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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 610: Capture

Chapter 610: Capture

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Magi mastered the usage of laws through knowledge and comprehension. Using their spiritual force, they manipulated elemental particles to form all sorts of spells. This was their path to power.

They didn’t stop at that, though. Along with comprehending laws, they also integrated other power systems into their own spells. This was what led to the glory of ancient times.

Leylin knew from the Scorpion Man’s memories that the creatures of the Icy World were famed for their strength and vitality. Arwen, who stood opposite him, had evidently inherited these traits.

Although Leylin was a bloodline Warlock, he still did not measure up in a contest against an actual ancient creature. Hence, as a true Magus should, he tried to shift the battlefield to one in his favour.

As in the words from his previous life, one had to match one’s strengths to their opponent’s weaknesses.

After widening the distance between them and using the domain to restrict movement, the efficacy of Arwen’s frightening speed and strength, as well as his powerful stinger, had been minimised.

In the meanwhile, Leylin could unleash a barrage of spells, obtaining the greatest result at the lowest cost. This was what ‘Knowledge is Power’ meant!

“I’ve experienced the Morning Star creatures of the Icy World. Now, it’s your turn to taste the terror that is a bloodline Warlock…”

The enormous phantom of a Giant Kemoyin Serpent emerged behind Leylin. Two starry pupils shot out petrifying rays of light as the huge snake’s body coiled up, covering Arwen within.

The earth rumbled as terrifying energy ripples were transmitted across the sky, completely annihilating the Arctic Tribe in an instant. The frightening energy ripple destroyed the entire fortified hill village to a state beyond recognition, and it happened in a flash. It was like the apocalypse had hit the village.

Arctic Tribe members who had previously been sluggish due to the death of the chief were now all shrieking, running out of the fortified hill village in hopes of getting far away from this place.

To put it bluntly, this place was completely destroyed.

Explosions sounded one after another. The competition between the two Morning Stars even affected the void, causing space to splinter away.

“What’s going on? How is this Morning Star infiltrator so powerful?” Arwen grew more and more shocked. He had a bloodline’s legacy and even the guidance of a mysterious presence, which made him think himself a powerhouse in the Morning Star realm.

But today, the foreign Morning Star that the queen wanted him to capture was much more powerful than he was. Those casting of spells that emerged endlessly and the strange innate skill of the bloodline made it very troublesome for him.

As the void shattered with a bang, Arwen and Leylin both fell into the crack between the worlds.

“I have to seize him! It’s an order from Her Highness!” Arwen looked at Leylin who was in front of him with a determined gaze. Streaks of dark green energy suddenly emerged from his body, forming strange patterns that covered it. The skin on his back exploded with a boom and a huge figure rushed out from his back.

This huge mountain-like scorpion’s entire body was dark green in colour and there was the extremely distinct face of a woman on its back.

Arwen’s previous human body was now like a piece of skin, floating in the void.

“Icy Jade Scorpion!” Leylin cried out involuntarily. Arwen’s true form was actually a large Icy Jade Scorpion! With such a figure, it probably surpassed the existence of species like that Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor he’d fought before.

“Chik chik!” The large scorpion yelled. The huge claws in its hands were like falling meteorites as they smashed towards Leylin with a terrifying force.

This frightening strength caused even the void to shudder.

“Hoho… It seems like I share a destiny with you Icy Jade Scorpions. Moreover, the breath of an Icy Jade Scorpion at the Morning Star realm will surely have an unimaginable effect on my bloodline disease. I’ll have to modify my plans…” Leylin’s pupils sparkled.

Although his battle prowess was comparable to a New Moon, and he had killed a Radiant Moon Magi before, all of that power was only acquired using the imprint of the Sun’s Child bloodline.

As for his true power, he could still take down a Five Star Morning Star, but it would require a great fight and there was a chance that he’d let the enemy escape.

Now that his opponent had revealed his true form as an Icy Jade Scorpion. Leylin’s desire to capture him alive grew even greater.

If he used the bloodline imprint to cast Sun Scorching Nirvana, Arwen would undoubtedly be burnt to nothingness. But Leylin still hoped to obtain his breath to try and treat the bloodline disease at the Morning Star realm.

“I admit you are very useful, Arwen! I won’t kill you that easily as you have things that I want!”

Leylin spoke indifferently. Four scarlet halos lit up behind him. and even fused together to form a terrifying spell.

“Rank 1 bloodline innate spells, Kemoyin’s Scales, Eyes of Petrification! Rank 2 innate spell, Toxic Bile. rank 3 innate spell, Intimidating Gaze! Rank 4 innate spell, Bloodline Metamorphosis! Combining to form the Morning Star Arcane Art— Kemoyin Serpent Transformation!”

With Leylin’s point mass and bloodline giving him Six Stars of strength, the power of the Kemoyin Serpent Transformation had almost reached the peak that all Kemoyin Warlocks desired.

The earth rumbled as a giant serpent, nearly a hundred thousand metres in length and with blazing stripes on its body as well as starry pupils emerged.

The Icy Jade Scorpion from before was like a tiny toy in front of this behemoth.

Its huge claws slashed across the serpent’s scales. They managed to cause some sparks to fly, but could not even push the giant serpent away slightly.

“WHAT? You’re not a bloodline creature, why can you carry out atavism?” A voice full of disbelief echoed forth from the Icy Jade Scorpion. Before the terrifying Giant Kemoyin Serpent, almost all of the stubborness and pride inside Arwen disappeared.

This was the technique that only Morning Star Kemoyin Warlocks possessed, the Morning Star Arcane Art— Kemoyin Serpent Transformation! Once again, it displayed its monstrous might in front of this foreign tribe!

Although the ancient Morning Star Magi possessed a large variety of spells, they were nothing much to flaunt in front of the powerful Morning Stars of other worlds. Amongst the many Morning Star tribes, there were plenty of Magi whose abilities surpassed those of Morning Stars.

However, the greatest strength of ancient Magi was that they were good at learning.

By imitating their opponents, ancient Magi obtained all sorts of powerful abilities and even figured out the way to modify and stabilise innate spells through meditation techniques, creating the first of the Morning Star Arcane Arts!

Against the terrifying Morning Star Arcane Arts, the powerhouses of all the other worlds retreated one after another. Even the World of Gods had suffered heavy casualties.

Arwen was someone who’d only been born much later. He hadn’t even left this world of ice in his entire life, and thus he naturally couldn’t understand such terror. It led to him receiving a great shock.

*Hissss…* Of course, Leylin would not explain anything to Arwen. The enormous Giant Kemoyin Serpent directly crushed the creature down, firmly binding the Icy Jade Scorpion. At the same time, a petrifying light danced about on its body.

The large Icy Jade Scorpion wailed continuously for a short while…


With the writhing of the void, a dark passageway opened up. Leylin, dressed in a black robe, walked out with one hand holding the petrified Arwen.

Arwen had already regained his human form, just that his entire body was covered in a layer of stone. He was like a statue.

Only, the fearful expression on this opponent’s face had not disappeared. It was as if he had seen something extremely terrifying before he was petrified.

“Too easy, simply too easy!” Leylin sighed, “In fact, Morning Star Magi and strong Morning Stars of the other worlds don’t have much of a difference in their nature. Their energies are almost at the same level, but once the Morning Star Arcane Art is used, we can steamroll over the other worlds’ powerhouses!”

Take for example this instance. Both he and Arwen were Morning Stars, one at Five Stars and the other at Six Stars. Common sense dictated that, if he were facing another of the Magus World, he could defeat his opponent but without using the Sun’s Child imprint, it would be relatively difficult for him to kill them. The opponent could always use his Morning Star Arcane Art and flee.

However, Arwen was different. When confronted with his Morning Star Arcane Art, he seemed to be suppressed without any resistance.

“No wonder the ancient Magi could crush a lot of the other worlds!” Leylin could not help but admire the ancient Magi who attempted high-level meditation techniques and used point mass to activate the innate spell fusions to create a terrifying killer move. Even for him at the present, it would require a lot of time to deduct things from scratch, and it may not even be successful. However, the ancient Magi managed to do it and from this, the strong foundation of the Magus World was established!

“It’s not such a bad harvest this time! I can probably use his Morning Star icy breath to curb the emotional instability that comes from the Purgatory World.” Leylin analysed Arwen’s statue as he stroked his chin.

The bloodline disease of Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks originated from the Purgatory World. Due to their defeat in the Shadow World, the Snake Dowager brought all her clan members with her and migrated to the Purgatory World.

However, descendants of the Snake Dowager that were originally had darkness element attribute were all contaminated by the chaotic World’s Will in the Purgatory World, giving rise to berserk characteristics. In order to solve this problem completely, the Snake Dowager thought of the using Icy World, and that was the battle that Leylin had witnessed.

According to the A.I. Chip’s deductions, the Icy Jade Scorpion tribe here possessed excellent curbing effects for Leylin’s own emotional instability. Last time, he’d managed to use just a peak rank 1 Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor’s Icy Breath to suppress his emotional instability all the way up to Morning Star.

And now, with an Icy Jade Scorpion at the Morning Star realm, Leylin was confident in eradicating his bloodline disease.

With the A.I. Chip having completed its database on the soul recently, Leylin could now control his influence on the soul much easier, boosting his power even further.

Leylin tilted his head as he pondered. Arwen’s statue in hand, he transformed into a black streak that disappeared into the horizon.

Only after that did the frost giants and snow fairies who did not manage to leave in time pop their heads out from various corners, eyes full of consternation as they looked towards the direction that had Leylin departed in.

What had they just seen? The Arctic Queen’s chief lackey— mass murderer Arwen, was actually defeated by a foreigner just like that?

Their fear towards Arwen even exceeded that towards the Arctic Queen. After all, although this place was ruled in the name of the Arctic Queen, she basically did not appear in public at all, and all affairs were taken care of by Arwen.

One could imagine the kind of shock that Arwen’s defeat brought them.

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