin needed most right now, was time!

This was because the headquarters of the Ouroboros Clan was definitely a point of attack for many enemies in the future. Once it was confirmed that the battle powers of the Morning Star were gone, there was a high chance that they might face a siege from numerous Morning Star Magi.

By that time, the headquarters would be a deathtrap!

If they lost the other territories, without advancing to the Morning Star level before the Phosphorescence Swamp was attacked, all of the Warlocks at the headquarters could only accept death!

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