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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 579: Contend

Chapter 579: Contend

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If not for Leylin’s appearance, the Ouroboros Clan would probably have been annihilated in the attack by the allied forces.

Even if Leylin showed off his terrifying battle might and talent, and used various methods to get the other side to withdraw their troops, all the land and resources that had been occupied would not be taken back easily.

Leylin had merely been a newly-advanced Morning Star then. How could he request a territory as large as that of the other three Morning Star Warlocks? If they were to be attacked again, he would not be able to suppress it alone.

The amount of strength he possessed dictated the treatment he could command. Leylin was very clear on this fact. Now, with the return of the two dukes and the rise of his battle power, Leylin felt that he had enough under his belt to request this.

As for whether this would offend Jupiter’s Lightning… Hadn’t Leylin already done so in the past? Since he had completely offended them, doing anything more wasn’t a huge issue.

“Mm! The Black River Domain used to be one of the territories of the Ouroboros Clan, and it being occupied by some other organisation is an insult to us Bloodline Warlocks!” Philip stood up, looking indignant, “I’ll definitely tell the union!”

Seeing him acting this way, Paul and the other Warlock rolled their eyes inwardly but did not retort against him. Rather, they were in favour of that decision.

Those territories had initially belonged to the Ouroboros Clan, and they were merely recovering them. In addition, they would at most show their support verbally and not actually act, unless the Ouroboros Clan was willing to make more compromises for their benefits.

However, Leylin was only requesting that they be witnesses, and was not planning on having them act.

Not considering his current strength, just Gilbert and Emma working together would be enough to handle this.

Hearing that Leylin had intentions of reclaiming their old land, the Crystal Phase Warlocks around did not speak, but they were very emotional.

The allied forces still occupied their lands and ruled their people. That was the ultimate humiliation!

The fact that the battle had come all the way to the headquarters and they had almost completely been uprooted was still fresh, and was deeply carved into the minds of these Warlocks. With these seeds of hatred planted, they were stirred up on hearing that Leylin was going to lead them to enact their vengeance.

Seeing this, Leylin nodded.

The reason for this expansion was to increase the size of the pie so as to avert dissent. With three Morning Stars now in the Ouroboros Clan, the resources of the area they controlled were not enough to divide amongst all of them, leave alone the rest of the people under them.

Furthermore, by leading them to take revenge, Leylin’s reputation would reach an unprecedented level, which would make it more convenient for him to take control of the organisation.

This was an open conspiracy. Even if Gilbert and Emma could tell, they would not be able to say much.

Having agreed on the time, Philip and the others took their leaves, and even Freya and other high-ranked Warlocks left automatically. Only Leylin and the other two were left.

“Are you going to declare war on Jupiter’s Lightning now? Didn’t you say to maintain the current state?” Emma asked worriedly.

“When I said to maintain the current state, I meant our current state of preparing for battle!” Leylin laughed grimly, a tyrannical aura emanating from his body. “Besides, Jupiter’s Lightning is probably too busy with their own matters…”

“Oh? How is that?” Gilbert was interested. He was always elated when there were methods to trim Jupiter Lightning’s strength. From Leylin’s perspective, this was a deeply embedded enmity.

“When I went to the Lava World, I asked the rank 5 ‘Golden Lion’ Warlock, Lord Wayde, to help hold up Zegna. He accidentally let a rank 5 clone go, but the main body did not descend. For that reason, I’m going to hold to our agreement!”

“What agreement?” Gilbert and Emma exchanged a glance. Ever since they had known Leylin, they had never seen this kid at a disadvantage before. There must definitely be some deep meaning for him to do this.

“He helped me hold Zegna back, so in return, I will give them the coordinates to the Lava World!” Leylin laughed. “Just now, Wayde received my message…”

“What?” Gilbert and Emma stood up abruptly, “That’s a world! Do you know what you’ve done?”

A large alternative world meant unprecedented benefits. Just the strength systems and paths to power they had were extremely helpful for Magi, and could help them progress rapidly.

Not considering other matters, those Breaking Dawn Monarchs had taken over entire large worlds before advancing. The fact that Leylin had obtained such benefits was also proof of the value of a world.

Hence, organisations would guard these coordinates with the highest security. If not for Zegna being absolutely confident and having been bewitched by somebody else, he would not use these coordinates to trap the three Kemoyin dukes.

A world that had not been exploited yet was very attractive. It was not as if the three Kemoyin dukes didn’t have their suspicions, but they still fell into the trap. The fact was that the benefits were immense, to the point that it affected their rationality!

Of course, it was Zegna who had lost everything. Not only had he gained nothing, he had also suffered greatly.

Now, Leylin was giving such a huge secret away? Emma and Gilbert could not comprehend this.

After all, in their eyes, only they and Jupiter’s Lightning knew of the Lava World’s coordinates. At this point, it was best to keep this secret to their death and when the time was right, they could destroy Jupiter’s Lightning and completely take over the Lava World!

“You guys…” Leylin shook his head helplessly, “How could another world be so easy to take control of? Besides, there are numerous rank 5s there, as well as Jupiter’s Lightning eyeing this strength.”

“What we need the most now is not another world, but enough time to rest and regain our strength.”

“Wayde is part of our Warlock Union. By luring him there, Jupiter’s Lightning will definitely launch an intense battle for control of the Lava World. That will give us ample time for developments.” Leylin spoke frankly and assuredly, tone full of confidence and eyes emanating an incomparable vigour.

“There are rank 5s on both ends. How could the Lava World be so easily taken over? In this period of time, it’s enough for us to take advantage of the chaos and gain benefits!”

“On top of that, once we obtain more strength, it’s not like we can’t forcefully retrieve the Lava World from the other party’s hands!”

Not only did Leylin make the final decision, he even presented a pretty picture for Emma and Gilbert.

“If you say that…” Gilbert and Emma looked each other in the eye begrudgingly.

Seeing them acting this way, Leylin was laughing inside.

He obviously didn’t care much for the Lava World, because he’d already gotten the most benefits from there. Not only had he obtained the mutated Fireplume and caused his Morning Star point mass to grow to the limits, he’d even gotten a third of the essence from the phoenix egg.

These were basically the greatest treasures of the Lava World, and Leylin was obviously satisfied with his gains.

After the matter with the Holy Solar Festival, he had offended the heads of the two largest organisations in the Lava World, Scarlet Eye and Archibald, and it could only be resolved by the death of a party.

Just the knowledge that he had obtained fragments of the phoenix’s egg would be enough to cause the strong ones within the Lava World to hunger after his gains.

The reason Leylin had handed over the coordinates to the Lava World was because he had considered this as well. With Wayde in control, he could still hold onto what he had. Besides, he’d already handed the coordinates over already. If Wayde or others wanted some? It was simple, they could go to the Lava World themselves and contend with each other for it!

“That Zegna from Jupiter’s Lightning is probably coughing up blood right now, given that I threw these coordinates away.” Leylin stroked his chin, a malicious grin about his lips.


He sent the two dukes away after their discussion. Following that was a conversation with Freya over dinner before Leylin finally returned to his Morning Star Magus Tower.

The place was as towering as always, full of archaism and grandeur. As he entered the tower, the intelligent tower genie flew out, “Master!”

“Hmm. Show me all the recent records, as well as the current state of operation of the Magus Tower,” Leylin commanded.

“In the time that master has been away, the astral gate has been operating at the lowest energy level. Astral stone storage has been completely used up. Magus Tower is now running on minimal energy required. 3.78% of the Host’s health is injured. Supplies-wise, …”

The tower genie was expressionless and began to send in the reports methodically. It was extremely meticulous, as if he was the most thorough of butlers.

“Keke… I’ve practically used up all the astral stones I’ve accumulated as well as the power source of the Magus Tower.” Leylin sighed, feeling his heart ache.

“But in comparison to such a huge harvest, this investment is very worth it. The profits were immense! Of course, that’s because I have the A.I. Chip and can unearth the resources of foreign worlds to the highest degree.”

Back in his study room, Eternal Flames emitted heated light. Seated behind the study table, he began to compare his gains.

“I’ve successfully met my goal and brought the two Kemoyin dukes back. The Ouroboros Clan’s strength has risen rapidly, and just this alone means that I’ve gotten more than I invested.”

Leylin’s eyes were twinkling as he spread out a black notebook on the table and began to scribble on it.

“In terms of resources, there’s the essence of the phoenix egg. That is definitely a world-class treasure. Not only can it accelerate progress in Fireplume, it’s remarkably useful for a Magus’ soul and point mass. The resources that I especially collected from the Emberwings can also be considered to be abundant!”

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