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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 661: Seizing and Assist

Chapter 661: Seizing and Assist

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In actuality, the Blazing Flame Monarch was still on her guard against Melinda and Leylin.

Not taking into account her opponent’s secret plan before, the tens of crystal balls that Leylin had sent out and exploded made it seem as if he was about to cast some spell. That already made the Flame Monarch feel some unease.

This was an ability similar to prophecy, and was common among high-ranked Magi. However, it was extremely rare for the Blazing Flame Monarch to get one with such a violent warning. Hence, she instantly made her move and golden soul force swept the area as the law of fire covered the void.

However, her strength strangely had no effect on the dark red fog, and no matter how hot the golden flames blazed, the dark red streams of gas still flowed in the air undisturbed.

“Damn it! Erosion of the Sun!” The Blazing Flame Monarch raised her longsword high in the air once more, the black point swelling and emitting a terrifying aura that was even more terrifying than before.

‘This is about half of the dreamforce that I amassed!’ Leylin’s heart was aching as well. There was a limit to how much dreamforce he could store. He needed to use vessels from Dreamscape, and for this reason he’d used up much of what he’d acquired.

It could be said that in order to create this environment, he had thrown in most of his gains from Dreamscape. However, it was because he had put in these hard-earned savings that the effects were extraordinary.

Leylin could sense the dense dreamforce spreading through the area, something that caused even Melinda’s eyes to glaze over slightly.

Dreamforce was no weaker than the power of laws, which was why the Blazing Flame Monarch’s fires had little effect on it. After all, she had yet to completely grasp the laws of fire anyway, or she would long since have advanced to rank 7 instead of hovering around rank 6.

At this point, the results from the A.I. Chip’s scans were presented before Leylin’s eyes. [Beep! Emission of dreamforce complete. Meets standards of using dreamforce!]

“It’s not as if I’ve never defeated a rank 6 before!” Leylin’s lips quirked up in a smile, and immediately a complicated and illusory spell model with colourful rays was used in that instant. Dreamforce condensed in boundless tides around his body.

“Radiant Moon Dreamforce Spell— Distrait Dream!” Leylin’s eyes seem to glaze over, and formless waves enveloped the Blazing Flame Monarch.

“This is…” The Monarch’s eyes showed her confusion as the energy undulations from her body strangely came to a complete stop.

Distrait Dream. This rank 5 dreamforce spell targeted a Magus’ truesoul, and had a 90% chance of being effective on a Radiant Magus, leading them to be unable to control themselves even if they were about to die. Even when facing a Breaking Dawn Magus, it had a success rate of over 50%!

The Blazing Flame Monarch was now in a dream, her truesoul having lost its way. She was completely unable to move, and her only defence came by instinct.

“Quick! I can only hold it for 3 seconds!” Leylin yelled at Melinda.

“I never expected you to have a trump card like this!” Melinda’s head stared at Leylin, eyes full of meaning. Immediately after, flames began to burn and incinerate the remaining flesh and blood she had. A pure white soul figure suddenly emerged amidst the flames.

“Though I have a strong desire to expel the opponent’s conscient and return to my body, there’s no time!” The soul figure suddenly broke through the boundaries of spacetime and appeared in front of the Blazing Flame Monarch. She was now in a despondent state, and her instinctive defence had no effect towards Melinda. The soul figure disappeared into the forehead of the Monarch, the entire process going through without a hitch.

“Damn it! Get out!” The dreamforce quickly dissipated, and the Blazing Flame Monarch had regained her senses. However, her expression kept warping, and her muscles trembling.

She abruptly raised her right hand, as if trying to pull something out of her forehead. Yet, the left hand strangely grabbed the right. It was as if there were two people fighting in her body.

“As expected, in a situation with no other methods, Melinda chose to return to the main body!” Watching this, a smile appeared on Leylin’s lips.

Melinda was merely an incomplete soul, while her opponent had the main body that had been tempered over thousands of years. Her soul force was tremendous beyond belief, and Melinda was surely no match for her.

Her initial plan was to take advantage of the Blazing Flame Monarch’s strength being at a low, using Leylin and the rest to deal the Monarch a serious blow. She would then destroy the soul and place her own conscient in the Blazing Flame Monarch’s body.

It was a pity that the Blazing Flame Monarch had a method of suppressing the injuries to her soul, which had caused setbacks in Melinda’s plans. Thankfully, with the Monarch of the Skies helping from behind the scenes and the surprising strength of Joanna and Leylin, the situation had reached this stage.

The situation was currently do or die. Perhaps Leylin had a chance of surviving a Breaking Dawn’s hunt, but Melinda was definitely going to die. As part of the opponent’s soul that had awakened its own senses and wanted to eliminate the main conscient, she would definitely be hunted down endlessly by the Monarch.

Hence, after weighing the pros and cons, the only thing she could do was take the risk and enter the other party’s sea of consciousness and strive to achieve control over the main body.

Though there was a powerful conscient in the sea of consciousness, it wasn’t as if Melinda lacked any advantages. At the very least, she had an ally in Leylin.

The Blazing Flame Monarch had accumulated injuries over the various battles and the self-detonation, but she either had some secret methods or was forcefully suppressing them. This was why she was confident in her success. Though her chances weren’t greater than 50%, this was a better option than dying without even a corpse remaining.

“Die, you unnecessary trash!” An unusual scene appeared on the Monarch’s body. A few illusory female faces appeared on her own, like layered masks.

There was malevolence, anger, even peace on some. The one similarity was that they all looked like Melinda.

“I am the ruler of flames. How can I lose to you…” A white illusory face abruptly emerged, its appearance and tone very similar to the Flame Monarch.

“Stop struggling. You are me! In addition, my control over the law of fire isn’t inferior to yours!” Melinda’s face appeared as well.

Following that, this face switched to one that was childlike, eyes full of tears as it gazed up at Leylin, “Big Brother, help me!”

“How?” Leylin’s expression was cold.

“I can temporarily suppress her defences. You use your soul force and invade the Blazing Flame Monarch’s sea of consciousness. Believe me, this will be extremely beneficial to you!” The young Melinda’s expression was miserable and moving, yet Leylin remained apathetic.

“Yes. There are definitely benefits from experiencing how energy revolves in a rank 6 Magus’ body, and I’ll even be able to make contact with the law of fire. However, I’ve my own method of dealing with this!” Leylin chuckled, a malicious intent gleaming in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you now!” Crimson rings of light formed at Leylin’s back, causing him to transform into a terrifying ancient Kemoyin Emperor, two gigantic amber pupils staring at the Blazing Flame Monarch.

“You’re thinking of- “ The young Melinda showed the expression of a struggle before she went silent, and the Blazing Flame Monarch’s face got out.

“Damned Warlock, what are you going to do?” Boundless golden shackles appeared around the Monarch.

“I’m obviously going to help!” A callous voice was transmitted from the Kemoyin Emperor, and petrifying light burst forth and caused the flame shackles to be covered with a layer of stone as they cracked.

The Kemoyin Emperor’s tail ruthlessly struck the Blazing Flame Monarch, and with a flicker of black light she flew backwards a great distance. The defensive magic equipment on her body shattered.

With the Monarch’s wealth, she definitely had at least a piece of high-grade magic equipment on her person, but under Leylin’s attack it was as fragile as paper-mâché. This wasn’t purely because of the frightful offensive ability of the Kemoyin Emperor. It had to do in part with there being nobody controlling it.

“You…” The Flame Monarch suddenly stopped speaking, and the sound of bones breaking could be heard, causing the soul’s face to contort with pain. The light dulled by a large extent.

“Very good! Continue attacking her and attract her attention!” Lights flashed and Melinda’s face appeared.

“It’s my pleasure to do so!” Leylin laughed, and immediately after terrifying rumbling could be heard in the void.

*Pak!* Pow!* *Pak!* Pow!* The terrifying force from an ancient rank 5 creature caused the void to shake in the world crack. The Blazing Flame Monarch at the centre had now sustained injuries that were difficult to even imagine. If not for the support of the law of fire, as well as the durability of the body of a Breaking Dawn Magus far exceeding that of regular people, she would long since have become minced meat.

Two tiny wormlike souls nibbled away at the largest soul body on her face, causing the Blazing Flame Monarch to let out cries of misery. Gradually, the soul’s light dimmed and allowed Melinda to gain the upper hand.

“Good! That’s enough, stop attacking! When I’ve gained complete control over the body…” Melinda’s face showed her glee, but that quickly turned into an enraged shriek, “What are you doing?”

She could see the Kemoyin Emperor that Leylin had turned into constantly shrinking until it turned into a python that was only tens of metres long, abruptly charging towards her. Its fangs were bared…

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