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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 649: Fog Giant

Chapter 649: Fog Giant

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“The Warlock Union isn’t the personal property of a single Warlock. It’s an alliance between all Warlocks, each of whom have their own wills and requirements for benefits,” Offa’s voice was icy, “Even when Bevis reaches Breaking Dawn, he still won’t have the authority to represent us all!”

Wayde and Jeffrey did not refute out of their desire to protect their own interests.

“Furthermore, Leylin wants to raid the Blazing Flame Monarch in his own name, and Bevis is trying all he can to stop this. In principle, neither of them are wrong. Hence, let’s give them a chance to sort it out among themselves. We’ll appear later to adjudicate. Isn’t that appropriate?” An intelligent glint flashed in Offa’s eyes. As the oldest and most powerful Radiant Moon Warlock, his might in the Warlock Union could not be underestimated.

“That’s true. They’re young people after all, they need to be hot-blooded sometimes!” Wayde exclaimed from the other side. Completely golden, he looked like a god of battle.

“But… Bevis is someone who can advance to Breaking Dawn. If some enmity arises between the two Warlocks because of what happens today, the future of the Warlocks of our union…” Jeffrey was slightly worried.

“Bevis has yet to attain Breaking Dawn. Besides, how are you so sure that he will be the one to become a rank 6 Warlock?”

“How can I not be sure? He has…” Jeffrey instinctively retorted, and then saw Offa’s expression that was somewhat like a smile but not quite. He immediately went mute, sinking into deep thought.

Though Offa kept saying he wanted to be impartial, one of the two involved was a Warlock with a rank 5 bloodline and the other a Warlock with a rank 6 bloodline. Letting the two fight out a personal battle was already unfair to some extent.

‘Perhaps Offa has great expectations of Leylin?’ Jeffrey suddenly understood this fact.

Seeing his look of sudden realisation, Offa nodded in gratification, “The prophecy didn’t indicate who it was that would reach Breaking Dawn. Although Bevis being the one is most probable, Leylin still had hope as well. Even you and I, as well as all the Warlocks limited to Morning Star, have a chance. That’s why we need to make some bets when we need to, that is how we can maintain our influence. Although we’re putting a lot of our hope on Bevis, we can’t reduce our support towards other Warlocks…”

“I understand!” Jeffrey nodded solemnly.

Offa beamed as he spoke, “Good. No matter who wins or loses, you just need to express goodwill to the loser and show our kindness…”

“Could it be that Your Highness thinks Leylin has a chance of winning?” Jeffrey gaped, “Not only has Bevis reached Half Moon, he has a rank 6 bloodline…”

“Hehe… Someone who can become a rank 5 Warlock with his own abilities isn’t a nobody!” Offa laughed, as if hinting at something. He pressed in closer, his eyeballs that were glazed over glinting with a strange light, “Leylin is someone who can create miracles. Nobody can tell the results of this fight, but whatever it is, it’s pointless to speculate further. Let’s watch!”

Hearing Offa say this, Jeffrey and Wayde watched the battlefield grimly.


Leylin had long since noticed the concealed Bevis with the A.I. Chip’s scans. The other Radiant Moon Warlocks weren’t around, something Leylin found strange.

‘Offa and the rest didn’t come with him to put pressure on me… Are they maintaining a neutral stance? Rather unexpected.’ Leylin’s eyes flashed with intelligence, ‘Their meaning is quite clear. If I don’t exceed Bevis, there’s nothing else to say, but if I achieve victory over him or breakthrough I can do as I like?”

‘Their placing their bets on both of us… What a bunch of sly old foxes indeed!’ Leylin lamented.

Immediately after, his gaze towards Bevis turned piteous. No matter how talented he was, he lacked experience. He evidently hadn’t pondered over this, and was still frustrated by the previous events.

“Aaah! Leylin Farlier, I won’t let you off. Come back with me obediently!” Bevis roared, a large fog surging from his body.

“Just as well. I’ll play with you as a warmup. Besides…” Leylin laughed, and large amounts of demonic black flames suddenly emerged from his body. High-pitched phoenix cries sounded from within.

All of a sudden, the flames flew into the sky, gathering to form a devilishly enchanting blackfire phoenix.

“Soaring Demonic Phoenix!” With the high-pitched buzzing of flames breaking through space, the arrogant phoenix spread its wings, spurring on immense tides of black flames. Space itself was melted down, and the fog that Bevis emitted was devoured and absorbed.

After acquiring the devouring ability of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor, Leylin found that the same ability of his black flames had been upgraded as well, the two seemingly complementing each other well.

“Is that what you’re so confident in? A black phoenix? What kind of bloodline ability is that?” The vigorous fire energy and the demonic devouring ability caused Bevis’ expression to change slightly.

“Whatever it is, in front of my bloodline, all odd abilities need to bow down!” His eyes immediately turned crimson. A powerful and profound force from an ancient bloodline emanated from his body, even suppressing Leylin to some extent.

That unique aura that came from an ancient rank 6 bloodline was something regular rank 5 beings did not dare offend. Just this alone gave Bevis a huge advantage when battling Warlocks with bloodline sources of a lower rank than his own.

However, Leylin was different. As the ruler of a race, the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor had a high resistance to the pressure from a rank 6 being, and the suppression was far lesser than what Bevis had expected.

[Beep! Host affected by opponent’s bloodline suppression. All statistics have decreased slightly.] Leylin was speechless as he saw his stats. The only decrease was in the unit place.

“Is the suppressive ability of a rank 6 bloodline so weak? Or is the Kemoyin Emperor too overbearing?”

*Chirp~!* Under Bevis’ disbelieving gaze, the blackfire phoenix flew before him without being affected in any way. Two wings that were like long flaming blades crossed each other, and terrifying black flames instantly devoured him.

“How is this possible? My bloodline is… rank 6. How can’t it suppress a mere rank 5 bloodline?” After the wave of black flames passed, Bevis looked to be in a sorry state. There was a thick layer of fog armour wrapped around his body, resulting in him receiving very slight injuries. The blow to his ego, however, was incomparable.

“Isn’t it just the bloodline of the Misty Fog Giant? It’s not as if it was the peak of ancient rank 6 beings or something… Is there a need to conceal this?” Leylin snickered disdainfully, and Bevis froze up, “How— how did you find out?”

“What do you think?!” A look of satisfaction hung on Leylin’s face, which only made Bevis want to vomit blood.

His bloodline had the innate ability of concealment, which was one of his trump cards. Even those other Radiant Moon Warlocks had not seen through this, and yet it was nothing in front of Leylin.

Fear of Leylin rose in Bevis’ heart. It grew increasingly intense, and much of it transformed into hatred.

“You must die. You MUST DIE!” Bevis howled.

*Rumble!* Large amounts of fog exploded, forming the figure of an immense giant.

This giant had four thick and sturdy arms, and a vertical eye at the top of its bald head. Its skin was coloured in the green of marble, large amounts of grey fog being produced from its pores. Its body seemed rather misty.

Since Leylin had seen through it, Bevis had nothing left to hide.

*Awoo…* The gigantic Misty Fog Giant’s four large arms were held high as it began to howl fiercely. The dense dog spread to form a large grey fog space.

‘It really is the Misty Fog Giant!’ Leylin’s pupils flickered.

Now that they were fighting, Leylin had nothing holding him back. He immediately ordered the A.I. Chip to forcefully break through the opponent’s force field to obtain the correct information on his bloodline. Everything about the Misty Fog Giant was presented to him in detail.

[Appearance of Misty Fog Giant, rank 6 being: Ancient times. Habitat: A wetland with dense fog, or in abandoned Magus Cities. Rumoured to be the descendants of the ancient Thunder Giant, with the ability to manipulate fog. Likes eating plants like green algae. Gentle nature. Special ability has been concealed.

Innate talents: 1. Fog Concealment: Covers up one’s aura and information about their bloodline.

2. Grey Fog Space: Creates a subspace that can be maintained for a short period of time.]

“AAAHH. Leylin! I want to kill you. Kill you!” Bevis snarled, the insanity in his eyes growing even more obvious. “ Arcane Art— Giant Transformation!”

His body crackled as his body grew larger, fusing with the phantom behind him. Two extra arms grew underneath his ribs, and with the execution of the Arcane Art, he turned into a real Misty Fog Giant.

‘Mm! It’s a head shorter than the one in the database. It should only be half-grown at rank 5.’ Leylin laughed, red rings of light fusing behind him. He dissipated, turning into large amounts of black gases that reformed into a terrifying Kemoyin Serpent Emperor. “Innate Arcane Art— Kemoyin Serpent Transformation!”

*Rumble!* Within the grey space, a giant serpent with a body over a hundred thousand metres long collided with a four-armed giant. Much of the void shattered under this power, the stray undulations causing the Morning Star Area nearby to shake slightly.

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