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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 586: Setting Off And Apprehension

Chapter 586: Setting Off And Apprehension

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Based on Leylin’s understanding, vitality represented defence as well as regenerative abilities. His value of 74.9 was very close to the terrifying numbers that ancient creatures possessed.

With his current body, regular rank 1 and 2 spells could not break through his defences. Even rank 3 spells would only give him tiny injuries, and he would recover instantly. His frightening vitality gave him an equally terrifying healing ability.

After checking everything once over, Leylin nodded in satisfaction.

“With the strength of my body, even if the seal of Multilimb Strength suddenly gives way, I can still hold on for a period of time. Next, if I can gain the title of a Virtuous Sky Sage and receive the blessing from the Endowing Scepter, I’ll be able to solve the issue of the repercussions from having my soul force rise too rapidly!”

Leylin had to go to Sky City no matter what.

Though that was the territory of the Monarch of the Skies, and a Warlock like him going alone could be troublesome, it was already the simplest method that the A.I. Chip could come up with.

Techniques and body tempering spell formations that could increase the vitality of Morning Stars was very rare in the central continent. On top of that, Leylin’s strong foundation as a Warlock made things more difficult.

The A.I. Chip had summed up all of Leylin’s knowledge and used the Ouroboros Clan’s large database to find these three methods. They were already the best out there.

However, Leylin had yet to find any clues on the transformation spell formation in Adoforke, and only knew it was in some ruins in the central continent from a legend. To him, taking the risk to explore ruins was too troublesome and dangerous.

He had already used the third method, and could not repeat it within a short period. If he tried, leave alone getting results, he would only face possible side effects.

Hence, the most reasonable choice to make was the second. He would head for Sky City and the Endowing Scepter.

Of course, Leylin was rather confident in his travels. He was a peak Morning Star and could escape with his life even if he met with a Radiant Moon Magus.

The two bloodline imprints from the bloodline of the Sun’s Child gave him more than enough confidence.

Sky City was the home to the Monarch of the Skies. He did not wish for there to be a rank 6 battle at that place!

‘Besides, I haven’t provoked the Monarch of the Skies at all. I just have to be careful of Jupiter’s Lightning…’ Leylin stroked his chin and sank into deep thought.


A few days later, in the area surrounding Phosphorescence Swamp.

A completely black private airship that looked like a water droplet soared into the skies. In just a few minutes, it disappeared into the horizon.

Atop high towers, countless figures stared at the floating airship in a daze until it disappeared.

“Relax, Freya!” Emma patted the back of Freya’s hands, looking at her lovingly, “Leylin is now comparable to a rank 5 Warlock. He’ll be fine!”

“Indeed. Leylin is very powerful. We just have to do our duty here at the Ouroboros Clan,” Gilbert consoled her.

“Your Graces are right!” Freya bowed slightly, the concern in her eyes still not completely gone.

After all, Leylin was going to the territory of a Monarch. What if something happened? Freya did not dare think further.

“Haha… Ever since little Freya got married, she doesn’t listen to her mentor!”

Emma grabbed Freya’s hands and began to repeat, “You don’t have to care about other things right now. What’s most important is to spread the bloodline of the Farlier Family. Leylin has a lot of secrets on him, and his Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline is the best I’ve seen… No! It’s THE best Kemoyin bloodline! If you don’t spread it, it’ll be a true waste…”

“Mentor, what are you saying?” Freya protested coquettishly, two attractive flushes of red rising in her cheeks. Yet, that had eased her worry.


*Bang!* The Colossal Serpent parted the clouds and shook off the winds, breaking through the troposphere and reaching a higher part of the sky.

One could see intense sunlight shining down through the glass windows. Below was a seemingly boundless white sea of clouds, the scenery incomparably beautiful.

The private airship was very quick, but it was not obvious from the scenery which seemed to be still.

After he finished setting up the automatic navigation system, Leylin sat alone on the sofa with red wine in his hands as he watched the scenery on both sides through the windows. He looked on absentmindedly.

A long while later, he sighed. “I’m not treating Freya well!”

Ever since Leylin had returned from the Lava World, he had extremely busy with reclaiming territory and contacting other bloodline organisations. He had basically given Freya the cold shoulder.

Now, he was going on a solo journey to Sky City. Though Freya had been strong and not displayed it, Leylin could feel her worry as she sent him off.

Whatever it was, Leylin would definitely not bring her along. He was going to take a risk here, and this was no holiday. If he were alone, it would be easier to escape, but if he had someone else around, things would get difficult.

‘I’ll make it up to her in the future!’ Thinking this through, Leylin focused on other things.

“A.I. Chip, how much longer till I reach Sky City?”

[Beep! Based on the speed of Giant Serpent, estimated time of arrival: 45 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, 19 seconds!] The A.I. Chip loyally intoned.

“That’s really quite far. If not for me having my personal airship, it might have been even more troublesome!”

Leylin was speechless. If it required such a long time with the speed of his personal airship, it was quite obvious how vast the central continent was.

‘This is a great time to meditate! Besides, there are still some more improvements to be made to the fusion of the Fireplume and Kemoyin’s Pupil…’

Leylin sunk deep into thought, eyes glowing a blue that was indicative of the workings of the A.I. Chip. Numbers, letters and runes from different worlds were processed by the A.I. Chip. The A.I. Chip operated continuously, calculating and deducing information, forming a wondrous cycle of numbers…


Within a hidden Magus Tower.

This was a Magus Tower constructed by a Radiant Moon, filled with black thunder and lightning. It gave off a dark atmosphere that would cause one’s heart to palpitate. These flashes of lightning constantly flickered around, causing the Magi walking along the passageway to break out in cold sweat.

“The feeling of this area really gives me the chills…” The Morning Star who spoke was one of Jupiter’s Lightning.

After the incident during the Holy Solar Festival, Wayde had brought along a group of high-ranked Warlocks to attack them. The Mobius Organisation lost time and time again in the Lava World, and quite a few Morning Stars were either killed or heavily injured. This led to a lack of manpower in Jupiter’s Lightning.

At such a critical time, the leader of Jupiter’s Lightning, the great Radiant Moon Magus Zegna, had suddenly announced he was going to seclude himself in meditation, which had given rise to protests and confusion. Of course, that was only in the hearts of his subordinates. Those that would dare oppose Zegna overtly had been turned to ashes hundreds of years ago.

Passing through the alley, the Morning Star Magus arrived at a bronze door. The uneasiness he felt had reached its peak.

“Your Highness, this is Loki seeking an audience!” he transmitted after a momentary silence.

“Come in!” Zegna’s voice was heard. It was the same old voice, but there was something oddly jarring about it.

While wondering about it on the inside, Loki showed the utmost respect as he bowed and entered.

Behind the large brass door was a giant secret room. The walls were full of binding and summoning runes, as well energy isolation spell patterns.

At the heart of the room was a large pool where streams of black gas surged, producing bubbling sounds.

Zegna stood by the pool, clad in black and gold. His eyes were fixed on the current of the black gas.

“Your Highness!” Loki bowed, watching the pool with some curiosity. This was what had caused his uneasiness!

Yet, he would not dare to ask Zegna about it. He did not even have the guts to probe it with his soul force.

“What is it? You even used the emergency communicator to contact me.” Zegna’s hands were behind his back, but Loki knew that this meant His Highness was beginning to be enraged. If his next words were unsatisfactory, he would be in trouble.

“Your Highness had put me in charge of information about the Ouroboros Clan, and in particular the Warlock named Farlier. I’ve acquired some intelligence!”

Zegna was paying close attention to Leylin, and hence he turned back to stare at Loki. “Speak!”

“Leylin of the Ouroboros Clan left Phosphorescence Swamp yesterday. His destination is most likely Sky City!” Loki hastily reported, but strangely enough, Zegna merely listened quietly and did not do anything special.

“Your Highness?” Loki raised his head and saw the dazed look on Zegna’s face. There were a few distorted spirit bodies hovering around him, pale, crooked palms grabbing at his collar.

Loki felt his heart lurch, but after sneaking another glance at Zegna, everything seemed like it had been an illusion.

This discovery had him sink deeper into fear.

“Your Highness, do you need me…” Loki asked as he tried to sound out.

“I’m conducting an exceptionally important spirit body experiment. I’ll take care of Leylin myself. Don’t bother with it anymore!” Zegna answered coldly.

“Yes, sir!” Loki bowed once more and left. Only after leaving the Magus Tower did he let out a long sigh. He felt like his entire top half was drenched in sweat.

His Highness, who had always been very enthusiastic about destroying the Ouroboros Clan, had been reduced to this state. The scene just then even had Loki in shock.

“Could that just now have been…”

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