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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 581: Commencing Counterattack

Chapter 581: Commencing Counterattack

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“It’s too wasteful to use the Sun’s Child’s bloodline for an ancient bloodline ignition experiment. Besides, the Ouroboros Clan is about to wage a war against the allied forces of Jupiter’s Lightning. After that, I still need to look for body-tempering spell formations and explore the Icy World. I need exceedingly powerful methods that can inspire terror!” Leylin stroked his chin.

With his current strength, he could escape from a Radiant Moon, but he had nothing that would be able to threaten them. Hence, he needed powerful, intimidating trump cards.

Kemoyin Serpent Transformation, being a Morning Star Arcane Art, was indeed one, but people would learn to counter it if he used it too often. Leylin was looking to prepare a few other killing techniques.

“Using a rank 6 bloodline to create a one-time bloodline imprint should be enough to threaten the life of a Radiant Moon, right?” Leylin predicted, “Though it’s a pity, there’s no other choice.”

A bloodline imprint could be able to display the strength of certain ancient beings when they were at their peak. Even one attack at such strengths was frightening.

In the past, Leylin could do nothing with the bloodline of the Sun’s Child even if he had these thoughts.

Now, however, not only had he risen to the peak of Morning Star and gotten a huge boost in strength, he had also gained control over the phoenix flames, which could rival this sun’s flames. For that reason, creating a bloodline imprint was a real possibility.

“Let’s begin…” Leylin watched the golden flaming sun at the heart of the secret room and took a deep breath. Dense, demonic black flames were emitted from his palms, and burst forth in the form of a thin thread…

The creation of the bloodline imprint took a few days. When Gilbert and the rest in the Magus Tower outside were beginning to get impatient, Leylin appeared before them.

They could feel something was different about him, but Gilbert and the others could not pinpoint it.

“I’ve made my decision. Gather the army, and we shall begin reclaiming our lost territory!” Leylin wore a platinum Magus robe and had on white gloves. His temperament was full of dignity, and upon hearing his declaration, multiple Ouroboros Clan Warlocks began to cheer. They had been waiting for this day for far too long.

After showing himself and setting the hearts of everyone at ease, Leylin sent Gilbert and the rest away and took off his gloves. Observing the back of his hands, his face could not hide the ecstasy he was feeling.

Complicated runes in the form of a sun occupied the backs of both his hands. The outermost layer was a ring of black flames, as if a seal to store the power of the sun in his hands.

‘With the support from the A.I. Chip and the suppression from the phoenix flames, I finally moulded the bloodline of the Sun’s Child into a bloodline imprint!’ Leylin paid close attention to the bloodline imprints. After a long while, he sighed deeply and wore the gloves once again.

‘I didn’t expect for the blood to be sufficient to form two imprints. And I can even feel that Fireplume is nourishing these imprints on my hands, altering them in some way. They seem to have been upgraded. If I were to activate this suddenly, even a rank 5 wouldn’t be able to withstand the attack!’

Leylin’s Fireplume and the bloodline of the Sun’s Child had some mysterious response to each other, and the bloodline imprint’s power was being nourished and amplified. The A.I. Chip estimated that each of these two bloodline imprints was as strong as two all-out attacks from the ancient rank 6 Sun’s Child!

With such a great killing technique with him, Leylin now had something to count on, and was utterly confident in waging this war.

Greenflame City. This stronghold which acted as the bridge between the allied forces and Phosphorescence Swamp, was also a key strategic region for the Ouroboros Clan.

Since the Sky Legion had taken over this place, this stronghold had been in the hands of the allied forces. Even the commoners there had accepted this fact.

Gradually, after a few years, they had recovered from the fires of war before, and were now showing signs of prospering.

“No matter which Magus organisation governs them, none would attack regular humans for no reason. Hence, their loyalty is not guaranteed. Practically all leaders will be easily accepted, or should I say, this is the survival instinct of people with low social status?”

Above Greenflame City, Leylin and a few other Morning Star Warlocks stood in the air. Seeing the prosperous city, there was little they could say.

The Ouroboros Clan had occupied this area for thousands of years, but they never expected the people to react this way.

“We’ve never had much of an interest in this area. It’s fine as long as they can provide a certain amount of provisions and materials, as well an annual influx of fresh blood.” Gilbert stood aside, slightly red in the face.

“Oh well! At least, we won’t have to feel bad about dragging them back into war once more!” Emma sneered, eyes completely red. The news that the allied forces had attacked the Ouroboros Clan brazenly after she had disappeared had completely riled her up.

The fury of a Morning Star could only be eased with fresh blood!

“If you don’t make a move, I’m going to do it!” Emma watched Leylin and the others who had been invited such as Paul, who were unmoving. Laughing coldly, her robes began to sway and make sounds with the breeze.

“The flame elf of the immemorial times, please listen to my decree and descend, turning into a rain of flames!” Emma chanted loudly as terrifying elemental particle emanated from her body like a black hole. Endless elemental tides formed a surging tsunami.

A bit of red appeared in the sky, and it accumulated to form a layer of dense flaming clouds.

“Rank 4 spell— Descent of the Heavenly Flames!” Large amounts of flames streaked down like meteors, leaving splendid long tails as they descended upon Greenflame City.

Soon enough, successive sounds of an explosion could be heard, and a large amount of black flames formed that spread everywhere.

“Enemy attack! These energy undulations… Morning Star!” Within the residence of the city’s mayor, a sentry yelled in disbelief at the data they had seen on the screen.

At the same time, he hung his head, closed his eyes and prayed, “Great Lord! Has the war between Morning Stars begun once again…”

He knew how terrifying wars between Morning Stars were. If Greenflame City was going to be the battlefield, none of the low-ranked Magi like him would be able to escape. Just the stray spells and large amounts of horrifying radiation could easily take their measly lives.

“Crap! The base of the airship forces!” After praying, this alarm watcher suddenly recalled something, and his expression changed as he activated a secret imprint in his hands.

“Hello? Is this the base of the airships? This is the mayor’s residence. This is a rank 4 warning. I repeat, this is a rank 4 warning. A Morning Star is attacking!!”

No matter how much he shouted, there was no reaction from the imprint. Knowing things were bad, he darted out of the surveillance room and immediately saw the shower of flames. The violent sounds of explosions that accompanied them meant that the airship base stationed beside Greenflame City was now caught in the blazing flames.

“It’s too late!” He laughed bitterly, about to leave the battlefield.

*Rumble!* Boiling hot meteoric flames fell and wrapped around him, the fierce flames burning violently.

“Warning, warning! Energy from the barrier has been consumed. Unable to maintain energy defence!”

The piercing sounds of alerts could be heard everywhere in the base. There were panicked Magi and technological staff everywhere, and the interior of the airship base was in chaos.

Occasionally, a few airships would take flight, and would then be ruthlessly smacked to the ground by a few gigantic black arms, causing large sparks in the base.

“These airships aren’t half bad, but it’s a pity they’re useless to me!”

Leylin sighed, but his hands did not stop moving. Large black Giant Kemoyin Serpent figures streaked through the skies, absorbing life force without care. All enemies in the vicinity of these figures had their life force sucked up and turned into dry corpses, with not even a bit of moisture left within.

The Ouroboros Clan was unable to handle so many airships, and besides, arrangements after the war were going to be very troublesome. Leylin could not be bothered to wrangle with the Morning Stars over this, and found it simpler to just obliterate the fleet.

“Stop!” Such unbridled actions immediately gave rise to the fury of other Magi. A streak of blue light shot out and appeared before Leylin and the others, revealing the figure of a young Magus.

The undulations of a Morning Star were also being emanated from this young Magus’ body. From his bright eyes that had seen through the ways of the world, there was now merely rage. However, after seeing Leylin, Paul and the others, which came up to six Morning Stars working together, his pupils shrank slightly, and fear appeared on his face.

“Duke Farlier, are you planning on destroying the peace treaty from before?” Leylin knew this Magus. He was one of the Morning Stars that had besieged Ouroboros Clan, and was one of the leaders of the organisations that depended on Jupiter’s Lightning.

Of course, to the current Leylin, he was as weak as an ant.

“Peace treaty? Hmph! That was just a temporary armistice!” Emma took a step forward, a snake-shaped spore landed in Greenflame City below.

*Bang!* The spore clung onto the body of a Magus, and fear was apparent on his face as many warts appeared on his body.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* Seconds later, the warts broke open, and even more spores flew out.

In a short period of time, the entire Greenflame City had sunk into an abyss of suffering.

“You!” The Morning Star Magus was anxious but did not raise his hand. With six Morning Star Warlocks here, he would be the one in trouble the moment he made a move.

Hence, he could only glare at Emma with hatred, “His Highness from Jupiter’s Lightning will not let you off!”

“I’ll wait!” Leylin chuckled and stepped forward while he continued the conversation.

Of course, in the eyes of outsiders, he had gone completely insane! Even with three Kemoyin dukes joining hands, as well as support from the Warlock Union, it was naive to think they’d be able to challenge a Radiant Moon!

This Morning Star began to snicker but immediately realised something was odd.

“Only Leylin out of all the Warlocks here has recently advanced. It’s understandable if he doesn’t understand the gap between them, but how can Gilbert and the others not know the power of a real Radiant Moon? Why do they look so relaxed?”

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