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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 644: Exchange and Consternation

Chapter 644: Exchange and Consternation

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‘A Magus coincidentally chancing upon Dreamscape who was enchanted by the bizarre environment here and took in an inhabitant as his acolyte…’ Leylin secretly made a guess about what happened at that time.

‘To adapt to this environment, he even specifically targeted dreamforce and the acolyte’s vitality, developing some kind of customised meditation technique and spells…

‘And due to some external factors which could not be resisted, the castle of this Magus had turned into ashes overnight and that acolyte disappeared soon after…’

That should’ve been the gist of it. Leylin wasn’t all that interested in investigating the incident. As long as he gained information, this expedition into Dreamscape would be considered a success.

‘That Magus that was stranded here was at least a Breaking Dawn, and might even been a higher existence that comprehended laws…’ The more he studied the information on hand, the more Leylin grew to admire that Magus.

The A.I. Chip’s assistance was why he could make an analysis of dreamforce relatively effortlessly. However, other Magi did not have such convenience on hand, and this one had to have slowly worked out and perfected an energy system that suited Dreamscape using his own experiences.

To Leylin, obtaining this system of dreamforce was more important than anything else. The uses for it would aid him greatly.

“Thank you so much, this information is very important to me!” Leylin put away the animal skin with a cautious expression, interrupting the hesitant speech of the middle-aged man opposite him, “I have important matters and there’s always great danger beside me. I’m afraid I cannot take reciprocate your kindness enough. These two documents contain methods to obtain strength. I hope you will accept them!”

Light shone in Leylin’s hands and two rolled documents emerged. These were methods for the cultivation of knighthood and magic. Although each only contained a basic portion, that was already enough for these inhabitants.

The steps for cultivation were very easy to follow. Leylin even wrote it down in their language so that they could understand it.

“This… truly…” The middle-aged man looked to be taken back by surprise, but he still accepted the two gifts. After all, these things Leylin was giving him were way too important for his tribe.

This left Leylin slightly doubtful. Why hadn’t that Morin spread the power system when he obtained it? Once he mulled over it, he thought it might be because the Magus left him with strict orders at that time. Either way, he had already disappeared, and this would probably remain a riddle.

Leylin’s eyes sparkled upon seeing his gift being accepted, and he said with a smile. “I actually have more diverse types of food as well. I was thinking of a trade… are you interested?”

“Trade? Of what sort?” The middle-aged man was a little doubtful. What would this Magus from a world rich with products need?

“Various kinds of specimens, be they plants or animals. Also anything of unknown purpose. You can sell it all to me, and I’ll purchase them with food.” Leylin spoke without even blinking his eyes. He had many spatial artifacts with him anyway, and he’d grown into the habit of bringing piles of rations with him whenever he went out. As such, his supplies were extremely abundant. Moreover, even if there wasn’t enough, he would have to make a trip home at the worst.

With the rich resources in the Magus World, who would be afraid of a lack of food?

“Specimens? That Sir from last time asked for the same thing as well… Please rest assured, I will definitely fulfil this request of yours!” The middle-aged man patted his chest as he made the guarantee.

“Then I’ll be here waiting for good news.” Leylin smiled faintly. He was a single person, with only so much time and energy. Matters like gathering ordinary specimens were best left to the inhabitants.

Moreover, the animal skin they’d given him had inspired him greatly as well, giving him hope that there were even stranger things on their hands.

Food was abundant in the Magus World, but it was scarce here. This gave Leylin a bargaining chip, and for the sake of his benefits Leylin didn’t mind becoming an unscrupulous businessman. Compared to everything he had invested, those gains would only be insignificant.

Once this news was announced, the entirety of the temporary camp went wild.

Large amounts of plants, animal tissues, and even rocks were sent to Leylin. He welcomed it all; as long as it was a specimen he hadn’t seen before he would give them a portion of food for it. Because they lacked manpower, even Gillian and her father were hired specifically to do this work. To these inhabitants, Leylin was a fool who used precious food to exchange for these items.

Unfortunately for Leylin, this kind of opportunity to make unrestrained purchases was quite rare. Given that the value of all this food added up wasn’t even worth a few magic crystals, he was simply making a huge profit.

For now, both parties were very satisfied.


“Uncle Leylin, take a look look at this!” Gillian passed Leylin some bizarre flesh that looked like numerous eyeballs bound together, “I’ve never seen this thing before!”

“Hmm…” Leylin tried to analyse this bizarre material, a blue glow being emitted from his eyes.

[Detected unknown article, unable to scan!] The A.I. Chip immediately responded.

“Where did you find this?” Leylin glanced at the inhabitant behind Gillian. It was a youth, the purple pattern on whose forehead formed an odd flower bud-like shape.

When Leylin’s gaze swept over him, the youth grew very tense, even beginning to stammer. “Near… Near the new node!”

“This is pretty good! You can get three pounds of black bread for it, or anything else of equal worth.” The youth immediately laughed when Leylin nodded. Something that he’d casually picked up already had such value, it was simply a giveaway.

Leylin casually took the item from Gillian’s hands and stowed it away. Truth be told, this bit of expense was nothing at all to him. Even if the items they handed over was worth nothing much to him, as long as Leylin hadn’t seen them before he would basically accept it.

With such a high rate of accumulation, it was a short period of time before Leylin effectively controlled the surrounding geological and botanical specimens.

Plenty of strange, unknown items were now in Leylin’s possession. Although most of it was junk, as long as even one bit had value he would profit.

“Uncle Leylin, the number of people is much smaller today!” Gillian came before Leylin, both eyes turning round and round. Her thoughts were indecipherable.

“That’s obvious of course. I already have the basic specimens with me, and specimens from distant areas require time to collect…” On the contrary, Leylin had already guessed this long ago. He had the A.I. Chip after all. As long as things were already stored in his database, he wouldn’t need a second copy.

“That… Uncle Leylin…” Gillian also had a hesitant look.

“I know what you want to say, little Gillian!” Leylin stroked Gillian’s head, “But it’s very dangerous beside Uncle, and also very troublesome. If you follow me, it’ll be a disturbance…”

Watching Gillian lower her head, Leylin comforted her again with a laugh, “Hasn’t your father found a batch of youths, preparing to pass down what I’ve taught him? You can go and learn as well…

“Also, I’m preparing to make a trip back home. I’ll come back in a few days. You can hoard all the items you receive for now, and I’ll bring even more food and supplies next time…” Leylin sent Gillian away and began checking the day’s gains.

After the botanical and mineral specimens were sterilised, they were numbered by the A.I. Chip and kept away properly under their own categories in his waist pouch.

The resources in the Warlock Union were very abundant, and a Radiant Moon like Leylin could deploy some of them as long as he didn’t touch the bottom line. He’d found himself a magic equipment pouch, whose capacity greatly exceeded his original storage pouch.

Even so, his food reserves were almost all used up. After all, he’d stored it with only himself in mind, and it was already a big thing for it to have lasted all this while.

‘In fact, if not for the restrictions on astral gates, trading with other worlds would be the best!’ Leylin’s eyes sparkled, and he sighed. ‘Trading, then colonisation, followed by complete dominance! Although other worlds have differences in power systems and other aspects, they still follow this principle. Of course, Dreamscape is different. This world is too strange, and any investment can cause us to lose everything…’

The next day, he bid farewell to Gillian and the inhabitants at the temporary camp. Loaded with specimens and strange items, Leylin embarked on a journey back home.

“Judging from the laboratory’s energy waves, this space-time-travel can still be supported for a period of time. I’ll have just enough time to get ahold of all the surrounding specimens and strange items littered throughout this camp!”

Leylin stroked his chin, “Moreover, that Gillian seemed to be leaning towards me. So long as I tempt her a little more, she will enter the Magus world willingly. At the same time, I could secretly capture some inhabitants, which would guarantee enough specimens in the future…”

The current Leylin was taking precautions in case he couldn’t use his astral lab anymore.

“However, no matter what, the Magus’ message on the animal skin is already a great harvest!” Leylin smiled in satisfaction.

[Warning! Warning! Astral laboratory under attack. Activating rank 1 runes, stored energy at 34.7%!]

At this moment, the A.I. Chip flashed a red warning, immediately making Leylin anxious.

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