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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 663: Flame Laws

Chapter 663: Flame Laws

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The structure of a rank 6 Magus’ blood and flesh as well as information on the modifications to their body gave Leylin much inspiration and sprouted fresh ideas. He had also obtained many other benefits from the Blazing Flame Monarch’s abundant life energy.

He pulled up his stats with a thought, and quite a few of the information on the A.I. Chip’s screen was refreshed.

[Beep! Discovered high-grade cell structure. Simulating… Host has absorbed large amounts of life energy. Vitality increasing!] [Beep! Host’s soul has been strengthened. Spiritual force crossed bottleneck, reached Half Moon!] [Beep! Host’s stats have changed. Regathering info…]

It was after these messages that the A.I. Chip showed Leylin’s new stats.

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 5 Warlock. Bloodline: Kemoyin Emperor (Complete form). Strength: 76, Agility: 62, Vitality: 176.9, Spiritual force: 2003.5, Magic power: 2003 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Soul force: 200, Half Moon.]

Leylin had long since expected a rise in soul force, but the huge increase in vitality gave him a great surprise.

With a treasure like the phoenix egg, raising his soul force wasn’t an issue. It was just that his body couldn’t keep up.

It was funny now that he thought about it. Most Warlocks’ vitalities surpassed the growth of their spiritual force, but he was different. He progressed much too quickly, to the point that his spiritual force advanced by leaps and bounds and left his vitality far in the dust.

‘A Half Moon truesoul, and such soul force!’ Leylin focused on his point mass. His truesoul was perfectly round as before, but the cold light of his soul force already occupied over half of it. ‘A truesoul like this is very powerful, but in comparison to a rank 6 Magus, it’s quite lacking…’

Leylin sighed, thinking back to the truesoul of the Blazing Flame Monarch that was like a scorching sun. The soul force seemed to have solidified. A truesoul like this could be said to have reached a peak, and could exist for a long time even without the Magus’ body.

Soon after, he couldn’t help but burst out in laughter, finding himself too greedy. The path of a Magus was one of accumulation. Not only was the Blazing Flame Monarch of a higher rank than he was, she had spent tens or even hundreds of times longer than he had on searching for the truth. He was confident that, once he reached Breaking Dawn, his truesoul would not be second to hers.

“And this…” Leylin began to check all his profits. He’d been assigned many treasures from the attack on Düz City, a portion of the holdings a rank 6 organisation had amassed over time. Whether Morning Stars or even Radiant Moons, everyone would go green in envy at such wealth.

And yet, these things were all additional items to Leylin, not something he paid much attention to. What he was more interested in was the information recorded in the A.I. Chip.

“Soul splitting technique?” Leylin glanced through a document in the A.I. Chip while muttering to himself. He’d gotten this terrifying technique that could split apart a Magus’ truesoul when he’d taken advantage of Melinda earlier.

This technique could separate a truesoul into two parts, forming individual bodies that could think for themselves. It could also be used to discard unnecessary emotions or memories from the main body of a Magus, an extraordinary effect.

“Sometimes, psychological issues can be a hindrance to the advancement of a Magus. This technique is even better for Warlocks. Perhaps Offa and the others would be more than willing to take out all their wealth in exchange for this…”

Leylin stroked his chin. After obtaining this truesoul splitting technique, they could strip off the berserk emotions from their bloodline instability by placing it in another soul. To some extent, this was a way to completely cure the Warlocks’ bloodline instability. A rational Warlock still retained their advantages but had no weak points. It was a terrifying thought, but it had one small issue.

After the truesoul was split into two the separated soul was, in some way, an individual body of its own. It could even become like Melinda, forming a will of its own and becoming hostile towards the original Magus.

However, because they had originally been one body, Magi could not just destroy this parted soul, or else their truesoul would be affected. They could only choose to banish the soul or suppress it, which would leave a danger lying around.

‘Whatever it is, this technique is very valuable. If not for that being an emergency, Melinda probably wouldn’t have given this to me…’ Leylin thought about Melinda. The female Magus had initially been one with the Blazing Flame Monarch, but there seemed to have been some issues when splitting the truesoul which led to her returning for revenge.

‘She’s lost part of her energy and bloodline, and is also facing issues from the cracked soul which haven’t been solved yet. It’ll be difficult for her to recover to her original strength…’ Leylin’s eyes flickered.

This was a situation he had intentionally created. The conscient of the original Flame Monarch was done for, and Melinda had to heal the wounds to her body and soul. None of these were easy tasks. It would be a miracle if she could even remain at rank 6.

Leylin thus concluded that the Blazing Flame Monarch’s organisation would die down for a very long time. After gaining control of the body, Melinda wouldn’t be the same as the Monarch was before and it was unknown whether she would come after him in the future. He’d made the best choice in the situation.

“A.I. Chip, show me the database on the Blazing Flame Monarch!” Leylin commanded. Immediately after, a large file was projected in front of Leylin, the information within an incomplete mess.

Leylin hadn’t just devoured his opponent’s flesh and blood with his innate skill. He’d also managed to absorb her memories and her comprehension of laws.

However, due to a lack of time, the memories he had were incomplete. Yet, they were good references for the A.I. Chip.

Leylin’s eyes scanned through these incomplete memory fragments and came to the deepest ones. The few fragments here were like crystals that gave off a majestic aura, emitting burning hot rays of light.

Given that this was how the information was being displayed within the A.I. Chip’s database, it aroused Leylin’s interest.

[Beep! Comprehension of the laws of fire incomplete. Unable to scan and present as data, host needs to perform a soul force probe.] The A.I. Chip’s explanation rendered him speechless.

This was the bit on the comprehension of laws that the A.I. Chip had separated from the remaining memories in the bloodline Leylin had forcefully obtained. However, it was currently in a strange state that even the A.I. Chip could not decipher.

“This is the issue of having different power systems,” Leylin sighed.

In his view, the world was one complete existence that had various focuses. His previous world was one that focused on atomic studies.

The Magus World, on the other hand, was a world of energy and laws.

In reality, there was only one real world. Atoms, energy and laws were all just the same thing viewed from different perspectives. These differences in perspective allowed Magi and the people of his old world to come up with different conclusions.

The A.I. Chip was a result of microscopy, and it could not decrypt things like the comprehension of laws. It was only something to be expected.

However, with its continuous upgrades and the establishment of the database on the soul, the A.I. Chip had made continuous progress. It now accepted the embodiment of energy and laws.

Leylin was very confident in the learning abilities of the A.I. Chip. Some day, it would be able to analyse anything in the universe, becoming the best tool to search for the truth with. For now, the current ability of the A.I. Chip to store the comprehension of laws separately already left Leylin satisfied.

Though it could not be sent to him, perhaps comprehending laws himself was the best way to go about it.

Leylin closed his eyes. Half Moon soul force spread out from his truesoul, making contact with the scarlet Law Comprehension Crystals.

*Rumble!* A vast current gushed forth, and Leylin felt like an ordinary being standing amidst a flash flood in the mountains.

Terrifying force weighed down on him from all sides, pushing and pulling at him with immense power. Many different scenes flashed before his eyes without end, detailing the comprehension the Blazing Flame Monarch had towards the laws of fire.

The red fire elemental particles seemed to be magnified a million times over as they appeared in front of him, their mysteries being unveiled layer by layer. Never had he felt as close to the fire element before.

This feeling came and left very quickly. In a few seconds, Leylin regained his senses from this comprehension.

[Host’s brain waves in a peculiar state. No records in database!] [Beep! Host’s blood flow rate has increased. Increase in energy wave radiation.] [Beep! Host’s fire elemental affinity has increased. Aptitude has been slightly strengthened.] ……

The A.I. Chip’s new prompts caused a smile to appear on Leylin’s face, ‘Comprehending the laws of fire can increase soul aptitude on top of increasing my elemental affinity?’

Leylin had never worried about his elemental affinity. His foundations were not half bad, and he’d never misstepped. Through the advancements in and strengthening of his bloodline, his control over darkness and fire exceeded that of most Radiant Moons.

However, his original soul aptitude was only at grade 3. Compared to grades 4 and 5, or even special geniuses, he still had a ways to go. His few advancements had only pushed him to the peak of grade 3.

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