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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 600: Evasion

Chapter 600: Evasion

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‘A.I. Chip, show me my condition!’ Leylin commanded in his mind.

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 4 Warlock. Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent (Matured Body). Strength: 50, Agility: 45, Vitality: 100.2, Spiritual force: 956.8, Magic power: 956 (magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Soul force: 96 (Five Stars)]

His vitality had finally broken past 100, solving the issue arising from the rapid advancement of his soul force. Seeing this, Leylin could finally heave a sigh of relief. After all, his main goal in coming to Sky City was to solve this issue completely.

The Endowing Scepter had initially increased his vitality by two levels, the equivalent of twenty points. Afterwards, the disaster that was the Sun’s Flames had actually resulted in a profit for him. His Fireplume had managed to take in quite a bit of the energy from it, and it resulted in a surprising transformation that pushed his vitality past the mark.

Now, he had completely reached his target, and all that was left to deal with were the repercussions, which were slightly troublesome.

At this thought, a wry smile appeared about Leylin’s lips as he grew gloomy.

After all was said and done, Stuart was still a Radiant Moon from Sky City. There were few even amongst the subordinates of the Monarch of the Skies who were ranked as highly as he was.

And now, such an important person had fallen at Leylin’s hands. Even if the Monarch of the Skies expelled Stuart from Sky City afterwards, it was likely just to avoid provoking him for now. Leylin would not believe that the Monarch had no thoughts on this matter.

Leylin could very well raise his hands and leave just like this, but the Monarch of the Skies could not. He had to pay the cost of Leylin and Stuart’s battles, which included things like mending the spatial rifts and the like. However, it wasn’t his fault that this occurred in his domain. Leylin had been left without a choice.

He was sure that, at this point, the Monarch hated him to the core. In fact, he had probably provoked the entire organisation of Sky City.

After all, Leylin had used the coordinates to a foreign world and the help of some other Sky City Magi to put pressure on Stuart. This had already depressed the Monarch of the Skies, but it was still acceptable.

However, even Weyers and his backers would feel sympathy for his killing of the man.

By the looks of it, the entirety of Sky City harboured no favourable impression of Leylin, and could even act against him.

“This is getting troublesome…” Leylin laughed wryly, and the cold glint in his eyes became increasingly obvious. Since others were going to plot against him, he would prepare his vengeance.

Besides, the other party was just a Breaking Dawn Magus. How amazing could he be? With the A.I. Chip, the advice of the ancient Wisdom Tree, and the Kemoyin bloodline, Leylin was confident that he would reach that realm in due time, even surpass it.

“However, I still have to face the real problems. As I am now, I can somewhat deal with New Moon Radiant Moon Magi. If I activate the bloodline imprint, I can even threaten Full Moon Magi!”

Leylin had an accurate estimation of his battle might.

“However, there’s only one chance left to activate the bloodline imprint of the Sun’s Child. After this, there’s nothing left… Even if it’s the attack from the ancient Sun’s Child, a Full Moon Magus still has a chance of survival. A Breaking Dawn Monarch can definitely take it on, obviously, and it’s just a matter of the price to be paid in exchange…”

“If I appear now, there might be Full Moon Magi, even Breaking Dawn Magi trying to kill me in fear of my potential. I won’t be able to defend myself against them at all.” That was why Leylin had been in hiding all this while, and the reason he had not returned to the Ouroboros Clan headquarters. Though such a scenario wasn’t likely, he was still prepared for the worst case.

If he really was caught by a Breaking Dawn, there was no chance of survival even if he used his trump card.

One only lived once, and Leylin didn’t believe he’d get one more opportunity to travel to another time after death.

“I’m afraid that, before I reach Radiant Moon, I’ll need to hide in the shadows.” Leylin sighed.

The moment he reached rank 5, Radiant Moon, the strength of his Warlock bloodline, in addition to his methods as well as trump cards would give him a chance to flee with his life even when faced with a rank 6 Magus.

If that was possible, he would be a Magus at the peak in the central continent, and he would no longer need to fear any attacks, whether in the open or in the shadows.

“Rank 5, Radiant Moon!” Leylin sighed. “How could the bloodline shackles of Kemoyin Warlocks be solved so easily… It doesn’t matter; I have to break through them no matter what, else I’ll have to remain in hiding for the rest of my life. If that were the case, it’d be better to start anew in another world!”

At this thought, Leylin flipped through the book of imprints in his hands and tapped the image of a Giant Kemoyin Serpent.

After a static sound, Gilbert’s agitated voice was heard. “Leylin, is it you?”

“It’s me!” Leylin answered concisely. Though there were restrictions when it came to secret imprints, both users were Morning Star and with the amplification of soul force the distance across which information could be transmitted was increased by a large amount.

“It’s great that you’re alright, hehe… You’ve done something incredible! Emma and Freya are very worried about you.” It was no surprise to hear Gilbert’s wry laughter from the other side of the secret imprint.

“My apologies for making you two dukes worry. Also, please help me apologise to Freya! I probably won’t be able to return for a period of time…” Leylin’s voice was low.

“What? Are you in trouble? Do you need us to come over?” Gilbert began to get worried. Leylin was currently not just the pillar of support of Ouroboros Clan, but also their hope!

“I’m fine! I’ll just need to go on a journey for a period of time. I shall leave matters of the Ouroboros Clan to both of you in the meanwhile.” Leylin concealed his imminent attempts at breaking through to Radiant Moon, and gave Gilbert the impression that he was going to wait until the fuss died down.

It was enough for the two Morning Star dukes to be in charge of the Ouroboros Clan. Leylin, who had disappeared, would act as a huge deterrent anyway. Before he popped up again, any Magi who wanted to attack the Ouroboros Clan would have to consider the consequences of offending a Magus with the might of a Radiant Moon!

“Alright, that works.” Gilbert was old and wise, and quickly thought of this matter in a short period of time.

After a brief silence, Gilbert presented another piece of news. “… Actually, someone from the Warlock Union looked for me. He hoped that you’d go to the Morning Star Area, and they’d definitely ensure your safety!”

‘Morning Star area? Warlock Union?’ Leylin pondered over it, ‘With a few Radiant Moon Warlocks in charge, safety should not be an issue, but throwing this idea out at this time… Are they trying to rope me in, or is this a conspiracy?’

Thoughts churning at lightning speed, Leylin quickly answered, “It’s alright. Thank them for their goodwill on my behalf!”

Even if they were protecting him without any ulterior motives, Leylin would not go to the Morning Star area. He would never place his own safety in the hands of another person. In other words, even a Radiant Moon Warlock was not qualified to guarantee his safety.

“Even rank 7, 8 or 9 existences can’t be relied on. The most steady method is to count on oneself.” Leylin’s eyes were full of mirth as they shot out his resolution.

“Alright. Oh, you…” Gilbert on the other end could only laugh wryly.

“Well then, take care!” “Take care!” After they bade their farewells, Leylin closed off the channel and left the area.

It was still possible to monitor communication via secret imprints. This was merely a temporary place used to recuperate, and he had long since planned to leave it. If not, he would not take the initiative and communicate with the external world.

After Leylin left, blazing black flames immediately began to burn, turning the desolate mountain into ashes.

*Bzzz Bzzz!* Not long after Leylin’s departure, space began to ripple as it twisted on itself, forming a door flickering with light.

A few human figures walked out, their bodies emanating terrifying energy undulations. Seeing the mountain that had turned to ashes, they sighed, “We’ve come too late.”

A figure stood above the ashes and tightened his fist, but could only shake his head helplessly, “He was very cautious and did it cleanly, not leaving behind any trace of his scent. It’s impossible to chase him down.”

“Prophetic spells are useless against him. Are we really going to let him go?”

The few black figures began to discuss amongst themselves.

“This Warlock has the highest potential out of every one I’ve seen. At rank 4, he can kill a rank 5, and once he reaches Radiant Moon, how much more powerful can he get?”

“You seem to have forgotten something. He’s a Giant Kemoyin Warlock, and he has the problem of bloodline shackles. The limits of his own strength are rank 4. This is a restriction on his soul! Since ancient times, there have been so many bloodline Warlocks, and yet none have broken through it. Do you think he can?”

There was a trace of pity in this new speaker’s voice, “But I must admit that Leylin is definitely a genius. He’s among the best in all history, but it’s a pity that he’s chosen the path of a Kemoyin Warlock. If he walked the path of a Magus, we might have seen the rise of another Monarch!”

“It’s not a pity. It’s fortunate instead, fortunate that he chose the path of a Warlock!” The black figure right in the middle suddenly spoke, his tone icy.

“Yes! It’s fortunate that he’s chosen to be a Warlock!” The other black figures agreed with each other, turning into great amounts of black gas and dissipating.

Leylin knew nothing of what happened after his departure. He had not even left stardust bugs behind.

Though this method was very discreet, Radiant Moon Magi had terrifying soul force, and there was a chance of being discovered. Leylin was not going to allow people to track him by making use of the bugs.

He quickly switched locations, his methods of destroying his scent all because of his cautiousness. Thankfully, he had dodged this bullet.

‘How should I begin to tread the path of rank 5, Radiant Moon?’ Leylin had now used an altering spell to change his outer appearance and arrived at another area in the central continent.

What was in front of him was a sea of fire…

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