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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 677: Nonov

Chapter 677: Nonov

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“Mm. Because of the materials used to make the Fallen Star Pendant, it can at best only become a piece of low-grade magic equipment.”

Although Leylin found this quite a pity, Krupp instead grew so excited he was about to froth at the mouth.

On the other hand, Darlie grew even more emotional. Seeing that the Fallen Star Pendant had really been upgraded to become a low-grade magic equipment piece, she was at first frozen before she pounced at Leylin’s feet. “Revered Lord Farlier, please take me in as your disciple… No, how could I qualify to be the disciple of such a great Magus? Please give me any chance regardless of what it is. Whether as a maid, a servant, or even a guinea pig, just give me a chance to learn from you!”

“You- You’re serious?” Leylin watched this female Magus. With her her thirst and pursuit of knowledge, she was very similar to how he had been back then.

Krupp had a stiff expression. It was nothing much for a Magus to become a disciple, but becoming a servant or a guinea pig would effectively render one dispensable to a dark Magus. This female Magus seemed to care nothing for her life. Rather, she was giving up her very life for the pursuit of truth!

“My Lord…” Krupp gaped but was unable to speak.

He was merely Leylin’s nephew. There was nothing beside that relationship that bonded them together. Before he was sure of what place he held in Leylin’s heart, speaking out like this seemed rather risky.

“I don’t have plans to teach anyone now, and I’m not lacking in servants either.” Leylin spoke indifferently, causing Darlie’s eyes gaze to dim. But Leylin’s next words brought her from the depths of hell to heaven. “But I give you permission to observe and emulate me for a period of time. How much you learn will depend on you.”

“Many thanks, my Lord!” she replied, tears lining her eyes.

However, Leylin had yet to finish speaking, “What can you offer me though, that is of equal value?”

“My everything!” Darlie’s tone was firm.

“Good. Swear it. Swear it on your soul and your honour, that from hereon out your power, your body, your soul and everything will belong to the Farlier Family branch head on the south coast, Krupp Farlier!”

Leylin sounded unenthusiastic, but Krupp’s eyes went wide, “What? Me?”

Darlie took a look at Krupp who was beside her, and immediately made a vow with her soul, “I swear on it!” With Leylin as a witness, it would haunt her throughout her life unless a Magus who comprehended laws aided her. Of course, the chances that an existence at or above rank 7 would help Darlie were pretty much nil.

“Patriarch… Why?” Krupp watched Darlie, looking puzzled.

“As the descendant of our Farlier family, you should help our family continue the bloodline!” Leylin chuckled, “Darlie is a great choice. She’s talented, and you’ve seen her willpower and good qualities for yourself…”

Astute as he was, Leylin had long since noticed Krupp’s slight crush on Darlie. This meant nothing to him, but as he was the real descendant of the Farlier Family he placed more importance on Krupp spreading his blood than his vengeance.

Having done this, he now felt that he’d done enough to make up for everything he owed the family.

Hearing Leylin saying something so shameless out in the open, a trace of a blush crept onto the faces of Krupp and Darlie, Magi as they were.

“*Cough cough*… My Lord, where are we going now?” Krupp directed the conversation elsewhere. He’d been running for his life ever since birth, and experiences like this one were rare. The only reason he’d felt anything for Darlie was that she was pleasing to the eye.

“Let’s go to the Abyssal Bone Swamp. I want to see how the academy is doing, and there are also some people I want to find out about.” Leylin smiled, considerately changing the topic, “It also looks like I need to show off some strength, display that the Farlier Family has a solid backing. It’ll be very troublesome if we keep getting harassed like this.”

“Troublesome?!” Krupp was first baffled, but his expression quickly changed.

An aged voice was transmitted to them, “Mister Leylin, could we trouble you to come out of the carriage?”

“Let’s go out, we have guests!” Leylin beamed, shaking his robes as he got to his feet. Krupp and Darlie exchanged a glance and lined themselves up behind him, seemingly with good chemistry seeing how they occupied his left and right.

The nightmare horse snarled in dissatisfaction and the carriage stopped. Getting out of the carriage, Leylin caught sight of a few aged Magi.

At the front was a white-browed old man with layers of wrinkles on a face that was covered with spots. He looked about to die at any moment, wearing a simple grey robe that contrasted the dazzling golden staff in hand. He seemed to be the speaker.

Beside him was an old woman wearing the clothing of aristocracy, her hair that had pearls and gems embedded within it tied in a bun.

The two stood on top of a large banyan tree which was blocking Leylin’s path. A large face emerged from the trunk. This banyan tree was actually a Magus, and its life force was the strongest amongst the three Magi!

The three immediately went on guard when they saw Leylin coming out. The one holding the staff was the first to speak, “Leylin Farlier?”

“That’s me.” Leylin’s body floated up, and he stood on top of the carriage. While the lack of an aura coming from his body gave no reason for it, the Magi opposite him felt a great feeling of danger.

“I am the Saint Nonov Ciel Andrew; you can call me Nonov. Beside me is Mistress Marjorie, and this giant tree is Lord Keefa!” The auras of Crystal Phase Magi became apparent as the old Magus introduced his party. All three of them were mighty rank 3 Magi whose spiritual force had crystallised!

Leylin could also sense scattered undulations from some bloodline treasures and other unique magical items, and there was even a high-grade magic artifact on them. It was apparent that they’d brought everything they had.

“Mm, you must be the leaders of the light Magi.” Leylin nodded.

“Yes,” Nonov said as he forced a smile. Even face to face he couldn’t sense Leylin’s aura. It was like his immediate vicinity was a boundless sea, drowning out any probes and leaving no traces behind.

“Is this about the issue with Alric?” Leylin asked casually. He could eliminate ants like these in one blow, but for the sake of the Farlier Family it was prudent to leave them alive to spread word of the terror he wrought.

“The matter with Alric was a personal feud between you and him. Though my Lord’s methods are a little… overboard… they aren’t unacceptable.” Realising that Leylin was not to be trifled with, Nonov immediately changed his plans. His conceding seemed quite pathetic to Leylin.

If he was considered weak, these Magi wouldn’t have bothered with such words and instead just killed him. They would cut the person who had tarnished the reputation of the light Magi up into a million pieces. However, realising Leylin wasn’t going to be pushed around, Nonov gave up his pursuit of enmity on Alric’s behalf.

After all, it was irrational to provoke a powerful Magus for the sake of a dead person, what more one whose family, organisation, and subordinates had all disappeared. It was all for the ‘big picture’. The casual sacrifice of Alric even left Leylin wanting to sneer in response.

This sort of thing was exactly why he was hellbent on becoming stronger himself, rather than depending on organisations.

“However, Lord Alric was still a colleague of ours. Shouldn’t Mister Leylin do something about this?” Nonov finally got to the point.

“What ‘something’?” Leylin watched the old man playfully.

“Mister Leylin was once a professor at Four Seasons Gardens, which means you were once a light Magus. As a light Magus, it’s our obligation to fight against evil!” Nonov seemed to be spouting righteous words. “The source of all evil in the south coast, the ancient demon that the Spirit Slaying Sect believes in, the Gargamel is alive. Is Lord Leylin willing to aid us in destroying the sect? I’m sure that once you contribute enough, Four Seasons Garden will be very willing to welcome you back…”

‘They can’t beat me, so now they’re trying to assimilate me to their cause’ Leylin chuckled inside, but Nonov had already begun stating his conditions. If Leylin were to attack the Spirit Slaying Sect and even kill the Gargamel, they would compensate him by admitting him once more into the Four Seasons Garden, even allowing him full control of it. It was indeed an enticing offer.

If Leylin was a peak rank 3 Magus, he would have put some consideration into it. However, there was no need to fake courtesy with his current strength. “I reject your proposal!” he exclaimed unceremoniously. Though the Gargamel had long since entered the list of beings he had to kill, he hated being threatened to do anything.

“What?” Such a blunt answer put the old man in shock, and his expression dimmed.

“There should be some enmity between my Lord and the Gargamel, no? Wouldn’t this be getting the best of both worlds? Or are you thinking of siding with the evil dark Magi?”

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