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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 646: Dreamscape Alteration

Chapter 646: Dreamscape Alteration

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“Dreamscape…” Leylin sighed. He could sense that the unusual area that connected two spaces had vanished. From hereon, this place would completely lose its link with Dreamscape.

Though he had expected this day to come, Leylin was still dejected.

“This is only a temporary farewell; Dreamscape, Gillian…”

With large amounts of dreamforce and valuable information at hand, Leylin was confident that he could enter Dreamscape on his own. However, that would require a lot of research and experiments. He would not be able to make contact with Dreamscape in the near future, but he would eventually establish a connection between the two sides using his own strength, then return there.

“What a pity…” Leylin’s eyes showed sadness within. With how things were, he could’ve continued interacting with Dreamscape, getting even more profits.

Still, Leylin would not regret his decision. After being discovered by a rank 6 creature, keeping a spatial node around was just irresponsible towards his own safety.

That gigantic spider had almost descended into the Magus World. If it attracted even more high-ranked existences, Leylin would be left with no option but death. It was worth losing this channel.

“Thankfully, most of the specimens and research materials from those surroundings are with me. Most important is the dreamforce system I obtained from the natives, and the runic structures on their bodies…”

Leylin’s eyes flashed as he pondered.

“With all this, I’m more confident in deducing a dreamforce spell that’s suited to me. I can use it as a fatal secret attack…”

Leylin had experienced the mysteriousness of dreamforce himself. It was a powerful force that was comparable to Laws, and it could even suppress them. Even existences at or above rank 6 would be troubled by it.

Hence, a spell that relied on dreamforce would be a terrifying issue for many rank 6 Magi, even though he himself was at rank 5.

‘The information I got only details the usage of low-ranked dreamforce, and is specifically targeted at the natives. I’ll still need a lot of time to alter it to construct a rank 5 spell model…’ Leylin touched his chin.

At this moment, he suddenly jerked. Large amounts of dark red gas condensed to form various faces and spiders that crawled on his clothing.

“Boo hoo…” Wails crawled into Leylin’s eardrums, causing him to go deathly pale.

“Go away!” His eyes immediately turned into amber pupils, a terrifying phantom of a Kemoyin Emperor appearing behind him.

*Boom! Boom! Crackle!* Large numbers of faces exploded, but the rest persevered on as they surrounded Leylin’s body.

“Dreamforce! It’s from the injury!” Leylin’s expression darkened.

The gigantic spider was a rank 6 existence after all. Leylin had been extremely lucky to catch the spider off guard and enter the laboratory, but he had suffered an injury while doing so. Even though he’d devoured matter to make up for the loss in life energy, the dreamforce from the attack still lingered on.

The mysteriousness of dreamforce was something Leylin knew quite well. If not for him having done some research in the area and producing some antibodies, the backlash would not be so meagre.

‘It looks I need to solve the issue with my body before I deduce any new spells!’ Leylin laughed wryly, a dense layer of black air covering the surrounding masks and spider figures.


A few months later, within a laboratory.

White fog at boiling temperature caused a wave of hot air. Crimson light reflected off the wall, forming a projection of something like fire. In the middle of the laboratory, Leylin sat within a gigantic red pool, his eyes closed as if in thought.

Within this red pool, one could see a lustrous black ink-like fluid constantly oozing out from Leylin’s pores.

After leaving his body, the black ink quickly dispersed and contaminated a large region. Faint sounds of wails were emitted from it.

*Skree—!* A large phoenix phantom appeared above the red pool, spreading its two flaming wings over it as scarlet flames arose.

“Wooh wooh…” The cries grew even more mournful as the black ink gradually became fainter within the red flames. It even began to evaporate, returning the pool to its original colour.

A few hours later, there was even more steam in the laboratory, practically becoming a fog that shrouded the entire area.

Within the scarlet pool, the thin threads of black that seeped out from Leylin’s pores gradually turned brown, weakening completely.

“Malicious intent and hatred from a foreign world is truly difficult to deal with…” Leylin muttered to himself, grabbing at the towel on his face as he gazed at the red pool.

The injuries caused by the gigantic rank 6 spider in Dreamscape had been very serious. It took till now for the harm to be somewhat dealt with.

“Thankfully, that annoying resent has been completely expelled. All that’s left is pure dreamforce, which I have other uses for.” Leylin changed out of his loose robes and arrived at the other end of the laboratory.

[Beep! Retinal scanning passed. Brain waves verified. Unlocked through soul force. Opening.] With the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounding, a wall section opened up to a crevice. The walls on both sides automatically withdrew, revealing a large, glossy door.

One could see two rows of shelves lined with precious materials upon entering, intricate runes carved into the wood like the most delicate of artwork.

*Thud!* The large door closed automatically, causing the light to dim. Once Leylin grew accustomed to it, he could see the many items on the shelves flickering with a dark red lustre.

Atop the shelves were a few leaves kept in glass bottles, as well as ores and the like.

“Thankfully, with the other dreamforce I collected before and the dreamforce the items themselves have, they can stay in this world for a large period of time…”

Leylin was very pleased. This was his dream laboratory, in which the A.I. Chip took care of central administration. The defensive measures here were especially strict. Most of the things he had obtained from Dreamscape previously were placed here.

‘I’ve finally expelled all the malicious intent from Dreamscape. If not, I wouldn’t dare meet Freya!’ Leylin went past the shelves and came before a black metallic instrument. Seeing the results of the scans, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He had antibodies against dreamforce, and was a rank 5 Radiant Moon Warlock. The dreamforce in the attack before had merely caused him some troubles. However, things were different for Freya. She was still a rank 3 Warlock, and being contaminated by even a bit of dreamforce could have a terrifying effect on her.

Hence, before he was certain he had completely rid himself of all dreamforce, Leylin hadn’t dared return to the castle. He’d stayed here instead. It was only now that the malicious intent that Leylin had on his body was completely expelled.

Leylin gazed at his arm. The skin now had a dense layer of red around it, filled with a type of energy.

This was not bloodline energy. It was the dreamforce that had been purified after the ill intent was eliminated.

“Great timing! I’d already determined that I’d need to alter my body to employ dreamforce. This dense dreamforce from a rank 6 being can help me build my foundations!” Leylin’s eyes flashed with intelligence as he commanded, “A.I. Chip, begin!”

The A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded out, [Beep! Beginning Dreamscape alterations. Microscopic scanning used, searching database, affirming runes…]

Meanwhile, the large instrument in front of Leylin changed its shape. A few large metallic arms extended forth with crackling noises, all sorts of strange tools on them.

[Partial adjustment to host’s body beginning!] With the A.I. Chip’s voice, the skin on Leylin’s arm first experienced some changes. A layer of dark red light appeared, forming fine patterns. These were very similar to those on the body of Gillian from Dreamscape, but even finer. They were more orderly and had a unique feel to them, with a beauty to this smoothness.

With the A.I. Chip in charge, and the large arms of the instrument helping, Leylin’s body was branded with a layer of red runes.

‘Why does this remind me of Branded Swordsman? There really is a certain amount of similarity here…’

After the modification was completed, Leylin snapped his fingers and a silver mirror immediately appeared in front of him. The image within was that of a human body filled with strange red runes. A demonic lotus pattern was on his forehead, and he looked very similar to the Branded Swordsmen he’d created before.

‘It looks like no matter what kind of path one takes, there’s bound to be some similarity somewhere!’

“A.I. Chip!” Leylin commanded.

[Beep! Beginning second procedure!] With the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice, the demonic red runes abruptly emanated bright rays of light, completely absorbing all the dreamforce that the rank 6 spider had left on Leylin’s body and disappeared into his skin.

Leylin called out in a low voice, feeling powerful energy flowing in his body. At this point, with the disappearance of the large amounts of dream runes, he had regained his original appearance.

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