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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 544: Assistance

Chapter 544: Assistance

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Over five years of progress and the addition of a large amount of information on the soul from Leylin’s end that he’d acquired through trade and missions, the A.I. Chip’s analysis on the soul had reached a whole new level.

Though it still could not completely enumerate soul force, it was not far from this goal, and could perform many unbelievable deductions and integrations.

Things like altering the soul undulations being emitted by him were only one part of it.

‘Mm! The concentration of fire elemental particles is the highest here. If I modify the spell models of the Magus World, I might achieve an even more astounding bonus to my power!’ Leylin touched his chin and watched the elemental map, his eyes glowing.

Meanwhile, his aura had already begun to change. A dim layer of light flickered into existence and quickly covered his body. The entire space seemed to distort for a while, but at the same time, it seemed as if nothing had happened.

Leylin suddenly sighed deeply, and his body seemed to incorporate itself seamlessly into the surroundings.

“I’ve finally rid myself of that feeling of being spied on! World Will…” he sighed, tone showing his relief. “Luckily, the protector of this world is similar to the consciousness of Gaia, and not some living being. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to dupe them so easily…”

After travelling to another world, there was an issue of how to deal with the ill intent from the world.

The undulations of Morning Star Magi were as obvious as a lit torch in the darkness. It would definitely attract the attention of the world, and things would be even more troublesome in a world that was not their own.

If he completely infuriated the World Will, it was like inviting a god of death to his side. It would bring about unceasing bad luck.

Even Morning Star Magi would be played to death, forget anyone else.

Leylin’s aura changed, and he was now just like the occupants of this world, not standing out in the least.

“This way, I have completely descended into this world. I wonder where Mentor Gilbert and the others are…” Leylin furrowed his eyebrows, and a tremendous and terrifying soul force was sent out to scan the surrounding areas.

Though soul force had no form and was intangible, the instant a Morning Star power exploded, the entire space would seem to halt, and even the lava would stop roaring.

The world was a fiery red! With the spread of his soul force, he could see much more of the lava river network. This place seemed like it was near a crater, with practically no signs of life.

The reason why he said there was practically none, was because Leylin had found a plant.

This was a plant similar to a Black Metal tree. The roots were fixed firmly in the ground, almost entering the lava, and the whole trunk had a black luster. Even the high temperature of the lava did not cause this tree to wither at all.

“At least there’s some signs of life, or else I’d have assumed only elemental beings could survive in this world…” Leylin nodded, but his expression suddenly changed as he glanced in a direction.

There, he had keenly felt the undulations of some being, and it was a large one at that!

“The aboriginals?” Leylin chuckled. His body merged into the air, and began to move in the direction that the energy had come from.

Not long after, he reached his destination and watched a large battle.

At one side of the battlefield was a group of beings, each two to three metres tall and looking similar to humans. Even when boiling hot lava made contact with their glistening black skin, it did not result in a large reaction, which meant their resistance to heat was very high. They also had a single little horn on their heads.

There were about ten or so one-horned beings, holding black lances and other weapons as they surrounded and attacked a giant monster.

This monster was completely red. There was a thick layer of rocks on its body that looked like a shell, lines of lava flowing down like little streams.

It was ten or so metres tall, looking like a large worm with its lower body submerged in lava. It seemed to be a being that lived only within the lava.

*Pak!* With a ferocious sweep, several of the one-horned beings were flung away, and the creature spat out a golden liquid from its mouth. The liquid was of an unbelievably high temperature, and the moment the liquid landed on the ground, it began to burn fiercely. Even the one-horned beings were in trouble, and those that had the golden liquid splashed on them immediately showed signs of burns appearing on their bodies.

“Kkngsg_fkamg…” The few leaders of the one-horned race immediately began to yell using a very strange method. They did not seem to employ vocal chords, instead making sounds directly from the lower abdomen. It was similar to the ventriloquists from his previous world.

“As expected, I can’t understand it at all…” Leylin was speechless, but luckily, issues like this were not a huge problem. Secretly following them for a period of time and having the A.I. Chip analyse their language would work, but Leylin had an even better method.

*Whoosh!* A thread of dim soul force quickly disappeared into the head of a one-horned being who was heavily injured.

“Ugh…” That one-horned being began to struggle vigorously, and yet could only whimper uselessly. His fellow clansmen thought he was crying out in pain, and hence this did not arouse their interest.

Meanwhile, images flashed in front of Leylin’s eyes like in a movie.

Soon enough, this being’s entire life was presented before Leylin, from his birth, including his growth, to his death. Everything was clearly recorded by the A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Identified unnamed language. Saving in database!] [Beep! Generated map of vicinity, as well as basic information on Lava World and the races…]

From the great amount of memories, the A.I. Chip had found much useful information and began to organise them systematically, sorting them into the corresponding fields of knowledge.

“Good! Set the name of this unnamed language as ‘Lava Language’ and transmit it to my memories!” Leylin immediately used this function.

In less than a second, Leylin had learnt the language of this world. Though they had different bodies, that was a problem easily solved by magic and some illusions.

Only at this point did the meaning of the yells of those one-horned beings emerge in Leylin’s mind accurately.

“Wook’ma, leave!” A being with a body larger than the rest of the one-horned clansman stood in front of the lava worm, pushing a one-horned being with a smaller stature away.

*Chik chik…* The giant lava worm roared, opening its mouth and swallowing this one-horned being.

The one-horned being called Wook’ma was stunned as she sat on the ground, eyes losing their focus.

“Damn it, Wook’la’s finished. The ceremony is a failure. How were we so unlucky as to encounter a lava worm?”

The other one-horned beings’ faces were filled with remorse, and one of them began to curse, “It must have something to do with Klin clan. When the time comes, I’ll definitely kill them…”

Hearing this, bitter laughs sounded from the other one-horned beings. In this situation, being able to survive was already a luxury. What was the point of saying things like that?

The terrifying spit of the lava worm had already reached Wook’ma, and it was much too late for rescue attempts. A few of these clansmen closed their eyes, unable to watch.

Wook’ma had only just grown to adulthood, and was usually a passionate, bright child. To think she would die here… A few other young clansmen were already roaring while they pounced forward.

*Roar!* The expected pain did not come, and Wook’ma opened her eyes curiously, finding a strange being in front of her.

This being looked very strange. He had no horns, no black skin, and physically looked small. He looked about the size of a three or four year old in the clan.

However, it was this small figure that had easily blocked the attack of the lava worm, and from the opponent’s howls, there was a trace of… fear?

Yes, Wook’ma was sure of it. The powerful lava worm was actually afraid of this little thing.

“Are you alright?” The weird being in front of her spoke, using the language of her tribe. Wook’ma naturally understood.

“I- I’m fine! Are you of the ant tribe? Though you don’t have their feelers, your skin colour and physique match!” Wook’ma seemed to have forgotten the danger in front of her and began to strike up a conversation with Leylin.

Leylin was speechless at the actions of this tribe, and instead exerted strength in his arms.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* A giant red hand that was ten or so metres long fished the lava worm up easily. Its five fingers exerted a force one by one, causing the lava worm to roar in pain.

Layer after layer of rock fragments peeled off and fell from its body, and by the time the magma armour had disappeared, its physique had obviously become much smaller. Even its aura had strangely weakened.

“Hm? Interesting.” Leylin watched the magma shell dropping off. The golden liquid from before was transported through a series of complicated pathways through which its effects were amplified, turning from ordinary lava to the powerful golden lava.

“An amplification spell formation? But I don’t see any resemblance to one…” Leylin’s eyes shone with interest, the large hand exerting more force. More layers fell from the lava worm’s body.

Yet another layer of magma fell, and the lava worm was now only two or three metres long. Its aura suddenly weakened till it could not match up to the most ordinary one-horned clansmen.

‘A.I. Chip, remember these patterns!’ Leylin secretly commanded. There were many paths and research methods in these other worlds, and also ample experimental materials. All of these were things that Magi would go berserk over, and also one of the main reasons they were willing to risk death to explore other worlds.

*Boom!* The last of the magma slid off, and the lava worm that had seemed enormous had turned into a fat, meaty worm that was just over a metre long.

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