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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 618: Rank 5 And The Snake Dowager

Chapter 618: Rank 5 And The Snake Dowager

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Gigantic and graceful, the phantom of a Kemoyin Serpent Emperor that held an elegance befitting a ruler appeared behind Leylin’s back. Large amounts of blood-coloured energy shrouded him. The serpent emperor snarled as a black hole appeared in front of it, sucking in the surrounding ice, earth, rocks, the remains and even the air.

Once large amounts of materials disappeared into its mouth, Leylin felt a powerful life force begin to circulate within his body. His body buzzed as first the skeleton, then his internal organs, blood, flesh, and finally the skin was regenerated. With the help of a powerful life force, the injuries on his body recovered at a frightening rate.

‘Could this be the rumoured devouring ability of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor?’ Leylin had a thought.

Immediately after, he felt his arm go numb, and the limb that had been broken off began to regenerate. In just ten or so seconds, the grave injury was completely recovered.

This speed left even Leylin in shock. ‘With this rate of recovery, I can recover quickly even in a battle against a Radiant Moon. I could even endure a Morning Star Arcane Art with just my body, immediately restoring myself afterwards! If the devouring ability is already so terrifying, what about that of control?’ he wondered.

The information about the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor had been lost in ancient times, and a large portion of the information that was gathered had been derived by the A.I. Chip from his bloodline memories. It was rather small, but just looking at the description he could tell that his control over Kemoyin Warlocks was great. Great enough, in fact, that if he commanded a Morning Star Kemoyin Warlock to die, the other party would not be able to resist at all.

*Hss—* Though he had completely recovered, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent figure at Leylin’s back was still unsatisfied. It abruptly broke through the layer of soil and soared into the air.

A terrifying suction force appeared, and everything, be it living or otherwise, was dragged towards the black hole that had appeared in the serpent’s mouth.

The force spread out farther than even the bounds of the castle, radiating into the surroundings. Leylin could see several powerful creatures, many at the Crystal Phase, dragged from the sky by force as they disappeared into the black hole.

Practically every being in this world of ice automatically bowed their heads in respect and fear, trembling bodies paralysed under the suppression of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor.

The accumulated life force was enormous, eventually forming a cocoon that covered Leylin. The Kemoyin Serpent Emperor at Leylin’s back continued to snarl unceasingly, and only after almost devouring the entirety of the central icy plains did it pull back into the cocoon of light, satisfied.

Leylin was undergoing a wondrous transformation within. Powerful bloodline energy fused with boundless life force, aiding Leylin in his bid to charge into rank 5.

He was becoming a rank 5 Warlock, a Radiant Moon! There were likely no more than twenty Radiant Moons in the entire central continent, second only to the Breaking Dawn Monarchs. It was also precisely due to the Radiant Moons in the Union that bloodline Warlocks still survived to this day.

On top of that, this event was even more significant for Leylin. He had finally moved past the bloodline shackles of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, and now had the wherewithal to try to become a rank 5.

“I already reached the peak of Morning Star after fusing Fireplume into my point mass, so I already meet the requirements for the advancement. And now that the bloodline and technique that were holding me back are solved…” Leylin chuckled lightly.

With the cooperation of the bloodline of the rank 5 Kemoyin Serpent Emperor, his advancement was smooth. The fifth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil that the A.I. Chip had just deduced began to operate slowly.

The point mass in his sea of consciousness buzzed as it revolved quickly, growing in density as the nebula surrounding it began another round of frantic expansion. Another layer of fine black runes emerged on top of it.

With the probing of the soul through the A.I. Chip, Leylin could see the truesoul located at the heart of the point mass beginning to evolve.

Probing through his A.I. Chip, Leylin saw his truesoul at the heart of his point mass breaking through its limits at the peak of Morning Star, expanding to form the shape of a moon. It was glittering with a fine radiance that filled it with a sense of perfection.

Soul force was constantly poured in, causing the round moon to emanate a cool lustre. Once that was completed, his soul that was a size larger than that of normal Radiant Moon Magi had on it a layer of soul force that looked like a crescent moon that emitted an intense radiance.

‘I don’t have enough soul force to fill my truesoul. In fact, I don’t even have enough to fill half the volume… It seems like I’m a New Moon…’ Leylin suddenly came to an understanding of how Radiant Moons trained.

Ranks 4 to 6 involved the training of soul force. Morning Stars were still fumbling around without direction; it was when one advanced to Radiant Moon that they began true training.

The soul, which was in the shape of a moon showed how much soul force one had with its radiance. Rank 5 Magi had to train and fill it up. The different amounts of fullness represented the different stages of New Moon, Half Moon, and Full Moon Magi.

[Beep! Host’s soul force has been strengthened. Chip upgrade commencing… Time to completion: 4m24s.]

With the advancement of his soul, the A.I. Chip was undergoing its upgrade immediately as well, having been fused into it. Perhaps it was because it had already gained quite a bit from Sky City, the advancement this time was quite rapid. In less than five minutes, it had completed its upgrade and rebooted.

The sounds of the A.I. Chip rang once more. [Beep! Host’s Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique has reached the fifth level. Advancing to rank 5 Warlock!]

[Beep! Host has advanced to become a Radiant Moon Warlock. All statistics have been significantly strengthened, recalculating…]

The familiar robotic voice seemed to be accompanied with a changed interface, the screen projected in Leylin’s mind even more solid than before.

‘Looks like the A.I. Chip has undergone a huge transformation!’ Leylin touched his chin.

[Data collection complete. Display?] The A.I. Chip launched another prompt. Leylin nodded as he voiced his approval. The A.I Chip immediately projected the refreshed numbers before Leylin’s eyes.

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 5 Warlock. Bloodline: Kemoyin Serpent Emperor. Strength: 75, Agility: 61, Vitality: 137.5, Spiritual force: 1326.7, Magic power: 1326(Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Soul force: 133 (New Moon)]

“It really deserves to be called the bloodline of the Kemoyin Emperor. The numbers were raised to such a huge extent!” Leylin’s expression was filled with glee. Not only had his spiritual force broken through 1000, his strength and agility which had not improved in a very long while had increased as well. His vitality had been raised by over 30 points, which was just terrifying!

“I never expected that the growth of Kemoyin Warlocks would only become more frightful with time!” Leylin read through his stats and could not help but sigh.

He felt the soul energy in his body that was as cool as water. It was soul force that had reached rank 5, and was of a higher quality than that at Morning Star, therefore having better effects. However, there was no elation in Leylin’s expression.

“The issue of the bloodline shackles still has not been dealt with. I’ve only pushed it back by a rank, and this time there’s no such thing as raising the rank of my bloodline anymore!” Leylin gazed at the prompt at the bottom of the stats frame and turned grim.

[Host’s Kemoyin bloodline has reached limits of genes. Unable to advance further.]

The A.I. Chip was plainly telling Leylin that after reaching the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor, he had reached the limits of his bloodline. At least Kemoyin Serpents had no way to advance to a higher realm.

An ominous feeling, like his future path had been cut off, emerged in Leylin’s mind…

*BOOM!* The cocoon of light in the world of ice burst apart, revealing Leylin within.

“Whatever it is, I’ve finally attained my goal in coming to the subterranean world this time. I just didn’t expect the remains of the Scorpion Man to be burnt up along with my opponent. It’s slightly regretful that I didn’t manage to obtain the coordinates to the Icy World…” Leylin sighed ruefully, turning into a black figure that disappeared into the void.


The long majestic river that was the astral plane flowed on, many foreign worlds like the stars in the galaxy. They were a brightly coloured array, twinkling with varying lustres.

In one such world, full of flames and shadows, a boundless darkness formed a dense fog that completely covered the continent.

Numerous ancient, terrifying serpents grew and multiplied in this place, terrifying auras at Morning Star advancements appearing everywhere.

At the heart of the continent, the holy land of all snakes, Morning Star serpents could be seen everywhere. The closer one got to the centre, the more horrifying they became, as rank 5 and even ran 6 snakes flashed by on occasion.

In a gigantic spatial crack, a coiled ball of snake the size of a star revealed the alluring figure of the Snake Dowager. The moment Leylin reached rank 5, she opened a pair of misty eyes that seemed like water.

“I’d never thought that today, after the end of the ancient era, an Emperor would awaken among the Kemoyin race!” The eyes of the Snake Dowager seemed to penetrate across multiple worlds and the astral plane, locking onto the Magus World and a young Warlock.

To her, a Morning Star was just a basic soldier. Rank 5s and 6s were worthy of attention, and such a thing as the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor that could control the Giant Kemoyin Serpents was even more worthy of interest.

“The power of destiny is guiding you here…” The life and death of multiple worlds flashed across her beautiful eyes. Two mandara flowers, one bright and one dark, bloomed in them before dissipating.

Destiny, seen through the eyes of the Snake Dowager!

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