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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 525: Scarlet Ruins

Chapter 525: Scarlet Ruins

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The marine tribe were not humans. Born of the ocean as they were, their bodies were like a manifestation of the laws of nature.

Those of the marine tribe seen on the continent were similar to humans, and had at most a few scales on their bodies. However, that was only the form they used specifically to communicate with humans. This monster that had appeared in front of Leylin was over a thousand meters tall, and it was the true form of the marine tribe.

After he revealed his true form, the undulations from Siebel’s body surged wildly, inspiring much greater terror than before.

Leylin, however, revealed a grin of excitement. ‘A.I. Chip, begin calculating the trajectory of the homing light rays!’

Endless blue light glowed in Leylin’s eyes, and most of the A.I. Chip’s power was allocated to this task.

[Setting up model of opponent. Calculating trajectory.]

Siebel in his true form growled wildly, and soul force at the Morning Star realm mixed with enormous amounts of seawater, compressing it into just a centimetre wide ball. Flickering with a blue light that transcended any normal brightness, it reached Leylin in the blink of an eye.

“Good timing!” Leylin burst out in laughter. Bloodline power and soul force converged in his palm, the formidable energy undulations finally colliding with the blue ball with a rumble.

The air buzzed and trembled, but there were no intense explosions or spatial cracks that appeared, causing the marine tribe Magus to be confused and his movements to slow.

*Shua!* At this moment, the blue ball of energy was enshrouded by crimson light as it streaked through the horizon like a meteor.

The light arched in the direction it headed, similar to a rainbow that suddenly filled the heavens.

“Oa-Oaker Arc!” A shout of disbelief was let loose from the marine tribe Magus’ lips.

He raised his head and saw a bizarre scene. A giant sun suddenly emerged despite the fact that it was night, fusing with the moon and the brightest star, Venus.

The dazzling yet harmless light formed a thin line that descended to the earth.

*Rumble!* The air was unstable, and it seemed as if another large space was ‘squeezed’ into the place, causing the two spatial forcefields to overlap.

“It’s a success!” Leylin rejoiced covertly.

Using the A.I. Chip’s terrifying calculation abilities, he had mixed the opponent’s strength with his own, causing the time of opening of Scarlet Crescent to be brought forward.

This had not been his original intention, but he had suddenly been inspired after seeing the other party’s Morning Star Magus. It ended up being an advantage for him.

The early arrival of the ruins would likely cause the specific plans of the the person behind all this to be affected.

The more chaotic the situation, the more advantageous it was to Leylin.

“This- this- this is… the ruins of Scarlet Crescent!” The Marine Giant’s eyes grew wide as he mumbled in disbelief.

Though he knew it was possible that the ruins could appear at any of the 13 strongholds, it was too much of a coincidence that it had appeared where he was.

Seeing the image gradually becoming more distinct and forming a spatial passage glimmering with dark silver light, Siebel hesitated. However, he still choose to contact the other Magi and even their leader, the Radiant Moon Magus.

However, when his soul force touched the communicative device, Siebel was suddenly startled.

Their leader, the Radiant Moon Magus, was still in a spatial rift! Messages would definitely not be able to pass into the place. Even his other comrades were busy with the Morning Star Warlocks from the other side. The situation wasn’t going well, but where could he go to find reinforcements?

Seeing the look of hesitation on his opponent’s face, Leylin chuckled and had no intentions of continuing.

Though he was certain he could kill his opponent, he would need to use his Morning Star Arcane Art, and it would consume too much time. This was not the time and place.

Thus, like pulling open a curtain, Leylin’s hands pushed at the spatial crack and he walked in without the slightest hesitation.

After Leylin completely vanished into the spatial crack, Siebel gritted his teeth and spoke a few sentences to the communication imprint. He then followed and allowed the spatial waves to swallow him.

The bodies of Morning Star Magi were able to go through even spatial turbulence. Spatial passageways like these that were similar to teleporting to pocket dimensions generally had no specific teleportation spell formation, and could only be entered through force.

“What? The ruins have already appeared? So quickly?”

The Magi of both sides who were battling at the other strongholds seemed to receive the information at the same time. They, who were stunned by this sudden news, stood opposite each other for a moment without acting, then immediately rushed in the same direction.

At this moment, in the outer regions of the rift in the world.

Boundless stars and vortices were part of the background, filling it with a sense of vastness and might.

Here, it was as if a great war on the same level as that of ancient times was being replayed. A majestic lion that had a body of golden fur and three heads that kept spouting flames, ice and lightning suddenly stopped, seeming to be deep in thought.

In front of it was a Magus with a luxurious pitch-black magic robe, a strange moon-shaped rune on his forehead.

“Hehe… Wayde, you made an error in your calculations. Though you might be able to stall me, someone else is benefitting!”

This Magus was obviously the great rank 5 Magus of Jupiter’s Lightning. Now, however, his expression held a rare expression of exasperation.

This strange creature was not Wayde’s main body, but one of his most powerful clones. It had inherited the innate skills of the ancient clans, and its strength almost reached rank 5. Even he would find it difficult to take this being down, and might even be suppressed here.

“It’s a mistake on the astrologer’s part! It has nothing to do with the original plan!” A middle-aged man’s icy words sounded from the middle head of the three.

“Furthermore, I’m different from you. I’m just a clone…” The three-headed lion raised its claws, looking pleased.

“Could it be that you…” The Radiant Moon Magus’ expression suddenly changed as he tried to break through the seal and return.

“Trying to leave? How could it be that easy? Stay!” The three-headed golden lion roared, its three gigantic mouths opening.

A terrifying suction force similar to that of a black hole shot towards the Radiant Moon Magus. Even the rays of light in his surroundings were not spared as they were all sucked in. Howls and cries of indignance sounded every once in a while.

In the main world, a golden meteor streaked through the horizon.

Within the golden rays was a male Magus with long flaming hair that looked like a golden sunshine. His body and face seemed to be formed entirely of gold, and was full of dignity.

Meanwhile, however, he seemed to be deep in thought.

Outside, in the direction of the ruins of Scarlet Crescent, two groups of Morning Star Magi, and even Philip as well as Hunter Bolix, returned to their factions. After persisting with the confrontation for a while longer, they still charged into the spatial passageway at the same time.

The air suddenly became tranquil, and only the deep depressions in the ground and large puddles of water proved that there had been a battle of Morning Stars here.

Due to the extremely intense spell radiation, the region would be barren and void of life for a long period of time. There could even be formed a range of phenomena that would attract creatures of different planes, becoming another fearful area that would become famous in the central continent.

*Whoosh…* The air rippled as a breeze blew past, revealing the sudden appearance of another human figure.

“What’s going on? I calculated the timing based on the records of the ancestors. How could it have been brought forward?” A simple-clothed old man with a full head of white hair muttered, eyes without focus.

“The opening of the Scarlet Crescent ruins was initially an opportunity for our organisation to rise, but unexpectedly such complex issues are involved in there…”

The old man began to mutter to himself, “First was the discovery of our secret, causing several Warlock organisations and Jupiter’s Lightning to covet it. It even resulted in a war, and the diary that stated the time of appearance of the ruins was wrong. What exactly is going on?”

Because of Leylin, this old man whose origins were unknown was beginning to have doubts in his outlook of the world.

However, his education from a young age and the philosophy he had developed over the years allowed the old man to quickly regain his calm.

“No matter what it is, my ancestor was a member of Scarlet Crescent. My organisation is also one of the branches that has inherited part of the teachings of the ancient Scarlet Crescent organisation. This ruin should be ours!”

The old man’s expression instantly turned vicious, and a halo of resplendent starlight burst forth.

The spatial passageway opposite began to tremble as if it had sensed something. It, too, shot out a large amount of light, fusing with the splendour on the old man’s body and absorbing the whole bundle of starlight, leaving nothing behind.


“What a strange setup!” Leylin currently had his hands behind his back as he strolled along a spatial corridor filled with starlight, his own body shrouded in crimson.

There were multiple spatial rifts that caused turbulence within, but they could not cause even a ripple on his body.

“To completely isolate this region, I can only wait until a specific time. Only then can I enter the passageway through the spatial flow…” Leylin’s eyes were full of praise. “Such an intricate set-up, as well as space-division spells. This is truly frightening.”

The Morning Star realm that he had reached was only the bare minimum of ancient times. There was still a long way ahead, and he would naturally not feel conceited or complacent.

On the contrary, the more he knew, the more Leylin felt that the information he had acquired was much too little. He became increasingly humble.

The power who had set up such a spatial spell formation was an existence he needed to look up to and learn from…

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