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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 511: Attitude

Chapter 511: Attitude

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After some haggling, Leylin and Zack finally reached an agreement.

The Oakheart Clan would bear the burden of building a Morning Star level Magus Tower, as well as provide him with all the resources for an astral gate. In return, Leylin guaranteed that he would never divulge information regarding the stardust bugs in any shape or form.

The two of them had even made an oath under the Trial’s Eye, which was at the request of the Azure Mountain King. However, he did not notice the look of mockery in Leylin’s eyes.

After that, Leylin got Zack to narrate the details of the allied army’s attack on the Ouroboros Clan from start to end.

After receiving this information, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Jupiter’s Lightning…” After sending Zack away, Leylin half laid down on the couch, massaging his forehead and sinking into deep thought.

“I never expected it to be them. Why would a haughty Radiant Moon Magus have any interest in the Ouroboros Clan?”

Before Gilbert and the others reappeared, nobody would be able to give him an answer. Leylin himself could only make wild guesses.


Most emissaries had yet to leave after the end of the ceremony, when another monumental event occurred.

The Morning Star Warlock, Duke Leylin, had announced his engagement with the leader of the Blood Serpent Family, Freya!

Bloodline Warlocks were generally very picky when it came to picking partners. This would affect the passing on of bloodlines, and determined the rise or fall of a family.

The engagement of a Morning Star Warlock implied that new Kemoyin blood would spread, forming another formidable family!

Though there were only two people in the family, Leylin and his fiancee, nobody could deny the strength of a family with a Morning Star Warlock within.

Based on some faint rumours, Duke Leylin’s bloodline was unbelievably pure, and perhaps even surpassed that of the other three Morning Star Warlocks! His fiancee was also of a prestigious Kemoyin Family, and her bloodline was pure.

The emissaries and Warlocks could envision an exceptionally powerful Kemoyin family rising to power in the Ouroboros Clan.

Though they were cursing within, these emissaries all looked elated at Leylin’s engagement, and gave their ‘sincere’ blessings to them.

Only after the engagement ceremony was over did the emissaries of the multiple organisations leave Phosphorescence Swamp. They had seen far too much at this celebration and ceremony, and needed to report back to their masters.

Leylin could finally relax, handling some miscellaneous work.

“Your Grace!” On the way, many Warlocks stepped aside when they saw him from afar, bowing to him from the sides of the road.

Leylin’s expression remained solemn. At most, he sent a nod of recognition in the direction of high-ranked Warlocks, his movements revealing boundless dignity.

His status in the Ouroboros Clan made it such that he could move without obstructions. He headed for a building that seemed like a beehive, formed of countless giant laboratories.

This was the headquarters of the technical department. Upon noticing Leylin’s arrival, there was a flurry of activity at the entrance. Schadt, who was wearing glasses, was escorted by Warlocks donning large white gowns as he welcomed Leylin. It made him feel as if he had returned to the research centres in his previous world.

“Your Grace!” Schadt bowed respectfully. He was extremely grateful towards Leylin. If not for his advancement, the Ouroboros Clan would probably have been done for.

“Mm! Bring me to the astral gate!” Leylin said indifferently after a nod. He then followed Schadt as they went in deeper.

After passing through the layers of isolation and detection spell formations, Schadt brought Leylin before a gate formed entirely of astral stones.

The entire gate emanated a starry radiance. The innermost layer actually possessed a stony surface and there were multiple bright runes, floating above the surface of the stone gate.

“This is Lord Emma’s astral gate. We’ve moved it here…” Schadt sighed as he took off his glasses.

“We’ve determined through multiple experiments that there is no problem with the gate itself. However, there was an unknown interference that stopped us from locating the coordinates, making the second attempt at finding the coordinates even more difficult!

“What level of power do you think is needed for this to happen?” Leylin’s eyes shone as he asked.

“I’m afraid…” Schadt’s temperament suited research perfectly. He explained things as they were and did not beat around the bush, “Only interference from a Radiant Moon realm Magus can cause the three elders to make an error in judgment!”

Radiant Moon realm! A great rank 5 Magus! The moment the words exited Schadt’s mouth, the rest of the researchers all trembled, evidently feeling weak.

Just a Morning Star Magus was enough for the Ouroboros Clan to be on the verge of being destroyed by the allied forces. What if a Radiant Moon Magus were to do the job himself?

The bleak future immediately caused these high-ranked Warlocks to tremble in fear.

“Don’t be so negative!” Leylin patted Schadt on the shoulder, “Just focus on saving Mentor and the others. You must work hard on this…”

“Understood, Your Grace!” A hint of shame appeared on Schadt’s expression as he lowered his head deferentially.

Initially, he had boldly bragged that he could find the coordinates within five days. However, multiples of that time period had passed, and he had yet to determine which world Gilbert and the others were trapped in.

Every time he was about to find the coordinates, he would be obstructed by berserk spatial turbulence, barring him from finding the real location.

If there was the slightest discrepancy in the coordinates, the two areas could be millions of kilometres away from each other, being two separate worlds!

With trouble both internally and externally, the Warlocks would definitely not dare have Leylin take the risk.

On top of that, they had no clue if Leylin would listen to them.

In actuality, even if they had determined which world Gilbert and the rest were lost in, Leylin might not aid them.

Since they had already determined the other world was a trap set up by a Radiant Moon Magus, how could he go in like a lamb to the slaughter?

Leylin was not so selfless as to take this risk.

“I should find a chance and take care of those Warlocks.” Leylin touched his chin, eyes glimmering with a dangerous light.

Those who had been urging him from the shadows to save the elders were not anyone else, but the many descendants and students of the three Morning Star Warlocks. Of course, they did not dare request anything of Leylin in the open, but as long as they was no evidence, they were bold in their discussions.

In Gilbert’s case, Leylin was one of them and they thus had the least complaints. With Emma, Freya was a mediator and they were less impatient. Only the students and family of the other Morning Star Warlock pressed him on, and Leylin was preparing to make use of them.

He was no saint, and would not save others and then give up his power to be shared. And yet, Gilbert was his Mentor and had taught him much. Thus he would save him, but now was not the time!

Leylin was confident that with a bit more time, he could set up his own authority and spread his influence. By the time the three Morning Stars were back, they would not be able to affect his status!

Hence, he had to make use of this time. Though he could use his strength and force everything, Leylin did not want to end up with an Ouroboros Clan that was divided.

Schadt’s report was exactly to his liking. This way, it was not because he was not trying hard enough, but that he was lacking information and had no way to do this.

Leylin had long since secretly determined their coordinates. But for his own purposes, he had kept mum until now.

After consoling Schadt and the other members of the technical department, Leylin returned to his castle. There, two precious guests needed to be attended to.

“Lord Paul, Lord Philip, sorry for the long wait!”

Leylin apologised to the two Morning Star Warlocks. After the other organisations had left, these two emissaries had stayed behind for some unknown reason. As they were Morning Stars, this was also good for Ouroboros Clan, which was why Leylin had no complaints and was so welcoming towards them.

“We only just arrived as well. Duke Leylin must have investigated thoroughly, right?” Paul grinned, the beady eyes on the octopus head seemingly able to see into the Leylin’s soul.

“Yes, Jupiter’s Lightning! They went too far!” Leylin clenched his fists, face flushing red and showing his anger.

Through the investigation of the Shadow Snake department as well as the Azure Mountain King’s story, he had confirmed that Jupiter’s Lightning was behind this.

In this case, he would not reject the good intentions of these two Morning Star Warlocks.

“I’m going to be frank with you. That Radiant Moon Magus of Jupiter’s Lightning has been finding us bloodline Warlocks an eyesore and caused conflicts with the union. Even the organisations backing us are in a cold war with them…” Philip said. The burly werewolf smiled wryly.

Leylin vaguely understood their meaning. The intentions of these Spirit Circle and Wind Wolf Lair Warlocks was to seek external aid.

However, he would definitely not reject them. Radiant Moon Magi were not existences he could deal with as of yet. If he could pull someone else over to contend against them, the pressure on him would be slightly lesser.

For this reason, Leylin did not seem to even hesitate as he exclaimed, “If there’s anything you need me for, just say the word!”

While that was what he had said, Leylin would not be so stupid as to rush to the frontlines without any benefits.

Paul and Philip exchanged a glance and saw the elation in each other’s eyes. No matter what it was, Leylin’s attitude meant that this trip had not been made in vain.

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