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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 656: Blazing Flame Monarch

Chapter 656: Blazing Flame Monarch

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‘They’re all lunatics!’ Leylin could only sigh at how insane his group members were, ‘Lunatics with power are the most troublesome lot!’

*Hss—* A tremendous Kemoyin appeared behind him, and a terrifying black hole formed that exerted a tremendous suction force on the fire elementals.

“Devour!” The terrifying might of a rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor drew everything in, be it flames, light, or even space itself.

The fire elementals began to bawl miserably, looking ready to retreat. However, their bodies were constantly being pulled into the black hole, and they were eventually devoured. There was a clear path in the space when Leylin moved.

The five Radiant Moons had successfully broken through the outer layer and entered the interior of the labyrinth. Powerful auras could be felt occasionally from its various parts.


At the heart of the gigantic labyrinth, on a throne of pure gold.

A human figure shrouded completely in flames raised their head, a translucent mirror forming in front of them.

Footage flashed, showing Leylin and the others. The Blazing Flame Monarch’s eyes constantly twinkled as they scanned past Leylin, Clarke, and the rest. Their eyes rested on Jin’s body for a brief moment before focusing completely on Melinda.

“The power of fate has brought everything back to its original trajectory,” the Blazing Flame Monarch murmured, two red figures splitting from his form and darting in different directions…

The numbers on the screen of the A.I. Chip were in constant flux until it came up with a conclusion.

[Beep! Scan completed. Determined to be the first level of the Alanore Labyrinth. 12,800m ahead, high-grade energy has been detected, determined to be a rank 5 being. Possibility of it being a fire elemental: 87.18%.]

“So I’ll need to break through all the barriers ahead to reach the Blazing Flame Monarch?” Leylin was now walking along a large and wide passageway that was tens of metres high. It looked like an area made specifically for giants, and he seemed minuscule in it.

“It also prevents teleportation, and has such scary confining runes!” Leylin shook his head, “Any loopholes or gaps that can be taken advantage of have been plugged. One can only move forward step by step with momentum!

“Why does this feel like clearing the stages of a game from my previous world?” Leylin touched his chin in speechlessness. The blue light in his eyes did not weaken. The A.I. Chip’s scanning ability had been employed to its limit.

This maze-like structure had completely split the five of them apart. Even if Leylin wanted to search for and make contact with his companions, there would be no response. If Leylin was the Blazing Flame Monarch, he would be a fool not to take advantage of this and attack his enemies when they were divided.

Hence, besides being cautious of traps and obstacles, he was very focused on the possible attacks from the Flame Monarch.

*Rumble!* Boiling heat waves blew towards Leylin as he walked out of the passage, and a gigantic lava lake appeared before him.

White air bubbles constantly exploded in the area, giving off a very strong smell of sulphur.

The lake stretched as far as the eye could see, into the boundless red horizon.

‘Is the rank 5 creature the A.I. Chip detected in here?’ Leylin’s eyes focused on the lava lake, seemingly penetrating through the thick lava and into its depths.

“Come out!” he said with a smile on his lips as a gigantic two-headed figure abruptly darted into the lake, splashing around at will. The lava exploded, crashing down everywhere like rain. A black figure grew in size as it suddenly emerged from the bottom of the lake, revealing terrifying mandibles similar to that of an alligator.

*Crack!* The two-headed snake figure was torn up by the alligator’s mouth, and the large black figure continued to ascend from the lava lake.

*Roarrrr!* The alligator-like being in front of Leylin had flames burning all over it. Droplets of scarlet lava dripped down from its scales and cracks constantly, its thin body still enormous. Its sinister looking teeth were set in a large mouth, above which were two scarlet soul flames.

It looked like a flame alligator that had evolved vertically, possessing the arms and long legs of humans. Its fingers were like black reverse hooks, and appeared very sharp.

‘A.I. Chip, conduct scan!’ Leylin ordered without hesitation.

[Beep! Flame Sovereign King, rank 5 being! It is an elemental life form. Strength: 238? Agility: 124? Vitality: 495? Spiritual force: 1523? A unique resident of the Fiery World, it is a rare mutation among hundreds of Morning Star fire elementals, allowing it to be a commander. Innate abilities: 1. Fire Affinity, 2: Fire Skin, 3: Fire Elemental Summon, 4: Unknown…]

The A.I. Chip quickly projected a 3D image of a large Fire Sovereign King in front of him. Beside the image was also a column with data in it that presented the opponent’s statistics in detail.

“A rank 5 fire elemental life form with such stats!” The figure of a Kemoyin Serpent Emperor appeared behind Leylin.

If he didn’t want to use his trump card, Leylin would have to make use of certain methods to deal with a Radiant Moon rank creature.

“Roarrr!” The Flame Sovereign King snarled, and three dark red bundles of light separated from its body, falling into the lava lake.

Dark red bundles of light constantly expanded and eventually exploded, revealing three fire elemental life forms that had strange forms. Each of them had energy undulations that were at least at Morning Star.

*Swish* Scarlet energy channels appeared at the Flame Sovereign King’s legs, and the water level of the entire lava lake sank. With the absorption of a large amount of lava, the toll on it from having a few subordinates separating from it had completely disappeared.

“A summoning spell that allows it to split up into beings with Morning Star strength, and it even has methods to replenish its energy!”

Leylin stroked his chin, “This guy’s vitality is just too powerful in the Fiery World. With just a slight misstep, I’ll have to deal with an arduous battle, which is rather disadvantageous.”

*Roar!* The three Morning Star fire elementals charged out at this moment, accompanied by the enraged howls of the Flame Sovereign King

“Bloodline Seal!” Leylin spread his hands and red bloodline force formed a ring of light, binding a Morning Star fire elemental.

“Icy Sphere!” At the same time, a sparkling giant ball of ice exploded in the air, and snowflakes fell everywhere, even causing the temperature of the lava lake to drop by a few degrees.

The two fire elementals that were attacking were covered by a layer of frost, solidifying and fusing with the ground. They were completely frozen.

[Warning! Warning! Energy in the opposing fire elemental’s body has violent undulations, determined to be on the verge of self-detonation. Host, please take note.]

The A.I. Chip’s prompt caused Leylin’s expression to instantly change. At this moment, the sounds of the Flame Sovereign King’s roars were transmitted over.

*Awoo!* *Bang! Bang!* Along with terrifying sound waves, the three Morning Star fire elementals were filled up with a bright layer of red as they exploded, boiling hot heat waves spreading through the area.

Though Leylin had gotten a warning beforehand from the A.I. Chip and darted away in time, he still hadn’t escaped completely unscathed.

*Roar!* *Roar!* *Roar!* *Roar!* At this moment, four bundles of glimmering dark-red balls formed four Morning Star fire elementals, and Leylin’s expression went dark.

“If I don’t take care of the main body, this will be endless!” Demonic black flames formed around Leylin’s body, devouring the waves of fire from the previous detonations.

The black phoenix flames raged in the Fiery World, their devouring ability causing the opposing elementals to retreat. Even the Sovereign King was put in fear.

“Obscure Fireplume Technique— Soaring Demonic Phoenix!”

Along with a high-pitched phoenix cry, a large black phoenix appeared in the air, two blazing flames sweeping across the region. The four elementals immediately burst apart, and their flames were absorbed by the black, demonic fire. This allowed the black phoenix to become even more enormous as it charged towards the Flame Sovereign King.

*Roar!* The Flame Sovereign King bellowed, a layer of flaming skin covering it as it collided with the tremendous black phoenix.

Demonic black flames flew in all directions just as the scarlet flames did, both using up each other’s strength and devouring each other. The enormous vibrations spread in all directions in the labyrinth…

In another area, Melinda chose a path with extreme familiarity. She’d met almost no dangers along the way, and was moving without obstruction.

Her eyes were now glimmering with something brighter than light itself. “I’m here. Are you ready?”

All of a sudden, the immense waves caused by Leylin travelled here, causing even this path she was taking to shake.

“The helpers this time are very powerful!” Melinda laughed in satisfaction, her figure disappearing into the darkness.


*Whoosh!* A giant black blade slashed out, the sword lights instantly causing four attacks that each beheaded an elemental. Four large heads fell, blazing with raging flames.

“You did well, brother!” The sword-wielding fighter was naturally Clarke. Behind him, Joanna stared at him with an unspeakable tenderness within her eyes.

These two rank 5 Magi had somehow bypassed the limitations of the Alanore Labyrinth and were working together!

“Soon, Joanna. Soon, Brother will bring you along to take revenge!” Clarke chuckled.

All of a sudden, his expression changed. “Be careful!”

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