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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 558: Developments

Chapter 558: Developments

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“You’re Ley, the genius of the Special Task Force in the eastern region? One of the dogs that Schiker’s raising?” The black-clothed person opposite him spoke with a hint of scorn.

“You’re looking for death!” Leylin’s eyes opened suddenly, as if two balls of flames were being launched from them.

*Shua!* His entire body seemed to transform into a thread of flames, boring through his opponent’s forehead and coming out through the back before turning back into a humanoid figure.

*Crackle!* The black-clothed person who had not been the least bit modest with his words had a dazed look on his face. Seconds later, he turned into a torch of fire and began to incinerate fiercely.

“Whorf! Whorf!” The other person in black was clearly stunned, before beginning to shout. The voice was lovely, and evidently belonged to a woman.

“You dare… You dare kill him…” The woman raised her head, eyes full of hatred as she glared at Leylin, itching to hack him to pieces.

Leylin merely hummed coldly as if he did not care. If looks could kill, what was power for anyway?

These two heads were Sky ranks, but they had obviously used some secret potion or taboo techniques to forcefully break through. Their auras were rather unstable, and were at most comparable to the peak of the Earth rank. Perhaps any expert at the eighth level of Fireplume could dispose of them easily.

Of course, this was understandable. If the three dukes had created the Triserpent Sect, they could not have gathered many techniques given the difference in the flow of time between Lava World and the Magus World. Support for advancement and methods that would result in instant benefits were necessary things.

The woman did not rush over to fight with all her might. Instead, she ordered something into her communicative device in her hand, “Activate the Berserk Legion!”

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* A steel door in the base opened, and many Emberwings with dazed expressions walked out.

Their crimson eyes radiated a feeling of indifference. Their bodies were filled with strange runes, and parts of their bodies had obviously been strengthened and altered. Many of the Special Task Force members had difficulty even telling that they were Emberwings.

After being let out, the lost look in their eyes was replaced by viciousness as they let loose howls that were similar to those of beasts.

*Boom!* A researcher nearby was immediately beaten to the point that blood splattered everywhere.

A crimson rain fell on this berserk legion, causing them to appear even more malicious and terrifying.

The legion that had already gone insane began to destroy things without distinction. Whether it was the Special Task Force members or their own people, all were attacked. Due to the differences in numbers, the berserk legion landed the most critical attack on the followers of the Triserpent Sect. Leylin, who saw this scene, could not help but shake his head. This woman was obviously treating these modified people who were as of yet unable to control their bloodlines as her trump cards and weapon for revenge.

“Ahaha… Whorf’s dead. I want all of you to die with him.” The woman shouted maniacally, her voice so sharp that it could pierce through eardrums.

“This woman’s gone crazy! Or she wasn’t mentally sound in the first place… ” Leylin shook his head.

Watching her with pity, Leylin did not hold back. An enormous fire phoenix soared across the sky, its giant wings sweeping across the woman. It sent her retreating, coughing up blood.

“Boss, what do we do?” Watching the berserk legion, especially whose members consisted of Emberwings, Mies was caught in a dilemma.

Not only were those of the berserk legion insane, their battle might was astounding. On top of that, they were his fellow clansmen, so Mies found it difficult to attack.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll take care of it. Their blood might be infectious, so be careful not to make contact with them!”

Leylin’s voice travelled over faintly, but Mies suddenly had a bad premonition. “Boss! You’re not going to…”

But it was too late. Mies raised his head and saw Leylin turning into a streak of golden light, as if fusing with the phantom phoenix on his back.

The phoenix’s cries were even louder than before, practically piercing through the clouds. Golden flames were emitted from its body.

In that moment, the phantom image of the phoenix had turned into a giant, blazing bird!

“The apex of Fireplume— Undead Aves!” Mies’ eyes grew wide as he muttered to himself.

He had only heard of this killing technique in legends. Based on the rumours, only those who had trained in Fireplume up to the Sky rank and above, and only ones with incomparably pure bloodlines could exhibit this ultimate technique, restricted to the Emberwing Royal Family!

‘Could it be that Ley is a member of the esteemed Emberwing Royal Family?’ Mies watched the Flaming Undead Aves soaring in the skies, suddenly feeling as if his brain had short-circuited.

*Rumble!* With a shake of the flaming bird’s feathers, large amounts of fiery-red light shone down on the region. A spark fell onto the shoulder of one of the members of the berserk legion, and he immediately began to burn up fiercely, turning into a torch.

With elated cries, the gigantic Undead Aves dived towards the ground!

“Crap, get away! Drop down!” The other Special Task Force members’ voices, distorted due to their nervousness, travelled into Mies’ ears, but he could not manage to process it.

He wore a stupefied expression as he stared ahead.

The terrifying giant flaming bird was like a falling meteor descending upon the ground, bringing with it horrifying tremendous waves of flames. All Mies could do was hug his head and crouch down.

In the face of this strength that was like a natural disaster, he felt as tiny as an ant.

The flaming bird descended into the heart of the berserk legion, and the flames swallowed them in an instant.

Moments later, the flames gradually went out and revealed a tall figure.

“Boss… Is actually this strong?” Mies mumbled, hot blood rushing to his brain as he darted forward, glancing through the remains on the ground, eyes filled with tears, “Captain! They… They were also…”

“There are only enemies on the battlefield!” Leylin’s voice was icy cold, and the heat in Mies’ body went cold.

“I’m very disappointed in you!” Leylin had his arms behind his back as he left this hell slowly, leaving Mies in a daze.

“He’s right, child!” At some point, the general from before was at Mies’ side.

“If we don’t do this, if the legion or any of these contaminated bodies escape, there could be a terrifying plague in the surrounding cities…”

“Furthermore, with Ley’s efforts, we’ve successfully destroyed this stronghold. No fire-feathered clansmen will have to be ruined by it anymore…”

The general patted Mies’ shoulders, “Cheer up, little guy!”


“There seems to be some change in this little thing. I hope I haven’t ruined his outlook on the world…”

Watching his bloodshot eyes as he darted to the frontlines, a smile of rumination shot up on his lips.

The desert branch of the Triserpent Sect had been destroyed, but there were still many other branches and organisations remaining in the eastern region of the union.

They were now within a giant Emberwing city.

The members of the Triserpent Sect had actually set up a secret base within a city, something that only managed to increase Leylin’s respect for them.

To be able to come up and make use of this meant they were absolute geniuses. It was a pity that in a time when physical strength was of utmost importance, intelligence automatically decreased in value to the point that it was negligible.

The army surrounded the area, while the Special Task Force rushed in. Leylin had long since gotten used to arranging things like these.

After that matter the other day, Mies had seemed depressed for a few days, but seemed to become mature immediately after. In the next few battles, he was in an unusual state where he would charge to the frontlines, and was ruthless in his attacks.

It was as if he believed that the more he killed, the lesser the number of his clansmen that would be oppressed by the enemy, or something to that effect. It was a certain level of maturity, although still naive.

“It’s good to be young…” Leylin observed the hot-blooded Mies, and could not help but get emotional.

His real age had long since surpassed 200, and he was even older than his grandfather’s grandfather in his previous world. Watching Mies now was like looking at a child.

“Captain, the stronghold has been purged. No enemy was caught.” Mies reported to Leylin with indifference, blood on his body.

“Good! Go back and reorganise yourselves, the spoils of battle won’t reduce!” Leylin’s arms were tucked together as he nodded.

At this moment, a female soldier rushed over in a hurry, holding a communicative device similar to a handset, “Captain Ley, a call from Lord Schiker!”

“Instructor!” Taking the handset, he immediately heard the sounds within.

Though the principle of this thing’s operation was different, it was still like the cellphones of his previous world.

“I know everything you’ve done. Very good!” Schiker’s voice sounded from within the handset, praise in his tone. Evidently, he had heard of the results of Leylin’s battles.

However, Leylin had astutely realised the trace of fury hidden in his voice. That was obviously not aimed at him.

“Looks like Schiker met with some trouble during his operation at destroying the Mobius Organisation!”

Leylin thought. As expected, Schiker mentioned this right after, “Captain Ley, I now command you to bring all your members and hurry to Wox City and meet me!”

“Understood!” Leylin answered loudly. After waiting for a moment, he lowered his voice and asked, “ Did anything happen there?”

“Yes. There’s are some issues!” Schiker answered vaguely after a brief silence. It was obvious he did not want to touch on it.

“Alright, I’ll hurry there now!” Leylin obviously knew what to say in this situation.

After putting down the handset and sending away the female communications officer whose expression was full of admiration, Leylin sank into deep thought, his hand finding his chin.

“Mobius Organisation… Is this organisation more difficult to deal with than the Triserpent Sect?”

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