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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 509: Celebration

Chapter 509: Celebration

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Based on the traditions of the central continent, high-grade meditation techniques had a minimum of four levels, allowing Magi to enter the Morning Star realm. Top-grade meditation techniques needed to have six or more levels, allowing Magi to understand the path to the Breaking Dawn.

Kemoyin’s Pupil had merely four levels and was considered the bottom of the pack among high-grade meditation techniques. Leylin naturally hoped the A.I. Chip could simulate the rest of the levels.

Leylin had been trying to solve the issue of the bloodline shackles since advancing to the Morning Star realm.

The simulation of meditation techniques was very important. The Wing of the Sun was also a meditation technique for bloodline Warlocks, and there were six complete levels. It would surely be extremely helpful in completing Kemoyin’s Pupil.

Since he had the bloodline of the Sun’s child as well, he could attempt to purify it. Though the Oakheart Clan had already confirmed that the bloodline had lost all vitality, Leylin still had some confidence that he could restore it.

The ancient Sun’s child was a being that could reach rank 6 when it matured. It was even a fixed sun for multiple small worlds, and was, therefore, the best bloodline Leylin had gotten to date.

“With this, I can begin the bloodline experiments…” After advancing to the Morning Star realm, many ancient bloodline experiments, and things like the interplanar experiments, could be undertaken independently. Leylin was extremely eager to spend all his time on this.

However, he still took some time to meet the emissaries from Spirit Circle and Wind Wolf Lair the next day.

It wasn’t only the Ouroboros Clan that held bloodline Warlocks in the central continent. There were other organisations and families that had inherited ancient bloodlines, forming a giant alliance.

However, the three Morning Star Magi of the Ouroboros Clan had disappeared all of a sudden, resulting in a drop in their value. Hence, no aid had been given.

Leylin understood this very well, since even when saving allies, one had to see if they were powerful enough. Otherwise, they would only be bringing trouble upon themselves.

Besides, the various Warlock organisations weren’t exactly tight-knit. There were conflicts, and a loose alliance was basically as good as a nonexistent one.

Of course, things were different with Leylin’s ascension. It was especially so after he displayed his strength. All these former allies rushed forth to mend their relationship.

Spirit Circle and Wind Wolf Lair were the two largest bloodline Warlock organisations that the Ouroboros Clan was close to.

“Hehe… Sire Leylin is so young. This was entirely out of my expectations!” The moment they met, the two Warlocks were blown away by the plentiful life force brimming in Leylin.

Magi obviously did not rely on appearances to determine age. They usually had their own unique methods to determine it.

However, no matter which angle they looked at him from, Leylin was extremely young. He was not like those Magi who were approaching their end and looked young from the outside, yet held a rotting scent.

“Hehe… The two of you, please!”

Leylin was now dressed in a platinum robe that was a piece of magic equipment, giving him a more elegant aura. With his experience in controlling places like the Twilight Zone, he had already developed a distinct aura of a ruler in how he treated others, which made him all the more convincing.

Meanwhile, while the two emissaries were stunned at Leylin’s age, Leylin himself was also shocked.

He could feel the energy of the point mass on these two emissaries. In other words, they were actually Morning Star Warlocks as well!

“Looks like these two organisations are taking this very seriously!”

The smile on Leylin’s face became even more welcoming as he invited the two Warlocks to the couch in his room. Freya brought three cups of coffee over, bowing to the three of them unreservedly as she quickly left.

“By the way, I’ve yet to ask you for your names!” Leylin smiled as he spoke.

“Oh, look at me! I was so surprised when I came that I didn’t introduce myself. How impolite of me!” A Magus with countless tentacles on his face that looked like a giant octopus head palmed his forehead with a tentacle and answered, “I’m Paul, from Spirit Circle!”

“Sir Paul!” Leylin nodded in recognition, seeming serious.

The bloodline Spirit Circle had inherited came from a strange creature— the Spirit-sucking Oddity! It was said that this being not only had a unique spirit body, it even enjoyed sucking the brain juices of intelligent beings, and had the strange ability of peeking at someone’s spirit.

What caused countless bloodline Warlocks to rip their hair out in frustration was that this Spirit-sucking Oddity was no bloodline creature! However, the original Spirit-sucking Oddity Warlock had fused the ability of this creature into his own bloodline and passed it down, resulting in this strange branch of bloodline Warlocks.

This branch was named the ‘Spirit Warlock’ and had a very special strength. They were more partial towards attacks on the mind, and it was difficult to resist them.

At this point, Leylin couldn’t help but look into his eyes.

On the giant octopus head were a pair of dark eyeballs with no pupils, looking like a dead fish’s eyes.

However, the moment their gazes met, Leylin felt as if his heart was being stripped and laid bare before him.

*Weng!* The point mass in his body rumbled, and soul force swept through. The discomfort instantly vanished, and Leylin immediately put on his guard even though he smiled at the other party.

“I am Philip of the Wind Wolf Lair. Greetings, Sir!” The other was a middle-aged, burly white man. His face and body were filled with hair, and his sideburns were very straight.

Compared to spirit Warlocks, Wind Wolf Lair was an orthodox bloodline Warlock organisation that had inherited the bloodline of the ancient Wind Wolves. They were exceptionally sensitive towards wind elemental particles.

On top of that, Wind Wolf Lair was a very well-known bloodline Warlock organisation in the central continent that maintained good relations with other Warlocks. They had very deep roots.

“Sir Philip, and Sir Paul!” Leylin nodded, “It is my honour for the two of you to attend my ceremony…”

Whether it was Leylin or the other two Warlocks, all of them were very satisfied. Though there weren’t any deep discussions, this was a good beginning.

After that, however, Leylin could not bring himself to feel happy, as the two Warlocks brought him shocking news.

“Jupiter’s Lightning?”

After unexpectedly finding out who was responsible for attacking the Ouroboros Clan, Leylin’s expression turned grim.

Even if he hadn’t been privy to the knowledge among the Morning Star circle before his own advancement, even he had heard of this organisation’s fame in the central continent.

Compared to organisations such as Nefas and Azure Mountain City, Jupiter’s Lightning was even more tremendous, and perhaps even surpassed the Ouroboros Clan.

It was a shadow that loomed over the continent, and was perhaps more similar to a bandit guild. It regularly took on assassinations, bounties, and the like, preferring to stir up chaos and exploiting it.

The reason why they were so fearless was due to the manipulator behind them. It was a Radiant Moon Magus!

A Radiant Moon Magus was also a great rank 5 Magus, and they were even rarer than Morning Star Magi, as well as much more formidable. In the entire central continent, there were probably less than twenty of them. It could be said that besides the few Breaking Dawn Magi there were, the rest of them split the central continent amongst themselves.

Hearing that Ouroboros Clan was being targeted by such a person, even Leylin couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat.

Paul and Philip exchanged a glance and, noticing Leylin’s peaceful expression, nodded.

“Don’t worry. As allies, we will provide a certain amount of assistance, such that at least the Radiant Moon Magus will likely not deal with you personally…”

‘Do you mean that if the other Morning Star Magi of Jupiter’s Lightning attack, I have to take them all on myself?’

Leylin rolled his eyes inside, but his expression was that of gratitude, “Thank you so much.”

In reality, he had serious suspicions that these two organisations wanted them to fight. Perhaps they had been the ones to provoke Jupiter’s Lightning, and yet were now pretending to take the brunt of the damage for the Ouroboros Clan, and were insincere about sending aid.

Of course, he was no child and would not believe everything these Morning Star Magi told him. He would only trust them after performing his own checks.

This was a very simple matter. Though he was unfamiliar with the Morning Star’s conscient, he had already recorded the aura fluctuations. With more Morning Star samples, he would be able to make comparisons.

He even had a spy like the Azure Mountain King, so information was not an issue.

At the thought of the Azure Mountain King, Leylin’s gloomy mood was lifted, and he began to anticipate ascension ceremony.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

Countless giant fireworks exploded in mid-air. The headquarters of Ouroboros Clan had been painted over, and now no longer had any traces from the battle. There were even fresh flowers and streamers along all the pathways.

The guests from the other organisations in the central continent all had sincere grins on their faces. Under the guidance of the Warlocks of Ouroboros Clan, they headed towards the heart of the city.

This was a palace that had been constructed in a hurry for Leylin, the location of the ceremony.

In order to curry favour with the only Morning Star Warlock in the organisation, as well as the husband of their family’s leader, the Blood Serpent Family Warlocks had done all they could and arranged everything tidily. They had even gone out of their way and brought out lavish liquor and delicacies, many of which were unique resources in the Magus World that could increase spiritual force and the effects of meditation. There were so many that they seemed dirt cheap, and it resulted in looks of admiration and surprise.

Many guests were gathered in a hall, though they were separated clearly into tens of little circles.

Bloodline Warlocks and Magi had two large circles, and within those, another ten or so were formed based on various factors like power, ranking, level of intimacy and so on.

The Warlocks and Magi were like the ladies and gentlemen of high society, conversing courteously and occasionally toasting each other. The atmosphere was harmonious, and it was unthinkable that some of the people here had been eager for the death of the other party just a few days ago.

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