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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 676: Fallen Star: Magic Equipment

Chapter 676: Fallen Star: Magic Equipment

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“A.I. Chip, organise Alric’s memories, separate the information I require.”

[Beep, mission established. Beginning analysis. Extracting data from target.]

As a Grandmaster in the field of soul research who possessed the help of the A.I. Chip, Leylin found what he needed in mere seconds.

Alric’s body died once his soul was pulled out. Now translucent, he’d regained the ability to speak. Information was extracted from his soul as he let out cries of misery. Having memories extracted from your soul wasn’t exactly pleasant. “AAAHH… What are you doing? I won’t let you off! I curse you and I curse all that is yours!”

“Oh, so you have a brother who you’re not on good terms with. It’s a bit of a pity that he died under the curse as well,” Leylin said as great amounts of data streaked past him, “Whatever. If he’s dead he’s dead. Did you think it would just end like this?

“Void Assassin!” A translucent figure appeared instantly with a flutter of his sleeve. These servants that he’d gained from the ruins of Scarlet Crescent each had a strength of up to rank 3, and with their ability to travel through the void even Morning Stars had to guard carefully against them. They were practically invincible in the south coast.

“Here’s the information. Kill all his friends, acolytes, and anyone else he treasures.” With a stretch of his arm and a tap, Alric’s soul was sealed into the Void Assassin’s head, “Make sure he watches everything. Once you’re done, sink into the lava underground and have his soul roast for eternity…”

“Understood.” A robotic voice sounded from the Void Assassin.

Immediately after, its body disappeared into the void, leaving behind Alric’s despairing cries that seemed to echo in this land.

“Are you satisfied with how I handled this?” Leylin turned to look at Krupp.

“Yes, very satisfied! No matter what Patriarch does, you’re the most correct!” With Leylin’s eyes on him, Krupp stiffened in his nervousness.

At the thought of what his ancestor had done, Krupp couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. This was someone who already knew of the darkness that lay in the Magus World!

‘Using a method to extinguish one’s bloodline and not even letting off their friends or acolytes… ’ Krupp secretly wiped off the perspiration, ‘Patriarch is no saint…’

Having taken care of Alric, Leylin glanced into the horizon and beckoned to Krupp, “Let’s go! A few worms will come and disturb us if we don’t leave quickly.”

But before they got onto the carriage, a thought flashed through Leylin’s mind. He looked at Darlie, ‘It’s my fault that she got involved. Since she came with me, I should at least bring her to the next city…’

Leylin pointed at Darlie, but the female Magus was in a state of complete shock. The roaring skeletal horse was blazing with black flames; it seemed like a demon from a nightmare, it’s hooves leaving behind flaming marks.

The large carriage sped down the road like a black whirlwind. Krupp sat inside with some reservation, occasionally sneaking glances at Leylin’s black leather boots. Darlie was still frozen, hiding in the corner and trembling with her arms wrapped around herself.

The recent events had dealt a huge blow to this female Magus. In reality, if not for Leylin intentionally protecting her, she and Krupp wouldn’t have been able to live past the moment Alric burst out. However, she didn’t believe that her survival was some stroke of fortune.

The fall of a rank 3 Magus, and the curse that accompanied it, made it easy for her to imagine what kind of chaos was going to arise in the south coast. And as the witness, she was in a bad situation. Though the light Magi revered order, they were the first in line to trample over their own rules for the sake of benefits.

Darlie shut her eyes, and could already imagine a large number of high-ranked Magi cutting open her skull and extracting parts of her brain.

Though the dark Magi were more famous for it, Darlie knew very well that many light Magi were no inferior at the skill of extracting memories. They could probably clone all her thoughts from her childhood with not a single error.

As for what would happen to her? That was something no Magi would ever care about. Sacrificing herself for the big picture and for all light Magi was something that she should feel honoured to do. They’d expect her to serve herself up voluntarily.

Darlie only realised how helpless she was under such immense pressure. While she’d always been prideful of the order and glory of the light Magi, all she wished for now was their destruction.

In matters of life and death, everything could be renounced.

‘But as long as this lord is around…’ Darlie peeked up and saw the figure that had caused her immense fear. That stern gaze that shot out from behind the mask seemed to pierce her body, suffocating her.

She quickly lowered her head respectfully, her breathing becoming rough, “Starting with Alric’s fall, the return of my Lord will bring about great changes in the south coast…”

Leylin knew what this female Magus was thinking of immediately, but he couldn’t be bothered with it. To him, she was but a stranger he’d picked up somewhere and embroiled in this because of a coincidence. Even if he wasn’t with her, having taken on the task of gathering starlight grass she would’ve come to Ebole Town anyway. Without his protection, she would probably be in even worse a condition by now. Thus, he believed she owed him a favour.

That last thought was because they’d travelled together and grown slightly more familiar with each other. Reaching a rest point and then tossing her away was a very simple alternative, however based on Krupp’s expression this might be a variable that would change things. Leylin chuckled at that thought.

Leylin suddenly spoke. “Krupp, give me the Fallen Star Pendant around your neck.”

“Oh, of course, Patriarch!” Krupp deferentially took the pendant down and passed it to Leylin with both hands.

Light flickered from the broken gems on the dark red cross’ surface. The slight weight in his hands left Leylin nostalgic.

“Grandpa Damien gave it to, me and he even told me…” Krupp watched Leylin hesitantly.

Leylin nodded in acknowledgement, “Yes, this is a magic artifact I created. Damien was under my orders to protect the Farlier Family in the Chernobyl Islands.” He observed the creation in his hands. With his current insight, he naturally noticed the defects in his original craftsmanship, and the immaturity when he’d made it.

“Though the materials in this Fallen Star Pendant aren’t all that great, it isn’t as if there’s no room for improvement…” Crimson light wrapped around the cross in tandem with Leylin’s words, causing it to float into the air and emit powerful energy waves that shocked Krupp and Darlie.

“This- This is…” Darlie looked stunned, “He’s working without any tools? Only Grandmaster Alchemists from legend can do something like this…” The red glow expanded unceasingly, gradually forming a beautiful flaming daffodil that slowly bloomed within the carriage.

When the last petal withered, the pendant suspended in the air now looked different. It was more slender before, its dark red surface more pure. Many fine black lines were on it, making it seem like the back of a python.

“I’ve re-smelted the artifact, and added a few functions. On top of that, I’ve restricted its use to those with the Farlier bloodline…” Leylin said lightly, and then Fallen Star Pendant fell into Krupp’s hands.

‘He re-smelted a magic artifact so quickly, and upgraded it to become a high-ranked magic artifact!’ Still hiding in the corner, Darlie’s eyes were now shining. Only rank 2 or 3 Magi were qualified to possess things like high-grade magic artifacts in the south coast.

For low-ranked Magi like her, just taking a glance at a treasure of this grade was like a dream come true.

The person who was across her, however, had refined one without so much as a change in expression, and gifted it away as if it was nothing.

‘Perhaps… my hopes for the future will all rely on this person…’ Darlie made up her mind, vigorous flames bursting forth in her heart.

“Many thanks, Patriarch!” Krupp took the pendant, pleasantly surprised. This magic artifact had always been very useful, and it was an unexpected surprise for it to be upgraded to become a high-ranked one.

However, after his spiritual force made contact with the pendant, his eyes grew as round as saucers. It was as if he’d been struck by lightning.

“What? Is anything the matter?” Leylin found this descendant rather funny.

“Magic- A piece of magic equipment! The Fallen Star Pendant!” Krupp spoke of the grade of the item, “Patriarch, you upgraded it to magic equipment?”

It was already a huge surprise for the Fallen Star Pendant to be upgraded to a high-grade magic artifact, but the fact that it had become the legendary magic equipment was shocking.

This was magic equipment! It was of a level even greater than magic artifacts, and regular rank 3 Magi weren’t even qualified to have them! These were the trump cards of the largest organisations! However, this ancestor of his had casually managed to refine a middle-grade magic artifact into one…

Krupp was rendered speechless…

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