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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 659: Trump Card and Resolution

Chapter 659: Trump Card and Resolution

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“Out of all these people, you were the one that I felt was the most dangerous. I didn’t expect it to be an old friend!” The female flame Magus stared at the faint human figure in her hands, a slight smile on her face.

“I don’t know what you’re saying…” Jin’s voice was hoarse and robotic.

“Kellard! I cannot tolerate any outsiders peeping in on my land of flames!” The Blazing Flame Monarch seemed to be confident in herself. A terrifying golden soul force entered Jin’s body with her declaration, threads of gold travelling through the faint body as they burst into golden flames.

The Blazing Flame Monarch conjured an illusory scene from of Jin’s body.

A platinum figure seemed to be seated on a throne within a spacious place. The golden flames seemed to pierce through the void, descending in that area.

A low sigh was heard from the platinum figure. A feather appeared, turning into an odd-looking longsword amidst white light. There were feather-shaped ornaments on the hilt of this sword that swung down viciously. The void surged and separated, the palace from before disappearing.

Jin exploded like a balloon in the Blazing Flame Monarch’s hands.

‘Kellard? Is that the Monarch of the Skies’ real name? I’d assumed Jin was a Spirit Magus… To think he was actually a puppet. It looks like it isn’t just Melinda that’s plotting against the Blazing Flame Monarch.’ Intelligence flashed in Leylin’s eyes, and he looked towards the Blazing Flame Monarch who seemed completely fine but was silent.

‘But a Monarch’s plot can’t be so weak, can it?’ A hint of anticipation rose in Leylin’s eyes. After all, this was a Breaking Dawn Magus working behind the scenes. Jin shouldn’t be so easy to deal with.

*Bzzt bzzt!* At this moment, a few pure-white goose feathers fell on Leylin’s shoulder like snow, causing him to freeze.

Immediately after, a snow of feathers fell down on the place. The ground was covered by a thin layer of white that even shrouded the Blazing Flame Monarch’s golden soul force.

Cracks began to appear on the boundary of the half-dimension, but the effects were even worse on the Blazing Flame Monarch herself.

*Rumble!* Golden flames burst forth from her body, immediately burning the feathers that drew close to ashes. However, there was still some white that managed to pass through her defences. Her expression changed, “Damn you, Kellard!”

*Boom!* The feathers exploded, causing her to sway a little. Immediately after, the scorching sun that was her truesoul suddenly dimmed, and the temperature nearby quickly lowered. The oppressive aura in the half-dimension was reduced.

Brown crack streaked across the faint figure of the Blazing Flame Monarch’s truesoul, and even the Monarch’s own aura weakened.

“So you still can’t completely suppress your injuries!” Melinda moved forward, an odd aura being emanated from her body as it pounced towards the Monarch.

“Die!” Joanna was even faster. Her aura had already reached the peak of Radiant Moon, and purple gas converged to form a trident that pierced towards the Blazing Flame Monarch.

“Get out of the way!” The golden flames on the Monarch’s body grew tenfold as exuberant with her cry, incinerating everything the Monarch of the Skies had arranged.

After launching that attack, the Blazing Flame Monarch staggered backwards, and cracks began to appear on the golden throne behind her.

Facing the attacks of Melinda and Joanna, the Monarch’s expression grew solemn. It was as if she was a god when she made the declaration. “I am the Blazing Flame Monarch. The laws of fire in this world shall be controlled by I alone!”

Large amounts of scarlet fire particles appeared, forming something on a level higher than a domain that completely enveloped the area.

“You’ve comprehended the laws of fire? Even just a bit is already so powerful…” Leylin’s head hung down a little, covering his eyes that were constantly emitting light.

He could feel with his senses that the moment the Blazing Flame Monarch summoned this plane of fire that was even more powerful than a domain, the fire elemental particles that he could normally control seemed to have an aura that rejected the summons of his soul force.

This was much more intense than the elemental isolation of a Morning Star domain. Leylin even felt that the fire element now had a life and will of its own, and was automatically rejecting his control over it.

’Just comprehending a tiny portion of a law gives you a huge advantage over weaker existences…’ Leylin sighed.

At this moment, the Blazing Flame Monarch’s right hand ruthlessly grabbed forward, “Law of fire!”

*Rumble!* A bundle of flames emerged in front of her, seeming neither strong nor very hot. However, it was like the most primal fire in the world, filled with a great ancient aura of leadership.

The tip of the purple trident sizzled and melted the moment it came into contact with the fire. The sound caused Joanna’s expression to warp.

The scarlet flames seemed to have a life of their own in the Blazing Flame Monarch’s hands, and immediately flickered as they turned into a fiery whip. Joanna’s body was sent flying backwards, a long luminous burn mark on her body.

“I am the master of the flames, one who has grasped the power of law. You can’t stop me!” A berserk soul force radiated from the Blazing Flame Monarch as if to prove her point.

Melinda took several steps backwards. The soul force at the Breaking Dawn realm had caused a backlash to her hand, and two streams of blood dripped from her eyes.

She quickly retreated, and transmitted to Leylin, “You’re not going to fight back?”

“I can do that, but what benefits will you give me?” Leylin’s arms were bunched together as he stared at Melinda coldly.

“What do you want?” Melinda was about to go crazy. At this point, Leylin was still ignorant of the big picture. Did he not know that once the Blazing Flame Monarch killed her and Joanna, he wouldn’t be able to escape either?

“I want the method you used to divide your truesoul and sever the soul!” Leylin was very confident that he could flee, which was why he was in no hurry and was even bargaining for the best benefits.

With his strength, he was confident he could escape even the Blazing Flame Monarch at her peak, much less now when she was incomplete.

He was rather interested in the technique of soul separation that she possessed. Though he wouldn’t do it himself, it would be a good supplement for his database.

“Alright!” Melinda agreed to Leylin’s condition unhesitatingly. As of now, the priority was eliminating the Blazing Flame Monarch. No matter how important the technique of severing souls was, it was just some information. There was obviously no issue at all.

This was not all. Leylin instantly sensed Melinda’s sincerity.

[Beep! Discovered spiritual force data interface. Allow transmission?] The A.I. Chip asked robotically.

After Leylin chose to allow the transmission, large amounts of information instantly emerged in his mind. Though he did not go through it in detail, the A.I. Chip’s scans showed that this was the real deal.

“The power of laws can only be dealt with by laws.” The grey ring on Leylin’s right hand exploded and a puff of fog appeared, forming a grey world that contended with the opposing Monarch’s flame plane.

“A rank 6 bloodline spell?” Grey fog and scarlet flames each consumed the energy of the other, and space itself was torn apart where these two tremendous domains met. A cry sounded from the Blazing Flame Monarch’s side.

“Darned bloodline Warlocks! I should have completely destroyed you long ago!” These words that were filled with hatred did not cause Leylin to stop. He smiled instead, “I’ve always loved listening to the anguish and ire of those who want to eliminate me. It means they’re completely defeated…”

Even if Leylin had sealed a bloodline imprint from Bevis’ Misty Fog Giant bloodline in the ring, he could only launch two attacks. One had been used on the Blazing Flame Monarch’s clone, and the other was being employed here.

‘A.I. Chip, focus on collecting information!’ Leylin ordered. With the Chip as a medium, Leylin could somewhat sense and manipulate the laws of fog. How could he not record such precious information?

[Beep! Beginning to record under Laws of Fog…] the A.I. Chip quickly intoned.

At this moment, large amounts of grey fog formed a monster with three heads that was under Leylin’s control. Toxins, lightning, and frost were being spewed out by these heads, striking the flame plane.

Even stray energy from the toxins, lightning, and frost caused Melinda and Joanna to retreat in a hurry, afraid to get hit.

“My bloodline imprint only has one attack left. If you have any methods, use them now. I’ll break through the opponent’s defensive laws.” Leylin stared at Melinda and Joanna without much emotion. The three-headed monster roared and tore at the flame plane, revealing the main body of the Blazing Flame Monarch.

*Whoosh!* A sharp grey claw descended and extinguished the flames that the Blazing Flame Monarch had summoned, and even tore apart the flame shackles.

At this moment, a trace of astonishment appeared on the Monarch’s confident face. She had evidently never thought that Leylin’s control over the power of laws would grow this quickly.

“Brother, wait for me! I am about to be done with my vengeance!”

A deep hatred rose in Joanna’s eyes for the Blazing Flame Monarch. She pounced forward, streams of purple gas appearing from her back to form a gigantic plant that was similar to the flower on her forehead.

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