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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 512: Revitalisation of Bloodline

Chapter 512: Revitalisation of Bloodline

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“Of course, we hope you can form an alliance with us. We wish to take on Jupiter’s Lightning together…”

Philip interrupted, “With your current status as Duke, you can definitely represent the Ouroboros Clan!”

“This… I need to think it over… After all, there are many seniors who I need to pacify…” When it came to proper business, Leylin seemed to draw back.

Paul silently cursed at Philip for being too hasty, and also Leylin, for not being willing to be more open until he saw benefits. He merely continued smiling, which was difficult enough with his octopus face.

“Duke Leylin, you don’t know this yet, do you? We Morning Star Warlocks organise a gathering every once in a while, where everyone will exchange information. Sometimes, we even have trade meetings…”

“This gathering is only for bloodline Warlocks, who must be at least at the Morning Star level. Someone even needs to vouch for them. A few elders from Spirit Circle and Wind Wolf Lair will attend as well. How about we continue the discussion there?”

“Gathering?!” A gathering amongst Morning Star Warlocks was still very attractive to Leylin.

Furthermore, he was not worried that their leaving the Ouroboros Clan would bring any harm to them.

To be frank, the Ouroboros Clan’s safety all depended on him. As long as he was fine, it would be well fortified even if there was nobody here guarding them. If anything happened to him, the allied armies would immediately level the place.

In fact, if he managed to slip out of headquarters without being seen, it would put his foes under a lot of pressure instead.

With this in mind, Leylin answered, “Sure. When the time comes, please notify me!”

Seeing Leylin agree, Paul heaved a long sigh of relief before he laughed in answer, “I’m sure that our other comrades are eager to see an up-and-coming youngster like you!”

It looked like this gathering was a small circle where bloodline Warlocks interacted.

Watching his expression, Leylin nodded inside and began to anticipate the gathering more fervently.

Since everything was settled, Paul and Philip had no reason to stay longer. They chose to leave.

With how hurried they seemed, Spirit Circle and Wind Wolf Lair had probably fallen on hard times. As important deterrents, they would not have been able to squeeze out the time to attend if not for Leylin’s ceremony.

“We’re rich, my Lord!” Within the hall, Parker’s eyes glinted as he gazed at the account book in his hands, “Just the gifts from the other organisations is equivalent to dozens of fiefs…”

“But of course. You only ascend to the Morning Star realm once. And it’s a good time for other organisations to form good relationships with them…”

Though Leylin seemed as calm as an ancient, unused well, he was actually very happy; he just kept it in. At the same time, he had gained a better understanding of the great status Morning Star Magi held in the central continent.

The destructive power of a Morning Star Arcane Art was far too high. If a Morning Star Magus were to let go of all qualms and act as they wished, the geography of the entire central continent would be destroyed. Radiant Moon, and even Breaking Dawn Magi would regret the damage caused.

As a result, every time a Morning Star arose, everyone would express their goodwill, and intent to be on good terms with each other. These were actions that large organisations were used to.

“The moment I stepped into this realm, everything changed…”

Leylin sighed to himself, the look in his eyes even more intense. “What would be the scenery be like after the ranks of Radiant Moon or the Breaking Dawn throne?”

In his eyes, rank 4 was far from the limit. His goals were on higher peaks, and he did not pay attention to even the shackles to his bloodline that had troubled bloodline Warlocks for many years.

Of course, he could overlook his opinions while strategizing, but tactics needed to be done properly. Hence, he sent Parker away and ordered for all his gifts to be stored. After handing over the important items, Leylin returned to his laboratory.

He was now the highest power in the Ouroboros Clan, and could mobilise all resources. The laboratory he used was the best they had, which was usually reserved for Gilbert and the other two. This was just another one of the many advantages.

That was not all. The treasury of the Ouroboros Clan was completely open to him, and the treasures accumulated over thousands of years by a large-scaled organisation such at this had Leylin’s eyes going green in envy.

The first thing he did was to take a pile of astral stones and keep them in his spatial pouch.

Though the Oakheart Clan had agreed to build him an astral gate, it was better to have more astral stones in reserve. After all, passing through planes required the usage of astral stones, which was why they were so highly valued. They had always been a strategic-class resource.

“Beep! Ascertaining identity! Welcome, Duke Leylin Farlier!”

After passing through the stringent aura detection system and numerous disinfecting procedures, Leylin finally stood in a room seemingly cast entirely in crystal.

The translucent crystals emitted beautiful light, and the area was spotless and unbelievably glossy.

Seeing the data the A.I. Chip provided, Leylin, couldn’t help but sigh. “Though the strength setup is different, in terms of disinfecting and dust, it can achieve the same effect!”

Such an environment was extremely similar to the sterile laboratories in his previous world. Ancient Magi were no fools, so how would they not have noticed the effects germs and the like could have on research? Even without scientific methods, they could use magic to achieve the same effect.

Within a giant glass container at the heart of the laboratory, a broken sword was soaking in a translucent green liquid. This was the same blade that held the bloodline of the Sun’s child and the Wing of the Sun meditation technique. Numerous transparent air bubbles could be seen arising from the hole-filled dull blade, and only the area with the blood was glowing brightly.

He’d already recorded all the information about the Wing of the sun through his A.I. Chip. The only thing left of value was the blood, which he had yet to extract.

The golden blood was like warm light as it slowly grew on the sword, somehow moving automatically as if breathing.

“As expected of the blood left behind by a rank 6 creature. Even if all its vitality has been lost, a slight simulation from the external world allowed it to regain its instinct…”

Leylin was full of praise. The ancient Sun’s child was at the peak of Breaking Dawn, and was an existence he could only look up to. Just a single drop of blood could multiply, enough to form life.

If it placed its spirit branding inside, an almighty ancient being could definitely revive itself from just a droplet of blood. The bloodline of the Sun’s child was that terrifying!

Of course, confirmed by the appraisal of top-notch masters, the bloodline of the Sun’s child on the blade had long since lost its vitality and was impossible to stimulate. This breathing movement was only an instinctual reaction and not a display of full revival.

If the bloodline of the Sun’s child could be made use of, the broken sword would not have been sold off at such a low price. Even if the Azure Mountain King, Zack, had to fall out with Cyril over it, he would definitely use force to keep the bloodline.

However, for Leylin who was an expert in ancient bloodline experiments and had the support of the A.I. Chip, it wasn’t an impossible task to stimulate the revival of the bloodline.

He was now gazing at the broken sword in the glass container, a look of satisfaction appearing on his face. “The restoration is coming along quite well! I can begin the second phase…”

He, who had acquired the research data of the Quicksand organisation, had grasped the finest technology of the ancient era. This naturally included many methods to restore bloodlines.

At that point in time, due to his lack of strength, he could not display all his skills. Many of the methods required the coordination of soul force, and Leylin who had only been rank 3 at the time would only be working in vain. Now, however, this was no longer an issue.

“Soul Web!” Threads of black soul force brought with them a simple radiance as they shot out from between Leylin’s brows, forming a web-like structure that disappeared into the green solution. Large amounts of fine runes with unknown functions emerged from the thin web.

The soul web seemed to have no effects on the broken sword and went straight through the blade. However, the golden blood seemed to be attracted, gathering onto it.

Minutes later, all the blood on the broken sword had been shifted to the soul web, causing it to turn golden.

*Gulu! Gulu!* As the last thread of golden luster left the blade, the metal immediately corroded into nothingness in the green solution, leaving no residue behind.

“It was only made of the plainest materials. Only because of the will of the Sun’s child had it been preserved for over ten thousand years. The moment the blood is removed, it instantly reverts to its original form!”

Leylin’s eyes shone, no longer focused on the sword. All his attention was focused on the soul web, as he manipulated the golden web to float over to another large breeding pool.

Countless loach-like long fish poked their heads out of the dim yellow pool, translucent bubbles being spat out from their lips.

These were blood-sucking loaches, and were rarely-seen bloodline creatures. All the reserves of the Ouroboros Clan were stored here.

“Go!” Leylin controlled the soul web until it was atop the pool. Drop by drop, the golden liquid fell, being devoured by countless blood-sucking loaches that were trying to outdo each other.

Water splashed everywhere in the cultivation pool, and Leylin watched the changes in the loaches without blinking.

Golden threads appeared from the stomachs of these blood-sucking loaches. Then, their eyes rolled back and they began floating in the pool.

“The bloodline of a rank 6 creature is too powerful for these loaches…” Leylin shook his head, but did not stop the experiment.

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