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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 513: Morning Star Magus Tower

Chapter 513: Morning Star Magus Tower

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Threads of golden radiance emanated from the carcases of the blood-sucking loaches and were then swallowed by other loaches which had not managed to get the blood the first time. This process was repeated as the loaches died.

Leylin watched on expressionlessly. After three rounds, where the blood-sucking loaches could hold on for longer and not die immediately, the golden bloodline seemed to have become more reserved and guileless.

“Looks like I can continue…” A look of excitement appeared on his face.

As long as this was successful, there was hope to stimulate the revival of the Sun’s child’s bloodline.

“Maintain this process and ensure there are no less than twenty blood-sucking loaches in the cultivation pool,” Leylin ordered the spirit genie.

Leylin knew this would take a long time. After observing for a while longer, he left the laboratory for his castle.

He now had many tasks to direct, and while troublesome it was the best way to exert his authority.

Though the students and families under the Morning Star Warlocks’ care all hoped Leylin would act as soon as possible and rescue their mentors and family leaders, they did not dare exhibit their wishes openly.

They were also extremely afraid of contradicting Leylin, all doing as asked to the best of their abilities. Even when Leylin took all the astral stones in storage, they did not say a word.

It had to be said that these Warlocks knew their place.

Even so, Leylin could not be bothered to bicker with them over trivial matters. Besides, with his current strength still inadequate to deal with Jupiter’s Lightning and Radiant Moon Magi, he needed to save the Dukes first to increase the strength they had on their side.

The issue of when this would happen would depend on him.

This was not just about gaining power in the Ouroboros Clan, but also to avoid the trap set up for them! If three Morning Star Warlocks could disappear, Leylin would not be an issue at all.

Leylin was well aware of this fact, which was why he did not dare make a move until he made sense of the situation.

“Your Grace, there’s a female Magus claiming to be from Azure Mountain City here. Also…”

Faisal bowed, with none of his high spirits from before. Humility had taken that place. Ever since Leylin had exited his secluded cultivation, he had been maintaining this attitude. He’d even been the first to side with Leylin, and Leylin relied on him heavily.

“Also what?” Leylin found the puzzlement on his face laughable.

“She also said… she’s here to help my Lord construct a Magus Tower…” Azure Mountain City used to be the Ouroboros Clan’s enemy. However, they were now coming over trying to get into Leylin’s good books. Faisal had lived for over six hundred years, but even he seldom met with such a situation, which led to his confusion.

“In that case, I don’t need to see her. Help me choose a good location in the headquarters. My Magus Tower shall be erected there!”

This had previously been decided upon with the Azure Mountain King, and he was merely going through with the agreement. Leylin did not pay much heed to these matters and waved his arms, sending Faisal away.

The reason he had not built the Magus Tower at headquarters originally was because he was afraid of being made use of. However, things were different now. He was the one ordering others to work, and nobody would come and bother him. Leylin naturally wanted the Magus Tower to be located in headquarters now.

“What’s wrong?” Leylin asked Faisal who stood in the same spot, eyes full of mixed emotions.

Though these were just a few simple words, Faisal felt cold sweat running down his spine. Leylin was now no longer a Marquis he had jurisdiction over, but a great elder! He was the highest authority, the commander of the entire Ouroboros Clan, a Morning Star Warlock!

Every one of his titles was like a huge mountain weighing down on Faisal’s heart. When all these identities gathered on a person, this person was someone he definitely needed to look up to.

“It’s like this. Your Grace. My family, the Dose and Olka families, and the others are all willing to contribute to my Lord’s Magus Tower…” Faisal gritted his teeth and spoke in a low voice.

From his perspective, it seemed that Leylin had accepted offerings from outsiders, which was a very dangerous sign. It signified that he had lost all trust in all these traditional, well-known bloodline nobles, which was absolutely unacceptable.

At this thought, he could not help but begin to reproach his own allies. Though saving the elders was extremely important, they could not be so hasty. As expected, it resulted in this terrible result.

Faisal could not help but begin to envy the Blood Serpent Family. As long as Freya was still around, Leylin’s relationship with them was secure. There were even rumours that Leylin would have one child inherit the Blood Serpent’s Marquis position, which immediately resulted in the envy of multiple bloodline families.

The bloodline of a Morning Star Warlock, and especially that of Leylin, who was unbelievably talented! His bloodline was said to be extremely pure and something many bloodline families did not dare hope to have. However, the Blood Serpent Family had gotten this so easily.

It seemed that in the next few hundred years, the Blood Serpent Family would definitely rise sharply. Of course, it would be under the lead of the Farlier Family.

Thinking this, Faisal could not help but sigh inside while simultaneously beginning to wonder if there were female Warlocks like Freya in his own family.

“Good! Go and discuss with Azure Mountain City!”

Since there were people in a hurry to send him money, Leylin obviously accepted it. With the cooperation of so many families, his Magus Tower would be built more quickly, and its quality could even be raised. Why would he have anything against this?

Watching Faisal fall back so fearfully, Leylin couldn’t help but laugh.

“Only trying to mend relationships now?” How could sly old Leylin not know what he was thinking? He never had plans of having anything to do with those families, and this was the situation.

This peaceful life continued for a few months.

In these few months, the Ouroboros Clan’s surroundings were calm. He had the few key regions in the Phosphorescence Swamp in his palm, while the allied forces seemed to have some worries. With both sides showing restraint, the region completely regained its peace, and and the fires of war seemed to have been put out.

However, only Magi who saw things long-term could see the undercurrents under this calm surface.

In the headquarters of Ouroboros Clan— Warlock City, a giant and awe-inspiring Magus Tower was slowly constructed, full of dignity.

Many high-ranked Warlocks and Magi were all crowded around the tower whose structure had just been completed, and began work on the details.

Every lower-ranked Warlock would bow slightly as they passed by, eyes full of reverence as they glanced at the Magus Tower.

This was the Morning Star Magus Tower, where their pride lies, of the Morning Star Warlock, Leylin Farlier!

“Your Grace! The main body of the Magus Tower has been completed, and it has also been connected with the cores of all the other Magus Tower in the headquarters. It has the highest authority!”

Faisal tried to curry favour as he spoke, while Leylin had his hands behind his back, watching his own Magus Tower with interest.

Compared to the Magus Tower he had constructed himself, the resource consumption of this Morning Star grade one was terrifying. It could be said that the price could not be measured in magic crystals. If not for taking advantage of the huge reserves of the Azure Mountain King, as well as the generous offerings from the old bloodline families, this would not be so successful.

“How much more time will we need?”

Leylin watched the Magi that looked like ants floating at the sides of the Magus Tower, numerous runes flashing in their hands and entering the Magus Tower. He could not help but frown.

There was someone he knew among the ones working on the tower. It was the host who he had seen at Azure Mountain’s auction. However, Leylin had no intentions of going forward to meet the said one.

He now had a different status, and it wasn’t as if there was anything to say even if he went there.

Faisal produced a white handkerchief and wiped his cold sweat before he spoke.

“The main body of the Magus Tower is the easiest part to construct. As long as there are enough materials, work will be completed quickly. However, the embedding of the spell formations, and especially the construction of the energy pools as well as the design of the tower genie needs to be done by you personally. Just the preparation for that will take ten years, and that’s the fastest…”

“As I expected!” The blue rays vanished, and Leylin’s eyes returned to black, seeming warm.

“I will be out for a period of time. Handle the matters at headquarters with Freya and Parker. If there are major issues, the majority decides!”

Though secret imprints could be used for communication, they did not extend to a wide area and could easily be intercepted and listened in on, or even used to determine locations. Hence, Leylin typically did not like using them.

“My Lord, you’re leaving?” Faizal’s eyes widened, and he even forgot to wipe off his sweat.

“Yes. There is a bloodline organisation gathering for the upper class. Lord Paul from before invited me!”

There was nothing to hide, and Leylin admitted this easily. He also had thoughts of exploring the central continent. In the past, he had had too little strength, but after attaining Morning Star power, he could go to many places in the central continent.

“It’s very important to be on good relations with other bloodline Warlocks!” Faisal expressed his approval of this and spoke with some regret, “It’s a pity that we can’t be involved in interactions between Morning Stars, and can’t provide you with any useful information!”

Faisal was merely a student, and him knowing which organisations Ouroboros Clan was on good terms with was already a lot. As for which high-ranked organisations the Morning Star Warlocks of the Ouroboros Clan were close to, or who their foes were, and who was only friendly on the surface— all that was a shot in the dark. At this crucial moment, he did not dare give suggestions, and Leylin could only make his own judgments. If not, if anything were to happen, he would not be able to take on the repercussions.

“Don’t worry, I will judge for myself.” Leylin nodded.

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