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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 619: Tracking And The Statue

Chapter 619: Tracking And The Statue

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The beautiful eyes of the Snake Dowager seemed to see into fragments of the future, penetrating the long river of destiny.

After her prophecy, the Snake Dowager coiled back into the ball, seeming to sink back into a deep slumber.

“What’s going on? I feel like somebody’s watching me and I have an ominous feeling!”

The very instant the Snake Dowager’s sight set into the Magus World, Leylin who was in the midst of flying, felt his hair stand on end. An odd mixture of terror and reverence appeared in his mind.

“The Snake Dowager…” Leylin felt a bitterness in his mouth. Never had he expected that once he had advanced into a rank 5 Warlock, he would arouse her interest.

‘But this is the Magus World. It isn’t that easy for her to come over!’ Whether this sort of attention was good or bad, Leylin had no wish to form any sort of relationship with an existence at such a level. He’d always liked to operate after careful planning, and even if it was the Snake Dowager, he hoped to seek her out only after making his own preparations. That was better than being passive and letting her find him.

‘A Radiant Moon strength shouldn’t be enough to arouse the interest of the Snake Dowager, unless…’ Leylin touched his chin, light flickering in his eyes, ‘Could it be that my Kemoyin Serpent Emperor bloodline is making her feel… threatened?’

Leylin couldn’t help but turn his attention back to the summary the A.I. Chip had given him about his bloodline, specifically the row that detailed his control ability.

“Kemoyin Serpent Emperors have a total dominance over Giant Kemoyin Serpents and all their descendants. Could this result in some overlap and conflict with the Snake Dowager’s own rule?”

Leylin suddenly had the urge to try it out. If he and the Snake Dowager were to give a Kemoyin Warlock an order at the same time, what would they do?

However, such an insane idea was quickly suppressed. With his current strength, challenging the Snake Dowager’s authority is equivalent to death.

The ability of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor to rule over others was, in fact, a breakthrough for him to resist the Snake Dowager’s control over himself. It was like a seedling that needed to be watered regularly until it bloomed and bore fruit.

Before all this, he needed to keep a low profile, silently amassing strength and prepare to soar, waiting till he completely broke through the bloodline shackles and also broke free from the control of the Snake Dowager!


“I’ve found it! This is it— Mount Asura…” A few figures robed in black appeared over a volcano. Large amounts of lava spurted into the sky, but it bypassed their bodies without even so much as a ripple.

“Time Recall!” One of the black robed figures looked solemn as he used a spell, dazzling light being generated at his fingertips.

The translucent face of a mirror suddenly appeared before him, revealing a blurred scenery.

After summoning this mirror, the black-robed figure seemed fatigued as he spoke to another Magus behind him, “Carol, it’s up to you now, you’re the most adept in this aspect…”

“Alright!” While the Magus behind him was wearing a black robe, her physique was evidently smaller than the others, and her voice was gentle and agreeable.

“Aura Extraction!” She stood before the screen, right arm as smooth and bright as jade as it went through the surface, grabbing hold of a black gas.

*Wooh wooh…* After this stream of gas appeared, the magic equipment on the bodies of these people displayed a dazzling luster and made noises.

“The nose of the hound has reacted. Looks like he was here before, and not too long ago either!” The leading Magus spoke with conviction.

A Magus began to gnash his teeth. “And here we were thinking he’d return to the south coast. Who’d have thought he’d escape into the underground like a mouse!”

Leylin’s concealing techniques were far too complicated, and even Magi who excelled in prophecies could do nothing against him. Things were even more complicated for these Magi.

However, the powerful organisation backing them had gathered a lot of information, and through the method of elimination, they’d found a trace of Leylin’s whereabouts.

The Magus who had spoken before evidently was very hostile towards Leylin, emanating a dangerous air. “Warlocks have enhanced bodies, and their skin is the best raw material for art pieces. This Leylin’s skin will be a perfect addition to my study room!”

The female Magus from before shrieked, “Eugene, if you don’t change that disgusting hobby, I’ll break off all relations with you!”

“Enough! Though the target is merely a Morning Star, it’s publicly acknowledged that he possesses battle strength at the Radiant Moon realm. Don’t underestimate him!” The leader said, putting a stop to their conversation, “Be more careful. He’s taken a Radiant Moon down before; if you don’t want your truesoul to be thrown back into the astral plane, buck up and don’t look down on your opponent!”

“Hmph! I alone can take care of two Radiant Moons like Stuart!” Eugene huffed disdainfully, but did not continue speaking after that.

After all, he believed that he could defeat Stuart, but he had no methods that could cause the other party’s death.

Not even a peak Radiant Moon or Breaking Dawn Monarch dared guarantee that they could eliminate a Radiant Moon Magus without letting their opponent escape. Leylin, who possessed the power to kill a Radiant Moon Magus, was very outstanding.

“Though he made use of a bloodline imprint to kill Stuart, even I have to admit that he’s a genius to be able to push the Giant Kemoyin bloodline to the peak of Morning Star until it is comparable to Radiant Moons. He’s a real genius! Even in ancient times, he would be one of the most dazzling stars!” Carol’s voice held a sigh within.

“A genius amongst Warlocks!” The leader spoke coldly, causing Carol to fall silent, “The more geniuses the enemy has, the weaker we are. Leylin must be erased!” His voice was icy cold, and Eugene and Carol nodded solemnly.

“Boss, I just don’t understand. Even if Leylin’s amazing now, he has the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline. Kemoyin’s Pupil only has up to four levels, and the Morning Star realm is his limit. Why are we hunting him down so fervently? Even while we were chasing Golden Lion Wayde when he was a Morning Star, we didn’t operate on such a large scale…” Carol’s face was full of doubt, and Eugene’s ears perked up.

“That’s because you don’t understand the terror that is the Giant Kemoyin Serpent…” The leading Magus answered coldly, but did not continue, leaving Carol and Eugene bewildered.

“I don’t care what you think, but whatever it is, killing Leylin Farlier is the most important task sent down by our organisation. It must be completed, even at the cost of our lives!” The leader’s expression was solemn.

Carol and Eugene nodded coldly. Amongst Magi, this was truly a rare sight. To be able to bind the ever-rational Magi to this extent meant the organisation backing them was exceptionally powerful.

“In addition, Leylin as he is right now is very difficult to deal with, especially with people from the Warlock Union meddling. They’re rather protective of this younger generation…”

In spite of the warning, Eugene was full of confidence. “Don’t worry, boss! If the real bodies of those Warlocks dare emerge from the Morning Star area, our Monarch wouldn’t let them off so easily…”

“Mm! Based on the intel, the target had been a ruler of Twilight Zone for a period of time and must be extremely familiar with the situation there. We need to act very cautiously when we go down there…”

The leading Magus continued to express his caution before three flickering rays of light pierced into the lava like sharp blades, following the lava pathway and sinking downwards.

If even Morning Star Magi could pass through the barrier, there was no issue at all for Radiant Moons.


In Twilight Zone, the headquarters of Nature’s Alliance Academy.

The academy had now regained its previous vibrance. Ever since Leylin’s return, the humans of Twilight Zone broke away from the darkness of war, and even gained a glorious victory! All this would have been unimaginable in the past, but had been easily attained with Leylin’s arrival.

Leylin’s gigantic black stone statue was still at the center of the bustling square in all its glory, but now there was another in the corner.

This statue had a distorted human face, nose and eyes squeezed together due to extreme shock and terror; it seemed rather comical. Coupled with the assumed motion of the body, it looked like a clown, creating a stark contrast with Leylin’s statue in the middle.

Whenever a few of the official Magi in the academy passed by the statue, their eyes filled with a trace of panic that did not dissipate for a long while.

This clownish stone statue was naturally that Banker from before. Though he was a rank 3 Magus who was once regarded as the strongest human, he’d been killed by Leylin without any chance to retaliate. Even his body had become a stone figure, exhibited here for eternity to be sneered at by later generations.

This method immediately resulted in incessant terror in the Magi’s hearts. There were also some who were filled with reverence towards Leylin.

“What is it? Is there anything else?” In the luxurious villa, Leylin reclined on the sofa, watching the Magus that seemed to be short of time.

It was obvious that this young man was extremely nervous, his eyes showed his admiration and apprehension at meeting his idol face to face.

“Lord Protector!” Will’s face was filled with emotion and uneasiness, “If you knew my mother, would you know about my father?”

“Jenny never told you?” Leylin watched Will with interest. It had to be said that he was still somewhat similar to his father.

“No. Everytime she talked about it, she got so sorrowful…” Will hanged his head low.

“There are some things we don’t know, and something things we can’t tell you even if we knew!” Leylin laughed as he stroked Will’s head. “The only thing I can tell you is that I’d chosen to bring you into Nature’s Alliance Academy…”

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