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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 681: Serpent Blood Modification

Chapter 681: Serpent Blood Modification

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Nyssa sounded very gentle, “The person who was the head of the Tyler Family at that time has been waiting here. Would you like to meet him?”

“There’s no need for that,” Leylin waved his arms. He’d never been interested in those who were so brazen in looking for benefits. Noticing him sinking into silence immediately after, Nyssa retreated tactfully.

After a long while, he sighed deeply. “Neela was a very smart woman after all, while Anna was slightly foolish. I never thought Bicky would have the perseverance to do that…” Leylin knew Neela’s personality very well. She was adaptable and knew when to advance and retreat. It was only expected for her to meet a good end.

Anna’s organisation had only been a way out that Leylin had prepared while he was an acolyte. It was understandable that it could not hold out for long.

What Leylin found the strangest was Bicky. With her personality, she evidently wasn’t the kind of Magus who liked to work hard. It seemed like that matter had influenced her greatly, to the point that her personality had changed.

All three of them were good friends of Leylin’s, perhaps even closer than that. If he could still see them, he would naturally want to help. However, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t.

Leylin left the graveyard after indulging in nostalgia for a while, returning to the luxurious room that the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had prepared specially for him.

“Patriarch!” Krupp bowed deferentially. Now, however, he seemed vastly different from before.

The colour of his eyes and pupils had changed, and they were turning pure black. The lines on his face were more gentle, and he had grown more handsome, emitting a unique charm.

“Mm. How’s your body? Can you get used to it?” Leylin’s eyes shot out blue light that scanned his body up and down.

There were many methods that could be used to raise one’s strength quickly, but the most suitable for Krupp was the modification of his bloodline.

Krupp had been receiving a transplant of Leylin’s bloodline all this while. It was rather like contaminating a lower-ranked being with the power of a higher-ranked one.

Though Krupp had chosen the path of a Magus, he was still only a rank 1. With the methods Leylin had currently, it was easy for him to push him onto the path of a bloodline Warlock.

Not only was the aura of a bloodline Warlock rippling out of Krupp’s body currently, his energy undulations had quietly crossed the threshold of rank 2.

“I’m alright. It’s just uncomfortable, like even my marrow is burning…” Krupp was feeling very emotional right now. A bit of pain was a cheap price to pay for the modification to a Magus’ bloodline, something that would give them great power. Such a chance was rare, not something one would find even if they were begging for it.

Now that he’d crossed over to rank 2 by drawing on the power of Leylin’s bloodline, Krupp was completely subservient to him.

“Mm. That’s natural with bloodline transplants. Remember to meditate using Kemoyin’s Pupil a few times when you return.” Leylin said, nodding inwardly at the information the A.I. Chip had gathered.

Leylin had planned Krupp’s modifications out. After all, the south coast branch of the Farlier Family needed a powerful guardian. And once Leylin transported a Kemoyin bloodline into the boy, his ability of control as a Kemoyin Emperor have him great control over him.

‘A rank 5 emperor bloodline will have an extraordinary effect. Just this bloodline force pushed Krupp to rank 2, and might get him to rank 3 in just 50 more years. The possibility of breaking through to Morning Star is…’ Glints of intelligence flashed in Leylin’s eyes.

He’d naturally used the Kemoyin Emperor bloodline, but it wasn’t his own. Leylin’s own bloodline was far too powerful, and just a single drop of it would cause Krupp to explode. Since a first generation Warlock’s bloodline was too much, Leylin had instead given Krupp the umbilical blood that had been gathered from Syre’s birth.

A second generation Warlock bloodline may be weaker than Leylin’s, but it was still real rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor blood. It was diluted and hadn’t matured, but that’s what made it suitable for Krupp.

Now that he carried Syre’s blood, Krupp could be considered a third generation Warlock. In other words, he was effectively Leylin’s grandson.

At this time, the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded again. [Beep! Bloodline weakening graph completed. Estimated degeneration to Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline: 15th generation. Estimated further degeneration at 34th generation.…]

The weakening of Warlock bloodlines was something that couldn’t be avoided. In order to keep the family bloodline pure, they had to practice endogamy or use even more sinister methods with hopes that the deterioration of the bloodline could be drawn out. However, no matter how much was sacrificed the process wouldn’t be pushed back more than a century.

‘In other words, the chance of a rank 5 Warlock appearing in the Farlier Family is pretty high before the fifteenth generation?’ Leylin pondered over this thought while stroking his chin.

It wasn’t true that everyone with the Kemoyin Emperor bloodline would become a rank 5 Warlock. Even within the Ouroboros Clan there were many with Kemoyin bloodlines but only Gilbert and the other two dukes had reached Morning Star. Even Bevis with his rank 6 bloodline wasn’t guaranteed to reach the Breaking Dawn realm and become a Monarch. He only had the potential to do so.

Hence, while descendants that inherited Leylin’s rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor bloodline only needed to work hard and would easily reach rank 4, whether they reached rank 5 was still a question.

As someone who had gone through this process himself, Leylin understood clearly that advancing as Magi did not only require a large amount of resources and hard work. Luck was a very important factor as well.

Other Magi did not have an A.I. Chip at the side like Leylin; they couldn’t run simulations and predict possibilities for advancement.

“Understood, my Lord!” Having been modified by Kemoyin Emperor blood, Krupp’s respect towards Leylin had evolved into a dependance and reverence from his very soul. He had the Kemoyin bloodline, and humility before the king of one’s race had been carved into his very blood and genetics. It could not be changed.

‘This is truly an intoxicating feeling…’ Leylin’s eyes flashed as he continued to think, ‘As I am right now, Krupp probably wouldn’t say no even if I were to order him to kill everyone he loves and then commit suicide. He’d even risk his life for this mission… The Snake Dowager’s control over other serpents the same… I’m probably the only one of my kind.’

Leylin’s finger kept brushing against his cheek. His forehead had been covered by the cold mask, and the Allsnake Curse’s mark was dead silent with no visible movements.

However, Leylin could sense traces of fine bloodline force being absorbed by it from all areas of his body as it increased in strength. Though there wasn’t much of an effect on him now considering the rate at which it was happening, his bloodline force would be absorbed completely in two more years, leaving him a regular human once more.

Krupp’s display showed how the controlling ability of the Kemoyin Emperor was a revolt against the Snake Dowager’s own authority. Were he to break through his bloodline shackles, perhaps all Kemoyins would break away from her rule. This was something she would never accept.

Hence, a conflict between them definitely could not be avoided.

“Also, Director Nyssa is waiting outside and hoping to see you!” While Leylin was deep in thought, Krupp had been standing respectfully at the side like the most loyal soldier or servant. He’d moved forward to make his report only when there was a reaction from him.

“Nyssa? Is there anything else she needs?” Leylin’s brows furrowed slightly.

“It should be about other visitors. Ever since news spread that my Lord is staying at the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, many dark Magus organisations have dispatched emissaries to meet you. Some leaders have even come over personally, the head of the Lighthouse of the Night being one.” As he said this Krupp sighed slightly in his mind.

Tyrants among the dark Magi like the leader of the Lighthouse of the Night were absolute existences in his eyes, ones to be looked up to. However, they’d come forward so humbly and waited for a meeting with his patriarch. It made him feel honoured.

“Also, a few light Magi organisations have secretly sent emissaries as well…” Krupp saw the calm look on Leylin’s face and continued, “My Lord, do you think…”

“Set a time. I’ll see them all.” Leylin waved his hands.


“I never thought my Lord would visit the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. It truly is the honour of our professors and students!” Elsewhere, Nyssa was speaking to a Magus clad in black robes whose eyes flamed a dark green. She was accompanying him on a stroll through the interior of the Abyssal Bone Forest.

“The Abyssal Bone Forest managed to produce a genius like Lord Leylin. It surely has some redeeming qualities!” The black-robed man was evidently the leader of the Lighthouse of the Night, the strongest dark Magus organisation.

With its massive network, he’d quickly gained intel on Leylin’s terrifying battle achievements, followed by other general information on him. He couldn’t remain seated after he heard it all. After all, this Lord Leylin was very likely a great Magus who had entered the Morning Star realm!

Just some advice on his path of advancement would leave him very grateful.

“Lord Leylin relied on his own talents. The Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was merely lucky enough to instruct him…” Nyssa did not dare exaggerate when it came to this, and instead told the truth.

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