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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 672: Travelling Together and Appearance

Chapter 672: Travelling Together and Appearance

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“I was too naive. No matter how lax the professor from the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower could be in his requirements, a novice Magus like me isn’t competent enough…”

Leylin and Darlie sat facing each other in a fruit juice shop. Leylin was watching the passersby outside the French window as he listened to Darlie narrate her experiences after they parted ways.

Darlie was a talented Magus who had perseverance. She had a fault, however, in her youth.

Knowledge was the foundation of a Magus’ power. She was extraordinary for advancing to become a Magus at her age, but compared to those old freaks who’d amassed knowledge over hundreds of years she was nothing.

Hence, she had completely failed recruitment into the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower, being rejected at the start itself.

Her other female companions had fared the same way, and after the setback from the huge difference between their ideals and reality, they had long since returned to their hometowns. Some had even given up completely. Only Darlie had not let up, persevering and staying in Teljose City.

Soon enough, however, she was faced with a serious issue— she had gone broke!

Official Magi might seem extremely wealthy, but those who had just advanced had used up all their resources and magic crystals while breaking through. They weren’t particularly skilled in any area, and since they lacked magic crystals to purchase spell models and the like to grow in strength, it was an endless cycle. Magi were normally at their poorest after advancing, and the costs of Teljoce City were too much for someone like Darlie.

On top of that, she still needed to obtain more magic crystals in order to purchase things like spiritual force potions and spell models. Hence, after racking her brains, she had no choice but to swallow her pride and look for a job.

However, reality dealt her a ruthless blow. Darlie cared little for regular jobs, but she did not meet the requirements for jobs that needed official Magi. She had hit a wall many times already before bumping into Leylin today.

“It’s been just a few days, but you’ve already had so many experiences…” Leylin had the urge to laugh, but he forced it down.

Since he’d advanced as a Warlock, he was always stronger than others of the same rank as gim. On top of that, the A.I. Chip was a cheat that allowed him to amass knowledge that did not lose out to those old freaks. He’d never experienced such things.

In actuality, Magi like Darlie were the norm in this world.

“Is there anything I can help with?” Leylin asked kindly. He had some magic crystals lying around, and it wasn’t like they were of much use to him. They were effectively rocks to him, and he obviously wouldn’t mind showing some generosity.

“It’s alright. I’ve taken on a mission to gather starlight grass, and the rewards aren’t half bad. I’ll be able to survive for a while…” Darlie said in rejection. She was a strong and prideful child, and obviously would not accept such charity.

“Starlight grass, huh…” Leylin checked with the A.I. Chip, “That ingredient is only produced in Ebole Town. Though it’s not far from Teljose and it’s easy to gather it, a wave of disciples from the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect fled there recently, making it more dangerous…”

“No wonder…” Darlie covered her little mouth, “I was wondering why the task was so simple, yet the rewards were so generous. Damn it…”

Seeing her finding this difficult, Leylin could not help but laugh, “I need to go there anyway. Let’s go together…”

“Mister…” Darlie grew extremely emotional, tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

“I really have something to do there!” Leylin emphasised. With a few days of soul and bloodline hints being transmitted, the Farlier descendant had come here, and was about to reach Ebole Town as well.

Leylin wasn’t someone with too much time on his hands. If not for such a thing, he’d just give her some magic crystals. Why would he waste his precious time and accompany her?

“Many thanks!” Darlie bowed deeply, a red flush appearing on her cheeks and spreading downwards.


The wheels kept turning, producing creaking noises. The uneven surface of the road left the carriage constantly shaking.

Within the carriage, Darlie was watching Leylin’s mysterious face that was covered with a black mask. She hesitated for a long time before she spoke, “Mi- Mister, my name is Darlie. May I know…”

As Leylin had kept his mask on all this while, Darlie had assumed that he was hiding his identity, which was why she had not asked for his name. Now, however, the two of them were going to Ebole Town together, and it seemed too lacking in manners if she did not inquire into this properly.

“Oh, I’m Leylin!” Leylin told the truth plainly. In his senses, the bloodline descendant was very close to the town.

However, the life aura on his body had been weakened to a maximum, and there was even an aura of death coming from him. If Leylin didn’t save him, it wasn’t likely for him to make it back to Teljose City.

“Leylin…” Darlie repeated the name a few times, and her expression suddenly changed, “The name ‘Leylin’, it’s the same as a Magus who’s in our history textbooks!”

“Oh?” Leylin stroked his chin. The Third Magus War and the rise of the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect were very serious issues for the Magi of the south coast, and every detail about them had been noted down.

Leylin was mentioned, obviously. After all, he’d been the person who somewhat sparked all these issues. With Darlie’s own studiousness, she’d remembered it to this day.

“Hoho… I didn’t expect Lord Leylin to have the same name as that Magus in history. How interesting! Heehee…” Darlie covered her mouth, shoulders shaking slightly.

Perhaps it was because she was not wary of Leylin at all, or because she was charmed by the dreamforce surrounding him. She hadn’t even considered the possibility that Leylin was the same one from history.

“Oh? May I ask what the books say about him?” Leylin was rather curious of how the historians of the south coast evaluated him.

“Of course!” Darlie nodded, closing her eyes and seemed to recall content about him:

“Poison Sovereign King, Leylin Farlier of the Chernobyl Islands. A rank 2 Magus, and an important figure who caused the Third Magus War. Initially a student at the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, he betrayed them and then fled to Four Seasons Garden. Countless battles allowed him to garner a reputation, with the most famous being the battle at the Eternal River Plains’ pocket dimension, as well as that at the Brambles Iron Door. Whereabouts currently unknown, he is wanted by both dark and light Magi. Evaluation: A rare Magus talent, seen only once in a thousand years in the south coast!”

It was as if she was reading the textbook itself, and the words she recited left Leylin laughing at himself.

“I never thought there would come a day that I’d enter a textbook!” Leylin touched the glossy and cold mask on his face, and couldn’t help but feel incredulous.

“What about your opinion of him?” Leylin asked her curiously.

“That Leylin?” Darlie’s eyes glazed over, as if a layer of fog had gone over them, “He’s a genius! There are rumours that he’s even a Potioneering Grandmaster, but he isn’t of high moral standing. I don’t like him!”

“Looks like I left behind a bad impression on the south coast!” Leylin could only shake his head, “Actually…”

“Actually? Oh, by the way Mister Leylin, why do you keep asking me questions about that fellow?” No matter how dim witted she was, she finally reacted.

“Oh, it’s nothing… just that we’ve reached Ebole Town!” Leylin opened the window on the carriage and nodded.

Starlight grass was a distinctive product found around Ebole Town. Irregular silver spots dotted its tender green leaves, sparkling with a charming light. It was hard to mistake it for something else.

Due to the threat of the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect, which caused Ebole Town to lose all contact with Teljose City, the mission of gathering starlight grass now yielded very generous rewards.

“There are so few people in the town. I can’t even get people to buy from if I try…” Darlie felt helpless.

Since she knew how dangerous this place was, she was unwilling to stay longer. If she could purchase enough portions of starlight grass, she wouldn’t be at such a loss. However, the Primordial Spirit Slaying Sect’s bad reputation of going around collecting souls, not even leaving commoners, left the town practically empty. Many residents had left this area and fled, causing the town to become desolate. The Potioneers and those who gathered materials had disappeared.

“Ugh… looks like I’ll have to do it myself…”

Darlie lowered her head sadly, and then glanced at Leylin, who was beside her, “Sir Leylin, what are you here for?”

Leylin wore gorgeous clothing, just one of his gloves worth everything she was. Combined with his great bearing, he probably came from some ancient noble family. Why would a person like this find value in things like starlight grass?

“Me?” Leylin chuckled, “I’m waiting for someone!”

“Oh! You agreed to meet someone outside Ebole Town? If it’s convenient, could you tell me his name? I’ll look out for him,” she asked.

“Yes! He’s a younger generation member in my family. As for his name…” Leylin scratched his head. He had used the power of his bloodline to guide the descendant from the Farlier Family over. How was he to know the child’s name?

“Oh, there’s no need for that. He’s arrived.” Leylin’s eyebrows raised up, and he walked out. Darlie followed closely behind, her eyes showing her curiosity.

The scene of a chase appeared quickly in front of Darlie as she followed him out of town…

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