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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 651: Convergence: A Plot Hatched

Chapter 651: Convergence: A Plot Hatched

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A chandelier hung loosely and emitted a dim orange light in the hazy night. The light from the street lamps was diffused, making one feel sleepy.

Beside the chandelier was a bar that was already closed. A ‘Thank You’ sign was hung on the door, the surroundings quiet.

After a day’s hard work, the residents nearby had already entered slumber in their tiredness. Even the drunkards, tramps, and the like had found their own cosy kennels, not intending on sleeping outdoors on the streets in such cold weather.

At this moment, the sound of leather boots rubbing against the ground echoed through the area. A tall figure walked out of thin air, coming before the door and knocking on it.

*Thud Thud Thud!* The dull sound carried a unique rhythm and charm.

The door opened after a while, exposing the face of an old lady. There was a slight reverence amidst her vigilance, “Sir! You’re finally here!”

“I was slightly delayed by some matters on the way.” The person walked into the bar and took off his hood, exposing his original appearance. His handsome face was strange, and his long black hair casually stuck to the back of his head. He seemed very youthful and capable. Mysterious spirals spun continuously in his black pupils, even a single glance able to draw in a person’s soul.

After defeating Bevis and obtaining his bloodline, Leylin had worked incessantly on turning it into an imprint. He’d even almost missed his appointment with Melinda because of this.

However, Leylin felt like all this was worth it. Spending more time here would add another bloodline imprint to his deck, and was definitely worth more than the cost. After all, he was here this time to deal with a Breaking Dawn Monarch! This was the highest level of existence in the central continent, and Leylin could not afford to not be more careful.

After entering the bar, Leylin followed the old lady to a cellar. Passing through a helical dark and damp passageway that smelled like rot, Leylin finally saw Melinda once more.

“Leylin! You’re finally here, we’ve been waiting for a long time!” Melinda’s eyes sparkled upon meeting Leylin, and she spoke a little coquettishly.

“We?” Leylin’s gaze twinkled, immediately looking at the few other ‘people’ in the room.

The old lady had already withdrawn respectfully. There were three other strange figures remaining in the room besides Melinda.

One of them was a hefty fellow who wore black armour, and another was a woman whose entire body was wrapped in a black Magus robe.

The last one didn’t even look human anymore, and was simply a black shadow in the mirror.

“Spirit Magus?!” Leylin looked at the shadow in the mirror attentively, and could explicitly sense that he was not using any kind of clone. He couldn’t help but utter a deep sigh at the fact that the shadow was his main body.

The spiritual force of a Magus was tyrannical like no other. Even after death, there was a very high chance of transforming into some sort of evil spirit. And if this kind of evil spirit still held their rationality, they could learn spells and become a Spirit Magus!

And for a Morning Star who possessed soul force, transmuting the soul was but a small operation.

Although Leylin had heard some things about Spirit Magi, that circle was very narrow and remote. He’d never expected that Melinda would actually be able to get one here, and a Radiant Moon Magus one at that.

“Your insight is still as good as before!” Melinda gasped in admiration, “This Jin He was once a good friend of mine. The other two are Clarke and Joanna, assistants I’ve hired.”

“As for the Twin Gemini, I’ve long since heard of you two! I didn’t expect that Melinda would actually be able to bring you here as well!” Leylin greeted Clarke and Joanna with a smile.

According to his intelligence, these two Radiant Moon siblings assisted each other in the central continent, and each was fairly famous on their own. They were also the rare type that didn’t have any organisations attached to them.

“Your Highness Leylin!” Joanna, whose entire body was wrapped in a black robe, seemed to be bad at socialising. All of these matters were settled by the hefty black armoured Clarke.

“And Sir Jin!” Leylin looked at the shadow in the mirror again. Although he knew perfectly well that he was a Spirit Magus, he still felt as if there was something hidden to this person, their aura making him uncomfortable.

“Zzz… Your… body…” The shadow in the mirror suddenly fluctuated for a moment, emitting the strength of a Conscient, “Has something… that makes me feel… danger…”

“It’s what I specially prepared for this operation,” Leylin smiled. His right index finger suddenly felt tighter, and a grey ring now on his finger emitted a mysterious light.

This ring would normally be very inconspicuous, as if the shoddy work of some slipshod salesman in an ordinary shop. However, it was indeed notable when it appeared in the hands of a Radiant Moon Warlock like Leylin.

After hearing Jin’s words, Clarke and even Joanna who’d been quiet all this while looked at Leylin with interest, as if wanting to find out about his cards.

“Alright! No matter what Leylin brought, it’ll be useful to our operation this time.” Melinda clapped her hands, “Comrades, don’t forget why we gathered here.”

“How could I forget?” Clarke let loose a deep howl, blue veins popping out on his hands as his entire person stirred up. Seeing his distorted face, Leylin was certain that he definitely had some painful past related to the Blazing Flame Monarch that was unbearable to recall.

However, this did not concern him at all. He was instead constantly calculating the probability of using him.

“No need to worry, brother! I will help you this time!” Joanna placated Clarke by patting the back of his hand, causing the berserk aura to fade. He then regained his rationality, “Sorry, I was too agitated…”

Clarke, who had sobered up, bowed deeply. There was an unwavering determination on his face, carrying the smell of blood.

“As for Sir Clarke’s previous encounter, I’ve also heard a little about it…’ Melinda nodded but did not continue.

“Everyone present here has hatred for the Blazing Flame Monarch. And today, we’ve gathered to act on it!” Melinda’s voice suddenly grew dignified.

“Stop spouting rubbish… I’m only concerned with your promises, when can you fulfil them…” The Spirit Magus in the mirror said with initiative.

“Hm… I agree as well. We’re already at this point, you should explain clearly about your plan and the Blazing Flame Monarch’s weakness. And what about the benefits that come afterwards?” Leylin parroted Jin’s viewpoint.

Joanna and Clarke shot a glance at each other and both nodded, “We agree as well!”

“I only waited for everyone to arrive before I said it!” Melinda glanced at Leylin with a slight look of grievance.

“As everyone knows, there are only two large bottlenecks as a Magus. One from rank 3 to 4 and another from 6 to 7. The challenges at both these times are extremely huge, but a breakthrough also has abundant benefits. It is to the extent that those who do can steamroll over those who haven’t…” Melinda began to speak with fervour and assurance.

“We already know all this! There’s a limit to my patience!” Clarke yelled deeply.

“Relax, I’m almost there,” Melinda rolled her eyes at Clarke.

“The gap between Breaking Dawn and Radiant Moon, although not as obvious as that between rank 3 and rank 4, it is still an insurmountable gap… But at that time, a problem occurred during the Flame Monarch’s advancement. There was even a period of time where his strength was at the lowest point! This is why I absolutely had to gather all of you here at this time!”

Melinda’s mouth curved in a smile, but it carried an intense hatred!

“The Breaking Dawn Monarchs in the central continent are all very terrifying, they’ve even begun to touch upon laws and the origin of the world. The Blazing Flame Monarch is the same, in the process of familiarising himself with the laws of fire…”

Melinda’s voice seemed to carry a strange attraction, “The Blazing Flame Monarch is at his weakest, almost falling below rank 6. I know the layout of his lair like the back of my hand; if we can kill the opponent at this time, we may even be able to obtain his Law Comprehension Crystals!”

“Law Comprehension Crystals?” Clarke exclaimed, and a sparkle appeared in Leylin’s eyes.

“Yes! The Law Comprehension Crystal that contains all of a former Magus’ understanding of the power of laws, and even some of his previous experiences, memories and such. It will be very helpful for our promotion to rank 6…”

Melinda looked at the few Magi present, “Even if it’s a Breaking Dawn, one’s ability to comprehend laws is a huge threshold that divides strength. If we can obtain the Blazing Flame Monarch’s Law Comprehension Crystal, we’ll be able to attain rank 6 the moment we advance there, and even be at the boundary of rank 7!”

“Indeed, among the rank 6 Magi, the only discernible intra-ranking is whether they can access the laws or not!” There was a clear understanding look in Leylin’s gaze.

Breaking Dawns were very knowledgeable in the truesoul and soul force. After reaching rank 6, they would soon near the limit of their spirit, and the only difference would be how much they could comprehend laws.

A Breaking Dawn who didn’t have contact with laws and one that was beginning to comprehend its power were on completely different levels.

Once a Magus gained complete control over a certain law or power, they would also enter the rank 7 realm.

Leylin was faintly excited in his heart. He was beginning to vaguely discover the path after rank 5.

‘Magi practice spiritual force before rank 4, soul force before rank 7. Rank 7 is when one has gained control of a certain law?’ he stroked his chin, ‘In that case, what does dreamforce represent?’

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