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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 577: Terrifying Battle

Chapter 577: Terrifying Battle

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The Northern Duke had never expected that the kid Ley, who he had once met and had a good impression of, was actually of another race!

Furthermore, the Dark Fireplume that Leylin used gave him a sense of fear. Perhaps if not for his dignity and resolution as a soldier and someone with power, he might have fled.

This was especially true since he did not seem to be losing against his most revered leader. Instead… he was winning?

“Great Mother Phoenix! Could I be dreaming? Please help me wake up as soon as possible.” While the Northern Duke’s will was strong, even he was beginning to find this situation absurd.

“Phoenix egg!” At this moment, two other powerful auras descended. Zegna observed the giant red egg at the middle of the battlefield, unable to conceal his desire.

Archibald could not stand it either. This was the peak of all fire elemental beings!

“It’s mine! The phoenix can only exist in our Divineflame Empire for all eternity!” he roared in rage, and the earth began to shake. He charged forward, large hands grabbing towards the large scarlet egg.

*Swish!* Zegna was even faster than him as he turned into a streak of black lightning, heading right for it.

“So this is the source of the firasource stones. This phoenix egg must be mine! With it, I’ll be able to advance to rank 6…”

“Go away!” A black wall of flames obstructed Zegna’s path, the boiling temperature causing him to subconsciously slow his steps.

“Warlock Leylin! A mere Morning Star dares stop me? Aren’t you afraid I’ll eliminate your Ouroboros Clan? Give me the phoenix egg right now, and I guarantee your Ouroboros Clan shall be greatly rewarded!” Zegna’s expression was sinister.

What answered him, however, was a wave of fire that covered the skies.

“Soaring Demonic Phoenix!” A large phantom of a blackfire phoenix sent Zegna flying. Black flames constantly devoured the radiation energy from their opponent, causing him even more serious harm.

“Hmph! A gravely injured clone still dares say such things to me. Do you have a screw loose?” Leylin snorted. Noticing Scarlet Eye and Archibald fighting. He could not help but turn back.

With him shielding them, the undulations from the battle did not spread to this side, and the arrangements of Gilbert and Emma weren’t interrupted. A door came into existence, one wreathed in starlight.

“There’s not much time left, I need to finish this quickly. The black flames on Leylin’s body gradually weakened, and substituting them were four horrifying rings of blood coloured light.

The energy rings that signified his innate spells flashed one after another and gradually fused, forming a terrifying spell— the Morning Star Arcane Art, Kemoyin Serpent Transformation!

*Rumble!* An ancient vicious beast appeared in Tylasus City, one that was thousands of metres long. Just its descent alone caused the destruction of a great amount of architecture. Even if Scarlet Eye could hold onto his position today, he would have to relocate his capital.

The Giant Kemoyin Serpent hissed, a terrifying aura emanating from its body. Regular Star ranks could not help but tremble in fear.

These low-ranked beings all shared the common fear that came from being placed in front of a top level predator.

Compared to his previous times, Leylin’s current Giant Kemoyin Serpent transformation at the peak of Morning Star was vastly different. Not only was it much larger in size, there were now more red patterns on the scales, with darkness and fire elemental particles surrounding the body and forming a mist around it.

“A Giant Kemoyin Serpent of this size…” Even as Morning Star Kemoyin Warlocks themselves, Gilbert and Emma were stunned by Leylin’s Morning Star Arcane Art.

“How did this kid get so large? It’s about three times the size of my transformation…”

Gilbert sized up the body of Leylin’s transformation that spanned hundreds and thousands of metres, absolutely astonished. It was obvious that he was envious as well. Even amongst the bodies of real ancient Kemoyin Serpents, Leylin was definitely the king.

“I’m afraid… Leylin can be considered the strongest Kemoyin Warlock in history!” Emma sighed.

“Eye of Petrification” Two amber pupils that were like stars stared hard at Zegna who was flying backwards.

“Crap!” Before Zegna could react, his magic equipment had already exploded, and a layer of petrified skin appeared on his face as his movements ground to a halt. A petrification cast by an ancient Giant Kemoyin Serpent would affect even Radiant Moon Magi.

*Boom!* With a flick of its tail, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent struck the petrified Zegna. The earth shook wildly, and many buildings collapsed. Cracks spread in the shape of a web.

*Boom!* The petrified Zegna exploded, being obliterated into dust that flew around in the air. A huge pit was formed in the ground.

In front of the enhanced Giant Kemoyin Serpent, the clone of a Radiant Moon Magus had died just like that.

“Let’s take care of him first, or it’ll do us no good!” Scarlet Eye roared as he stopped his fight with Archibald upon witnessing this scene. Archibald halted his movements as well, fear evident on his face.

*Hss!* Leylin obviously would not let two rank 5 Magi attack him together. He took the initiative and spewed out a few large black flame blades.

*Boom!* The giant flame blades did not move in Scarlet Eye’s direction, but instead, headed towards the phoenix egg in the middle of the battlefield.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!* In the midst of immensely powerful explosions, the giant scarlet egg had cracked apart into countless fragments. Under the disbelieving gases of everyone else, a boiling heat spread in all directions.

“HOW DARE HE… How could he do that?” Scarlet Eye almost vomited blood in his fury. Never had he expected Leylin to destroy such a precious treasure.

However, he unconsciously headed towards the remains. Archibald did the same, and really, all the other Star ranks had the same thought.

This way, the recently formed forces against Leylin was dispersed.

Leylin was obviously unwilling to damage such a treasure, but he saw the big picture and knew that it was very difficult to leave safely with all their enemies watching. It was even more impossible to get the phoenix egg.

Though this treasure was precious, Leylin could still make the decision when met with issues of his own safety. Besides, he could take advantage of such a chaotic situation.

*Hsss!* The Giant Kemoyin Serpent charged around violently, and the Star ranks were forced away. They could only stare wide-eyed at its defensive scales. Leylin did not hesitate as he swallowed the remaining third of the egg into his belly, pulling back until he was in front of Gilbert and Emma. He had returned to his human form.

“Let’s go!” Leylin shouted.

“Let’s go!” Gilbert and Emma knew they had to leave no matter how unwilling they were. After all this chaos and contest was over, they would immediately be sieged by the entirety of the Lava World, and while they were reluctant they immediately made their decision.

The gigantic door of light expanded and swallowed the three of them, dissipating with grace.

*Boom!* The moment after that door disappeared, a streaking flame turned that region into a sea of fire. Atop this sea of fire was Scarlet Eye’s body, but now his eyes were bloodshot.

“Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!” He looked at the sparkling, beautiful red gemstone in his hands that was emanating warmth. After the phoenix’s egg had been smashed apart, it had turned into this state.

He had not obtained even a quarter of the gains. Everything had been taken by Archibald and the other Star ranks.

Even if they were Star rank Emberwings, it was impossible to make them return something they had taken.

“AAAH…” Scarlet Eye, who had suffered massive losses, began to cry out hysterically…


Jupiter’s Lightning headquarters, Magus World.

At the same time, Zegna was shouting as well.

Black lightning flashed and wrecked the palace, turning it to ash.

“LEYLIN! I won’t let you off!” Zegna could feel his heart bleeding. That was a phoenix egg! If he’d obtained that, he could have immediately advanced to become a Breaking Dawn Monarch! Now, however, all his dreams were ruined.

First, his secondary clone had been killed, “LEYLIN! I won’t let you off!” His secondary clone had been killed by Leylin, so he had no chance to contest for the fragments of the egg. In that sense, he’d gotten no returns for all the work he’d put in.

Even the surviving Morning Stars of Jupiter’s Lightning had been fortunate enough to get part of the fragments, and they would definitely not give it to him unless there was a trade of equivalent value. However, where would he go to find something comparable to a treasure like the phoenix’s egg?

If he used violence, he would force all the Morning Stars away.

“Ah… AAH…” After thinking for a long while, Zegna’s face contorted as he roared, “Leylin, Leylin, Leylin. I won’t let you get away with this, I swear!”

“Impulse is the devil’s emissary!” The mysterious female voice sounded once more.

“It’s all your fault. If my main body had gone over, how would my secondary clone have been killed?” Zegna thundered.

“Hehe… Can your true body go over?” The female voice asked, and Zegna immediately became quiet.

“I taught you the method of making a secondary clone without any compensation, and even told you about my experiences. This is how you repay me?” The female’s voice turned cold.

“Alright! Forgive me for that. Tha kid made me lose my calm.”

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