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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 542: Setting Off

Chapter 542: Setting Off

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The Radiant Moon Magus nodded his head, and he suddenly felt a lot less uncertain. “That’s right! Even though the rascal has immense, inexplicable strength, the bloodline shackles will be enough to stunt his growth. Kemoyin Warlocks can reach the peak of rank 4 at best, after which he won’t have any room to grow…”

“Keke… you’re right. Who would still care about a rascal that’s confined to the Morning Star rank?”

The mysterious voice suddenly changed to that of a lady, gentle and soft. “Your real enemy is…”

“Shut up!” The Radiant Moon Magus who had originally been sitting down stood up abruptly, looking sinister, “Shut your mouth this instant! Don’t you know that as long as you mention his name, even if it is unintentional, he will be able to detect it? The power of a King isn’t something a person of your lowly status can belittle.”

“Fine… but isn’t it just a Breaking Dawn Magus?” The female voice replied indignantly, and she felt rather uneasy. It was as if everything that she had said carelessly today was inappropriate. This mysterious intuition had been left behind by the host of the body before her.

“I don’t care about who you were before. Now you’re but a damaged soul… ” The Radiant Moon Magus’ voice was cold and assertive.

“But don’t we have the same interests currently? I can help you, and in return you can offer me…” The female’s voice trailed off…

Leylin did not know explicitly that Jupiter’s Lightning’s Radiant Moon Magus had already made special arrangements to deal with him, but anyone with a brain would be able to infer it. As a result, he had to make preparations for his imminent trip.

An enormous satellite hung in the sky, looking about to fall at any moment. It was surrounded by a nebula in the vast universe.

“Please take a look at this contract. You can sign here if there are no problems.”

Leylin rarely used his real identity, but now he was doing so. He was having a conversation with three other Morning Star Warlocks, with an already drafted contract on the table.

Leylin picked up a cup of coffee and talked to the Warlocks opposite, “During the period of time when I’m away, I would appreciate your help in guarding the Ouroboros Clan in my place. Also, I would like you to prioritise helping my wife Freya and the tower genie should they require any help. Any questions?”

In front of him were Paul, Philip, and another stranger.

Since he was looking for protectors, it was naturally better to rely on allies. There was no need to ponder much about Philip. He had the bloodline of the ancient Wind Wolf, and was hot-blooded. And with respect to Paul, after being taken advantage of by Leylin the previous time he now admired him even more. Based on hi’s words, his people respected highly intelligent beings. Leylin immediately thought of the rumours of them being fond of sucking up souls and drinking brain juices, and could not help but shudder. However, since they had already signed the contract, there wouldn’t be any issue.

The last Morning Star Warlock was a good friend Leylin had made recently— Mars. With these three in control, the might of the contract as well as the supervision and urging of the Morning Star area, Leylin was rather assured of the safety of the Ouroboros Clan after he left.

Everyone was familiar with each other, and the conditions that Leylin had offered were very generous. Though the terms of the contract were harsh, the three Morning Star Warlocks signed the contract without hesitation.

“Good luck!” Philip patted Leylin’s shoulders. Out of the three of them, he was probably the one who hoped the most for Leylin’s success.

“Many thanks!” Leylin was comforted as he punched Philip in a friendly manner. Ever since the happenings at Scarlet Crescent, the Wind Wolf Lair had not only lost a Morning Star Warlock, Palesa, their most important fighter Cybel had been beaten down to become a regular Morning Star, and had to withdraw and conceal himself.

A lot of pressure weighed on Philip’s shoulders, and Leylin had lent him a hand. This had gained him Philip’s gratitude, and the Wind Wolf Warlock now treated Leylin like kin.

These were Philip’s words, of course. However, Leylin obviously did not believe that and rolled his eyes in secret.

Of course, the relationship on both ends had gotten increasingly better, and had even surpassed that of Leylin with the Wind Wolf Lair and Spirit Circle. That was the uncontestable truth.


Phosphorescence Swamp, within the Morning Star Magus Tower.

After sending everyone away, Leylin came before the astral gate alone.

“Tower genie! Once I leave, seal the Magus Tower immediately. Do not let anyone enter, and await further instructions!” hr instructed. He had prepared a lot of things for this expedition.

This was different from the previous experiments where he just projected spiritual seeds. He was on a rescue mission, and needed to move with his real body. This was extremely dangerous, and he could be completely lost in another world. Hence, the astral gate had to be kept completely safe!

Nobody would trust someone else with a job like this. He could only leave this to the tower genie which had no human emotions.

In actuality, Leylin had prepared another safeguard. Even if this tower genie were rendered ineffective, he wouldn’t end up stuck in another world. However, this was one of his deepest secrets, something only he could know.

*Rumble!* With Leylin’s order, the Magus Tower shut down, runic chains and defensive layers sealing off each and every pathway. Large numbers of puppets and void assassins with red light in their eyes began to patrol the area rigorously.

“Leylin, you must succeed and come back safely!” Outside the Magus Tower, Freya’s hands clutched tightly at her white dress as she prayed in her heart.

Beside her stood Parker, Snoopy and a few other high-ranked Warlocks, all watching the Magus Tower that was being completely shut down. Their expressions were complex.

Leylin obviously did not bother with this. His focus was entirely on the astral gate in front of him.

Leylin had already calculated the coordinates of the world that Gilbert and the other Dukes were lost in long ago. However, this was only for his own consideration, thus he had not announced it and even interfered with Schadt’s work in secret. This went on for five years.

Now, it was necessary that he rescue the two Dukes right away.

Apart from Emma, Gilbert was his mentor and had taught him a great many things. The feelings and relationship between them was enough for Leylin to take this risk.

Besides, that was another world!

“Even if it’s a trap, they handed over the coordinates of another world!” Leylin was emotional. Even the lowest-grade world was definitely more powerful than a plane! The resources there were plentiful, enough to make Morning Stars and even Radiant Moons go green in envy.

“You didn’t mind revealing the coordinates of a world just to trap Mentor and the rest. I wonder what your expression will be like if I completely take control of that world?” A slight smile appeared across Leylin’s lips. It was as if he could already see the flustered, exasperated look of the Radiant Moon Magus of Jupiter’s Lightning.

A ball of light that looked like a star floated out from Leylin’s hands and disappeared into the astral gate.

*Rumble!* Through the connection of the astral gate, Leylin’s soul force seemed to come into contact with an extremely complicated and tremendous world.

The aura of sulphur and flames could be seen spilling over in copious amounts at the edges of the world.

The astral stone reserves that acted as the energy core rapidly decreased, almost falling to a level that would issue a warning.

Through some sensing, Leylin could confirm that this world was very far from the Magus World. Just the consumption from opening the astral gate once would leave one tongue-tied and wide-eyed.

“An aura full of flames and sulphur?” Leylin was startled at first, but immediately eased up. “It’s no wonder that Mentor and the others mistook this place for Purgatory World. If not for the memories from ancient times, I’d be misled too…”

“Tower genie, maintain the energy reserves required for the astral gate. Be prepared to retrieve us immediately!” Leylin’s voice was low.

“Understood!” The tower genie that was like a green elf immediately nodded.

“Prepare for the crossing of the main body,” Leylin took in a deep breath. Though he had experienced teleportation to the Morning Star area, the idea of travelling such a long distance still had him slightly worried.

[Beep! Beginning collection of data. Establishing folder in database.] The A.I. Chip immediately intoned. This was very rare, but expected. Even if it was an A.I. Chip, it lacked first-hand research materials, and they could be supplemented at this moment.

“However, using myself as a guinea pig is really rather…” Leylin rolled his eyes. The lights on the astral gate got increasingly brighter until he was eventually swallowed into it.

*Rumble!* The bright tail of a blue beam appeared from the spire of the Magus Tower like an aurora, streaking through the dark skies like a magnificent meteor.

“It’s beginning!” Freya’s felt her heartstrings tighten.

“It’s beginning! Activate interference procedures. Things must be the same as before. Break off all of his communications and make him lose his way as well!”

In a jet black world crack, Collins, who Leylin had seen several times before, was talking to a group of technical staff who were fiddling with some instruments. There was a large amount of data showing up on the screen.

“Energy interference mode activated!”

“Warping forcefield structure completed. Interference can be engaged at any time.”

“Energy particles taking form. Beginning tracking of trajectory and intercepting opponent…” Multiple high-ranked Magi acted like the most cautious scientists as they quickly operated the instruments in their hands, reporting various data.

“Good. Begin immediately!” Collins swept his hand down viciously. It was as if he could already imagine Leylin’s features contorted by terror, and the pleasure of vengeance immediately flooded his heart. He could not help but burst into laughter.

“We’re here!” Even though he was still in the midst of teleportation via the astral gate, Leylin was still clear-headed. The A.I. Chip was now sending him warnings.

[Detected unknown forcefield reaction. Determined to be interference particle ripples!]

“I’ve been waiting for you!” An intelligent glint flashed in Leylin’s eyes.

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