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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 499: Traitor

Chapter 499: Traitor

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With explosions ringing continuously, the Warlocks fell silent as they fixed their gazes on the battlefield, watching the debris from the occasional fights between broken metallic limbs and vines of flowers.

“Their plant legion can obviously regenerate very fast. On the other hand, our steel puppets have complicated structures and use too much of the energy stored in our Magus Towers. This exchange is a huge loss for us…” Lucian smiled bitterly, his voice sounding raucous.

Outside the city, a sea of flowers lay above the ruins, numerous shoots struggling their way out of the earth. The army of carnivorous plants had reformed in a few minutes.

Not only that, the other military forces were closing in along with the Azure Rain Knights and the Demon Magus Army.

“Let’s focus on our own areas of defence! Although we have the protection of the Magus Towers, it will still be best if our Crystal Phase Warlocks attend to them.” Faisal smiled.

The images disappeared with a few snaps, leaving Faisal and a few others remaining.

Most of the people here were just projections of the other Crystal Phase Magi using the network of the Magus Towers. Due to their advanced technology, the projections were almost the same as themselves.

Faisal’s face turned dark, his thoughts indiscernible.

In the meantime, a wisp of dark smoke sprouted from the corner, forming a dark shadow, “My lord! Will you consider what I said before?”

Faisal frowned at his appearance, but he then calmed down. The people here were all his men, and he wasn’t afraid that they’d leak his secrets.

“What are you doing here?”

“Hehe! The Ouroboros Clan is about to vanish! There might be traitors among the people you met just now, my lord. Think about your future, and the future of your family!”

The shadow said slowly and with a confidence derived from the chasm between their absolute strengths.

Faisal’s men grew angry, and even his own face showed some hesitation before he waved his hands.

“I… I need to reconsider this!”

“I hope you reply soon. Our offer only exists up to the city’s fall!” The envoy said patiently, then disappeared like a ghost.

“Ah…” Faisal sighed after he was gone. Something crossed his mind, and his eyes glowed with a strange light.


West Zone. Freya smiled bitterly while looking at the approaching enemies, “Such bad luck. I have to meet these Demon Magi…”

The opponents in her area were the elites of Nefas— the Demon Magus Army!

All members of the Demon Magus Army were at least rank 2 Magi. And since they’d made deals with unknown demons, most of them had mysterious abilities or powerful skills.

What’s more, the Magi from Nefas were wanted men with bad reputations. They were tough and bloody, even more crazed than the uber-emotional Warlocks!

No wonder Freya was unhappy.

“Hehe! I didn’t expect such a beautiful woman to be my opponent!”

Below the wall, the head of the Demon Magus Army touched his chin with his left hand. A pair of horns were on his head, and his right hand was tied up in iron chains.

The Demon Magi around him maintained a distance out of fear and admiration. Many glanced at his right hand, their eyes full of dread. It was as if some horrible demons existed under the cover of those iron chains.

This leader paid no attention to the fear of his men, and instead waved his hands, ”Attack!”

Many Magi roared at the sound of the command and their bodies began to undergo massive transformations. Some even grew blacks wings as they charged towards the city walls.

“Get ready!” Freya ordered with an emotionless expression. Many of the Warlocks couldn’t help but get wound up.

The next moment, the attacks from those Demon Magi reached the defensive light membrane.

“The energy of the defensive matrix can’t be consumed like this. We must attack!” Freya grit her teeth. A layer of black scales covered her body, and her pupils turned amber.

*Swish!* Her body disappeared from on the wall, and when she appeared again she’d already grabbed a Demon Magus and torn him apart. Blood rained down, interspersed with flesh, organs, and bones.

“Petrifying Gaze!” Every Magus below rank 3 she stared at turned into a stone statue. Even Magi at rank 3 would lose their minds for a moment, during which they couldn’t fight back.

“Kill them!” Seeing their chief fighting outside, the snake bloodline Warlocks rushed out with red eyes, fighting the Demon Magi.

Relying on the defensive matrix of their spell formation, they didn’t have to care too much about their own safety. Thus, they acquired many victories, and a lot of Demon Magi fell.

“I’m your opponent!”

Freya’s attack crashed into a giant hand bound by iron chains as the chief of the Demon Magus Army appeared in front of her.

“Warlocks with the dirty bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent have no right to live in this world!” he said with an indifferent face as a weird energy sprouted out of his right hand.

“Dirty worms that make deals with demons! You have no right to say anything!” Freya frowned. Her opponent’s aura made her feel discomfort, even fear. But since he was an enemy, there was no need for her to hold back.

“Throughout history, branches like the Branded Swordsmen, Elemental Bards, and Steel Knights have continually disappeared. You bloodline Warlocks are meant to join them!” The head of the Demon Magi roared, turning into a streak of black as he crashed into Freya.

Scenes like this occurred all over the defensive perimeter of the Ouroboros Clan.

Magic shone in all sorts of colours, flooding the whole city.

However, under the joint defence of the Magus Towers, these attacks just left small marks on the translucent membrane which soon disappeared.

“It seems like the Magus Towers in the Ouroboros Clan’s headquarters have stored plentiful amounts of energy!” Seeing this, the green-haired Magus frowned.

“So what? Inform your guys, they can start their plans now!” A female Magus with red hair sashayed in, rolling her eyes at him.

“Okay!” The Magus nodded, “And that thing, let it out now!”

“You want to use ‘that’ now?” The female Magus with red hair covered her mouth in shock.

“We have to. I promised those lords that we could deal with the headquarters of the Ouroboros Clan within 3 days!” The Magus with green hair smiled, saying something to his envoy.

Something sinister flashed across her eyes as she watched the movements of the Male magus, and she followed him…


“My lord!” Even though there was fighting outside, some important places were still under heavy guard.

And currently, two elites of the Blood Serpent Family were saluting to Ivanov.

“Good!” Ivanov nodded. But suddenly, his eyes suddenly started glittering.

*Schlick! Schlick!* Two black daggers shot out of his sleeves like lightning, disappearing into the guards’ chests.

Their Kemoyin Scales were pierced through by the daggers in an instant, as if they were nothing more than a sheet of paper. The light in their eyes dimmed, before they crumbled to the ground.

“Hmph! You idiots. Even if they’re innate defensive spells, there are methods to pierce through them. How can you two defend against an elite of the family like me?” Ivanov sneered, and pushed open the wooden door they were guarding.

Behind the wooden door was a small sealed room, magic tools and spell formations lying everywhere. It was enriched with energy, and obviously working at full capacity.

“This seems to be one of the key points. As long as I ruined this, the defence of the city should be weakened by at least 20%!” Ivanov smiled proudly, and gave the formation genie an order, “Deactivate both the defence and alert mode!”

“Please input the code!” A robotic voice sounded from it.

“Long live the bloodline!” Since he was one of the elders in the family, he naturally knew the code. At this moment, he thought about Freya.

“Fools like you can die, because as long as I’m alive, our bloodline will be preserved…”

However, Ivanov’s expression changed at the next words of the formation genie.

“Wrong code! Intruder alert! Beginning annihilation!”

“What? What?” Ivanov murmured. At this moment, the image of a well-behaved and sometimes rebellious girl popped into his mind.

“You’re saying she was acting all along?”

But there was no time left for him to think. Blood-red lightning in the form of snakes appeared out of thin air, drowning him within.

Blood red light flashed, and Ivanov was slowly melted within.

After the lightning faded, the space in the room distorted to reveal a red figure.

“Traitor verified. Blood Serpent Family, Ivanov!” The voice sounded cold and chilling.

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