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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 666: Allsnake Curse

Chapter 666: Allsnake Curse

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“A.I. Chip, conduct a full body scan!” Leylin commanded. He had just escaped from the Snake Dowager’s dream.

The Dowager was an existence that surpassed rank 7, and her power exceeded the limitations set by worlds. She could cross world borders and attack through Dreamscape, a strength that was unimaginable for Leylin.

When dealing with someone like her, it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious. Hence, thorough checks were a necessary thing.

[Mission established. Beginning scanning procedures. Atomic microscope has been authorised, beginning scan…] Large amounts of blue light scanned every region of Leylin’s body after the A.I. Chip sounded, the images resolved to the cellular level. The atomic microscope scanned everything. The blue light took the form of countless threads that swept through him.

[Skeleton normal. Internal organs normal. Scanning bloodline and sea of consciousness…] Leylin looked rather calm, but when the A.I. Chip’s rays scanned his blood and sea of consciousness his expression changed.

Tiny black runes wiggled out from the surface of his body, and after they emerged Leylin felt the blood circulation in his body abruptly speed up tenfold! The increase in blood flow caused his face to flush, and fine blood appeared deep inside his pores.

The black runes crawled to his forehead, forming the image of a little black snake. Around this snake was a ring of tiny pointed runes, resembling chains and a cage that kept the snake within.

“What’s going on?” Leylin felt the bloodline force in his body show signs of going berserk, and the rune on his forehead began to exert more strength. It was restraining him!

His bloodline force was rebelling against its owner, and restraining him. It sounded like a joke, but Leylin did not find it funny at all.

“Quiet down. Innate spell of control!” Leylin exclaimed.

*Hss—* The terrifying image of a Kemoyin Emperor appeared behind him. Currently, the phantom was encircled and bound by a circle of black chains as well. The massive Kemoyin Emperor hissed and roared, but it had no effect on the bindings.

There were even sharp barbs on the chains, and they pierced through his scales into his flesh. The intense pain was transmitted directly to Leylin’s truesoul.

*HSS—* The Kemoyin Emperor roared again, but this one seemed very feeble. Still, the will of a rank 5 ruler could somewhat control the rebellion of the bloodline force, and allowed the odd phenomenon in his body to calm down.

“What is this?” Feeling the binding rune on his forehead absorbing his bloodline force on top of suppressing him, Leylin’s expression grew grim.

He’d already guessed that this was something left behind by the Snake Dowager. She was someone who exceeded rank 7, an existence that had grasped laws. Even though she had been careless enough to let him escape, she still had enough time to leave something behind. As the source of Leylin’s bloodline, manipulating his bloodline force slightly was a simple task for her.

‘The rebellion of bloodline force… All those who walk on the path of bloodlines will eventually be shackled by the very bloodline itself…’ For some reason, Leylin suddenly recalled the time when he’d first obtained Kemoyin’s Pupil, more specifically the inscription by Great Magus Serholm.

[Beep! Host has been struck with an unknown curse. All stats decreasing.] The warning from the A.I. Chip was bright red, showing the urgency of the situation.

“Show me the information!” Leylin grew grim as he felt the weakening of his body. The rebellion of the bloodline force as well as the suppression of a portion of his strength made him feel unprecedented weakness.

‘I was too careless before! Strength that depends on a bloodline might be very useful initially, but there are going to be some hidden dangers no matter what. If not for my bloodline having evolved to the Kemoyin Emperor and having gained some degree of independence, this mark could very well have caused me to lose all my strength and become subject to the whims of the Snake Dowager!’ Leylin’s expression was incomparably dark.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 5 Warlock. Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent (Complete form). Strength: 45 (76), Agility: 40 (62), Vitality: 100 (176.9), Spiritual force: 1013.5 (2003.5), Magic power: 1013 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Soul force: 101 (200). Condition: Weakened by curse, stats lowering on all fronts. Currently at New Moon, future undetermined.]

Leylin now looked worse. These stats pulled him down to the level of one who had just stepped into Radiant Moon.

Though it had only been a short period of time, the curse had lowered his strength by about half, and there was a possibility of worsening.

Leylin looked at the ‘future undetermined’ in his status screen, and his voice was icy as he asked, “What does ‘future undetermined mean?’

[Based on evaluation of model, the curse will continuously absorb the host’s bloodline and increase its capabilities. The host’s stats are set to continue to decrease, and there is a possibility of a permanent drop in rank.]

The A.I. Chip quickly answered him, but Leylin had nothing to rejoice over.

“Decrease? To what extent?”

[Unknown. Possibility exists of a complete loss of bloodline force.] The conclusion given by the A.I. Chip caused Leylin’s expression to grow even more serious.

‘Is it the bloodline shackles or a backlash? Or is this something the Snake Dowager chains her younger generations with?’ In an instant, Leylin’s mind came up with many possibilities.

This force was evidently linked to his bloodline force, and the closeness far exceeded Leylin’s expectations. In order to go further on the path of a Warlock, one would need to be modified by bloodline force, which was why it equated his own power.

However, when the Snake Dowager became hostile, Leylin finally knew the terror of the incomparably tame bloodline force when it rebelled.

Debts had to be repaid. Bloodline Warlocks relied on their bloodline force to amplify their progress, and be it in rate of advancement or battle strength, they exceeded their peers at the same rank. However, they were restricted by bloodline shackles, and once one met the source of their bloodline there was no way to fight back against them.

No. They, whose souls fused with the source of their bloodlines, would not even have thoughts of rebellion!

Leylin was sure that if Gilbert or any other Kemoyin Warlock was in his position, they would not even resist the Snake Dowager. Their wills were all subservient to her. This control extended past their bloodlines and into their souls. This was a powerful manipulation of souls! Unless one changed the soul, it was impossible to eliminate any influences.

‘Hehe… Once I have the intention of rebelling against you, you strike me down and make me a regular human? How overbearing!’ Leylin stroked his chin and suddenly began to laugh coldly.

‘But I will never let anyone take control of my freedom. Bloodline force? It’s my bloodline, and even though it originates from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, it’s been altered and refined by the A.I. Chip. I even had it automatically evolve to become a Kemoyin Emperor, you can’t control me so easily…’

[A similar record has been found in the database] the A.I. Chip intoned at this moment. With the accumulation of knowledge from Sky City and the Warlock Union, the A.I. Chip could be said to be a museum of the Magus World. No matter how rare and obscure a topic was, information could be found about it.

[Allsnake Curse: The Snake Dowager of the Shadow World has supreme control over all of her progeny. This is a blessing and also a curse, one condensed with bloodline force. Once a descendant has thoughts of disobeying the will of the Snake Dowager, the Allsnake Curse will appear and automatically absorb as well as seal off the descendant’s bloodline force, turning into the most powerful bloodline curse. Effect: Continuous weakening of power of Warlock, until target’s death.]

There was also a projection of an image beside this introduction, and it was a carbon copy of the one on Leylin’s forehead.

“Till death? I like it!” Leylin snickered, “A.I. Chip, based on this rate, how much time do I have left?”

[Beep! Based on current situation, host will fall from Radiant Moon in 26 hours, and in 267 hours lose Morning Star strength. 312 hours later, bloodline force will be completely lost and host will become a regular human.]

The complicated calculations were completed by the A.I. Chip in an instant, giving him a conclusion. “It’s too rushed. Is there anyway to slow the process?”

With its massive calculative ability, Leylin was given an answer. [Host can suppress their own bloodline force and seal off their Radiant Moon strength. Such a situation can easily extend the period by three years in tandem with the Medusa’s Gaze potion.]

The Allsnake Curse was a curse that absorbed his bloodline force, which was why sealing his own strength would slow the effects of the curse temporarily.

Leylin nodded, but suddenly froze.

“Sealing off my Radiant Moon strength means I’ll be able to maintain this condition for three years, but I can’t use any strength at rank 5. In that case, if I were to meet a powerful enemy…” Leylin knew fully well that the more he used his own power, the closer he was pushing himself to death.

However, his enemies would not let him off so easily, especially the Snake Dowager. With the attacks from Dreamscape, he’d been forced to run for his life constantly, and this situation would force him to use his bloodline force. He had then suffered the backlash from the Allsnake Curse, which was probably her intention.

“In that case, she definitely won’t give up after one attack!” Leylin’s pupils shrank abruptly.

“Hss—” At the moment these thoughts emerged, his truesoul was distracted as he entered Dreamscape once more.

A terrifying gigantic white snake was spitting out its tongue, its gaze of one looking at a dead man.

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