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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 629: City and Meeting

Chapter 629: City and Meeting

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“There’s a significant increase in all my statistics… The rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor bloodline is truly terrifying!” Leylin let loose a sigh of satisfaction at the sight of his status.

The Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline originally provided additional bloodline power to a Warlock, and once it evolved this support only grew greater in magnitude.

Leylin could feel this royal bloodline changing his body with every breath, breaking even into his truesoul and colouring it a slight red. His soul force was constantly being strengthened.

‘Although this Kemoyin Emperor bloodline helped me achieve rank 5, even to be considered strong amongst Radiant Moons, it isn’t without its consequences…’ Leylin could not help but think of the feeling he had when he was being spied upon at that time. The Snake Dowager’s attention from the Purgatory World had left him nervous and uneasy to this day. He could not help but put in extra effort into improving his strength.

He had a premonition that the moment he chose to fight the Snake Dowager, even betray her, the bloodline in his body would lead to an unpredictable end.

Leylin could not help but recall the situation when he met the two Kemoyin Dukes. As he’d already advanced to Radiant Moon himself and even awakened the Kemoyin Emperor’s bloodline, he’d felt like he could completely bypass their willpower and give them any commands he wished. They would likely carry out his orders even if he told them to die.

As for Freya? She’d already fallen completely into his control, from her body to her spirit. This feeling of controlling everything about another person really had Leylin somewhat intoxicated.

Everything naturally came from the Kemoyin Emperor’s innate skill of control. However, this had also given Leylin an idea of the type of control the Snake Dowager would have over serpents.

If, by any chance, there was conflict between them, Leylin didn’t have any confidence in himself…

The laboratory door opened with a bang and Freya stood up with a pleasant surprise, “Leylin! Is the experiment proceeding smoothly?”

Shortly after, she sharply noticed that this ‘Leylin’ was a little different from usual. After being in a daze for a while, Freya then pursed her lips in astonishment, “You… Your body’s aura, why has it fallen back to Morning Star?”

“Very smoothly!” ‘Leylin’ smiled. Behind him, another Leylin with a deeper aura walked out, “Even you didn’t notice the anomaly at first. It seems like the spiritual imprint was also very successful!”

“This is your Morning Star clone?” Freya looked at the Leylin who came out first and her eyes sparkled.

“Yes! Although my main body will remain in the Morning Star area, there are still matters that I have to resolve in the outside world!” The Morning Star clone nodded before turning around and walking out.

In its stead, the real Leylin walked up, looking at Freya’s slightly bulging stomach with a smile. Through the bloodline’s reaction and the ability of the Kemoyin Emperor, he could clearly sense a tiny life growing sturdily in there.

It wasn’t just the child. Freya was growing as well, although in another sense. Her strength had skyrocketed from one who’d just stepped into the Crystal Phase, and at some point, she’d unknowingly broken through to the limits of rank 3. With how her bloodline was constantly being purified, there was a chance she’d break through to Morning Star!

All of this was, of course, due to Leylin’s imperceptible influence. The two dukes hadn’t gained much, but with Freya, there was an obvious increase in power.

“Scary! Is this also the ability of the royal bloodline? Subtly influencing and transforming one’s own kind, evolving them to become more powerful…”

‘The power of a royal bloodline is truly frightening… To subtly influence and transform one’s kin, evolving them into a more powerful state…’ Leylin’s pupils sparkled. He had finally experienced the true terror of a royal bloodline. Not only could it amplify his individual military might, but it could also upgrade his entire clan!

If he stayed at the Ouroboros Clan for a hundred years, most of the rank 1 Mankestre bloodlines would probably evolve to rank 3, becoming Black Horrall Snake bloodlines. As for Black Horrall Snake Warlocks themselves? They stood a chance of becoming pureblood Kemoyin Warlocks! The bloodlines of many of the royal families would grow even purer due to Leylin’s existence.

Of course, all of this was also related to the distance between them and Leylin. For example, Freya who was closest to him experienced the deepest influence from his radiation and aura, showing results in just a few months’ time.

“A.I. Chip! Establish mission — Maintain the current radiation from the regal bloodline that is influencing the community and form an energy tower that will be in this eternal state!” Leylin commanded.

[Beep! Mission established— Regal bloodline’s influence on the community! Beginning to gather the main body’s radiation, simulating…] The A.I. Chip responded quickly.

Leylin would certainly not treat himself unfairly, making himself a breeding machine or radiation source. To enhance the strength of all the Kemoyin Warlocks, he would instead build a tower that radiated similar energy to his.

As he was looking at the smiling Freya, Leylin suddenly grew dazed. His field of vision shifted, going past the Morning Star area to arrive at the dim subterranean world. In an ornate office, Celine caressed a stomach with an even greater bulge on it, a faint loneliness in her face.

Through the Kemoyin Emperor’s power of control, nearly all of the descendants of the Kemoyin bloodline in the Magus World could be seen by Leylin, and he had control over them.

Of course, Leylin’s ‘preparations’ weren’t limited to Freya alone. Besides his wife on the surface, he also entered intimate relationships with many female Warlocks. It was obviously voluntary, they’d done it to obtain his bloodline. In fact, there were even a few duels that had broken out in private as many of them fought for such a place.

“The growth of my bloodline has begun…” Leylin himself was also unclear about how he felt in his heart, and ended up just sighing…

An astral gate flashed with brilliant light, and Leylin’s Morning Star clone stepped through the curtain of light and onto the floor of his Magus Tower.

“Welcome back, Master!” To the tower’s spirit genie, this clone who had the same energy waves as the main body and was familiar with all the traps and passwords would be a master as well.

“Okay, time to see the two Dukes!” The current Leylin could be said to be the backbone of the Ouroboros Clan, and all major decisions needed his permission. Although it was still possible to contact him through secret imprints, there was still a large amount of information and even documents to sign and the like. A physical body was still required to resolve that type of thing.

Ever since Leylin had purified his bloodline into that of a Kemoyin Emperor, Gilbert and Emma no longer treated him like a junior. Instead they gave him the sort of respect one would their liege. Perhaps strength was a part of the reason why, but the main cause was probably the royal bloodline’s natural coercion and secret influence.

With regards to this, Leylin could only shake his head.

After meeting the two dukes who were evidently slightly trembling with fear, Leylin plunged into a sea of documents. Fortunately, with the A.I. Chip’s assistance, he handled these matters with blazing speed while still avoiding even the slightest of errors.

After finishing up all these miscellaneous affairs, Leylin left Phosphorescence Swamp to arrive at a commoners’ city.

This was Borre City, located at the borders of the Black River Domain. It had constantly suffered the tragedies of war for decades as it bordered the Warlocks’ territory. Although it seemed desolate, humans had a natural knack for survival. By the time Jupiter’s Lightning changed chiefs and the war ceased, this place had regained its prosperity once more.

Many horses, mules and scooters pushed their way through on the streets that were filled with the pungent smell of faeces.

Mercenaries in leather armour, businessmen with accounting books, clowns with colourful faces… there were all sorts of scenes in this bustling city.

All sorts of bars and hotels were open round the clock, and some drunkards could be seen lying limp at the corners of the streets. These people were ultimately dragged away by patrols and thrown in jail without any regard for propriety. Unless someone bailed them out, they could only be forced into labour.

“Due to the war, ordinary people in the Ouroboros Clan’s territory will have to rebuild their homes. Furthermore, many new settlers are moving in here. Thus the marketplace is born!” Watching the flourishing and booming scene, Leylin thought of a reason instantly.

Without stopping his footsteps, he directly came to the downtown commercial street, entering the most luxurious and beautiful cold beverage store.

Leylin was currently wearing a gold-rimmed tuxedo restricted to nobles. With the enchanting face resulting from his being a Warlock, unknown numbers of waitresses blushed as they looked at him.

However, he was already immune to such scenes. Minding his own business, he came before a seat.

“Can I sit here?” The girl sitting opposite him had a freckled face with vestiges of baby fat still on it. She could not be considered very pretty, and could likely disappear within a crowd. Yet, if one paid close attention, they would realise she had a special temperament to her.

This ‘special’ girl currently had her face stuffed with desserts, one hand holding tightly onto a cone of ice cream while the other constantly sent fries dipped in ketchup to her mouth. There were also many discarded food boxes piled up into a small, thick mountain at the side. It was unknown how she’d managed to digest that much food.

“You’re finally here! I’ve been waiting for you here for two days!” The girl mumbled with a full mouth. Her speech was blurry with all the food in it. She casually swept away the messy snacks that were in front of Leylin and made an inviting gesture. Leylin sat down without any restraint.

Right at this moment, he seemed to hear the sound of many hearts shattering, and many jealous gazes were directed onto the girl.

“Say…” Leylin looked at the girl pigging out opposite him with a bizarre look in his pupils, “If people knew that the person they were being hostile to was a female Magus, and even a rank 5 Radiant Moon Magus, what would their expressions be like? That would certainly be very interesting!”

“You have to understand my problem. I’ve been a soul for 3572 years, and have never been able to enjoy these!” The girl said resentfully.

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