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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 633: Rank 6 Bloodline

Chapter 633: Rank 6 Bloodline

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‘I’m afraid the reason that Jeffrey and the rest invited me to help manage the Morning Star Area is in order to increase its security!’ Leylin pondered silently. With a rank 6 bloodline appearing and that prophecy, all the high-ranked Warlocks probably believed that that person would be their hope to rise once more.

Leylin wasn’t the least bit envious. No matter how talented a Warlock was, they would still need to grow over a period of time. Those with high-ranked bloodlines would need even more time to develop, and before such a person matured, he was just a Warlock that showed good potential.

Leylin would happily encourage and guide the Warlock along, even sending some items to him as an investment. However, if that Warlock did not meet his requirements, he would need to be taught reality.

And if the Warlock started to hate him for it, he might just make the fellow ‘disappear.’ No matter how much of a genius one might be, they were nothing before they had the chance to completely develop. As for the hopes of the Warlock Union to have a Monarch among their ranks? Leylin had never bothered with that.

He would never entrust his hope to someone else to accomplish. He could only rely on himself.

“Those Radiant Moon Warlocks hid something so important from me, and I even had to find out from an outsider…” At the thought of what the Radiant Moon Warlocks had done, Leylin shook his head in disappointment.

Of course, he was aware that the Warlocks had their reasons. A Bloodline Monarch meant too much to the Bloodline Union, because that meant hope for the rise of Warlocks! Hence, it was a necessity dispose of any dangers before they could develop.

Leylin’s own background was mysterious and obscure, and he’d spent little time in reaching the realm of a rank 5 Warlock. Not considering the possibility that he was a spy, the fact that he could go head to head with that genius had these Warlocks frowning.

It was good for one hero to take care of another, but in the Magus World two absolute geniuses who did not see eye to eye would likely end up hating each other. It was natural for the high-ranked Warlocks to worry.

Hence, they chose not to be direct, instead only mentioning it to Leylin in passing. Their line of thought was simple: once that genius advanced to rank 6 and widened the gap between them, there would be nothing to worry about.

Though he was aware of what these people who were originally his higher-ups were thinking, this did not mean Leylin agreed with them.

The development of a rank 6 bloodline was terrifying. With the passage of time, he would eventually surpass Leylin. But, these high-ranked Warlocks did not know that Leylin had a lot of trump cards up his sleeve, which was why they were more biased towards the other Warlock. That was not surprising.

It was impossible for Leylin not to have any opinions about the Warlock Union. However, he only cared about himself. Once he broke through the bloodline shackles to arrive at the realm of rank 6, these Warlocks would come and surround him instead.

In the Magus World, strength meant everything. Though it wasn’t as if organisations were useless, but if there was a huge disparity between an organisation’s power and the individual’s strength, it was like gilding the lily.

At this thought, Leylin began to snicker as he tapped on a secret imprint in the shape of a bat, “Your Highness Jeffrey? I have something to ask you.”

“Leylin! I’ll be there soon.” These rank 5 Warlocks all had their main bodies in the Morning Star Area, so moving around was easy.

Shortly after the call ended, Jeffrey arrived at Leylin’s castle.

Multi-coloured petals floated on hot tea, giving off hot steam and emanating a rich fragrance. A few adamantine maids served snacks and then bowed elegantly towards Leylin and Jeffrey before leaving quietly.

“Your Highness, these robot puppets of yours have great workmanship. There’s something especially unique about their movements…” Jeffrey watched the backs of these maids, seemingly deep in thought.

In his opinion, Leylin’s puppets were created with great precision, and they were at least at the level of a Grandmaster Alchemist. This was rare, and even Radiant Moons would have to expend some effort for it. The programming of these puppets was such that their movements carried a unique air. Their lack of stiffness was something to reflect upon.

As most movements had been thought of and executed, the workmanship of the puppets had attained an even higher appraisal.

“Hehe… it’s something I did whilst bored. If Your Highness likes it, I can send you a few!” Leylin laughed. The blueprint was something stored in the A.I. Chip from his previous world, and he had now used it only for some nostalgia.

The etiquette in his previous world was different from that in the Magus World, and it was understandable that Jeffrey had noticed it.

Ever since the inception of astral experiments, the Magus World had an increasing amount of contact with the other worlds. At most, Leylin’s works would be believed to have some influence from other worlds, and there was nothing strange about it.

After they made some small talk, Jeffrey finally cut to the chase, “May I know what Your Highness has invited me here for?”

“Well,” Leylin placed his teacup on the table slowly, “I met the leader of Jupiter’s Lightning recently. This female Magus, Melinda, invited me to attack the Flame Monarch’s organisation…”

Leylin summarised his experiences and, of course, omitted the content about Melinda inviting him to deal with the Flame Monarch himself together. That was just too crazy, which was why he merely mentioned attacking the other party’s organisation.

Even so, that caused Jeffrey to turn pale with fright.

“Wha- What? You’re laying your hand on a rank 6 Magus’ organisation? Is she crazy?” Jeffrey shot to his feet, a trace of suspicion on his face, “Melinda? I seem to have heard this name somewhere, but it’s been too long and I can’t remember.”

“Based on what she said, she’s confident she’ll be able to keep this under control. When the time comes, she’ll split the benefits with us… What do you think…” Seeing how he had reacted, Leylin shook his head inside, but still said the words that he prepared beforehand.

“I don’t agree,” this suggestion was rejected without hesitation.

“A Monarch is not an existence we can provoke at the moment. Though you’ll be working alone, you’re still representing the Warlock Union. I don’t want you to do this…” Jeffrey watched Leylin, eyes showing his sincerity, “I know you must be feeling indignant, but what we need to do now is wait. With another hundred and fifty years…”

“Will the new Bloodline Monarch have risen by then?” Leylin continued coldly.

“How- How did you know about that?” Learning that Leylin was aware of this earth-shattering news, Jeffrey’s eyes went as wide as saucers, and he almost spit out a mouthful of tea.

“Melinda told me!” Leylin betrayed his teammate bluntly. Seeing Jeffrey’s fearful look, he knew that Jeffrey would definitely use all his sources and strength to check up on her.

“On top of that, I’ve already heard several lines that seem like prophecies, and some that have to do with me…” Leylin answered, as if finding it funny and embarrassing.

From Jeffrey’s point of view, this was Leylin mocking his own bloodline. They, who were restricted by their rank 5 bloodlines, could never reach rank 6 unless they destroyed their bloodline shackles. However, this was an issue that had plagued countless Warlocks since ancient times. How could it be so easily solved?

“The prophecy of that Radiant Moon? I’ve heard of it,” Jeffrey nodded, “Actually, we leaked out quite a few ourselves, to conceal the true content…”

“What content?” Leylin shifted slightly forward.

“Before the wave of chilliness flows back in the cycle of this world, which means within a hundred and fifty years, there will definitely be a Warlock who will rise to become a Monarch!”

Jeffrey’s face flushed, his eyes emitting rays of hope. Warlocks had accrued a ton of hatred during this long period of suppression, and this prophecy had given them great hope as a result.

“Due to the bloodline shackles, Radiant Moon Warlocks like us cannot reach Breaking Dawn even if our truesouls have reached the peak of rank 5. However, things are different now. Someone with a rank 6 bloodline has finally begun to grow, and with the bonus strength from his bloodline, his breakthrough to Breaking Dawn will definitely be much smoother than that of regular Magi. Afterwards, he will only grow stronger, bringing about the revitalisation of us Warlocks!”

Jeffrey began to exaggerate. As for Leylin, his eyes were only filled with pity as he watched the man, ‘Another fool who’s placed his hopes on someone else! Even if he gets stronger, he’s only trash.’

Intelligence began to flash in Leylin’s eyes, ‘How many Warlocks out there are like Jeffrey, putting all their hope on that fellow? How many others out there do not wish to see the growth of that Warlock? I’m quite interested…’

“He’ll only advance in a hundred and fifty years? You mean…” Leylin pretended to make a guess.

“That’s right. The one rank 5 you’ve yet to meet, our final trump card, is the Warlock who carries a rank 6 bloodline.” Jeffrey bowed towards Leylin with sincerity, “Please forgive us for keeping this from you. It is just too important a matter for us bloodline Warlocks!”

Leylin helped him up, looking solemn, “I truly admire Your Highness for your feelings towards this. Rest assured, I will do all I can to protect him!”

While Jeffrey didn’t necessarily believe Leylin, this show would definitely keep him satisfied. After setting up a specific time and space to meet with that Warlock, he got up and left Leylin’s castle.

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