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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 667: Mask of the Dreamless

Chapter 667: Mask of the Dreamless

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“A.I. Chip, conduct scan!” Leylin ordered, and the A.I. Chip quickly sent a passage of information to him.

[Alabaster Devilsnake: Rumoured to be a descendant of the Snake Dowager that inherited dreamforce. Likes to torture its prey in their dreams before digesting them. Matures at rank 5.]

It gave him a thought. ‘Even the Snake Dowager needs to use a large amount of energy in order to send dreamforce to a faraway world. That’s probably why she just activated the Allsnake Curse and then left the rest to her children…’

*Hss—* At this moment, the Alabaster Devilsnake was flicking its scarlet tongue as its blood red eyes were fixed on Leylin. Its body rumbled as it moved abruptly, turning into a streak of white lightning.

‘There’s no choice but to act!’ Leylin laughed wryly, the energy in his body beginning to boil, “Dream spell…”

White lightning seemed to flicker through the void, and when things returned to normal Leylin was back in the real world.

At this moment, his face looked wretched. The Allsnake Curse on his forehead spread a lot of black veins, greedily absorbing his own bloodline force and turning the strength from his own body into a curse. It was a continuous cycle with no cure.

[Warning! Warning! Host’s bloodline force has reached the threshold and is about to drop from Radiant Moon.]

The red warning prompt the A.I. Chip sent out caused Leylin’s heart to sink. While he’d done his best to hold back his strength, in order to escape from Dreamscape he had no choice but to use dream spells and his bloodline force. It had provided the Allsnake Curse wtih an opportunity to act up.

‘No, this can’t go on! A.I. Chip, set up a maze in Dreamscape,’ Leylin quickly commanded. The possibility of being dragged into a dream and assaulted from all sides caused his face to turn dark.

[Beep! Mission established, beginning projection of guiding coordinates. Setting up Dreamscape firewall] the A.I. Chip immediately intoned. That was the result of Leylin’s studies on Dreamscape. He could try to prevent others from pulling him into a dream, and while he did not know how well it would go, it was still better than nothing.

Making use of this borrowed time that would be hard to come by, Leylin immediately started on other plans, ‘A.I. Chip, begin procedure D-23, let’s forge the Mask of the Dreamless!’

This command was to make the necessary preparations for the Snake Dowager attacking through Dreamscape.

[Mission established! Beginning simulation. Materials required: 300g of Luk Alloy, tooth of single-eyed snake…] These were all materials Leylin had found could isolate dreamforce in his previous experiments. A black gas appeared on his body with the A.I. Chip’s report, and the materials it had mentioned floated out from a flickering light in his waist pouch.

A bundle of demonic black light was formed, devouring the materials. Leylin looked calm as he watched the materials dissolve in the flames, occasionally making some seals and transferring some refining runes into the flames.

Just these few casual movements were extremely fluid, exhibiting the terrifying abilities of a Grandmaster alchemist.

With Leylin’s powerful control, it wasn’t long before a mask with only one half hovered above the flames. This mask was completely black, its fluid lines and decorative designs giving it a unique aesthetic. A strange aura was emitted from it.

The mask flew out and covered Leylin’s face, blocking the Allsnake Curse on his forehead.

Leylin seemed to change after wearing the mask, and now seemed to have some mysterious charm.

The A.I. Chip soon listed the ingredients and all sorts of information about the mask. [Unique Magic Item— Mask of the Dreamless. Weight: 200g. Material: Luk Alloy, tooth of single-eyed snake. Effect: Prevents being spied on with dreamforce. Protects truesoul from invasions from Dreamscape…]

The icy cold mask covered part of Leylin’s skin, making him feel at ease, “Thankfully, I’d already been focusing on dealing with dream invasions, and had invented the Mask of the Dreamless.”

His fingers stroked the mask, feeling the complicated and intricate patterns. This mask was formed from simulations based on the A.I. Chip’s database. On top of that, with Leylin’s eye as a Grandmaster alchemist and his creativity allowed him to create this item.

It only had a singular function in blocking dream invasions, which meant it couldn’t be classified as a magic artifact or equipment. However, it’s ability did not lose out in value to some magical equipment either.

To Leylin, who’d altered himself for Dreamscape and was sensitive to dreamforce, the Mask of the Dreamless was something that finally allowed him to relax. ‘Unless the mask is destroyed, my opponent’s can’t just drag me into a dream and use up my strength…’

Leylin now fully comprehended the terror that was the Snake Dowager. Even while they were in different worlds, he could do nothing against her. Thankfully, with this as a buffer, he could now calm down and think through this matter.

“A.I. Chip, check the database of all the simulations I authorised and find a method to solve the Allsnake Curse.”

Leylin’s voice was low, and the A.I. Chip quickly began to operate as large amounts of information appeared in front of him. Countless formulae were used, and a faint image of the Snake Dowager even appeared in the virtual space.

With the countless calculations, the A.I Chip came up with a conclusion. [Host has 3 options:

The Snake Dowager removes the mark of her own accord.

Host gets the blessing of a rank 9 existence, using their origin force to purge the Host’s bloodline.

Host completely breaks through bloodline shackles, severing all ties with the Snake Dowager.]

‘Plans 1 and 2 are impossible, there are too many uncertain variables. I can’t do anything for a high-ranked existence, so I’d have to rely on luck,’ Leylin touched his chin, light glinting in his pupils, ‘The only choice is to break through the restriction on the bloodline and break away from these shackles completely!’

The control and curse of the Snake Dowager came from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline force. If Leylin could completely shatter the bloodline shackles and become an independent being, he would no longer be affected by her.

As he was now, this was the most feasible plan.

“But I didn’t expect to meet her so quickly. I’ll have to find a way to break the bloodline shackles. I can’t skip this, and I’ll have to go to Purgatory World…”

Leylin looked grim, ‘With my current state, I need to keep a low profile for a period of time…’ With this thought, he transformed into a bundle of black flames and disappeared.


In the Morning Star Area. Jeffrey wore a black swallow-tailed coat with not even a hair out of place, seeming like the most upright gentleman.

“Lady Freya is about to give birth. This is something worthy of celebration for our Warlock Union!”

“Yes! The rank 5 bloodline in our union now has been passed on! With the talent His Highness Leylin has shown, the future of his bloodline descendants is going to be bright…”

Offa laughed as he spoke. He was now waiting with Jeffrey above the castle for Leylin.

Flustered maids and servants ran everywhere in the castle. A layer of crimson energy spread through the area, gradually enveloping a room and still travelling outwards. The low voice of a woman sounded within.

“This is a rank 5 bloodline! Is it the Giant Kemoyin Serpent? What’s going on? Does the Kemoyin Serpent have an ancestor or something like that?” Jeffrey was rather curious about this.

“No. His Highness’ bloodline is the purest Kemoyin bloodline, there’s no doubt about it. Based on my observations, the bloodline he’s inherited might very well be that of the ancient Kemoyin Emperor, the ruler of the Giant Kemoyin Serpents!” Offa’s voice was soft, as if he was revealing some huge secret.

“Hss… In other words…” Jeffrey sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Yes! The royal family of the Ouroboros Clan has appeared. There is no leader more proper than the Kemoyin Emperor!” Ruling bloodlines held immense control over bloodline clans. This was the same case with the Snake Dowager over Leylin, and based on his Kemoyin Emperor bloodline Leylin had authority over the lives and deaths of the Kemoyin Warlocks under him.

His bloodline definitely ruled the Ouroboros Clan!

“The Ouroboros Clan will forever be subservient to the ruling bloodline to the day that the bloodline dies off. Unless that happens, betrayal will not occur for eternity!” Offa’s voice was still as low as before, “We have to be even more prudent when dealing with His Highness.”

“That I know, but… Bevis…” Jeffrey could only laugh wryly.

No matter what organisation it was, the appearance of talents like Bevis and Leylin were worthy of celebration. However, the two geniuses did not see eye to eye, which resulted in a great catastrophe.

To be honest, the reason they were here was to serve as protection and as a warning.

If not, Leylin would definitely not let Bevis go. If he were to do anything drastic the consequences were not anything they wanted to see.

Otherwise, even for the birth of a child with a rank 5 bloodline, there wouldn’t be two Radiant Moon Warlocks on guard duty.

At the mention of this, Jeffrey seemed to think of something and suddenly asked. “Lord Offa, did you see the news regarding the Blazing Flame Monarch?”

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