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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 670: Return to the South Coast

Chapter 670: Return to the South Coast

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He named his first child Daniel. After setting up some isolation spells and asking Celine to hide herself for a period of time, he reckoned everything should be fine. With his business done, he headed for the south coast.

Though the surroundings were filled with dangerous areas that even rank 3 Magi were known to be unable to escape, this north coast that was isolated from the world seemed to Leylin like his backyard.

“It’s been so long, I wonder how those friends and enemies are now?” Leylin looked at the clouds through his window, and familiar faces appeared in his mind.

George, Nyssa, Damien, Number 4 and 5, and the former principal who were all his friends and servants. There were also his enemies like Gargamel and Alric as well.

Memories were dusted off one after the other, especially of him taking an airship to the south coast before he was even an acolyte. It all seemed as if it had happened yesterday.

“Time flew by in the blink of an eye…” Leylin raised his arm, glancing at his youthful and energetic palm as his mind drifted away once more.

“With fifth-grade aptitude, Jayden should be alive and well even now. As for George and Kaliweir… After all, one’s soul aptitude is the most important thing for a Magus.”

Leylin sighed. If not for choosing the path of a Warlock, he would likely still be stuck as a rank 1 or 2 Magus, even with the help of his A.I. Chip. Forget Morning Star, the current him had even reached the Radiant Moon realm, something unheard of in the south coast. His bloodline had a large part to play in these advances. Things were always unpredictable…

“Besides…” Leylin looked at the near Volcano City and let out a sinister smile.

Red light circulated around his hand, and through his bloodline he could feel the activity of other Farlier descendants in the nearby Teljose City.

‘Descendants of Viscount Farlier?’ Leylin laughed, ‘Didn’t I not have any siblings before I left? Viscount John Farlier is very much like our ancestors indeed…’

Leylin still held some attachment towards the Farlier family; after all, his current body came from them. Even though he’d sent Damian over to protect them along with Number 4 and 5, he still couldn’t thoroughly cut his ties to them. Still, because it was difficult for him to face them at that time, he’d done it anyway.

A few hundred years had passed since then, and all that would be left of his relatives and friends would be ash and bone. This would make things easier for him; all he needed to do was give a few benefits to his descendants and everything would be fine.

“Attention to all passengers. The airship is arriving at the terminal in Teljose City! Please gather your belongings and leave the ship in order,” The gentle female voice sounded again, “Furthermore, the next flight will begin half a year later. The airship will circle the eastern line. Please make any reservations if need be. One final announcement: Traces of the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect have been detected in the eastern portion of the city. Please be careful.”

The first few announcements didn’t net much of a reaction from the passengers, after all the airships here were not comparable to those of the central continent and needed a period of maintenance after each flight. If not for the fact that Teljose City was the trade center of the south coast, they wouldn’t have set up any airship routes at all. The last announcement with regards to the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect, though, it wreaked havoc in the hearts of the passengers when it was made known.

“What do we do now, Darlie? The Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect’s disciples are all madmen, won’t it be too dangerous for us in town?” A few female Magi near Leylin got anxious.

“Rest assured. Teljose City is one of the main camps of the light Magi, and Lord Alric is protecting us. Nothing will happen here. Forget that, aren’t the Death Soul Protection and Soul Pollution Isolation spells our forte?” The girl named Darlie quickly calmed her partners down. The presence of the light Magi and Alric gave them a lot of confidence, and even the rest of the airship’s passengers started to quieten down afterwards.

‘Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect? Alric?’ Leylin laughed, ‘It seems like I can settle that debt quite easily this time.’

He hadn’t taken this airship out of convenience. There was a slight sentimental value to it, but most important was that it would allow him to collect crucial information. With his current abilities, just his dreamforce forcefield could force many Magi to hand over a large amount of information that included their secrets. With the A.I. Chip’s abilities added on top, Leylin grew more or less clear on what had happened in the south coast after he’d left.

During his escape after the fight for the essence of the Wisdom Tree, the light Magi had suffered great losses. This incident had sparked off the third great Magus War!

With multiple rank 2 light Magi injured or killed, the dark Magi were stirred into action. With the additional encouragement from the incident with the Wisdom Tree, they started vying over the Eternal River pocket dimension and launched the war.

High-level members, all previously hidden from the world’s eyes, emerged in an unprecedented battle above the Thousand Soul Island. Spells of darkness and light blotted out almost half the sky, and the battle ended with the island sinking down. Both parties had suffered great losses.

The third Magus War was supposed to last for a long time, but it was halted abruptly due to the appearance of another strong party. Right after the battle at Thousand Soul Island ended, the ancient Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect took advantage of the fact that both sides were severely damaged and rose quickly in power and position. Their leader was rumoured to be the terminator of all souls— Gargamel! Members of the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect were demon fanatics, and even wantonly collected souls in the south coast, regardless of whether they belonged to magicians or humans. They also didn’t care whether they were attacking light magicians or dark ones, all in their sights were attacked.

With so many souls in hand, Gargamel’s power recovered quickly. It had even advanced to the peak of rank 3 in a short period of time!

With all this, both sides decided that they could not let such a thing go on, quickly ending their original war and cooperating to suppress Gargamel’s rise along with her Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect.

Finally, in an intense ambush, the rank 3 Magi of all three sides suffered grievous injuries or even death, and the Magi used their many inherited treasures to inflict great damage to Gargamel and the sect.

But Gargamel was indeed an ancient demon; it had managed to escape from the dark and light Magi and recuperated in hiding, silently waiting for a chance to make a comeback.

Rumours in recent times said that Gargamel’s wounds were healing quickly, something that explained the increasing activity of the sect’s members. They were conducting massive blood sacrifices and collecting souls. The entire south coast was laden with anxiety.

‘So to say, the south coast is currently experiencing a three-way stalemate between the dark Magi, light Magi, and the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect…’ Leylin yawned, even if he’d sealed the majority of his abilities, enemies of such a level were still ants to him.

‘Let’s end things here quickly and find the Purgatory World. My time is far too precious!’ Leylin stood up and came to the entrance queue, waiting to alight. Darlie and his partners were in front of him.

“Hey Darlie, look. The hunk who sat with us before is here too.” The female Magus in front tugged on Darlie’s sleeve.

“Yeah, let’s go strike up a conversation! I’ll count myself lucky today, none of you can fight me!”

“You guys…” Darlie’s voice was soft and she looked like she was done with them, “Aren’t you guys afraid of offending him by speaking so loudly when we’re so near? And didn’t you guys try the other time as well? that sir over there hates to be disturbed…”

The female Magus looked at Leylin stealthily again after Darlie finished her words. The elegant black robe exuded a sense of royalty and the black mask on his face gave Leylin a few pints of mysteriousness. Though only half his face was revealed, the charm he gave off unknowingly was driving all the female Magi mad.

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