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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 641: Exploring Dreamscape

Chapter 641: Exploring Dreamscape

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Seeing Bevis flush red with embarrassment, Leylin spoke slowly and deliberately. “Our Alliance nurtured Your Highness Bevis in hopes that one day you would be able to lead us to break the Blazing Flame Monarch’s seal. If you don’t have the courage to even come to terms with his powers, I am greatly disappointed…”

“When did I…” Bevis’ face turned red in a flash, yet he couldn’t find the words to retort.

Even Jeffrey, who wasn’t part of the conversation, seemed to be in deep thought.

Just as Leylin said, they had spared no effort in grooming Bevis, and didn’t hesitate to put everything on the line just so that they could assist him in being promoted to rank 6 so that he could face the Magus Monarchs.

However, if Bevis’ performance was so weak, then even if he successfully advanced in the end, whether he would fulfill his promise was another question altogether. After all, if he didn’t even have the courage to go up against their enemy, what would he defend the interests of the Warlocks with?

Leylin did this to make the other rank 5 Radiant Moons plant seeds of distrust in their hearts. What was more crucial was that he was telling the truth, which left no room for Bevis to explain himself. Bevis was gloomy, and practically looked as though he was about to cry because of Leylin’s sinister motive.

The discussion between the two ended on bad terms. When Bevis left, Leylin inwardly stroked his chin as he looked at his retreating back. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea if he made a few more rank 6 bloodline imprints.


Inside Dreamscape. Leylin was clad in an entire set of protective gear. Having successfully built new isolation technology, he could now repel a large amount of dreamforce.

Due to the protective gear he was wearing, Leylin appeared very swollen. He was like a humongous human-like stuffed animal trudging through the lush forest with difficulty.

“The environmental changes in Dreamscape are happening too quickly…” After dealing with a gigantic man-eating banyan tree, Leylin stood at the top of a mountain peak. From here, he could see the circular open-air structure of his laboratory not far away.

But now, numerous vines surrounded the laboratory, and there were even a few bright red flowers blossoming on them.

The lush greenery covered the entire area, nearly blocking off the huge laboratory from view.

When Leylin was here for the first time, this area was still a barren plot of land. The second time he came, it turned into a grassland. And now, the landscape had given way to a primitive jungle.

‘The rate of the change in dreamforce is too high. Even the operational capacity of the A.I. Chip cannot catch up with these undulations. Is this also the reason why there are so many complex changes in Dreamscape?’ Leylin guessed as he gazed at the sky.

The three suns hung in the sky, each shaped differently. The circular sun in the centre had the brightest corona surrounding it, and the blue rays made it even more dazzling.

At this moment, the robotic voice of the A.I. Chip sounded, [Beep! Gathering dreamforce… Vessel 1 has been filled, vessel 2 filled to 76%!]

In front of Leylin were two metal balls hovering in mid-air. Now, one had turned dark-red, and more than half of the other was also filled with dark-red.

“Not bad!” Leylin nodded, and kept the metal ball that had already been completely filled.

“Dreamscape is full of treasures everywhere!” Leylin was greatly satisfied with his harvest of Dreamscape energy.

Such power was more than half a grade higher than bloodline strength, and was even comparable to the legendary power of laws. It was incomparable, and was very attractive to Leylin.

With such a huge Dreamscape waiting for him to explore, it would be extremely silly to tangle with a Warlock like Bevis.

“If I can thoroughly exploit the power of Dreamscape, and use this as the basis to create spells unique to me, then I’m afraid that even a Breaking Dawn Magus will suffer greatly!” Leylin was rather excited. In his previous experiments, he had only found methods that could slightly influence dreamforce. To thoroughly understand clearly the fundamentals of dreamforce and even develop customised spells was a heavy responsibility for him, and there was a long road ahead to get there.

However, with the assistance of the A.I. Chip, there was hope.

He didn’t have to completely understand what constituted dreamforce. That was an impossible task, and anyone who could do so would become the world’s master. What Leylin hoped to do was to slightly utilise the formational laws of dreamforce to allow him to gain a bit of control over it, so that he could make use of dreamforce in his attacks.

As long as he could achieve this, it would be a great spell.

However, dreamforce was ultimately a whole other system of energy, so he still needed a lot of time. Leylin could already feel Dreamscape breaking away gradually, especially after the peak of the two worlds’ connection had passed.

It wouldn’t be long before his laboratory would lose the effects of such a convenient spatial gateway. It was exactly because of this that it was necessary for Leylin to collect a few items and store them up as reserves while he still could.

‘Dreamscape is different from other worlds. It is everywhere and is connected to the dreams of every intelligent creature. Perhaps, after I understand the workings of dreamforce, I will be able to free myself from the complications of traversing worlds through a laboratory, and instead be connected to this world directly…’

Leylin was looking forward to it. The snippet of understanding he had about dreamforce gave him the confidence to explore further away from the laboratory.

“My puppets have never even been to this place!” Leylin stepped foot on a black plot of land, cautious. Due to the unique rules of dreamforce, even if he used an adamantine puppet or servant or the like, he wouldn’t be able to explore beyond a fixed range from the laboratory.

Whenever they stepped outside of the confinements of this fixed distance, the puppets and servants would automatically lose contact with him, and Leylin had no way around this.

[Warning! Warning! Concentration of dreamforce has exceeded rank 5, and reached top warning level!] A red box showed up from the A.I. Chip at this moment.

The dark red dreamforce surrounded Leylin, extremely concentrated. It had already materialised in the real world, and was now trying to break through Leylin’s protective gear and enter his body.

In a matter of seconds, Leylin felt as though he was at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by a terrifying water pressure everywhere which even made him feel weak and oppressed.

“If it’s to such an extent, it’s already very dangerous…” Leylin’s heart tightened, and he couldn’t help but clench his fist tighter. Inside was the Scarlet Earring.

*Ding Dong Ding Dong…* The cheerful and lighthearted sound of a bell sounded from afar as colourful neon lights flickered, making Leylin stop in his tracks.

He glanced around his surroundings. The dense forest had disappeared who knows when, and a hazy mirage appeared in the distance that seemed like a gigantic amusement park.

‘Have I entered someone else’s dream? Or some other dangerous area? These are still too perilous for me, I must leave…’

Leylin treasured his life greatly, and upon seeing these sights that were out of the ordinary, he made plans to retreat.

But at this moment, the A.I. Chip suddenly sent a warning.

[Beep! Energy undulations detected ahead, rank 1 creature detected! Heat radiation and chemical reactions comply with the criteria, determined to be the characteristics of the existence of a living being! Probability of existence of an intelligent creature: 52.9%!]

The prompt, which came out of nowhere, dumbfounded Leylin completely.

“Is it the indigenous people of Dreamscape?” Leylin muttered, his pupils burning with fervour, “If it’s them, their understanding of dreamforce will be greater than mine. It would be even better if they have their own path to power, which will save me a lot of time…”

Leylin’s pupils twinkled continuously, and he was clearly weighing his options.

“Although there is danger here, with the isolation provided by the protective gear I’m very certain that I will at least be able to retreat in one piece. The possibility of finding intelligent beings in other places is very low, so this is totally worth fighting for!”

After assessing the pros and cons, a trace of resolve appeared on Leylin’s face and he entered the hazy mirage directly.

Leylin felt his body turn heavy, as though he had jumped into a pool. At the same time, it was just like he had broken through a world boundary and arrived at another world.

The dreamforce around him was extremely active, and the sights that appeared startled Leylin slightly.

A merry-go-round moved to a lively melody as colourful lights flickered. Not far away was a humongous Ferris wheel, and other recreational facilities, such as a balloon machine and a viking ship, could be seen everywhere.

“Huh? How could it be… Isn’t this a replica of an amusement park from my previous world? No! This layout is centuries older than modern amusement parks. I’ve only seen them in exhibitions that are in fond remembrance of times past…”

Leylin was slightly taken aback. “Were they formed according to my leaked memories, or is this another dream from a similar world?”

Lights twinkled throughout the amusement park as various kinds of machines operated automatically. A humongous clown statue wobbled back and forth, and let out a gentle chuckle.

Not a single living creature was in sight in the entire amusement park, which made Leylin feel a little afraid.

“A.I. Chip! Activate probe, launch navigation!” A blue fluorescent light crept into Leylin’s pupils.

[Beep! Navigation activated, searching for life undulations.] The A.I. Chip replied robotically, and it found a response very quickly.

[Target position: 1900 metres ahead and to the left! Surrounding dreamforce undulations are clear, and it is a level 5 threat.]

“Level 5!” Leylin was mildly hesitant. “It seems to be higher than what I expected, but still within a controllable range!” With a stamp of his feet, his body immediately transformed into a phantom that vanished into thin air.

*Whoosh!* A ray of white light surged into the distance, the most splendid brilliance. Regardless of what buildings obstructed its way, be they steel or concrete, they were all cut apart, revealing a sleek incision.

The white light seemed to have almost caught up with the fleeing shadow ahead of it in a flash. The shadow grunted and dodged aside, but its arm rubbed against the periphery of the white light. Its sleeve was directly smashed into smithereens, the skin and muscle underneath it cut apart, exposing a violet tissue.

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