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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 556: Orders Given

Chapter 556: Orders Given

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“What mission is it?” Leylin took the document that was labelled ‘top secret’ on the cover, and unconsciously furrowed his brows.

“The union has ordered that our Special Task Force is to attack the Triserpent Sect and Mobius Organisation within the territory of the state. I am the person in charge of the eastern region!”

Schiker’s voice was that of a hardened war veteran.

“Your squadron is in charge of a few strongholds of the Triserpent Sect that have been discovered recently. I will personally take care of the Mobius Organisation’s side!”

It was obvious that their trap had thoroughly enraged Schiker. Now, he wanted to exact revenge properly!

“The Triserpent Sect?” A look of interest appeared on Leylin’s face, though he was sighing inside.

His intention in coming to the Atlan Union was to obtain some information regarding the Triserpent Sect, but so many things had happened, especially with the appearance of the firasource stone. That one resource had dispelled all other thoughts.

However, just when he was hoping to continue concealing himself, this matter had suddenly cropped up, and it just so happened that he was involved. This left him not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“The order this time was personally signed by the head of the state. The garrisons from all regions will coordinate with our operation. In other words, once we succeed, we will appear in front of the head immediately. Chances like these are hard to come by!”

Schiker seemed to be reminding him.

“Understood.” Leylin saluted, his back ramrod straight, though he began making some guesses. It seemed that Schiker had an unusual relationship with the union head, to the point that he could obtain the position of the person in charge of such a vital operation. He must have a very powerful backing, no wonder that Loke wanted to get close to him no matter what.

“Good, you may leave. Get Loke to come in!” Schiker nodded in satisfaction.

“Yes!” Leylin saluted and left. Every movement was like a textbook example and seasoned as a soldier. Schiker nodded inside after seeing this.

“Captain Loke, the instructor is calling you!”

After walking out, Leylin found that Loke was already waiting aside. Compared to before, there was more calm and steadfastness on his expression, and he had ‘unwittingly’ broken through the sixth level and reached the seventh level of Fireplume. He could now be considered an Earth rank.

Of course, this was all a facade. Leylin believed he was at least at the Sky rank, but he had somehow snuck in for some unknown reason and gained Schiker’s trust.

In the operation this time, Leylin was in charge of dealing with the Triserpent Sect, while Loke was to follow Schiker and was in charge of the matters of the Mobius Organisation. Just this point made it clear to Leylin that Schiker trusted Loke more.

In the Special Task Force, there had long since been rumours spreading that Ley and Loke were Schiker’s left and right-hand men, and Schiker himself did not deny this directly.

‘It’s a pity… When you find out the two subordinates you’d thought were your helpers were actually enemies sneaking in as spies, I wonder what expression you’d have? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be amusing!’ Leylin touched his chin, a smile on his face as he ruminated.

“Leader Ley, is there anything else?” Loke observed Leylin who was acting in this manner. For some reason, he felt a chill in his heart, and seemed to have a bad premonition.

“Oh, nothing much. I was just thinking about the scene from our previous mission. Quick, get in!” Leylin patted Loke on the shoulder, and calmly sauntered away.

Loke kept drawing back and stared at Leylin’s back. Though he seemed to be sending Leylin off respectfully, there was a strange glint that flashed in his eyes.

“Soon… things will be different…”

A flicker of jealousy and hatred appeared in Loke’s eyes. Though both Leylin and he were captains, one was a Sky rank while the other was only at the Earth rank. That naturally gave rise to criticism.

Though Loke was considerably powerful and was on good terms with Schiker, he seemed to be a level below Leylin in many aspects.

He might not seem bothered on the surface, but that was because he was trying to be conceal himself. He wasn’t preparing for a life in the Union anyway, but he still somehow felt strange.

Of course, this was hidden well, and even the person closest to him had not realised it.

“Loke, what are you waiting for?” Schiker’s dissatisfied voice travelled from within the room. Loke was startled and immediately returned his expression to the original honesty with a trace of shrewdness and admiration, nodding and bowing as he entered the office. “Reporting in!”


Back in his residence, Leylin was carefully browsing over some information in the documents. Only after some time did he put it down and sigh.

The information within was so detailed that it was excessive. They even knew the strength of the leaders there, and it seemed that the Atlan Union definitely had hidden some spies and the like inside.

“The Triserpent Sect will probably suffer heavy losses this time…”

Leylin stroked his chin. He still could not confirm if the Triserpent Sect was an organisation formed by the three Giant Kemoyin Serpent Dukes, and he was not prepared to make a move.

They were a few branches and strongholds anyway. Nothing would be missed even if everyone died, and with this, he could even gain a higher standing and more trust from the Union. That would make it convenient to pry into the secrets of the firasource stone!

With this thought, the light in Leylin’s eyes gradually dimmed, a bone-chilling iciness within.

“B…Boss… Wha- What’s going on…”

Mies chose this moment to push the door open and met Leylin’s gaze. Instantly, he collapsed, cold sweat pouring, and was left stuttering.

“It’s nothing. Our official mission has been handed down. Take a look!”

Leylin chuckled, and it was as if all that ice had melted with the smile. Warm sunlight shone down, and Mies was no longer limp on the ground, and could struggle to take a hold the document.

However, while looking through it, his hands were still trembling slightly. Mies swore that he’d never have imagined that when Boss Ley’s expression was grim, it would be so frightening!

That bone-piercing chilliness was something he had never experienced before. Swearing in the name of the honour of the Emberwings, he never wanted to meet that sort of gaze ever again. Heavens! He now felt that even the sweltering heat outside was more comfortable than staying in this room.

“How is it? Have you finished looking through it? Tell me your thoughts!” Seeing Mies in this state, Leylin smiled gently and crossed his arms, body half leaning on the chair as he appeared to be at ease.

“This… Since it’s an order from the headquarters and the head of state, we can only obey. However, the members of our squadron don’t have enough strength, and I’m afraid we will need to mobilise and coordinate with the garrison!”

Mies was no fool to have been able to survive up to this point. With some slight reflection, things immediately became clear to him, and he even had a contingency plan in mind already.

But… Mies stealthily peeked at Leylin, who was expressionless, and decided that before he could understand the man’s thoughts it was best not to speak his mind.

That bit of bloodthirst earlier had frightened him.

“Mm, very good! I’ll leave contacting the local garrison to you. Don’t disappoint me!”

Unexpectedly, Leylin did not ask about his plans and instead gave him a task.

Though Leylin did not explicitly state the consequences of not completing the task, Mies could somewhat guess that it was something he absolutely did not want to bear.

“Understood, Captain!” As a long-term habit, while Leylin was issuing the command, Mies subconsciously stuck out his chest and saluted, expression full of respect.

Ever since he had entered Leylin’s unit, he was completely convinced by Leylin and understood how he worked. It was consistently simple and crude, and he did not allow for retorts. Mies was naturally tactful.

“Mm, send down the order that I want our unit to assemble!” Leylin waved his arms, and Mies immediately escaped as if he was faced with a huge enemy.

Though Leylin was usually very easy-going, to the point that Mies could get benefits like stealing some cool air here, the Leylin in missions was very resolute about killing. He was not going to make things bad for himself now.

After sending down the order, their unit assembled quickly.

On a field, Leylin wore military attire and walked past the orderly line, looking satisfied.

The Lava World was a world with Exemplaries. Their individual abilities far surpassed their collective strength, which was why this group was very small, with only ten or so members. However, every single one of them was at or above the fifth level of Fuming Wings, meaning they were at the peak of the Exemplary rank. He had three Earth ranks, and all had been forced to submission by him in missions. This was unthinkable in the eyes of many people.

After all, Earth ranks were considered top-rated strengths even in the Atlan Union. They could take on important roles in the corps, so how could they be the subordinates of a little captain?

However, Leylin had done it, and many were in awe.

In reality, Leylin’s methods were simple. He had achieved victory with strength, and forcefully suppressed them.

Even so, he had not intentionally taken in these three. They were an unexpected harvest.

For him, Earth Ranks were comparable to rank 1 or 2 Magi or Warlocks in the Magus World. He could kill a large number of those who possessed this level of strength with just a breath, and he did not even need to spend much energy on it.

Even Sky ranks, who were comparable to rank 3 Magi, were nothing much.

The ones able to affect Leylin were Star ranks, who were of a similar strength! The attention of a Morning Star would forever be focused on enemies of the same level!

“Based on the intel, the commanders of the few Atlan military districts are all Star ranks! Rumours have it that the head of the union far exceeds the Star rank, and could be at rank 5, the Radiant Moon Realm…”

Learn touched his chin, a look of anticipation flashing in his eyes…

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