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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 648: Communication and Stealth

Chapter 648: Communication and Stealth

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In the simulation space of the A.I. Chip, a spell model that was extremely intricate and had multi-coloured flowing runes had completely taken shape. The A.I. Chip’s voice transmitted at this point.

[Beep! Rank 5 dream spell— Radiant Moon Dreamforce Spell — Distrait Dream. Type: Dreamforce. Illusory effect: Causes target to sink into their own dream realm and lose all senses with the external world. 90% chance of causing confusion to a Radiant Moon Magus’ truesoul. Effects weaken slightly depending on number of times used.]

“An illusory technique that targets the truesoul, with a success rate of 90%!” Leylin’s pupils shrank. He had experienced the mysteries and dangers of Dreamscape for himself. If not for the A.I. Chip and some luck, he might not have been able to escape at all.

It had such a high rate of success amongst those of the same rank, and could even bypass ranks even if the effects would be weakened. Still, the rate should be above 50% then as well.

In other words, the moment Radiant Moon Distrait Dream was employed, there was a 50% chance that even a rank 6 Breaking Dawn Monarch’s truesoul would get lost in confusion.

A Magus who lost their truesoul was basically a piece of flesh anyone could take advantage of. Even as the creator of the spell, fear lingered in Leylin’s own heart for the terror it held.

“It’s a pity that I need to use dreamforce sparingly. I can’t test the might of this spell in the real world…” A look of regret rose in Leylin’s eyes, before he grew dazed.

“A.I. Chip, begin the simulation of a dream. Create a virtual world using the rank 6 spider as a standard…” This was a unique ability of the A.I. Chip. It could run simulations in virtual reality, and after its upgrades, it could simulate all existences under rank 7, under those that comprehended laws.

White light flashed, and Leylin appeared in Dreamscape once more. Not far away, a large spider with a strange male face on its stomach hovered in the air, countless webs shooting out and covering the laboratory. Every single thing was the same as it had been in Dreamscape.

Dense dreamforce continuously surged from around Leylin, causing him to almost feel suffocated. ‘It can even imitate Dreamscape to this extent!’

Leylin gazed at his hands. There seemed to be no issue when he launched soul force, so he could not help but nod in satisfaction.

‘Even a rank 6 existence was imitated flawlessly. There’s practically no difference from the being I saw before!’ Though this was all simulated by the A.I. Chip, everything had been reconstructed exactly the same as the scene from before.

*Chik Chik—* The gigantic spider ahead discovered Leylin and immediately began to snarl, its abdomen exploding to release a large amount of tiny spiders.

“Good, I can test this out against a rank 6 existence!” Leylin chuckled and darted forward, terrifying dark red dreamforce forming a tide around his body.

“Rank 5 dreamforce spell— Radiant Moon Distrait Dream!” Strange ripples spread with Leylin’s voice, swirling around the gigantic spider…

In the real world, Leylin’s pupils flashed and he regained his consciousness, though the amazement on his face did not decrease.

“A rank 5 dreamforce spell has such a frightful effect…” It had to be said that even though he’d already had a conjecture about it, the shock that came from watching it in a real test had rendered Leylin speechless.

“Very good. With this spell, there’s a much greater chance of me surviving against a Monarch, and I’ll even have a fatal attack!” Leylin touched his chin. He had always liked planning ahead, first considering the losses before the victory. With confidence that he could retreat unharmed, he was even more interested in the hunting scheme that Melinda had proposed.

After all, the Blazing Flame Monarch had never expressed any interest in letting him off. Even when Leylin had been hiding in the Morning Star area, he’d received a lot of intel regarding the Ouroboros Clan being spied upon.

Even Emma and Gilbert had met with danger several times. If not for the Warlocks from the Morning Star area lending a helping hand in time, the two dukes would probably have died already.

He evidently wanted to use the two dukes to lure Leylin out, but Leylin hadn’t fallen for that at all, instead holing himself up. This had allowed him several months of peace.

Sometimes, compromising in the face of a threat would only cause the other party to become even more aggressive. Only when the enemy knew you didn’t care for their blackmailing could the passive side grow active and gain the upper hand.

The Blazing Flame Monarch found that Leylin had no intentions of making a move, and didn’t care for his side’s lives. Hence, any plans he had along those lines were dismissed, and the harassment the Ouroboros Clan faced was reduced.

If Leylin had made the wrong choice, the situation would’ve turned worse and worse.

“The Blazing Flame Monarch! A Breaking Dawn Magus who is like a blazing sun, eternally illuminating the entire Magus World from the horizon? Hah,” A cold smirk appeared on Leylin’s face as he stroked his chin, “Even a star will lose its light and warmth one day, turning into a black hole. You’re merely a rank 6 Magus…”

The underlying tone of his words lay a boundless bloodlust.

Having thought this through, Leylin placed a call through a secret imprint, on the encrypted channel Melinda had given him before. “Melinda? It’s me.”

“You’ve finally made up your mind!” Melinda’s voice sounded from the other side. It was a mature female voice, not the voice of the small girl.

“Yes. I cannot stand an opposing organisation constantly eyeing me from the shadows like a vermin. I believe you feel the same way!” Leylin’s voice was low.

“Hehe… a mouse? I like your metaphor.” Melinda’s cheerful laughter came from the other side. She was just like Leylin, caring little for law and having no natural morality. Hearing the meaning in his words, she grew excited as well.

“I know all the weaknesses of the Blazing Flame Monarch. Sometime in the near future, his strength will be at its lowest. With a few other helpers I’ve found, we can definitely kill him in one go!”

“I hope things are as you say they are.” Leylin began to tap the table with his finger subconsciously. He expressed his tentative support of Melinda’s plan, but not so much so that he would involve himself in some trap.

In all honesty, even if he was cooperating with her, he would not let himself become a leader. When working together with a sly old fox, just a slight blunder would result in him falling into a trap.

Leylin was very cautious about this. What he wanted to make use of was her knowledge of the pathways and the opponent’s weaknesses. Once he gained all of that, he would come up with a plan of his own.

Melinda then tossed out some bait, “The items we get afterwards will definitely be able to satisfy you…”

“I’m anticipating it.” Leylin’s voice was extremely calm. After agreeing on a time and place with her, he ended the communication.

“Rank 6…” Only Leylin was left in the room. He sunk deep into thought for a long while, and then rubbed his temples, ‘Time is scarce. I’ll need to start preparing a lot of things…’

In the central continent, rank 6s were at the top of the pyramid. They were emperors among Magi.

The current Leylin didn’t have any hope when dealing with them, but even he had little confidence. Other people would even think he was crazy.

However, Leylin and Melinda were both clever. They possessed battle strength at the peak of Radiant Moon, and if they found a few other helpers at the same rank who would fight with their lives on the line when the opponent was weak, there was a huge chance of success.

With ample preparation, Leylin could practically be in an invincible position, something which made this transaction acceptable.


Silver spatial turbulence streaked around outside the Morning Star area, bringing a dark silver lustre to the pitch-black galaxy.

A bit of faint light appeared in the distant starry skies, like that from a firefly. Black light flashed at the edge of the space, and Leylin’s figure appeared.

His eyes were bright as they scanned the area, his thin and nice eyebrows furrowing before they relaxed. “Come out!”

It was tranquil in the void, with no sound at all.

Leylin snorted, and two streams of black air converged to form a double-headed snake that pounced on an area not far away, the space there fluctuating, “Your Highness Bevis, did you think I was playing with you?”

*Crash!* Space was pulled apart as if it was a door, leaving behind a bundle of fog.

Large amounts of this fog converged to form a human body. The face was that of Bevis, who had previously visited Leylin and left with the two on bad terms.

“How did you see through my innate ‘fog’?” Large amounts of white fog emanated from Bevis’ body, drowning the double-headed snake. Bevis’ expression was dark as he stared at Leylin with malicious intent. It seemed like he was quite miffed at being discovered.

“Why should I tell you?” Leylin gazed at Bevis as if ridiculing him, causing the latter’s face to flush red.

“Leylin Farlier! On behalf of the organisation, I’m here to stop you. You act wilfully as if the resources you obtain from us are a trifling matter!” Bevis yelled.

“Hmph! Representing? Who are you representing? Offa? Wayde? Or Jeffrey?” Leylin glared at Bevis as if provoking him, “Where are they? Did you think you alone could represent the Warlock Union? Even if you ascend to Breaking Dawn you won’t possess that kind of authority!”

In the Morning Star area, Offa and the other two Radiant Moons were huddled together, watching the scene through an old stone basin.

Multiple scenes and voices were transmitted through the basin, of the confrontation between Bevis and Leylin.

“Everyone… Isn’t how we’re treating Leylin and Bevis a little…” Jeffrey spoke slightly anxiously.

“This is a matter between the two. It’s not right for us to interfere. Besides, there’s one thing that Leylin said that was absolutely correct!” Offa spoke coldly.

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