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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 682: Granting Audience and Captive

Chapter 682: Granting Audience and Captive

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“Whatever the matter, Lord Leylin is Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s greatest success and fortune!” the glance the leader of Lighthouse of the Night shot at Nyssa hinted at something, and no matter how hard she tried to conceal it a hint of glee appeared in her eyes.

The greater Leylin’s reputation was, the better it was for the academy. With his fame, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy would definitely be able to expand enormously under her administration. She could even accomplish more than what all the previous directors had been able to. This was the petty and low reason for which Nyssa was trying so hard to invite him to join them.

‘If I could make use of their good relationship and get Leylin to become a famed professor at the academy…’ Just the idea had Nyssa trembling in her excitement; she was perhaps smiling even in her sleep.

“Also… I seem to see a lot of old friends from the light Magi here!” The green-eyed Magus stared at Nyssa with a half-smile.

“Yes, there are quite a few. Ennea Ivory Ring Tower, Four Seasons Garden… Practically all the large light Magus organisations have secretly sent people to make contact with us.” Since it was basically impossible to hide it from him, Nyssa just nodded and admitted it.

“Hu huu… looks like his reputation has terrified them…” The leader laughed in a strange manner, like an owl in the night.

The Magi of light and dark coexisted in the south coast. However, the light Magi were evidently much stronger and occupied most of the resource-rich regions, and the dark Magi could only eke out an existence hidden in the corners. The leaders of the light Magi had steadily suppressed them.

With the appearance of the Gargamel, there was now a three-way confrontation. The dark and light Magi might have temporarily stopped fighting, but the enmity between them had not been resolved, only inhibited by the existence of a powerful external enemy.

Now, with a Morning Star Magus who had started off as a dark Magus, this was more than enough for the old light Magi to be like cats on hot bricks.

At this thought, a sneer appeared about the leader’s lips.

“Director Nyssa and this lord here!”

At this moment, Krupp appeared before Nyssa, and it was as if the figure of a snake flashed in his eyes. The bloodline aura he had caused even the leader, who was a rank 3 Magus, to feel his heart palpitate.

“The Patriarch is willing to meet you. Please come with me!”

Krupp’s hair and eyes almost turned completely black, darkness elemental particles extremely dense as they strived to outdo each other and wiggle into his pores. Such a scene astounded Nyssa and the leader.

Having said this, Krupp led the way while Nyssa and the leader transmitted each other messages secretly.

“So this Magus is that lord’s grandson? The descendant of the Farlier Family?” The leader’s eyes were filled with curiosity. After all, a powerful rank 2 Magus was very rare in the south coast. Any one of them could take over an organisation and still hold immense power.

“He’s obviously only advanced very recently. While in history, it’s common for that to happen to the descendants of high-ranked Magi, but…”

A hint of hesitance appeared in his voice.

“Yes! This Magus isn’t Sire Leylin’s descendant, but only a branch from his brother!” Nyssa knew what he wanted to ask and gave the answer.

“A lateral relative?” His eyes went wide, before he lowered his head to chuckle, “I now have even more expectations towards Sire Leylin!”

“We’re here!”

Krupp brought Nyssa and the leader into a large hall. There, many Magi were already in wait, but there were two entirely different groups.

At one side were Magi, with many wearing black Magus robes. Their auras were ice-cold and evil. After seeing the arrival of the leader of Lighthouse of the Night, many drew close and greeted him like moths to a flame.

The Magi at the other side who saw this mostly huffed, not looking very good.

They were clad in white robes, with many decorations of plants that represented life on it. Light and a holy aura began to emanate from their bodies.

“He called them all at one go? I’ve been greeting the leader of the Lighthouse of Night all this while, but this…”

Nyssa gritted her teeth, and her expression became a wry smile.

With Leylin’s absolute power, that bit of authority she had as the director was probably even lighter than a feather in the eyes of the Abyssal Bone Forest professors.

Hence, after being ordered by Leylin, they carried out what he asked without hesitation and even gave her the misconception that they had abandoned her.

No! This wasn’t a misconception. Nyssa knew very well that as long as that man were to say that he wanted to be the director of the academy, she would immediately be made to renounce her position.

Thankfully, he had never been fond of power and status. Furthermore, the academy was just much too small for him, to the point that he might turn his nose up at it.

Nyssa, who thought about this, finally relaxed, the bit of worry she had disappearing.


Krupp stood on the platform in the middle of the hall with Darlie beside him. While she had not undergone bloodline modification, she’d been observing Leylin and learning from him. Leylin’s knowledge was abundant and he could give perfect answers to all her questions, which very beneficial to her without her being aware of it.

Flames flickered, and Leylin floated above the place where the master should be, black eyes scanning his surroundings.

A terrifying and vast aura that was like countless stars in the skies filled the hall. All the Magi that Leylin looked in the eye, whether the rank 2 Nyssa or rank 3 leader of Lighthouse of the Night felt a piercing pain in their eyes, and subconsciously lowered their heads, even bending their waists.

“Greetings, Lord Leylin…”

Having personally sensed Leylin’s aura and how terrifying he was, the Magi had no disillusions about his strength.

“Rise!” Seeing the many Magi who had bowed, Leylin raised his arms slightly.

Immediately after, the Magi below the platform felt themselves being raised by a warm draft, holding within strength that they could not oppose.

The Magi could not help but stand up straight, eyes full of astonishment.

“I’m afraid it’s true that this lord has already advanced to be a Morning Star!”

The leader of Lighthouse of the Night’s pupil’s flashed. He now had no doubt at all towards Leylin, who had easily defeated a top-notch master of the light Magi and even destroyed their final trump card, the Blade of Avarice.

Leylin glanced through. Lighthouse of the Night, Ennea Ivory Ring Tower, Four Seasons Garden, Skeleton Throne… Besides the representative from the Spirit Slaying Sect, everyone in the Magus World from the south coast had arrived.

These top-grade dark and light Magi organisations were very well-known back in the day. Now, however, they could only creep at his feet.

However, Leylin did not even twitch. The Magi under the platform could not tell Leylin’s expression under the mask and merely lowered their heads humbly.

Leylin continued to speak, “I wonder what all of the Magi here have come for?”

The Magi exchanged glances. The reason they were here was mostly to verify Leylin’s might and his attitude.

Based on what had happened, there was no question about his strength. Just displaying the tip of the iceberg had them gasping in admiration, and nobody dared personally test it out with a battle.

Besides that, this lord’s attitude towards the two factions seemed rather mild. It wasn’t good or bad, as if he had no ambitions to unify the south coast.

This discovery had many light Magi sighing in relief.

“Lord Leylin!” At this moment, the leader of the Lighthouse of the Night stood out.

“Speak.” Leylin extended his arm and made a polite gesture for him to go on. Inside, he was sighing a little. In his acolyte days, he’d once seen the leader during the bloodbath for the secret dimension.

At that time, just a gaze could cause him grievous injuries or kill him. However, the tables had turned. With just a look, he would immediately be stricken with terror and die miserably.

“Please forgive me for my boldness in saying this, but… have you… already become a rank 4 Magus?”

The leader of the Lighthouse of the Night hesitated but eventually asked.

Things like status had long since lost interest to him. The only thing that would attract him and cause him to invest his mind and body in was a thirst towards a higher realm.

Hearing this question, the hall quieted down. Everyone watched Leylin expectantly.

“This question…”

Just as he was about to answer, a smile appeared about his lips, “Please forgive me, but I will answer this later. Let us first meet a friend!”

“A friend?” The leader was stunned, and immediately noticed two translucent faint figures pressing on either side of a demonic being that suddenly emerged from the void.

“That’s… the Gargamel of the Spirit Slaying Sect!”

Between the two void assassins was a soul demonic being. It had a mask of a horned demon, and its body was as concentrated as a black crystal. Vast soul undulations was transmitted from its body, causing the expressions on these Magi to change.

This was a level that surpassed all of them who were advancing towards the path of Morning Star.

“Is that really the Gargamel?”

“Definitely! This strength that’s mixed with resentment and lunacy is something all Magi who’ve seen it even once can’t misidentify…”

Many Magi whispered incessantly amongst each other, and then watched Leylin with reverence in their eyes.

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