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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 655: Maze

Chapter 655: Maze

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Leylin had already experienced spacetime travel several times, and by this point was used to it. The moment he passed through the astral gate, the peak New Moon truesoul in his sea of consciousness began to twinkle, a layer of gentle and quiet yet very solid soul force enveloping his body. Whether it was spatial turbulence or terrifying World’s Will, everything was kept out by it.

Even Morning Stars could roam around nearby world cracks using just their body defences. This was no issue at all for Radiant Moons.

Through a soul force scan, Leylin sensed a world full of fire elemental particles. Unlike the Lava World he’d been to before, this place lacked rocks and other energy particles. It was a world of pure red, filled only by fire.

The world’s origin force of fire elements was several times greater than that of the Lava World. If the Lava World was a celestial body, then although one couldn’t liken this world to a boiling sun, it would be a moon.

‘The larger a world, the richer its world origin force. Under the influence of the origin force here, it’s not strange for a rank 6 Magus to comprehend some laws of fire…’ Leylin sighed.

As a rank 6 Magus that had taken over the whole Flame World, the Blazing Flame Monarch was undeniably the ‘World’s Child’ here. With the support of the world’s origin force, his comprehension of the laws of fire could progress rapidly. It was natural for him to understand them.

Leylin suddenly understood a fact, ‘It’s no wonder that all Magi, whether ancient or recent, frantically take over the surrounding foreign worlds. So there’s this type of benefit to it! Once you take over a world, you can gradually combine with the world’s origin force and finally comprehend laws, breaking through into rank 7…’

‘If one Magus can completely take over the Magus World, which is much more powerful than the Fiery World, and be nurtured by its origin force, what sort of benefits can they get?’

Leylin’s heart was set aflame. The Magus World was vast, and even the surface had yet to be explored not to mention the countless subterranean worlds, It was much easier for a Magus now to conquer these areas as compared to the ancient era where there were many existences who comprehended laws.

Just taking over a small world would bring immense benefits. What about taking over the largest, the Magus World?

“If someone can successfully unify the Magus World and obtain the nurture of its world origin force, they can make use of this strength to reach the limits, to reach rank 9!” Leylin mumbled to himself. He could not conceal his desire to enter the highest realm that a Magus could achieve.

Did achieving the peak of rank 9 grant immortality? This was a question that was whirling through Leylin’s mind. However, it was also a question that he could probe into only when he did attain that rank.

Immortality was Leylin’s goal, magic simply a means to an end. If a rank 9 Magus was not immortal, then he would explore further and look for something else. He would not regret it even if he died in the process!

This was a path of hope. He would not tolerate doubt, weakness; he would not waver.

‘Not even ancient Magi could unify the Magus World, but I’ll take this task on!’ Leylin clenched his fists.

Golden and crimson was everywhere in the flames, and the already boiling heat only continued to increase. The air was very dry, to the point that one felt suffocated. A few fire elementals roamed within the flames. Although the Fiery World was hell for any life form made of flesh and blood, it was their heaven!

Lightning flashed in the void, opening up a gigantic, sparkling door. The door opened to reveal the figures of Leylin and the remaining Magi. Energy at Radiant Moon caused the flames to part automatically, not daring to approach and harass them.

“What high temperatures! The Fiery World really isn’t a place for non-elemental life forms.” Melinda carefully placed a defensive layer of icy water on her skin, something that caused Leylin to roll his eyes secretly.

She turned around after taking care of her skin, looking serious, “Be careful. The Fiery World is the Blazing Flame Monarch’s nest. Most of the fire elementals at Morning Star and Radiant Moon are stationed here. If not for having to suppress the rebellion of the fire elemental particles and the pressure from the world, he would long since have sent these elementals to the Magus World.…”

Leylin and the other nodded. How many Morning Stars and Radiant Moons could a world produce? If they went over to the Magus World, they could probably cause a huge ruckus.

However, there was an issue with this as well. Not considering their duties as guards of Fiery World, a change of environment and the additional suppression from being inside another world were large issues.

The Magus World was one of the most powerful worlds, and its suppression of foreigners would be one of the most terrifying. A drop in several ranks would be considered slight. The unlucky ones would directly be crushed by the world origin force itself, joining the boundless dust in the void.

For Leylin and the rest, going from the Magus World to other worlds was like going from a high-ranked dungeon to a lower-ranked one. The suppression of the world wasn’t that serious, and there wouldn’t be instances of drops in rank. Things weren’t as rosy for those who went from lower-ranked worlds to higher-ranked ones.

For instance, if Scarlet Eye entered the Magus World, he was likely to drop to Morning Star from Radiant Moon. This would be even more serious for elemental life forms like the fire elementals. The most suitable environment for them was the Fiery World.

“The Blazing Flame Monarch is hiding in one of the world cracks of the Fiery World. There are many maze spells as well as powerhouses of the Fiery World guarding it. There are many rank 4 and 5 fire elementals, and this is a world where they get the greatest increase in strength. They’ll outperform themselves.” Melinda spoke slowly, and Leylin and the rest looked grim.

It would be hellishly difficult to defeat large numbers of Morning Stars and Radiant Moons in a hostile environment and then butt heads with the Blazing Flame Monarch who was at rank 6.

And yet, that was all that was required for a Monarch to fall. The Blazing Flame Monarch was currently at his weakest point anyway, something that allowed Melinda’s group this opportunity.

“Don’t worry. When the Monarch massacred my people, I vowed to the astral plane that I would use his blood and wash away the humiliation!” Clarke brandished the large black sword in his hands, terrifying sharpness exploding, “My baby is also thirsting for blood…”

“No matter what brother does, I’ll be supporting you!” Joanna looked towards her brother.

“Morning Star and Radiant Moon fire elementals are nothing much… Keke…I’m having more expectations towards the Blazing Flame Monarch’s comprehension of Laws…” The blurry phantom of Jin snickered.

“Since we’re already here, we’re prepared for all that!” Leylin chuckled, fingers brushing over his ring involuntarily. The cold surface of the ring felt smooth, giving him more confidence.

“Many thanks, everyone! We’ll definitely win this time, and the rewards will definitely satisfy you! Please wait for a while, I’ll use a technique to look for the spatial crack that the Blazing Flame Monarch is hiding in!”

Melinda’s eyes suddenly changed colour, her pupils shrinking and disappearing to leave just the whites behind. Gazing at her eyes, even Leylin felt as if his mind was empty, all his secrets being exposed. His heart couldn’t help but palpitate with fear.

“Found it!” All of a sudden, Melinda opened her palm and a purple daffodil floated out of it. It gave off endless energy waves. Space was pulled apart like a door, revealing a pitch black tunnel.

‘So quickly?’ Leylin was slightly astonished, but he followed her in anyway.

Light flashed and space rumbled, and Leylin and the rest instantly appeared outside a world crack. Within, the Fiery World was like a blazing sun, filled with dazzling rays of light.

A large-scaled labyrinth floated outside the world barrier, as if the highest ruler of the Fiery World.

Outside the black building, many eyes flickered with various lights. They were Morning Star elementals. Even more powerful auras were transmitted from within.

Leylin even felt like he was being spied on, causing his hair to stand.

Joanna sucked in a cold breath, “Such a complicated labyrinth, and so many fire elementals. This will be difficult…”

“Now is the best opportunity to kill our target!” Melinda did not take another glance at Joanna. “This is the Alanore Labyrinth. Each Magus that enters will be sent to different areas, and we’ll only be able to meet again in the main hall. I’ll be off!”

Melinda turned into a streak of lightning, and practically in an instant broke out of the perimeter of the fire elementals as she disappeared into the labyrinth.

“Haha… Blazing Flame Monarch, here I come! Tremble! Repent! I want you to pay the price for all that you’ve done!” Clarke’s expression was excited to the extreme as he waved his terrifying large black blade and charged in.

*Schlick!* A three-headed giant fire elemental dog in his way was slashed into two, boiling lava blood flying everywhere. Seeing her brother this way, Joanna sighed and followed closely behind him.

“I hate elemental life forms the most. The lack of souls will cause my works of art lose their beauty!”

Jin muttered to himself, turning into a large black shadow that covered practically half the labyrinth. The black figure began to pervade through the insides.

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