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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 557: Lava Base

Chapter 557: Lava Base

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“I really want to try my hand at fighting an enemy of this level of strength…” A fierce desire for battle burned in Leylin’s eyes, but was quickly withdrawn.

Though he was looking forward to the Radiant Moon Realm, he was no fool. Power at rank 5 was still far from him as he was now. Before he himself became a rank 5 Warlock, he was not going to fight with any Radiant Moon Magus, no matter who they were.

Leylin currently had his arms behind his back and after inspecting these members, he shouted, “Everyone, the head has issued our newest mission, which is an order for elimination! With us the Special Task Force taking the lead, the garrison troops will coordinate with us to uproot the Triserpent Sect strongholds that are throughout the Atlan Union!”

“Long live Atlan!” Many members yelled together, an agitated flush on their cheeks.

Compared to those troops formed with regular people, they were mostly people who were enlisted in a hurry and had not experienced much hardships so it was expected if they had unrealistic delusions. Furthermore, this time, it was clear that union was serious, and since the head had issued the command himself, it meant multiple opportunities to perform meritorious deeds.

And those meritorious deeds would net them higher level techniques, large amounts of information, and even the status and glory of nobility quite easily. How would they not be riled up?

“Good!” Leylin obviously knew what these people were thinking; On the contrary, he was no saint. Hence, he did not destroy their hopes right now.

“There are a total of fifteen strongholds in the eastern region that belong to the Triserpent Sect. I will now hand down the assignments…”

In actuality, Leylin had not even told them how to choose their targets. In his perspective, only he and the three Earth ranks were mildly useful in his group.

The others would probably only be useful running errands outside, or providing moral support.

It didn’t matter, since they were only destroying the branches of the Tri-serpent Sect, and the most powerful people there would probably be only at the Sky rank.


Within a large desert, boiling-hot temperatures caused slight distortions in the sky. Heat waves surged, causing the scenery in the distance to seem blurred.

“One of the branches of the Triserpent Sect is here! General Gilfah, your mission is to seal off this region and not let any suspicious characters escape. Any questions?”

In a simply constructed tent, Leylin pointed at a large map on the table and spoke to a white-haired Emberwing.

This Emberwing was obviously not young, and even his mottled red feathers were falling down. However, the tenacity was as strong as ever. What had Leylin raising his eyebrows in surprise was that this old man was a Sky rank.

“No problem!” Gilfah nodded matter-of-factly. “I will order the army to surround the area. Even a bug will not be able to escape!”

This high-ranking officer by the name of Gilfah was in charge of this region. He had been contacted by Mies.

While he had control over the troops by order of the head, Leylin had gotten this general’s support after displaying his strength.

“I hope you can destroy this nest in one go. A lot of disappearances in my jurisdiction are related to it,” The general brought up.

“I understand. Let’s go!” Leylin nodded and left the camp, suddenly waving his arms.

*Rumble!* His body turning into a tornado, he charged into the depths of the desert with a few similarly powerful pillars of light.

“This stronghold of the Triserpent Sect is really covert. If not for the vast network of spies controlled by the union, it would have been unlikely that I’d find this place…” Light flickered in Leylin’s eyes.

The Atlan Union was much too vast. Even if he had his bloodline and soul fire crystal and searched from city to city or even ran through the outskirts, it would still take several decades to cover the country. Even then, he could end up not even finding a trace of the Triserpent Sect.

They had long since been chased by the union, and their actions had always been secretive. Leylin had no confidence that he would coincidentally bump into them.

With the map, however, all the branches of the Triserpent Sect were bared before Leylin. There was no difficulty in finding them now.

“But… Did the three dukes really create the Triserpent Sect?” A giant, fire-red lake had appeared before Leylin’s eyes. At the heart of it, flames were vaguely seen. Based on the intel, the branch of the Triserpent Sect was under the lava lake.

Soul force surged through the lava and the desert to scan below, and it resulted in a marvellous expression on Leylin’s face.

“This…” With his soul force, Leylin could clearly see the many experiments in the laboratories of the Triserpent Sect branch, as well as the modified Emberwings.

“Bloodline modification experiments?” As a Warlock himself, he was no stranger to this, and could even be said to be a subject matter expert.

With just a look, he could find many traces of what the Magus World, even the Ouroboros Clan, were used to operative procedures.

“Could it be… that the Triserpent Sect really is an organisation set up by the three dukes?” Leylin’s eyes flashed, a crimson crystal already appearing his hands, two threads of pale soul flames twining around each other.

“No reaction… The two dukes aren’t here.” Leylin shook his head.

Though the range of bloodline and soul sensing was already quite vast, it was still too small in comparison to the whole Atlan Union, let alone the entire Lava World.

“Attack!” Thoughts whirling in his mind, Leylin unhesitatingly gave the order. A gigantic phantom phoenix made of fire appeared behind him. Bathed in pure golden flames, it was as if the real ancient phoenix had been reborn!

This was the pinnacle of the eighth level of Fireplume. Seeing this display, nobody would believe it even if Leylin himself admitted to not being an Emberwing.

The point mass of a Morning Star was incomparably tiny, and massive strength could be held within this tiny point. It would not cause any clashes with other energies.

Leylin had the A.I. Chip to analyse and perform simulations for him. In reality, he had secretly already practised up to the peak of the ninth level of Fireplume. In other words, the limit of rank 3!

However, as he lacked the training technique for the tenth level, he had been unable to progress further. Even if the A.I. Chip could simulate it, too much time would be spent on it and Leylin had thus lost his patience.

Hence, he had focused on Schiker. He was sure that with Schiker’s status, it was very possible for him to have access to the tenth level of Fireplume!

To Leylin’s knowledge, there were ten levels to Fireplume. The first three were for regular people, but the fourth and fifth, it would begin to touch on exemplary strength. The sixth and seventh were comparable to rank 1 and 2 Magi, while the eighth and ninth meant being able to battle rank 3 Magi! As long as he entered the tenth level, he would be a Star rank, which was comparable to a Morning Star Magus in the Magus World!

Leylin did not have much interest in the first nine levels of the technique, and was only invested in the tenth level.

After advancing to Morning Star, it meant that he had already chosen a path for himself. While Leylin had no plans of giving it up, other paths to power still had a lot of useful experience to give him.

Fireplume was one of the most advanced techniques among those of foreign origin. It could combine both physical and spiritual aspects, and this train of thought was a breath of fresh air for him.

If he could obtain the tenth level of Fireplume and gain clarity on the Emberwings’ path and system, it would definitely be of much use to him.

“Come out!” Leylin shouted, and an ear-piercing explosion sounded behind him, like a high-spirited phoenix cry filled with heat and excitement.

Amidst the cry, Leylin abruptly made his move. The flames that filled the sky were as splendid as the wings of a phoenix as they swept through the ground and shaved a layer of soil off the earth.

The ground kept trembling, and rocks and dirt were scattered everywhere. As if a geyser of water, the lava from the lake shot upwards as its surface emptied out, revealing a giant secret base underneath.

Many members of the Triserpent Sect raised their heads. Upon seeing the dazzling phantom phoenix, they yelled in alarm, “It’s Atlan’s Special Task Force! Those black leather dogs have caught up to us.”

The members of the Special Task Force were usually ruthless in their methods, possessed extraordinary power and dressed in black leather uniforms. That had netted them this title.

“Aren’t you wearing black robes too? What about it?” Leylin, who was in mid-air, grew speechless as he observed the followers who wore black, wide robes with an image of three black snakes intertwining on the surface.

While he was quibbling, a few streaks of powerful undulations rose, and two black-clothed people who were obviously the leaders blocked his way, dressed in luxurious robes. The sounds of members of the Triserpent Sect howling could be heard from within the stronghold.

“Take care of that trash as soon as possible!” Leylin’s brows furrowed. He could not sense any special aura from these two black-clothed people.

If they were higher-ups within the Tri-serpent Sect and had made contact with Morning Star, there should be some radiation residue or the like on their bodies, but there were no traces at all on these two leaders. This led to Leylin’s disappointment.

“Understood, leader!” A few streaks of red flames shot out, and Leylin’s Earth ranks immediately began their massacre, doing as they liked amongst the ordinary followers.

Crimson flames flashed, turning the region into a sea of fire.

Facing this attack that was at the Earth rank, these ordinary disciples were mowed down like grass. Under the prowess of the Exemplaries that he led, no matter how much battle intent the ordinary followers had, it all proved futile. That was the main reason why Leylin had brought a small team of only ten or so people, and dared to forcefully attack the enemy’s large-scaled base!

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