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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 507: Post-War

Chapter 507: Post-War

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*Boom!* Upon pulling out the dagger, a beautiful red-haired female Magus grabbed the emerald necklace from the male Magus expressionlessly.

“Command: gklm…” After a series of spells, the aura of the gemstone necklace burst forth, as if a miniature war giant had emerged from its core.

“Get as far from here as possible, beginning self-destruct procedure!” After she coldly issued the command, the necklace in the female Magus’ hands immediately turned to ashes. Shortly after, her entire body was engulfed in a dark green flame, disappearing into thin air…

The headquarters’ allied army had been thrown into confusion. It instantly became a mess, and some of the soldiers had already chosen to retreat.

“Very good! Very good! The ‘Shadow Snake Department’ of your Ouroboros Clan has even infiltrated our main command post!”

The conscient in the middle gritted his teeth.

“How would I know?” In his heart, Leylin rolled his eyes. Previously, his position in the Ouroboros Clan was not one where he would be exposed to such things, but it did not stop him from improvising.

“War is always unscrupulous. Now, it’s your choice. With the current state of the allied army, I’m afraid that even without us attacking, it will immediately descend into chaos…” Leylin spoke very confidently, as if he was the one who had sent out the female spy.

The Kyasha Beast growled, abandoning the fight with the Duo Serpent Annihilator as it made a run for the outer regions, causing the ground to shake vigorously. The allied army soldiers in its surroundings became minced meat one after the other.

Big chunks of flesh fell off its body even as it ran. This was the activation of the previous self-destruct command.

Watching this, many of the conscients fell into a silence, then began to talk to one another soon after.

Leylin smiled confidently instead.

Now, they were evidently carrying out an arduous but unrewarding job, and were in the midst of hesitation. And just now, the most stubborn Azure Mountain King had been changed from opposing him to being a supporter. With these changes, the strong force that had at least two votes had become the one to decide between the two previously evenly-matched choices.

Indeed, after a short moment, the large conscient emitted huge soul force waves, communicating with the many soldiers of the allied army.

After receiving orders, the Azure Rain knights, as well as the other numerous allied Magi, began to retreat gradually.

Only the Demon Magus Army, and a few other small organisations like the Arm of Vengeance, held their positions with a look of helplessness on their faces.

“You have won this time!” The large conscient spoke from opposite him.

“Thank you all! I only need to preserve the core territory, which is Phosphorescence Swamp. As for this war, pin the blame on the City of Sins, Nefas, and that Arm of Vengeance…” Leylin quit while he was ahead, speaking with a slight bow.

What he meant, was to maintain the current situation, make the opponent hand over all the territories they were occupying, and not to look into the responsibilities of other forces.

Leylin had considered things thoroughly. Because of the support of the 3 dukes, the Ouroboros Clan could originally hold such a large territory. Now, with him alone, the results of this war were considered a success.

Furthermore, with his current frail strength, forming rivalries with so many Morning Star forces was unrealistic. He could only assign a few scapegoats to settle the problem.

The Arm of Vengeance was originally a predetermined choice. With the addition of Nefas, which had already lost its Morning Star protection, it was enough.

“Very well! You have made the right choice!” A hint of rare gentleness floated in the conscient’s voice.

“I believe in the future, we will become good friends…”

The interactions between those at the Morning Star realm was this simple. Once they realised they could not completely annihilate the other party, it was very normal to humble themselves to form good relationships.

Two great forces in heated conflict could sometimes bury the hatchet the next day. All of this was definitely not unlinked to the Morning Star Magi backing them.

If not for Leylin coming out of the blue this time, how would these starving wolves have been so easy to convince? Perhaps the entire Ouroboros Clan would have been swallowed up without any remains.

*Swoosh!* Many conscients disappeared, and only at this time did Leylin slowly heave a sigh of relief.

He knew that, at least for now, the Ouroboros Clan had crossed its predicament.

“Sir Leylin!” “Sir Leylin!” “Sir Leylin!”

On the ground, many of the bloodline Warlocks had injuries on their bodies. As they watched the allied army retreat, they could not help but rejoice. Especially upon seeing Leylin’s gaze, it was as if they had seen a deity.

Faisal, who saw the scene, could only smile bitterly to himself.

He knew that from then on, the entire Ouroboros Clan would probably fall into the hands of the Morning Star Warlock floating above.


“Ugh… I… Where is this?”

Freya groaned. After waking up, she looked at the familiar ceiling with a little disorientation in her eyes.

Suddenly, the devastating great war, the blood and flesh flying all over, the appearance of a Morning Star Magus emerged one by one in her mind. At the end, was that pair of gentle eyes.

“The chief has awakened!” The two pretty maids at the side noticed Freya coming to and they immediately rejoiced, scurrying out.

After a moment, Freya who had regained her usual astuteness and capabilities, tidied up her clothing and sat by the bed. Listening to the many elders who had rushed here, as well as Julian’s narration, her tiny lips slowly spread apart.

“That means… Leylin! Oh no! Sir Leylin has already advanced to rank 4, to the Morning Star Realm?” Freya muttered, unsure of the feeling in her heart. Previously, it was because she had been driven by Leylin that she went into seclusion in order to cultivate and advance into the Crystal Phase.

She had originally thought that she had shaken him off, but little did she know that Leylin would display such great strength at the Crystal Phase after that, even advancing before her.

Now, he had even broken through the Morning Star bottleneck directly, achieving the dream of many of the central continent’s Magi—rank 4.

Furthermore, he had even killed Demon Hunter Cyril in one blow, and with a determined stance remedied the Ouroboros Clan’s perilous situation.

“So, without me even realising it, the gap between us has already grown so large?” Freya’s eyes grew hot, almost tearing up. However, after having trained for such a long time, she was able to hold it in by force of will, not exhibiting the slightest bit of emotion on her face.

“Yes! According to Sir Leylin’s previous diagnosis, your spiritual force is exhausted. You require more rest…” Julian looked at Freya carefully, making eye contact with most of the clan elders.

Deep in their hearts, they were extremely impressed by Freya’s previous support for Leylin. Now that he had been promoted to the Morning Star realm, even obtaining the great power of making changes the Ouroboros Clan, he would definitely favour their clan in the future.

Even… some elders stole glances at Freya.

Because she was seriously injured, Freya’s face was slightly pale yet it did not cover up her touching expression. It was a pitiful look.

If this clan leader could mesmerise Sir Leylin, wouldn’t the clan be able to introduce a Kemoyin bloodline of the Morning Star rank?

Just the mere thought of it made these elders flush red, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

“No need, I’d like to see him!” Freya took the thick fur jacket, draped it over her shoulders, and walked out.

The physique of a Crystal Phase Warlock was beyond one’s imagination. With only a short rest, Freya’s body was more or less recovered, posing no problem for her to move around on her own.

Julian wanted to follow her initially, but was stopped by an elder with a strange smiling face…

The heart of the Ouroboros Clan’s regime was originally a senate formed by the 3 Morning Star Warlocks. However, with Leylin as the only one left, he could naturally decide everything as he wished.

He no longer worked in his own manor, but in the most luxurious hall in the headquarters. Many high-ranked Warlocks bowed humbly, awaiting orders from the young Magus on the throne.

“Dark Serpent Section, the military, the technical department… 57 Marquises, as well as many Earls and Viscounts have announced their loyalty to your highness. They are all willing to follow your highness, and revere your highness as the highest veteran of the Ouroboros Clan!”

A smile of flattery hung on Faisal’s face. Like the most loyal dog, his back was hunched almost 90 degrees as he reported to Leylin.

“Very good!” Leylin was now wearing a platinum robe embroidered with a fierce black serpent. In the vibrant lights and colours, even the totem of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent was on the robe. At the sides of the robe, many runes were sewed on with thin golden thread.

The robe itself was a low-grade magic artifact! And Leylin, who wore it, seemed much more majestic for it. Being on the throne was like being the central power of the universe, and it had him brimming with dignity.

As he watched Faisal and the other Warlocks giving him an abnormal amount of respect, a playful smirk curled up at the corner of Leylin’s lips.

Ever since the war ended, these Warlocks immediately crowned him lord, showing the utmost respect for him.

The strong rule, this had always been a fundamental truth!

Furthermore, with Leylin’s current strength and the reputation of saving the clan from its perilous situation, even if they disagreed he could force a massacre upon his subordinates. By that time, things would no longer be as simple as handing over power. Hence these Warlocks were very obedient, fearful of Leylin finding their weaknesses.

*Thump!* After Freya stepped into the hall, two rows of Warlocks immediately stared at her, giving forth a pressure that even she could not endure.

“Blood serpent Marquis Freya greets Sir Leylin!” Freya was also unsure of the feelings in her heart, and she just bowed respectfully.

“Everyone except Freya, leave!” Leylin nodded. The two rows of Warlocks immediately exited in an orderly manner, shutting the door silently to make space for Leylin and Freya.

“What’s wrong?” Leylin stepped down, watching the slightly strong-headed yet confused and fearful Freya, accurately capturing the trace of fear deep in her eyes.

“You… really are different now!” Freya muttered softly as she watched the heroic young warlock before her.

From his aura that was as calm as the ocean that had an extraordinariness to it, one could tell that he had really advanced to that far-fetched Morning Star Realm, and was probably even stronger than her Mentor.

It was just that, such a powerful Leylin gave Freya an urge to cry instead.

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