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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 660: Erosion of the Sun

Chapter 660: Erosion of the Sun

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“Let’s perish together!” Joanna had on an insane smile. It was as if death was not the end for her, only a beginning.

Many roots formed from her body, wrapping around her and the Blazing Flame Monarch. The faint image of the purple plant solidified, and the roots wound tightly together as the two fell into the half-dimension. Branches and leaves spread out, the bud at the very top growing and blooming.

With the Blazing Flame Monarch’s infuriated howls, a purple flower bud with unworldly beauty slowly blossomed in the half-dimension. A terrifying strength took form at the same time, forming purple light that spread in all directions. Even the world of fog was affected as it crumbled down.

“This is bad!” Leylin’s pupils shrank. The remaining fog force immediately created a thick wall-like structure in front of him, behind which Melinda squeezed in unceremoniously. Following that, purple light spread through the skies and drowned the area.

The half-dimension hidden within the labyrinth burst apart under the purple light, and many black holes appeared in the region, devouring the surroundings. The scene looked to be of the world’s end. The stray energy from the explosion still bombarded the protective sphere of the Fiery World, causing it to shake.

Once everything calmed down again, the original world crack now looked completely different.

Large amounts of irreparable spatial rifts had appeared in the place, and endless turbulence streaked past the void, causing what was now in ruins further damage.

Even the nebulae around the place, what was similar to his previous world, had completely dissipated in the explosion. Bits of dimmed starlight flashed every once in a while from the edges, as if fading away and reconciling to this fact.

A large bundle of fog dissipated in this shattered void, revealing the figures of Leylin and Melinda.

“As expected from the physique of an ancient clan. The destructive force from her self-detonation…” Leylin seemed to be praising it, yet there was still some regret in his words. He was very interested in studying this sort of physique, and had never expected the other party to so resolutely detonate herself.

The terrifying storm that formed as a result was enough for Leylin and Melinda to be affected even with the defence from the rank 6 energy of the Misty Fog Giant, and they cut sorry figures.

“The bloodline!” Leylin’s eyes turned red, and a small-scale vortex formed in his hands. Some of the items in the void seemed to be attracted by some formless strength and automatically reached Leylin’s hand.

Large motes of light condensed to form a droplet of purple blood with bits of gold shimmering within.

“So this is all that remains? What an overbearing spell!” Leylin sighed, stowing the blood away.

“Not yet! The Blazing Flame Monarch isn’t dead!” There was glee following Melinda’s gasp of surprise. This was the best situation for her, with the Blazing Flame Monarch heavily injured and unable to resist her claim to dominance.

“She’s a Breaking Dawn Magus after all. How could she die so easily?” Leylin nodded solemnly. He’d never dared to underestimate such a high-ranking Magus. On top of that, the A.I. Chip did not give any conclusion of sorts, and instead scanned the space for the aura of the Blazing Flame Monarch. This made Leylin even more acutely aware of the result.

Golden flames abruptly surged in the void, increasing in volume to form a giant blazing door.

The Blazing Flame Monarch walked out of this giant door, her detached eyes full of ruthlessness.

*Rumble!* The flaming door quickly shrank to form a golden Magus Robe that draped over her body, “I never thought a bug like you would interfere with the ‘reincarnation’ procedure this time. It seems like ancient clans like these and the bloodline Warlocks should all be exterminated…”

A peak rank 6 aura was being emitted from their opponent’s body, and Leylin and Melinda shared a glance as they laughed bitterly.

“The ability to be revived by flames?” Leylin stroked his chin, “Seems rather well-suited to the fire element. It even has a healing effect which shares some similarities to the Icy World’s Freezing innate skill…”

“We’re already in this situation, and you still have time to think about that?” Melinda didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in response. Yet, the Blazing Flame Monarch had already raised her right hand, and a longsword made of raging flames appeared in it.

“In the name of the Blazing Flame Monarch, I shall judge you!” Immense flames surged out with sword lights. These flames were not ordinary, they were from the law of fire!

Just the descent of a few wisps drew out all the fire elemental particles in the region in an instant. All the other elemental particles were tyrannically rejected and repelled.

With her rebirth from the flames, not only had the Blazing Flame Monarch managed to survive Joanna’s self-detonation, but she’d also healed all her injuries. She had regained her strength as a peak rank 6 Monarch.

“Get out of the way!” Leylin pushed at Melinda, and a large amount of crimson light surged out, “Bloodline Shield!”

*Rumble!* The flaming sword struck the shield, emitting a frigid sound. On the other side, Melinda tossed out a piece of magic equipment similar to a statue, blocking the Blazing Flame Monarch’s attack.

With Joanna’s death, Melinda and Leylin were the only two invaders remaining. Leylin’s rank 6 bloodline fog had left a deep impression on her, so Melinda transmitted a query to him, “Do you still have another bloodline imprint?”

“No. Do you think a rank 6 bloodline is so easily obtained? The amount of blood I had was only enough to create two imprints!” Leylin glared at Melinda, waving his right hand. He was speaking the truth. The ring on his hand had long since disappeared.

Upon hearing this, a hint of despair appeared in Melinda’s beautiful eyes, “I can’t take this lying down! Am I really going to die with Big Brother here?”

‘She’s going crazy again!’ Watching Melinda, whose voice had turned into that of a little girl once more, Leylin was rendered speechless. It seemed like the original Blazing Flame Monarch had discarded more than one portion of her soul, which was why Melinda had such bizarre emotions and a split personality.

“Despicable Warlock Bloodline and the trashes that I had disposed of before… Let me purge you completely today!” The Blazing Flame Monarch that had regained her full strength took several steps closer, the peak rank 6 strength causing Leylin’s expression to change.

Only when face to face with her did he realise how terrifying the might of a Monarch was. The opponent’s truesoul was like a scorching sun, tens of times larger than that of a Radiant Moon and of better quality. This golden soul force exceeded the strength of Radiant Moon soul force, and made even Leylin feel suppressed.

“Erosion of the Sun!” The Monarch raised her sword once more, the faint image of her truesoul appearing behind her. Black light formed at the heart of the sun, converging on the tip of the flaming longsword.

From the black spot, Leylin could feel a terrifying energy that could obliterate everything in its path.

“Opposing qualities huh? This is incomparably close to the antimatter theory in my previous world…”

“Purify!” Along with an exclamation, the Blazing Flame Monarch swung her sword out, pitch black light beginning to shoot towards Leylin and Melinda.

Full of destructive energy, it surged like a stormy sea and roared.

The world origin force of the Fiery World beside them boiled and disappeared into the Blazing Flame Monarch’s body, causing this attack to grow even more powerful.

“An attack befitting one at the peak of rank 6!” Leylin sighed, and then did not hesitate as he commanded, “A.I. Chip, begin defensive plan number 2!”

[Beep! Mission established, beginning usage of Host’s energy and forming defence.] The A.I. Chip’s icy voice intoned immediately.

Meanwhile, a layer of black Kemoyin Scales appeared on the surface of his body. He tossed out large numbers of potions that formed a colourful defence. At the outermost layer, the Bloodline Shield changed its shape with the manipulation of the A.I. Chip, welcoming the black light headed their way.

*Rumble!* Space itself crumbled. Even a world crack could not withstand such a powerful explosion, and spatial storms were formed everywhere.

Leylin emerged from the explosion, much of his Magus robes torn apart. There was a trace of blood at the corner of his lips.

“So, Melinda, are you dead yet?” Leylin’s eyes flashed with wit as he glanced in Melinda’s direction.

White light flashed in the void, and Melinda’s head appeared. Her body had completely severed from below the neck, and on those body parts, there were signs of burns that had clotted and turned into scars.

“If I died, you’d definitely have died before me!” Melinda’s face was now as pale as a dead person, as if she had lost all blood.

“I can’t hold this for long. Do you have any other methods to deal with her? I have one more…” Melinda, who now only had a head, glanced at Leylin and seemed to have made up her mind.

“Yes!” Leylin pretended to struggle with the decision and spoke in a low voice, “But that’s my life-saving trump card. Once it’s used, I’m not going to bother with you!”

“You don’t need to. As long as you can successfully suppress her for a period of time, leave everything to me. All the benefits that I spoke of in the contract will be given to you.” Melinda gritted her teeth.

“Fine!” Leylin chuckled, and a few balls made of crystal appeared. Within these sparkling crystal balls was a dark red gas that was like a river.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!* Many of the balls exploded, and a strange power spread outwards.

“It’s no use! I’ve already grasped authority over flames! Any attacks below laws…” The Flame Monarch stopped abruptly, her beautiful eyes suddenly showing astonishment.

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