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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 504: Edges Of The World

Chapter 504: Edges Of The World

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A Warlock’s path was one of a bloodline.

However, before a Warlock reached rank 3, the influence of the bloodline extended only to his body, and was not sufficient to affect his soul. Even if the two were linked, they were completely different.

But after advancing to the Morning Star realm, a Warlock’s true spirit would have harmonised with the power of his bloodline, the two no longer separate.

‘The reason this promotion went so smoothly… Is it that, besides my sufficient preparations, there was a great deal of help from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline?’ Leylin contemplated while touching his chin.

‘The Giant Kemoyin Serpent of ancient times was originally a creature that could reach rank 4 at adulthood. My bloodline is incomparably pure as well. After the complete fusion with the spirit and its maturation under the radiation of the Lamia fingerbone, my body can totally be viewed as a pureblood Giant Kemoyin Serpent. All these factors were key in my promotion to the Morning Star realm.’

Now, Leylin could obviously feel that his spirit body possessed a desolate and distant ancient aura. It even glowed a blood-red on the outside.

“The emotional instability of the Warlock bloodline can no longer pose a problem to me now that I’ve promoted to the Morning Star realm. It has integrated into me as my personal state of mind and emotions, instead of being under the influence of my bloodline.”

Leylin forced a smile, handing over the bits and pieces of the memories he received about Purgatory World and Shadow World to the A.I. Chip for storage. Although these fragments of memories could be incomparably useful, they were likely to tempt the brutality in his heart.

However, as compared to the common bloodline flaw of a Warlock, this innate emotion was even harder to control.

Because of how pure his bloodline was, Leylin learned a lot of things from his bloodline inheritance when he advanced to rank 4.

“My path as a Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock, has already come to an end?” Leylin stood up, feeling the strong power surging in his body. He couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

He had already advanced to the peak of all Giant Kemoyin Warlocks. Those like Gilbert who were older than him had just accumulated more time at the rank. Essentially, there was no difference between the two.

Due to the limitation of their bloodline, rank 4 was the highest rank a Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock could reach. This was the shackle of the bloodline, and was a curse no Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock could escape from.

Now that his future was bleak, Leylin felt lost.

No matter his bloodline or the A.I chip, they clearly told him that in his current state, the Morning Star realm was the limit! And this misery killed him.

This was the most difficult thing for Leylin to tolerate. He was determined to reach the peak of the Magus world.

“The stars are boundless, the numerous worlds were even more in number than stars in the universe. Some other world definitely has the solution to this. If not, I can always find the coordinates of the Snake Dowager through the Icy World of the Twilight Zone…”

Leylin comforted himself. His scope was a lot wider now compared to before, and he even had the ability to adventure through astral gates independently.

A Magus who advanced to the Morning Star realm could cross over to other worlds on his own. The knowledge and resources they could gain through this were incomparable to the rewards from using a spirit seed.

“Alright let’s do it this way. I’ll first lay low for a period of time, stabilising my Morning Star realm or even trying to reach the peak. Once that’s done, I’ll immediately adventure through the different planes…”

Leylin decided.

At this moment, an explosion sounded as what seemed to be the tremors of an earthquake made it through the multiple layers of defence, being transmitted to the room.

“This kind of effect even after being damped by my defences?” Leylin’s face grew heavy, ”The situation outside has probably escalated to the extreme. The enemy might even have entered the city!”

“It’s time to go!” He waved his hand, and a luxurious black gown was automatically draped over his body. He then disappeared from the secret room as if a shadow.

If he’d failed to advance to the Morning Star realm this time, Leylin could only wait for the opportunity to escape when the city was destroyed by the enemy. Even that was not likely, because he was still being hunted by the Azure Mountain King.

But since he’d already been promoted to one of the most powerful existences in the central continent, he had the confidence to try and rescue the Ouroboros Clan!


Looking at the genuine Morning Star domain being issued forth from leylin, even offsetting his own, Cyril’s expression turned extremely ugly, as if he was a dead person.

Morning Star! This was one of the highest-ranking powers in the entire central continent! It took the protection of a Morning Star Magus for an organisation to be called large-scaled, and such organisations could last for millennia.

And this time, only after seeing the three Morning Star Warlocks of the Ouroboros Clan disappear did the allied armies set out to attack them. Their own side wasn’t irresistible. Once a Morning Star from the other side attacked, more than half their legion would definitely be dead or injured. This was why they were very cautious to the point of being timid.

Now that there is a fresh appearance of the Morning Star in the Ouroboros Clan, undoubtedly it will strengthen this operation!

“He… What did he say? Morning Star? He is a Morning Star ?”

On the battlefield, Julian’s face grew dull looking at Leylin’s back view and was flabbergasted. He would never have guessed that the Marquis Leylin who had only recently advanced to the Crystal Phase would break through to the Morning Star realm at such a critical juncture!

“It’s mentor! Mentor has advanced to Rank 4!” On the other side, a blood-covered Snoopy grew so excited he hugged Parker in revelry. Tanasha smiled while watching from the side. She had always been optimistic about Leylin’s future, but she’d never have thought that this day would come so quickly.

Compared to them, the expression of another person was very complicated.

“Leylin Farlier? Wasn’t he searching for the astral coordinates? So it was actually a pretence for his secret breakthrough to the Morning Star realm…” Inside the main control room, Faisal felt the two large force fields counteract each other and stood up from the ground, his mood very complicated.

With Leylin’s protection, it was possible for them to survive this crisis.

And what made him feel complicated was that, be it his own painstaking effort or his persistence, it was still a joke in front of the sheer power of the other party. He was just like a soap bubble that could be burst by a mere finger.

“Duke Gilbert! Your student is excellent…” After a long time, Faisal sighed, covering up all his disappointment and loss. Shouting himself hoarse through the communications, “Ouroboros Clan! Strike back!”

*Boom!* Like a signal light, his command brought about an immediate change.

On the battlefield, the numerous Warlocks that had recovered suddenly burst forth and struck down the enemies that had come to invade until they drew back, shifting the battlefront to its initial location in no time.

Faisal surveyed the battlefield comprehensively without any cheer. He knew well that the key to their victory was not here, but instead, the confrontation with Demon Hunter Cyril.

‘Leylin is just a newly promoted Morning Star Warlock. Can he obstruct the other party?’ With a worried heart, Faisal moved his gaze up above, and saw an imposing figure blocking Cyril.

“How about just giving up this time?” Leylin started the conversation. Demon Hunter Cyril was an impressive existence among Morning Star Magi, not to mention the allies waiting for him.

Leylin felt the attention of several conscients watching him the moment he appeared. And one of them even had a scent of deep hatred and shock.

‘Not only Cyril, there are at least three or four Morning Star Magi observing from the outside. The Azure Mountain King is among them!’ He understood the situation after a sweep of his soul force.

“With just you?” Cyril jeered. It was not because he looked down on Leylin. But Leylin was obviously a newly promoted Morning Star Warlock while he himself was an existence who was well known for a long time in the Morning Star circles.It was impossible that he would be frightened by the words of the opponent. If he was, how could he mix in with the others afterwards?

Besides, he still had some impression on this young Warlock. They were the ones who caused him to fall at the last hurdle and lose a huge share of loots from the Forgotten Land the last time.

The new and old hate compounded, and there was no way he would cower! Besides, even if he himself agreed, the others behind him wouldn’t. This was a war that they had prepared for over a long time, and the hate had already been planted. How could they back down at his words alone?

“In that case…” Leylin shook his head and seemed very sorry, “I can only request that you die first!”

*Crash!* Leylin tried to attack first, striking like lightning. Powerful energy waves ripped apart the space and formed a huge rift. A silver spatial wave rippled, swallowing both him and Cyril.

“They went to the edge of the world to battle! Let’s follow them!”

“This type of battle between those at this rank is very rare. If we record it, we can definitely sell it for a sky-high price.”

Several Morning Star conscients communicated, but another voice chimed in, ”Although Morning Star Warlocks have the additional power from their bloodline, I still look down on that fellow. Although Cyril has a bad personality, his nickname of Demon Hunter was rightfully earned!”

“I also agree. I bet that Warlock will be defeated in ten rounds! What do you think, Azure Mountain?”

“I…” the Azure Mountain KIng touched his chin and recalled the loss previously. Although he wished that Leylin could just be defeated and even killed, he still didn’t speak out. “You guys need to be careful, that kid is unfathomable.”

“Hehe! I remember now. Wasn’t Azure Mountain’s clone killed by a Crystal Phase Warlock? Was it him?” Another voice sounded, making the Azure Mountain King’s face turn dark.

“Enough!” The largest conscients spoke, and the place suddenly became quiet.

“Watch their battle carefully. The result of this battle will be the basis of our next actions!”

A battle between Morning Stars usually lasted a long time and it was difficult to kill the opponent completely. Thus, Leylin’s strength would be the key to the upcoming battle!

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