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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 652: Düz City

Chapter 652: Düz City

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Based on what Melinda said, whether one had begun to comprehend laws made up for the greatest power distinction among Breaking Dawns. The Monarchs of the central continent had obtained the strength of the worlds they conquered, and each began to touch upon a specific law. This was why they were called ‘Monarchs.’

The Blazing Flame Monarch obtained extra strength from the Origin Force of the Fiery World, and began touching on the law of fire.

Once he completely wielded the power of flames, that was when the title of Monarch could be held high in the sky, when one could advance to become a rank 7 Magus that controlled laws.

The knowledge and memories that Magi at this level of strength had about laws was very beneficial to a Radiant Moon like Leylin.

“The Blazing Flame Monarch’s power is at a low? How long will this last?” This was what Leylin was focused on.

“At least a month, and it could approach a hundred days. Three months, effectively.” Melinda laughed like a little fox, “Because of certain reasons that everyone knows, the Radiant Moons under the Blazing Flame Monarch like Carol and Eugene are dead. This means his defences are definitely weak.”

Leylin stayed silent. Those two Radiant Moons had died at his hands. Of course, Melinda had been even more vicious in eliminating the remaining peak Radiant Moon.

Now that he thought about it, everything that Melinda had done so far was to clip the opponent’s wings before dealing the final blow. It all had meaning to it.

“I’ve invited all of you here so that we can take care of the Blazing Flame Monarch in one go. Do you have any questions?” Terrifying energy waves rippled out from Melinda as she spoke, showing a strength at the peak of Radiant Moon. Her voice had lost its childishness, the callousness now as chilling as winter’s ice.

Clark started by yelling out, “Alright! As long as I can have my vengeance on the Blazing Flame Monarch, I’ll do anything!”

“Brother’s decision is my decision!” Joanna watched her brother, her eyes full of tenderness.

“Keke… Law Comprehension Crystals will be distributed without any issues. What’s so bad about doing this?”

The Soul Magus in the mirror laughed coldly.

“How about you, Lord Leylin? The Blazing Flame Monarch seems to have you in his thoughts, plotting so many attacks against the Ouroboros Clan…” Melinda seemed rather knowledgeable regarding this matter, which led to a hint of dissatisfaction inside Leylin. However, their goals in attacking the Blazing Flame Monarch intersected, and they would get the same benefits. Leylin nodded.

“I’m joining in as well. One thing though, how will you ensure the benefits are distributed evenly? Can you ensure that each one of us will get what they want?” Having said this, Leylin’s eyes twinkled as he watched Melinda intently.

Meeting his gaze, Melinda could only laugh wryly, “I can’t guarantee that the operation will definitely succeed, the opponent is a Breaking Dawn Magus after all. However, I can ensure that the earnings from this will definitely be distributed evenly. We can even sign a contract under the Trial’s Eye! With our strength, the Trial’s Eye we summon will definitely be a clone with its own thoughts. It won’t glaze over any loopholes that we can make use of!”

“Alright then, that’s fine by me.” Leylin nodded his head. Every word of a Radiant Moon had enough weight to it that one could consider that a contract in itself. With the restrictions by Trial’s Eye, he had no way to break the agreement.

After all, the Trial’s Eye that they could summon was a highly ranked existence that had its own sentience, and was linked to the main body at all times.

With such a Trial’s Eye, the solution of the Nefarious Filthbird’s feathers would no longer have any effect unless a clone of the Filthbird itself descended as well. However, that would cause too great a disturbance.

“Good! Since everyone has agreed, let’s discuss the plan.” A streak of light flew from Melinda’s hand to the air, forming a translucent screen.

“My intel says that the target isn’t hiding in his nest, but instead holed up in one of the world cracks surrounding the Fiery World with many mazes constructed around him. Our objective this time is to launch a surprise attack on his nest— Düz City. The opponent’s astral gate and the coordinates to the Fiery World are all there. Afterwards, we’ll force our way into the Fiery World and kill the Monarch.” Melinda waved her arms resolutely, extremely determined.

She glanced at every one of them, “There might not be a single Radiant Moon in Düz City right now. There’s probably just a group of Morning Stars subordinate to the Blazing Flame Monarch watching over it. After we take it down, we can obtain all the wealth of a rank 6 organisation…”

After they listened to Melinda’s plan, a light glinted in the eyes of the Magi in the room, save for Leylin. An organisation with a Monarch at its head, its members had plundered the central continent for thousands of years. Even if only a small portion of that wealth was in Düz City, it was enough for rank 5 Magi to grow quite wealthy.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s set off now!” Melinda’s hands were on her waist, her chest puffed out and her voice back to its original childlike tone. The huge contrast with her solemn expression almost caused Leylin to burst out in laughter.

The other Magi didn’t have as many doubts as Leylin. A few streaks of green light rumbled past, and Melinda and the others completely disappeared from the underground room. Endless darkness engulfed the area.


Düz City. The capital of the Blazing Flame Monarch’s organisation had thick city walls that had many reinforcement runes on them. Giant adamantine cannons had their own great history as they displayed the prowess of the Monarch to his people.

There was an unending flow of wandering Magi and scholars here, each of them having arrived due to its reputation. Most of the new arrivals were full of reverence towards this gigantic Magus City.

This was Düz! With the protection of a Breaking Dawn Magus like the Blazing Flame Monarch, it was said that this place would never fall!

Düz City did not have any floating techniques like Sky City, nor did it have such rich reserves of knowledge, but it did occupy much more land than Sky City. The city was divided into many districts, with the Monarch’s residence occupying the centre.

A bundle of unending flames burnt at the heart of the city, radiating a holy light that proclaimed its glory and might to the masses.

However, all of Düz’s glory and might would become history today!

It all started with the rumble of an earthquake. The sand on the ground began to pulse without pattern, the vibrations becoming increasingly intense. This earthquake spread through the houses, rocks, and mountains. It was as if the ground had softened, forming constant waves like the sea.

A large number of clouds filled the skies, completely blocking the sunlight. Dazzling white snakes made of lightning rolled about in the clouds, seemingly shattering space itself.Terrifying spells rippled with boundless might, pressing closer towards the city.

Countless Magi within the city looked up, staring at the scene with incomprehension. Only a tottering old man seemed to think of something, beginning to tremble, “SPELL ATTACK!”

*Pu!* He immediately turned into a white streak of light. Grabbing a few youngsters behind him, he ignored the ban on flying and fled quickly.

‘There’s actually someone who’d dare attack Düz City? We’re in a huge crisis!’ In spite of his shock, the old Magus’ abundant life experience had instantly alerted him of the approaching danger.

An existence that could disregard the might of the Blazing Flame Monarch and brazenly challenge him was definitely no fool. Since they had come here, then they must have been extremely confident.

The Blazing Flame Monarch was a rank 6 Magus, a peak existence in the central continent! Even a finger from either party could crush an old Magus like him. They probably didn’t even need that, just the stray undulations from battle would reduce his body to nothingness.

Hence, he immediately thought of fleeing, bringing his descendants away from this place that would soon become a battlefield

“Wha- What’s going on, Grandfather?” A youngster was still confused.

Immediately after, he cried out involuntarily, “How’s it possible…”

Terrifying earthquakes and thunderstorms could be seen in the direction of his gaze. It was as if a natural catastrophe had struck Düz city, and was now wreaking havoc.

The Magi below the Morning Star realm could not withstand this apocalypse, and died in swathes.

Faced with the ire of high-ranked Magi, all these low-ranked Magi were as minute as ants. The acolytes and regular humans, who were even weaker, obviously suffered massive casualties.

Only those like the old Magus who acted quickly and fled from Düz City left the scope of the disaster with some difficulty, watching Düz City in fear.

“The capital of the Blazing Flame Monarch has been attacked. Oh, goodness. Heavens, am I dreaming?”

A few children exclaimed in shock, “Quick! Look!”

Following the direction of a child’s finger, the old Magus looked into the sky where there were five existences that seemed like gods.

The berserk lightning disappeared around them, forming a strange vacuum.

Tens of figures appeared in the air, surrounding them. However, it was the side that had more people that seemed to be feeling dread.

‘Perhaps only existences at Morning Star and above have the qualifications to take part in this battle…’ The old Magus sighed inside and flew even quicker.

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